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Found 318 results

  1. KillerKingBakudan

    Rare & Underrated Ships Fan Club

    Welcome to the fan club for rare and underrated ships. If there are two characters you wholeheartedly believe make a good pair, and you feel the need to express why it deserves more love from the fandom, this is the club for you! Because I'm such a fanboy for this pair, I'm going to kick this off with some VinylDash: Two tomboyish mares who've mastered the art of coolness in their own ways. Cool music and cool competitive vibes go hand-in-hand. Post artwork and other content to show support for your favorite ships that are badly overlooked! Credibility is the key here. When you first present a rare ship, try to win everyone over so they can at least understand it. Make us see why it truly is underrated, and why it's worth supporting. We don't always have to agree with a ship, but as long as you have sound reasoning behind yours, and you can make your case on why they're actually a good fit for each other- assuming the artwork can't do it alone- we'll know you're not just randomly slapping any two characters together for the hell of it. Or any two things together for the sake of spamming. Like this: And of course, the general fan club rules apply here as well. - Keep all images SFW. You can show something suggestive, but nothing mature. - Do not hate on another fan club. - Do NOT hate on each other's ships! Agree to disagree on ships, but never diss them. - Be respectful towards other members. - Fan art is encouraged, but all images with the exception of the cover image in this first post must have the proper spoiler tags. Large amounts of unspoilered images on a single page can often cause lag and nobody likes to deal with lag. Have fun!
  2. Pinkazoidd

    Mega Thread Ship the member above you

    Well, the tittle pretty much says it... Ship the member above you with another member on the forums :3 PINKAZOID GONNA BE MAD IF SHE'S NOT SHIPPED WITH JOKUC ready ...set, GO
  3. Sorry if this has been created somewhere before, but I had a hell of a time finding a post like this! I was hoping you all would be interested in helping created a master list of all official ship names for the popular pairings in MLP:FiM. Other fandoms seem to have one, and just for consistency's sake, I felt like we should start constructing and perfecting one as well! Keep in mind that these ships do not necessarily have to be romantic ships - some people ship characters in the sense of friendship pairings (brotps), sibling pairings, etc... basically, if you think they have (or would have) awesome chemistry on the show, then they ought to have a ship name! Don't get freaked out just became the word "ship" has taken on negative connotations. Below I will list the ships that I have heard of at one point or another. However, there's no guarantee they are all correct. Post below if you have a ship name suggestion of your own, or please tell me if I got the name wrong on the list and I can change it! I don't know the proper names for a lot of ships, so please, please HELP! I will constantly be updating this post as we collect more ship names. MLP:FiM Ship Names Mane Six x Each Other AppleDash – Applejack x Rainbow Dash ApplePie – Applejack x Pinkie Pie FlutterDash – Fluttershy x Rainbow Dash FlutterJack – Fluttershy x Applejack FlutterPie – Fluttershy x Pinkie Pie RainbowPie – Pinkie Pie x Rainbow Dash RariDash – Rarity x Rainbow Dash RariJack – Rarity x Applejack RariPie – Rarity x Pinkie Pie RariShy – Rarity x Fluttershy Twarity - Twilight Sparkle x Rarity TwiDash - Twilight Sparkle x Rainbow Dash TwiJack - Twilight Sparkle x Applejack Twinkie - Twilight Sparkle x Pinkie Pie TwiShy - Twilight Sparkle x Fluttershy Mane Six x Side Characters Applejack Ships AppleMac - Applejack x Big Mac AppleBurn - Applejack x Braeburn AppleSpike - Applejack x Spike CaramelJack - Caramel x Applejack CherriJack - Cherries Jubilee x Applejack SoarinJack - Soarin' x Applejack Fluttershy Ships FlutterCeps - Fluttershy x Bulk Biceps FlutterCord - Fluttershy x Discord FlutterMac - Fluttershy x Big Mac FlutterSpike - Fluttershy x Spike LunaShy - Luna x Fluttershy Pinkie Pie Ships CheesePie - Cheese Sandwich x Pinkie Pie CheeriPie - Cheerilee x Pinkie Pie DerpyPie - Derpy x Pinkie Pie GilPie - Gilda x Pinkie Pie PinkieMac - Pinkie Pie x Big Mac PinkieSpike - Pinkie Pie x Spike Rarity Ships Celarity - Celestia x Rarity RariBlood - Rarity x Blueblood RariMac - Rarity x Big Mac RariPants - Rarity x Fancy Pants RariWhooves - Rarity x Doctor Whooves Rarixie - Rarity x Trixie Sparity - Spike x Rarity Lunarity - Luna x Rarity Rainbow Dash Ships CeleDash - Celestia x Rainbow Dash DaringDash - Daring Do x Rainbow Dash DerpyDash - Derpy x Rainbow Dash FleetDash - Fleetfoot x Rainbow Dash GilDash - Gilda x Rainbow Dash LunaDash - Luna x Rainbow Dash RainbowMac - Rainbow Dash x Big Mac RainbowDust - Rainbow Dash x Lightning Dust SoarinDash - Soarin x Rainbow Dash ScootaDash - Scootaloo x Rainbow Dash SpitDash - Spitfire x Rainbow Dash SpikeDash - Spike x Rainbow Dash ThunderDash - Thunderlane x Rainbow Dash VinylDash - Vinyl Scratch x Rainbow Dash Twilight Sparkle Ships ChryLight - Chrysalis x Twilight Sparkle DaringLight - Daring Do x Twilight Sparkle DoctorSparkle - Doctor Whooves x Twilight Sparkle Flashlight - Twilight Sparkle x Flash Sentry Moonlight - Nightmare Moon x Twilight Sparkle Spilight - Spike x Twilight Sparkle SunsetSparkle - Sunset Shimmer x Twilight Sparkle Twadence - Twilight Sparkle x Cadence TwiArmor - Twilight Sparkle x Shining Armor Twilestia - Twilight Sparkle x Celestia TwiLuna - Twilight Sparkle x Luna TwiMac - Twilight Sparkle x Big Mac Twixie - Twilight Sparkle x Trixie Big Mac Ships (some are repeated from above, just for the sake of having all his ships in one place) AppleMac - Applejack x Big Mac BigBurn - Big Mac x Braeburn CaraMac - Caramel x Big Mac CelestiMac - Celestia x Big Mac CheeriMac - Cheerilee x Big Mac FleetMac - Fleetfoot x Big Mac FlutterMac - Fluttershy x Big Mac LunaMac - Luna x Big Mac MacnCheese - Big Mac x Cheese Sandwich PinkieMac - Pinkie Pie x Big Mac RainbowMac - Rainbow Dash x Big Mac RariMac - Rarity x Big Mac ShiningMac - Shining Armor x Big Mac TwiMac - Twilight Sparkle x Big Mac All Others AppleSeed - Apple Bloom x Babs Seed BlueSentry - Bluebood x Flash Sentry CeleLuna - Celestia x Luna ChrysaCord - Chrysalis x Discord DiscoLight - Discord x Twilight Dislestia - Discord x Celestia DoctorDerpy - Doctor Whooves x Derpy FancyFleur - Fancy Pants x Fleur Dis Lee FleetFire - Fleetfoot x Spitfire Glixie - Gilda x Trixie HeartBurn - Little Strong Heart x Braeburn Lunbra - Luna x Sombra LyraBon - Lyra Heartstrings x Bon Bon OctaScratch - Octavia x Vinyl Scratch ScootaBelle - Scootaloo x Sweetie Belle ScootaBloom - Scootaloo x Apple Bloom ScootaSpike - Scootaloo x Spike Shadence - Shining Armor x Cadence SoarBurn - Soarin' x Braeburn SoarinFire - Soarin' x Spitfire SoarinFoot - Soarin' x Fleetfoot Sombralis - Sombra x Chrysalis SomLestia - Sombra x Celestia SpikeBloom - Spike x Apple Bloom Spilda - Spike x Gilda Spilestia - Spike x Celestia SpiLuna - Spike x Luna Sprysalis - Spike x Chrysalis SweetieBloom - Sweetie Bell x Apple Bloom SweetieSpike - Sweetie Belle x Spike TrixBlood - Trixie x Blueblood Twysalis - Twist x Chrysalis What else...? Please post your feedback!
  4. LyraHeartstrings

    Favorite MLP Shipping and Why?

    That's right, if one thing is perfect for MLP, it's shipping! Ponies are shipped with everything! (okay Rainbowdash is...) but this thread is for discussing shipping, within the show.
  5. My questions to all shippers are: How have your mane six ships evolved through time? and Which are your current main characters' ships? My mane six ships through time are... Twilight Sparkle - TwiMac: 'Lesson Zero' and the Smarty Pants scene made me ship TwiMac for a really short time, until I watched 'Hearts and Hooves Day' and I started shipping CheeriMac. - Twilestia: after TwiMac it took me a while to ship Twi again and during S3 (no particular episode) I realized that I kind of shipped her with Celestia, something that got strengthened after watching Magical Mystery Cure. I still like the ship a little, but it has fade away with the reception of newer (and IMO better) ships. - TwiShimmer: until 'Rainbow Rocks' my Twi ships were just something I acknowledged, but not something I really cared about. That scene at EqG Pinkie's kitchen sold me the dynamic between Twilight and Sunset. In a way I still ship them, but since they are characters from separate franchises I was later drawn to... - *SciSet: I separate the ships because of the clear differences between SciTwi and Princess Twilight. Maybe it was the fact that Sunset spends most of her time with her human friends, but it helps that Sunset's strong personality matches better (IMO) with a less confident SciTwi than with the almighty princess of friendship. - Sunset Twiangle and TwiStarTrix: after watching Legend of Everfree, princess Twilight was left without a solid ship for me, so I supported her role as the third wheel of my faved ships SciSet and StarTrix. - TwiBurst: after a good amount of time without a solid princess Twilight ship, 'Uncommon Bond' came and I was immediately sold by the amazing chemistry between the best book nerds in Equestria (sorry Moondancer, you're one of them too... but not part of this ship). Their interactions on 'Shadow Play' and 'The Parent Map' have only added fuel to my support of the ship and I really think Sunburst might be the best partner for Twilight Sparkle, should they become attracted to each other. *This original post is long enough as it is, so I'll be adding my rest of ship evolutions and current shipping list in a later post.
  6. I personally think it's weird and wrong too. I mean no one has a right to decide who a person should or should be with.
  7. So, recently, I have been entering the world of Romance fanfics. I never thought I would enjoy that kind of thing, but I guess I really have a soft spot for sweet love stories. In fact, one fanfic I read, called "Unexpected Confessions," is now my favourite story of all time. I just felt the need to drop it a line. It's an excellent story, and you will have trouble dropping it to do other things. Now that my plug is over, let's move on. ~Introduction: A Conflict~ As I was on FIMfiction, browsing fanfics, I picked up on the traditional argument among shippers. AppleDash, or FlutterDash? What motivates this conflict? They are both adorable couples in their own right. So why do fans of these shippings come to heads so often, unable to enjoy the idea of their opposing ship? ~Dashie is the issue. Right?~ At face value, the answer may seem quite obvious. Obviously, these shippings come into conflict because both feature the same pony, Rainbow Dash. Right? I would argue that no, is the answer. Rainbow Dash is the most shipped of all the ponies. This is a widely known fact. There just seems to be something about Dashie that makes her popular with fanfic writers. Chances are, if you can name a pony (Aside from the universal ships of LyraBon, Derpy Whooves, and Octav3) she has been paired with them, whether male or female. Yet, all of the other shipping groups don't come to grips with the fact that Dashie is in other shippings. Why then is there such a conflict between AppleDash and FlutterDash? If all other Dashie ships accept every other ship, why do these two in particular argue so often? Obviously, the answer is deeper than simply Dashie. ~Wrong! It's deeper than Dashie.~ So, then, if the issue is not Dashie, than what is the problem? Well, to me, it is apparent that the problem lies in an ideological difference. The two shipping groups have different philosophies about love. Fans of FlutterDash believe that opposites attract. They think that ideal relationships should have the ponies involved complement each other. Dashie's strength helps Flutters' weakness. Dashie's confidence is tempered by Flutters' humility. Dashie's impetuousness is held back by Flutters' calmness. Flutters' fear is lessened by Dashie's courage. They think that FlutterDash is magical because their different strengths and weaknesses mean that, as one whole, they can handle any situation thrown at them by drawing on each other. No external conflict can penetrate their bastion of love. Fans of AppleDash are of the mind that Applejack and Rainbow Dash, as very similar individuals, can be much stronger in the face of conflict. As two birds of a feather, AJ and RD know how the other ticks. They know what to expect from each other, and the fact that their strengths are the same means, when facing certain conflicts, they will have the strength of two ponies instead of one. They also have an incredible understanding of each other, able to read each other like a book, sidestepping almost all possibilities of misunderstanding. They know precisely how to comfort one another in rough times. Now, these paragraphs show why the two schools of thought each have merit. But they also have their faults. In the opposites attract relationship, the two ponies share all of their traits. Given their diversity of strengths, they can add to each others' weaknesses. But internal conflict can be a major issue, as their different natures make it difficult to understand each other, and therefore resolve their problems. It can also lead to misunderstanding when a pony simply doesn't get how their special somepony ticks. Within the relationship, they will be at odds with each other, and will not always be stable. This kind of relationship will be an emotional rollercoaster internally. It is strong when an external force threatens it, but does not have structural integrity in its own right. Regarding the birds of a feather philosophy, the issue is that, while the similarity between ponies means that internally, they will have a stable relationship, rarely coming to odds, it also means that where they fall short, they fall really short. If an external conflict strikes which hits the pressure points of the relationship, it can crumble like a sand castle in the rain. Having the same spectrum of strengths and weaknesses means that they can only handle the same problems. If something comes around which attacks a weakness, they are unable to draw on each other, resulting in feelings of inadequacy, causing tension in the relationship, and a longing for that thing which is missing, or lacking. ~So, what does this mean?~ Both relationship types, as we have seen, have their strengths and weaknesses. AppleDash works nicely internally, but similar strengths mean the ponies have similar weaknesses. And when those weaknesses need strength, they have nopony to draw from. At best, the two deficient ponies can hope that they just barely have enough strength to at least be worth half a pony against their opponent. FlutterDash is an emotional rollercoaster, but complementary traits mean that they can draw on each others' strengths when one of them is deficient, forming an unmovable wall against external conflcit. Where does that leave us? It leaves us with the knowledge that neither relationship is inherently functional or dysfunctional. But we also know that their is still plenty of ground to cover regarding where the relationship falls short. I would argue that, given what we've seen above, the ideal relationship will have the ponies not be polar opposites, nor birds of a feather. For a relationship to work the best, there needs to be some shared traits and some different traits. A delicate Balance, which does its best to draw on the two relationship types. And indeed, the best fanfics I've read have focused on finding this middle ground between the two philosophies, where different ponies found out how to accept their differences, and similar ponies learned how to overcome their weaknesses. And I think this middle ground is where the relationships become as functional as possible, and approaching this middle grounds is what makes both pairings attractive for me. Harmony and Balance applies to all things, love included, and seeing ponies approach the golden realm of Harmony in their relationship makes for great reading, whoever you ship. What do you guys think? Which relationship do you think would have its issues resolved easier? Do you think that they are about equal, or that one is superior? Have you noted characteristics about the two philosophies which I haven't covered? Who do you ship? And why? I look forward to reading your schtuff. And make sure to check out my other philosophical meanderings at I can't wait to read your responses everypony!
  8. Couldn't find another thread like this on here, so I'll try this out, if that's okay... The point of the game is for each user to say 'yay' or 'nay' to the shipping above (even if you don't know the characters well, you can still judge by first impressions), and then provide a shipping of their own (but not necessarily one they support themselves). It can be MLP related or not, and if you wish to include any relevant image, feel free. I guess I'll start... Luigi/Rosalina
  9. I mean, honestly,the question I (along with other fans) have is, "What's the Difference?" Now, one could point out, that Applejack and Starlight wouldn't use any feminine charm on Spike and would be the kind of characters that would except him for who he is, and be down to earth with him. But I think Trent Osborne (Fellow Fan and Youtuber) said it best in the comments, (which for some odd reason were removed from audio/video on this): Now, he did go on to add more, but again those comments are were removed for some reason. But the overall take from those comments are, just because the show staff has yet to REALLY address this, and with the potential that S9 could be it, we (more than likely) will get the resolution there, and from some odd reason, (just a gut feeling I have), I feel that they will have an episode where Rarity x Spike officially become an item, however it will be done in a very subtle way, in other words, we'll see it happen, but come the following episode, it will be it didn't happen, but we (as fans and viewers) will know it did (I mean when watch the show, the episodes, while remaining in the seasonal timeline/continuity , don't always acknowledge moments from pervious episodes in that season, unless it's a two-parter or necessary , like in "Horse Play"). But despite that, again I ask , "What's The Big Difference"? Because if you're going by age difference, same applies to AJ and Starlight. And also, let's look at it this way, if they wanted to put this Sparity to bed, they would have done so a long time ago, but as you can see from this recent season, it's still as strong as ever. Also, remember this, Lauren Faust wanted to use Spike as our eyes/POV to see how beautiful Rarity was/is, I'm sure she didn't expect this whole Sparity thing to come from it, but yet here we are. So yeah, if you more on this, check out my audiovideo (located in the video fan art section of these MLPForums). But what's you take on it?
  10. LazuriteDreams*

    FlashLight fan club!

    Bet you heard about "Equestria Girls"?Any fans of Flash Sentry x Twilight Sparkle? Well if you are.... Welcome to the FlashLight fan club! yay... And yes there are other names you can say for this ship:TwiFlash, LightSentry, FlashLight. Many of you FlashLight lovers are able join this club if you are interested! However there are going to be some rules for this fan club so read carefully. **RULES** -No spamming posts -Please do not post any hate or post about what shipping is better(ex: "blank X Twilight is better than this!") -You may post fan content( fan vids, fan art, etc.) as long as it's appropriate. Despite this being a pairing fan club, you got to remember there is a younger fanbase as well so please keep the posts in a light-shipping manner.(A pic of them kissing is fine, as long as it's not anything wrong or inappropriate) -Whether you are doing it or not,if I catch you are doing anything unnecessary here I will have to respectfully tell you to stop. -And if you don't like the shipping..? Then please leave this group. -Support this pairing if you want! -Be nice to everyone on this forum! -Oh--and all rules of MLPforums still apply. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Have fun!
  11. I ship Shrek and Shadow the Hedgehog together as a couple. I mean look how cute they look together as a couple in this drawing
  12. Wonderbolt Slipstream

    Interspecies Shipping

    So I've been thinking more about how interspecies relationships would work, and I don't just mean in shows PG/Y7 way. We could have yaks loving ponies, dragons loving ponies, hippogryphs loving griffons, but how could these relationships pan out? I'm open to any input on the topic.
  13. Is there anyone ships Spike with Winona? (horrible idea.) It's finally his chance to meet someone of his own species. I'm also curious what Winona would look like in Equestria. I'm also curious about Ember dog, Garble dog, Torch dog. See? That's why you don't make rash canon decisions.
  14. Regardless of whether you ship Fluttermac, Cheerimac, Sugar Mac, or even Marble Mac. One thing I seem to notice is that Big Macintosh seems to have a thing for mares who are usually known for their kindness. After all, Fluttershy is the Element of Kindness, and she's often paired with Big Mac by fans. Cheerilee is a teacher who works with fillies and colts, thus kindness certainly applies to her. Sugar Belle is pretty quiet and soft spoken and has been known to be kind as well. Marble Pie is a little confusing. She's quiet and soft spoken, but I'm not too sure if kindness is a part of her. But nevertheless. The common ground of each of these mares is that they're known for their kindness towards other ponies. So I don't think that we should accuse the big red stallion of having bad taste in what he likes in a mare, no matter which of these 4 ponies you ship him with. Don't you agree?
  15. Greetings, hello, and what iz, peeps? You know, if there's one thing I admire about The FNDM (the name for the RWBY fandom), it's that out of all the fandoms I'm apart of, this one included, they are the only ones to actually put any effort into their shipping names. When they ship people, that pairing has a name, if not multiple, that has more meaning attached to those characters than their names mushed together. For example, the ship between Penny (a robot) and Sun (someone who can be overly simplified as half human, half monkey) is called 'Optimus Primate'. Another ship, between Weiss (is often associated with "cold") and Pyrrha (has polarity/magnetism) is called 'North Pole'. And the names don't stop at 1-on-1 ships. If you wanna see how far they go with their creativity for ships, They have an entire Google Spreadsheet dedicated to keeping track of them. And quite frankly, out of all the other fandoms I'm apart of, this one saddens me the most in hindsight to RWBY being the only one creative enough to do this. So I ask all y'all: What FNDM-esque shipping name can you come up with for MLP? I don't expect anything to truly stick or to change anything, but I know we can do better than "follow the crowd" with our ship names. -------------------- I've been a fan of the name I made up for Flutterlight: Golden Oaks. Considering the jokes about Fluttershy being a tree, and Twilight's ex-home being a tree with a name, I feel this fits quite nicely for a ship name for them.
  16. Have you ever had 2 characters from any kind of fiction that you ship together and were hoping they would become a couple someday but didn't end up happening or ended sinking for some reason? (SPOILER ALERT IF YOU NEVER SEEN THE ENDING TO "BLEACH"!!!) I was so disappointed that Ichigo Kurosaki never got with Rukia Kuchiki, and instead Ichigo with Orihime Inoue, and Rukia got with Renji Abarai. That made me very upset, since I was a Ichigo and Rukia shipper.
  17. There has been a time where I didn't like ponies shipping Fluttershy and Discord just because Discord will outlive Fluttershy. My prediction after that, though dramatic, is that Discord would be so distraught that he goes on a rampage of sadness fueled chaos, but what do you guy think? What will Discord do once Fluttershy dies?
  18. C. Thunder Dash

    Romance Yes We Can

    “What if we rewrite the stars…” It was just another day in Ponyville. The sun was up, ponies were out and it was a perfect day to hang out with friends. On this particular day, Gilda decided to visit Rainbow Dash, who took Gilda down to Ponyville, despite Gilda’s weariness and the memories of her past lingering. When a couple ponies saw Gilda, they began to mumble to themselves. A few foals sort of hid behind their mothers. Gilda looked at them and then back at Dash. “Why...why are they hiding from me?” She asked. “They may still have the past in their mind. That’s the biggest issue with some ponies. It is hard for them to forget the past. But look at you now. You made the choice to make things right and take steps to make new friends…” Rainbow replied. Meanwhile, Thunder Dash had landed in Ponyville after a patrol in the skies. As he walked, he noticed Rainbow Dash up ahead with a...griffon whom he’d never seen before. “Hm, now that you don’t see everyday in Ponyville…” Thunder said as he slowly walked towards Rainbow and the Griffon. Gilda happened to turn her heard and see the tall pegasus slowly walking towards them. She sort of stepped back and recoiled. “Don’t worry Gilda, that’s Thunder Dash. He’s a very nice pegasus. He may look tall and intimidating, but he was just born bigger than the average pegasus.” Rainbow explained. Gilda was still quite weary and remained shied away. “It’s ok...I’m not gonna hurt you…” Thunder said slowly approaching the griffon. Gilda contemplated whether to suddenly act tough or stay hidden. “I-I’m sorry...i-it’s just…” Gilda started but stopped. “I know, but the past is gone. You’re here now. Rainbow’s helping you to become the friend you want to be. I can be part of that too if Rainbow wants.” Thunder said. “Wants? Of course you can!” Rainbow said happily with a jump and twirl in the air. Gilda sort of let out a small groan, as she would rather be with Rainbow, alone. “So...wanna maybe go eat somewhere have have a little chat?” Thunder asked. “Uhh...I…” Gilda hesitated. “Say yes.” Rainbow whispered into Gilda’s ear. “Ok…” Gilda said with not much enthusiasm. “I know it’s hard Gilda, but I know you can overcome your past…” Thunder said as he took the lead making sure Gilda was next to him. Rainbow sort of trailed behind Gilda and Thunder to give them space. “So...what’s it in Griffonstone?” Thunder asked. “Well...still trying to get the others to latch on to this whole...friendship’s…” Gilda stated putting her head down a little bit. “Hey that’s alright. I know how it feels to be the odd one out. What’s the name of that one Griffon...your absolute first Griffon friend?” Thunder asked. “Uhhh...I think...Greta was her name…” Gilda said. “How is she doing? Have you two been staying connected?” Thunder asked. “I...I say hi to her whenever I see her…” Gilda stated. “ least you say hi...but you gotta do more than that to establish what is called a relationship.” Thunder said as he arrived at the cafe. He then opened the door for Gilda. “After you.” He said. Gilda hesitated. Rainbow came forward. “He’s being courteous to you by letting you go first.” Rainbow stated. “What am I supposed to do…?” Gilda asked Rainbow. “Thank him and proceed inside.” Rainbow answered. Gilda turned to Thunder. “Uh...thank you...Thunder…” Gilda said slowly walking inside. Thunder followed after Gilda. Rainbow was last. Thunder led Gilda and Dash to a window seat. Rainbow sat next to Gilda, while Thunder sat from across the two. “So...what do you like to do?” Thunder asked. “I don’t know...just...hang around...and...sometimes fly around…” Gilda said. “This is awfully awkward…” She thought to herself. “Maybe...wanna go for a flight after we eat?” Thunder asked. Gilda sort of perked up smiling. “Hey! I think he’s onto something…” Rainbow said softly to Gilda. Gilda looked at Thunder blushing ever so lightly. Thunder hardly noticed but could see Gilda had a different expression on her face. The waiter came and the group ordered. The food soon came. Thunder Dash thought to himself. “Could it be…? Already I’ve sparked something in Gilda? can’t be...I don’t know if she’s ready...or if...oh stop doubting yourself Thunder…” Gilda noticed Thunder’s expression. “ something...wrong Th-Thunder?” She asked sort of hiding away a little. “No...nothing’s wrong…” Thunder said as he continued to eat. Rainbow finished her food first followed by Thunder and lastly Gilda. He then paid the waiter and waited for Gilda and Rainbow to be ready. “Well...I guess we’re ready…” Gilda stated as she waited for Thunder or Rainbow to take the lead. Thunder took the lead back outside and let Gilda and Rainbow go first. Gilda looked at Thunder and smiled. Thunder smiled back at Gilda. Thunder then stopped down and took to the skies. Gilda followed after him with a little giggle. Thunder heard it. “I heard a cute giggle there…” He stated as he flew higher. Gilda blushed trying to keep steady. She was rather put off by the compliment, which caused her to become unsteady. “Wh-whoa…” Gilda muttered as she attempted to regain stability. All of this was rather overwhelming for her. Thunder turned and noticed. “Whoa there, let me help you.” Thunder said gently holding Gilda to help her regain balance. Gilda felt the urge to do something, feeling the warmth of Thunder’s fur against her. She gave him a quick muzzle with her beak. Rainbow was quite stunned at the small but bold move Gilda just did. “Did you just…?” Thunder asked with a small blush. “I...I did…” Gilda said hiding away again. “Awww don’t hide. It’s ok.” Thunder said. “I… isn’t supposed this way…” Gilda said, thoughts of the past and the stereotypical Griffon filling her mind. Thunder looked at Gilda. “Hey, no need to think like has no boundaries. What if it is supposed to be this way...what if we can rewrite the stars...and start something even more…?” Thunder asked as he continued to fly again. Gilda thought and thought. She slowly flew up to Thunder and stayed next to him. Thunder looked at Gilda and smiled up at her. Rainbow trailed behind looking at the two, smiling at the developing relationship. Thunder slowly felt himself getting closer and closer to Gilda, as if they were meant to be together. Gilda noticed and came close as well until they touched. The two looked at each other and blushed. “Anything is possible…” Thunder said gazing into Gilda’s eyes. Thunder noticed a cloud up ahead. “Wanna take a little break?” He asked. “S-sure Thunder…” Gilda said thinking about the time she had spent already with Thunder and how much their relationship had already grown. Thunder gently landed on the cloud and so did Gilda. The two had sort of snuggled against each other. A Pegasus...and a Griffon, on a cloud. It had been stated that it is hard for two different species of creature to develop a relationship, let alone get along with each other. Gilda let out a soft whimper, for she knew that other griffons in griffonstone may ridicule and tease her because of how soft she had become. Thunder heard the whimper. “What’s wrong Gilda?” Thunder asked. “It’s just...I never knew our friendship would bring us this close...let alone we just met today...I just don’t want any Griffon to see me like this…” Gilda said shamefully. “Oh Gilda, don’t let those stereotypes get to you. Remember what I said? What if we can erase all that, start anew, make a new image…” Thunder stated. “I know I’s just...hard…” Gilda said leaning up against Thunder. After more snuggles, flying and dinner, the three went home. Gilda decided to let Rainbow stay in Griffonstone with her for the night. That night, Thunder was thinking hard. You know I want you It's not a secret I try to hide I know you want me So don't keep saying our hands are tied You claim it's not in the cards Fate is pulling you miles away And out of reach from me But you're here in my heart So who can stop me if I decide That you're my destiny? Meanwhile, Gilda was thinking hard as well. It was a mental fight for her, as somewhere deep within her heart, now that she saw the truth, she yearned for something more than just a simple friendship. However, the thoughts of “Griffon pride” and “tough girl” still loomed in her head. You think it's easy You think I don't want to run to you But there are mountains And there are doors that we can't walk through I know you're wondering why Because we're able to be Just you and me Within these walls But when we go outside You're going to wake up and see that it was hopeless after all. The next morning, Thunder woke up. He was thinking about Gilda and hoping she had a goodnight’s sleep. He got ready and headed on down to the main city of Ponyville. There, he saw Gilda and Rainbow together in the square. Thunder walked up to the two. “Morning Gilda, morning Rainbow.” He said. “Morning Thunder.” Gilda said with a bit of a smile on her face. “You’re looking happy today. Did you sleep well last night?” Thunder asked. “Aside from...thinking about our relationship...I slept well.” Gilda stated. Thunder then invited Gilda to breakfast. She accepted the invite and the three went to sugarcube corner. There, Gilda greeted Pinkie Pie and Mrs Cake, and proceeded to have pancakes with Thunder and Rainbow. After, Rainbow had to go do some stuff, so she left Gilda and Thunder. “Well, it’s just you and I now. I think Rainbow has helped you very well. It’s now up to you...what do you wanna do?” Thunder asked. “Well...I could give you a tour of Griffonstone...but…” Gilda said. “Ah-ah-ah! What’d I tell you?” Thunder asked. Gilda let out a long sigh. “Then you pick…” She said putting her head down a little. “How about a tour of Cloudsdale plus the Wonderbolt training facility?” Thunder asked. “That sounds...interesting…” Gilda stated as she waited for Thunder to take the lead. Once they were in the sky, Gilda flew close to Thunder, wanting to be next to him. Thunder let Gilda be close to him. He smiled at this. The two then arrived at the weather factory and went through each room and corridor. After the tour, Thunder led Gilda to the Wonderbolt training facility. There, the obstacle course stood. “Hey, I bet you can’t beat the record time set on this course…” Thunder stated. A slow smirk formed on Gilda’s face. “Are you...challenging me?” She asked. “Maaaaybe…” Thunder teased with a chuckle. Gilda spread her wings and so did Thunder. The two gave each other competitive stares as they lined up at the start of the course. On Thunder’s signal, the two took off. Gilda got the lead early but Thunder was right behind her. “That record is mine Thunder!” Gilda teased with a cute giggle. “Don’t count on it Gilda!” Thunder said smiling as he slowly caught up. The two giggled and chuckled as they looped and zipped around the course before crossing the finish line side by side. Gilda and Thunder panted. “Well, guess we’d call that a tie…” Thunder stated as he gathered some electricity and made two towels appear. Gilda happened to see this and her jaw dropped. “H-h-how did you…?” She asked in shock. “My electric abilities. It’s a long story.” Thunder said as he handed one towel to Gilda. As the two were cooling off, Thunder told his story. “Wow...what are the odds…?” Gilda asked. “Pft, can’t even say. I mean a lighting strike so decide that it hits right in the spot on my body that pierces down all the way to my DNA.” Thunder stated. Soon, it was lunch time. Thunder took Gilda to a cafe that served Griffon food in addition to pony food. Gilda still had those thoughts in her head. “I don’t get it...why me and not Rainbow?” Gilda asked. “There’s just something about I remember Rainbow telling about the past and all...Rainbow was your only friend until…” Thunder stopped. “...she left…” Gilda said with a quiet sniffle. “I still see the hurt inside of you Gilda, but that’s ok. Everyone is not perfect...I don’t even know what happened to my mother…” Thunder said as he continued to eat his lunch. “Every Griffon I met was the same...greedy, always being mean...and...not wanting friends…” Gilda started choking up a bit on the last part. Thunder came in and hugged Gilda lightly. Gilda blushed and hugged back. “All of that can change. You don’t have to walk a certain way to represent who you are as a species…” Thunder said. The two finished eating and the day went by. Rainbow soon reunited with Gilda and the two went back to Griffonstone. However, as Rainbow and Gilda were talking about the relationship with Thunder, some teenage griffons were eavesdropping the conversation. They laughed amongst themselves at the thought of griffons falling in love with other creatures, let alone falling in love all together. As Rainbow departed, Gilda could hear the teenage griffons chatting and teasing about the fact that Gilda was in a relationship and it was “not cool” and the “lovey-dovey stuff is for wussies”. Gilda sniffled and retreated to her bed where she just cried silently, until she fell asleep. The next day, Thunder woke looking forward to seeing Gilda. However, when he arrived down in Ponyville, he saw neither Rainbow nor Gilda. Thunder grew worried. He searched for Rainbow but Gilda was most important. He hurried over to Griffonstone and saw Greta, whom he only saw once before. “Hi there, do you know where Gilda’s place is?” Thunder asked. Greta simply pointed towards a small Griffon house. “Great! Thanks!” Thunder said smiling at Greta. Greta simply smiled back and looked at Thunder as he galloped towards Gilda’s house. Inside, Gilda was sniffling. Thunder knocked. “N-no...go away…” Gilda said sniffling. “’s me...Thunder...what’s wrong?” Thunder asked feeling the ache in his heart. “I don’t wanna tell, now just...leave me alone!” Gilda whined louder, her “tough girl” side showing a little amongst her crying. “Please Gilda, I’m here to help. I came as fast as I could. I want to come in…” Thunder said. “Fine…” Gilda grumbled as she got up and unlocked the door. Thunder came in and saw Gilda, who appeared broken. He came close and hugged her, reminding her of the warmth they shared the first day they met. Gilda sniffled. Part of her wanted to resist the hug and revert to her previous mentality. However, a part of her yearned for more love amidst her circumstances. “It turns out some...stupid teenage griffons overheard rainbow and I talking about you and I together. They then teased about it and called their friends to heckle us as Rainbow was about to leave...there I was being the one bullied...for what? Having feelings for somepony like you…” Gilda said sniffling and beginnng to sob, hugging Thunder close. Thunder sighed. “Gilda...a relationship isn’t easy, but the fight is worth it. Once I felt that warmth when we snuggled the first day...I knew it right then and there...the stars had already been rewritten…” Thunder said gathering some electricity. He then made his prized lightning necklace he got from flight camp appear from the blue. “Wh...what’s that?” Gilda asked. “It’s my flight camp necklace for best flyer of the camp...I...I want you to have it...because in life...taking flight to opportunities is a very hard thing to do...but...from what I’ve took flight...and earned yourself a new coltfriend.” Thunder proclaimed putting the necklace around Gilda’s neck. “Oh Thunder...” Gilda said as tears welled up in her eyes. She then lunged forward hugging Thunder tightly. “Th-thank you…” She said amidst her tears and sobs of joy. Just then, the door opened and Rainbow flew in. “You won’t believe what…” Rainbow then gasped at the sight. Thunder and Gilda were hugging each other lovingly, with Thunder’s necklace around Gilda’s neck. “I...I don’t believe it…” Rainbow said. Thunder and Gilda looked up at the dumbfounded Rainbow. “What? You do know that love has no boundaries...right?” Thunder asked. Gilda smiled at Rainbow. Rainbow smiled back. “I knew you could do it Gilda...take that flight, rewrite the stars and look at you now!” Rainbow said looping joyfully. “Hey you stole that from me!” Thunder teased. Rainbow let out a nervous giggle. “Sorry…” She said blushing. Both Gilda and Thunder giggled at Rainbow, who was blushing quite a bit. And it was on the course of those three days, that the message of boundless love was spread all throughout Equestria. No matter how different two people...or two creatures are, love has a place and love will truly...rewrite the stars and conquer all. THE END Author's Note: I wrote this fic for a competition on Equestria Amino. The challenge was to write a fanfic based on a song. I chose "Rewrite The Stars" from The Greatest Showman because it shows the conflict of two different creatures and/or people having feelings for each other. "Rewrite The Stars" belongs to Zac Efron and The Greatest Showman.
  19. So I'd like to draw a picture of the Mane Six with the stallions I ship them with (kinda like this) but the problem is, I don't have ships for all the Mane Six, so I thought I'd come here to ask for what y'all think would make sense to ship. So far: Twi: ship with Sunburst, pretty sure about this one. Dashie: pretty set on Quibbledash, though Soarindash has appeal as well. Flutter: undecided, I used to ship Fluttercord but the age difference is kinda creeping me out a bit the more I think about it, especially after seeing some nsfw art of the two together... my other option is Fluttermac which is cute. Rarity: Used to ship Sparity but I don't anymore after considering the age difference. Otherwise I'm clueless, I don't think anyone has true romantic chemistry with her. Applejack: Carajack is popular but Caramel is so boring, I don't like him. Trenderhoof looks cute with her but idk if it would work or if AJ is attracted to him or what. Ponk: A bit of a crack ship, but I'm definitely for Braepie. Some characters need to be matched with those with different personalities, however I think Pink is perfect with such an upbeat foal-at-heart similar to herself. So as far as AJ, Rarity, and Flutters go, anyone have any thoughts about the ships I mentioned for them? Or anyone have any other recommendations for straight ships for them?
  20. JaytheMeh

    Derpy&DoctorHooves ship fan club

    I honestly don't believe in ships, until the episode Slice of Life came. Not only did doctor and Derpy look cute together but in a way it made sense. So I saw that they're was fan clubs for some ships but I couldn't find a Derpy ship Doctor Hooves fan club so I made one.
  21. so apparently for some reason I have found out recently, people can't comment on here I'm not sure why but a new friend has helped me figure out a new way around it and for this post I'm Gonna ask for many ships give me as many as you want and for my next reply I will rate them all one by one,so give me any ship on your mind and as many are on your mind I most likely will have a feeling for more or less all of them X3
  22. Do you just find pony x pony boring and too vanilla? As in found in shipping fan fiction, and other fandom stuff. I'm a lot more interested in griffon x pony, human x pony, and general sapient interspecies romance, over boring old pony x pony.
  23. Wonderbolt Slipstream

    The Worst Ship

    I want to know what is the worst ship you can think of. And it can be any 2 creatures, no explanation required. For me, Big Mac x Boulder.
  24. I saw this didn't exist, so I figured I'd make it myself. Here's a Fanclub for my personal favorite ship, Starburst! (Credit to osipush on DeviantArt:

    The official OC shipping list!

    I don't think we have one of these on the forums, so I'm making one myself! If anypony has an OC who's shipped with another OC, then tell me who they are, who their both owned by, and if you can, provide a picture or two! Like this: Crimson Grinn X Vanylla Sweetsu Crimson belongs to me, and Vanylla belongs to ~Vanylla Sweetsu~ Easy as pie! Also, for those who post their OC shippings here, I'll add their ship to my list on this thread! I'll start with me, I guess. 1. Crimson Grinn X Vanylla Sweetsu 2. Astral Blitzen X Sage Leaf 3. Comet Streak X Starshine 4. Riley Blythe X Anala Elderberry