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Found 20 results

  1. I know we have our favorite ships(mine is rarity x pinkie pie), but im pretty sure we have some ships from the brony fandom that we don't like. List them here, they can also be from EQG series too, but try to keep it to gen4 MLP:FIM, and EQG. My least favorite ship is Fluttershy X Rainbow Dash.
  2. Sorry if this has been created somewhere before, but I had a hell of a time finding a post like this! I was hoping you all would be interested in helping created a master list of all official ship names for the popular pairings in MLP:FiM. Other fandoms seem to have one, and just for consistency's sake, I felt like we should start constructing and perfecting one as well! Keep in mind that these ships do not necessarily have to be romantic ships - some people ship characters in the sense of friendship pairings (brotps), sibling pairings, etc... basically, if you think they have (or would have) awesome chemistry on the show, then they ought to have a ship name! Don't get freaked out just became the word "ship" has taken on negative connotations. Below I will list the ships that I have heard of at one point or another. However, there's no guarantee they are all correct. Post below if you have a ship name suggestion of your own, or please tell me if I got the name wrong on the list and I can change it! I don't know the proper names for a lot of ships, so please, please HELP! I will constantly be updating this post as we collect more ship names. MLP:FiM Ship Names Mane Six x Each Other AppleDash – Applejack x Rainbow Dash ApplePie – Applejack x Pinkie Pie FlutterDash – Fluttershy x Rainbow Dash FlutterJack – Fluttershy x Applejack FlutterPie – Fluttershy x Pinkie Pie RainbowPie – Pinkie Pie x Rainbow Dash RariDash – Rarity x Rainbow Dash RariJack – Rarity x Applejack RariPie – Rarity x Pinkie Pie RariShy – Rarity x Fluttershy Twarity - Twilight Sparkle x Rarity TwiDash - Twilight Sparkle x Rainbow Dash TwiJack - Twilight Sparkle x Applejack Twinkie - Twilight Sparkle x Pinkie Pie TwiShy - Twilight Sparkle x Fluttershy Mane Six x Side Characters Applejack Ships AppleMac - Applejack x Big Mac AppleBurn - Applejack x Braeburn AppleSpike - Applejack x Spike CaramelJack - Caramel x Applejack CherriJack - Cherries Jubilee x Applejack SoarinJack - Soarin' x Applejack Fluttershy Ships FlutterCeps - Fluttershy x Bulk Biceps FlutterCord - Fluttershy x Discord FlutterMac - Fluttershy x Big Mac FlutterSpike - Fluttershy x Spike LunaShy - Luna x Fluttershy Pinkie Pie Ships CheesePie - Cheese Sandwich x Pinkie Pie CheeriPie - Cheerilee x Pinkie Pie DerpyPie - Derpy x Pinkie Pie GilPie - Gilda x Pinkie Pie PinkieMac - Pinkie Pie x Big Mac PinkieSpike - Pinkie Pie x Spike Rarity Ships Celarity - Celestia x Rarity RariBlood - Rarity x Blueblood RariMac - Rarity x Big Mac RariPants - Rarity x Fancy Pants RariWhooves - Rarity x Doctor Whooves Rarixie - Rarity x Trixie Sparity - Spike x Rarity Lunarity - Luna x Rarity Rainbow Dash Ships CeleDash - Celestia x Rainbow Dash DaringDash - Daring Do x Rainbow Dash DerpyDash - Derpy x Rainbow Dash FleetDash - Fleetfoot x Rainbow Dash GilDash - Gilda x Rainbow Dash LunaDash - Luna x Rainbow Dash RainbowMac - Rainbow Dash x Big Mac RainbowDust - Rainbow Dash x Lightning Dust SoarinDash - Soarin x Rainbow Dash ScootaDash - Scootaloo x Rainbow Dash SpitDash - Spitfire x Rainbow Dash SpikeDash - Spike x Rainbow Dash ThunderDash - Thunderlane x Rainbow Dash VinylDash - Vinyl Scratch x Rainbow Dash Twilight Sparkle Ships ChryLight - Chrysalis x Twilight Sparkle DaringLight - Daring Do x Twilight Sparkle DoctorSparkle - Doctor Whooves x Twilight Sparkle Flashlight - Twilight Sparkle x Flash Sentry Moonlight - Nightmare Moon x Twilight Sparkle Spilight - Spike x Twilight Sparkle SunsetSparkle - Sunset Shimmer x Twilight Sparkle Twadence - Twilight Sparkle x Cadence TwiArmor - Twilight Sparkle x Shining Armor Twilestia - Twilight Sparkle x Celestia TwiLuna - Twilight Sparkle x Luna TwiMac - Twilight Sparkle x Big Mac Twixie - Twilight Sparkle x Trixie Big Mac Ships (some are repeated from above, just for the sake of having all his ships in one place) AppleMac - Applejack x Big Mac BigBurn - Big Mac x Braeburn CaraMac - Caramel x Big Mac CelestiMac - Celestia x Big Mac CheeriMac - Cheerilee x Big Mac FleetMac - Fleetfoot x Big Mac FlutterMac - Fluttershy x Big Mac LunaMac - Luna x Big Mac MacnCheese - Big Mac x Cheese Sandwich PinkieMac - Pinkie Pie x Big Mac RainbowMac - Rainbow Dash x Big Mac RariMac - Rarity x Big Mac ShiningMac - Shining Armor x Big Mac TwiMac - Twilight Sparkle x Big Mac All Others AppleSeed - Apple Bloom x Babs Seed BlueSentry - Bluebood x Flash Sentry CeleLuna - Celestia x Luna ChrysaCord - Chrysalis x Discord DiscoLight - Discord x Twilight Dislestia - Discord x Celestia DoctorDerpy - Doctor Whooves x Derpy FancyFleur - Fancy Pants x Fleur Dis Lee FleetFire - Fleetfoot x Spitfire Glixie - Gilda x Trixie HeartBurn - Little Strong Heart x Braeburn Lunbra - Luna x Sombra LyraBon - Lyra Heartstrings x Bon Bon OctaScratch - Octavia x Vinyl Scratch ScootaBelle - Scootaloo x Sweetie Belle ScootaBloom - Scootaloo x Apple Bloom ScootaSpike - Scootaloo x Spike Shadence - Shining Armor x Cadence SoarBurn - Soarin' x Braeburn SoarinFire - Soarin' x Spitfire SoarinFoot - Soarin' x Fleetfoot Sombralis - Sombra x Chrysalis SomLestia - Sombra x Celestia SpikeBloom - Spike x Apple Bloom Spilda - Spike x Gilda Spilestia - Spike x Celestia SpiLuna - Spike x Luna Sprysalis - Spike x Chrysalis SweetieBloom - Sweetie Bell x Apple Bloom SweetieSpike - Sweetie Belle x Spike TrixBlood - Trixie x Blueblood Twysalis - Twist x Chrysalis What else...? Please post your feedback!
  3. This isn't meant too be offensive. I just noticed that in a lot of fandoms there seems too be way more gay or lesbian ships than straight ones. Even if the charcters their shipping are mostly likley straight. Personally I do the same thing. Unless it's something obvious like Arkos I usually don't ship it. And keep in mind I'm a straight white dude. I am a very liberal person and would describe myself as progressive, though that's not really why I ship mostly gay ships. FlutterDash, WhiteRose, Lapidot, etc, you get the point. I guess it is at least partly from prompting from the show itself. Subtle teases that are either blatantly explicit or just designed too be there because "oh my god the fans will go crazy for that lesbian tease". Even if that tease is only a charcter touching a womans hand. So what do you think?
  4. Which is better, rarijack, appledash, raridash, none or all. I like all three, they have so many reasons to be with the other person, now i want to know your opinions
  5. Welcome to the CheesePie FanClub!! This is the place to talk about the pairing or post pictures or even swap fanfics! Just keep it about CheesePie only! Rules of this thread -No spamming post to become biggest fans -This is a children’s show, and believe it or not there are younger people who go on these forums, just keep it cute and G-Rated -Do not post a picture of Applejack in the Rainbow Dash forum, because Applejack belongs in the Applejack forum. -Do not hate on another fan club, for example posting in the Fluttershy forum "Twilight is better!" -I have the ability to decide whether you are doing something inappropriate or not, if I deem you are doing something unnecessary and I ask you to stop, please stop. Common Sense my little ponies. -All of MLP Forums rules still apply. Like the above rules say keep it nice and decent everypony! Have fun!!
  6. How to ship - The Lightwing Way 1. Look at the MLPForums's online users list. 2. Pick up two random users that happen to be together on that list. 3. Find a reason about why they are OTP. -They are mods 4. Ship it. I SHIP IT <3
  7. For some ponies, it's easy for an ideal match to come to mind. For others, you'd have to choose from a number of options. Really good ones at that. And you may find that some ponies have a LOT of options, be they main, secondary or background characters. They might even have enough candidates to get a whole season of the Bachelorette rolling in pony media. In any case, it's always good to have "back-up" ships in case you have a change of heart on the ones you're supporting. Who's the most shippable to you by your own standards? This is based on personal ship options only. Which ponies have YOU given the biggest number of potential ships? Eight was the highest I've hit for any given pony, and that's not even counting inter-Mane Six ships (which I don't support). So far, Twilight, Fluttershy, Tree Hugger and Bulk Biceps are the most "desired" for me.
  8. I honestly never shipped these two for the vast majority of my time in the fandom, both because we don't see them spending much time together on the show and because they're so opposite in a lot of ways. However, recent events in my own life have made me realize that maybe they would be good together, balancing each other out in many ways, while deep down sharing the fact that they both are very giving, compassionate, and invested in making others happy. I wouldn't call it an OTP, but for me it's at least kinda cute. Does anyone else ship these two? Hate the thought of them together? Have any other comments?
  9. To me, it seems like now it is impossible for Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry to ever become a couple, because the Twilight Sparkle that had a crush on Flash Sentry was a different Twilight Sparkle from a different dimension. And the Twilight Sparkle in his dimension is not interested in him at all and is interested in someone else (who is Timber Spruce). And the Twilight Sparkle from the pony dimension isn't interested in the pony version of Flash Sentry at all, and it could never work out between the Flash Sentry from the human dimension and the Twilight Sparkle from the pony dimension for obvious reasons. So I'm pretty sure that a lot of people who used to ship Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry together are not shipping them together anymore, since now it's almost completely impossible for Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry to ever become a couple. To be honest I hate FlashLight and I am glad that the ship seems like it's dying out.
  10. Hi Everypony! Here is my newest Hearts and Hooves Day story! If you haven't read "Meet me under the Mistletoe" and/or "All I want for Christmas is you" there are some spoilers! I hope everypony enjoys it!
  11. Disclaimer: this follows by no means any established canon about any of the mascots of Poniverse. This is only written by my own amusement, so if you love it, I will love you back, and if you don't love it, I will give you a patient smile and ask what should I do to make it better, m'kay? c: It was the beginning of a new day, and things seemed to look positive and bright for anypony around. The fillies were running around, the colts and mares were opening their shops, getting for a new day of business. As the light of dawn crossed through the trees, it started to touch somepony's face, and thus bringing her away from her slumber... "...Just 5 minutes more, and then I will get into it, please..." That was none other than Viola, the always lovable musician pony. Just like she said that, her promise was met, and after 5 minutes, Viola got up and starter putting her hair in the style she loved the most. After she was done, Viola looked at the mirror and started talking to herself: "Don't I look simply divine?. Now, Buffy still won't come around for at least in a couple hours, so I can use this time to practise my music for a bit..." As soon as she finished that, she streched her hooves for one brief second, and moved on near her favourite instrument, the violin. She carefuly removed it from its box and started playing it, and at the same time she started making a subtle whistling. In her own words, it "helps to keep concentration early on". It's a beautiful day outside, without a doubt. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming. On days like these... "IN THE NAME OF EVERYTHING I LOVE AND RESPECT, HOW THE **** COULD I DIE LIKE THAT?!?!?!" That sudden scream made Viola drop her violin to the floor, and it caused it to break its strings, specially due for how fragile they normally are. While normally she doesn't get angry, that one thing was something that truly pulled Viola's inner anger, which made her to open the door quite violently and to mumble something as she went outside, onto her Neighbour's residence: "..ponies like him should be burning in hell" Viola recognized that voice immediately, as only one pony would scream at such high volume for something like a death. She quickly rushed to the door to the buiding that faced hers, and started to hit the door quite hard. "NOVA, I KNOW YOU ARE THERE. I HEARD YOU SCREAMING OVER YOUR DEATHS AT YOUR VIDEOGAMES, SO YOU BETTER OPEN YOUR DOOR" After that hard knocking, a few seconds passed... and nothing happened. She waited a minute more, until she got tired of waiting, and was about to start to knock again. But, just as if her prayer was heard somewhere, the door opened slowly, revealing a light coated pony, along with his bright orange mane. "Oh hai there. You should know by now that I like letting people wait before tasting this stallion, y'know? Not that it's a shame to admit..." Nova Blast had always had that sort of personality. He was by no means evil or nothing like that, but he always thought of himself as "too cool to touch", which leads him to be the way he shows himself. Evidently, Viola wasn't in the right mood to argue with Nova about that, as she had more important problems to take care of at that point of time, specially as her mind was busy at that moment... Oh my celestia, you are so dead Nova, I am going to rip... calm down, Viola. Don't lose your mind. Take a deep breath and then think again about what you are going to say... Ready? Then let's go... "Nova, darling, I know that as much as I enjoy your presence around here, your constant screaming has lead me to some... accidents. Namely, your last scream made me lose my concentration, and my violin has payed the price. So I thought that, maybe, you had something to say?" Nova noticed that Viola was wearing the violin on her back. In that same second, Nova quickly used his magic to move it near him, much to Viola's dislike. "Come on Violy, this has an easy fix, y'know? Just give it to me and you will have it sorted out in less than what it takes me to beat a side scroller with my eyes closed" Viola couldn't avoid but blush slightly at that nickname, which he always uses whenever referring to her, with both a smile and a bit of anger. Both Nova and Viola have always had a long historial of bickering between them for almost everything, but that didn't kept them from having a strong friendship, even when they didn't showed it to each other that often. "Can I at least walk inside while you do your "magic"? Not that I don't trust you, but you know..." Nova knew that her worries were founded, so he just nodded, which was a positive signal for her, which lead to her coming in. Even after all this time, this was the first time that Viola had seen Nova's house from inside. Yeah, they have met before in other places and such, and even he made a visit or two to her house, but she never had the chance to see how did Nova's house looked like. Maybe this was some sort of "destiny" thing, although she could only focus on having her violin repaired in time at this moment. "Nova, can I ask how long will it take you to fix this? Again, not doubting about your skills or nothing, but I don't have all day." Nova simply pulled a small tool and pulled the strings away. In less time than she thought, it was fine and perfect for use, thing that actually left her completely confused. "Violy, Violyy, Violyyy... You should know by now that I know what am I doing. I use this small tool oftenly when the cables of my controllers get broken and such, and seeing that your strings are no different from my cables, it should do the same job... which it looks like it did" Viola was actually impressed at that. Sure, she was a bit angry that Nova was comparing the strings of her instrument to some... cables from a video console controller, but she saw by herself that she was in no position to argue about its effectiveness. Either way, she took the string of the violin and put it again on it. After that, she started to play something on the violin, which sounded clean and pure... in fact, it sounded more clean and pure than anything she ever played before! Whatever Nova did made the violin's strings capable of producing much more pure sounds than what she could have never imagine. "N-Nova! I don't know what you did, but this is incredible! My music sounds so pure now... I cannot thank you enough for this!" The anger that she formerly had was long gone. What Nova did truly made her happy, and even Nova seemed to enjoy the new sounds of her violin, specially with its new sound. For all of its flaws and criticisms against video games, Viola always admitted that they helped Nova to have a surprisingly good taste for music, along with a good knowledge of it, which worked in tandem with his skill as a video game creator and the music being an important part of it. Sure, it may not be as good as somepony's knowledge if they actually studied about music, like her, but that didn't made it less impressive. In that moment, Nova approached Viola and heard once again the notes that she played. "You know, Violy? Maybe you could try playing some different notes, not that I doubt about your talent, but I would like to see if something can work. Here, let me see if I can..." In that same instant, he grabbed Viola's hooves and moved them slowly, along with the violin's bow, until they were in a slightly different position. For many ponies, this would not make a difference at all, but Viola knew what he wanted her to do, and she played the same song as before, although this time it gave a better sound. She wanted to argue against that, specially seeing how she was properly taught in the art of music, while Nova just learned by hearing videogame tunes, but he somewhat found an harmony on her tunes, so she let it pass this one time. "See, Violy? I know what I am doing, after all, for a reason everypony likes to have me around" Even after this show of kindness, Nova was still the same silly pony as before, always showing the best of his confidence, while kindly flipping his hair with his hood, which actually managed to crack a laugh out of Viola, which caused Nova to laugh back at her. Even with their wars and battles and such, they enjoyed each other's company. With all this dandy stuff and all that, she just noticed that she only had 30 minutes left to prepare herself for when Buffy comes! "Oh god, Buffy will be coming soon! I'm sorry Nova, but I have to leave, I'll see you later, I guess" She immediately got up and ran back to her house, although Nova noticed that with all the hurrying, she forgot her violin on his house, so he followed Viola without her seeming to notice him just to give her back the violin. Viola didn't tend to close her door with key, so Nova just knocked as he came in, while trying to speak to let her know that he was no stranger. Even if he has been at her house before, it was always a mysterious place, seeing how he was not used to her "organization", vastly different from his house. "Violyy... Just for your information, I am Nova. I just want to give you your violin baack, because it seems that you forgot it at my houseee.... Just sayiiingg...." He put the violin back at her room, and gently walked outside, although he got interrupted by a cloud of water vapor. In the middle of that cloud there was a weird and not commonly seen Viola, with her hair watered down while she was cleaning it and such,, although with a towel over her head, keeping most of her hair under it. She was getting ready for Buffy's coming, as they were going to take their morning breakfast, just like they did for a while already. Viola was actually going to hit Nova with a random bottle under the assumption that it was going to steal something, until he noticed that he wasn't a thief and it was just Nova. Then she stopped right on her track and looked at him annoyed. "Nova?!?! What are you doing here?! Do you even known the most basic rules?! A gentlecolt would never present himself in such an uncouth way!!" In that same instant, her towel fell from her head, leading to the show off of her hair when it was totally free. This was truly something strange, as Viola rarely showed her hair without her recognizable hair style, although this "watered hair" had some sort of charm to Nova. He didn't knew what it was, and he couldn't mumble a word for the life of it. "V-vio.. y-you ha-hair.. It looks so.. so.." "So beautiful..." That last sentence went unheard by Viola, so she just picked off her towel again, and put her hair back to its prior state before continuing talking. After Nova explained how did she forgot her Violin at his house, he wasn't as mad at him anymore, and she just smiled as she rubbed her head in a forgiving manner. "Heh, yeah, sorry darling. But I bet you would react the same if I suddenly came to your house and I caught you at the shower, or wouldn't you?" Nova suddenly smirked a bit and quickly hide the subtle red on his cheeks with his hoof, before coming with his confident self to answer Viola's question "Hah, I bet I would love it, ponies like my company, and I cannot reject the love, y'know Violy?. Wait, I mean... No! Of course I wouldn't! You are sneaking at my house! But the love though..." He was about to speak again, but then he knew that the more he talked, the more he would mess things up, so he simply answered with a "Maybe not that much". Viola just smiled and had a sudden red shade on her cheeks before quickly going away, just before Nova could notice it. For a few minutes, they just were staring at each other, just smiling, and even if they were only a few minutes, for them they looked like hours... hours that neither of them wanted to end. But as the minutes went on, neither of them noticed that Viola left the faucet open, while it was still dropping water, although thanks to Viola's habit of not letting the faucet to drop a lot of water, it was a very slow flow, which left a tiny pool at her bathroom. "O-oh Celestia! I got distracted and I forgot about this!" Viola quickly ran and closed the faucet, but she ended up slipping afterwards thanks to the water pool. In that moment, Nova went and helped her to get up, although he pulled her a bit too hard, and their faces ended up a bit too close... Nova was the sort of pony that didn't tended to show this kind of things, but this was one situation where he had a hard time hidding them, so he simply showed a slight shade of red on his face "Sooooo....." Viola, on the other hand, wasn't doing much better. When she first got up, she didn't thought that she would end up like this with Nova, which, unexpectedly, caught her by surprise, and her face also showed a shade of red. "Sooooooo.....?" He hardly knew what to do on this situation. He would normally try to be the confident one and the brave one, but again, he was put in a situation where this wasn't as easy as it sounded. "Sooooooooo..." Not too long later, Buffy knocked on the door, while playing with her scarf. She was ready to go with Viola on their morning breakfast, which has been a tradition between them for a long time. But as the minutes went on, she didn't seemed to reply. "Hmm, I wonder what will be that silly pony doing..." She knew perfectly that Viola never closed her door with key, so she just knocked in and walked through. She observed that the main room was still covered in vapor, which meant that it wasn't too long ago since her last shower, so she kept looking for her, until she spotted her silhouette, being shown by a bit of light. Buffy then approached the corner and started to see Viola, although she was not ready to see what she was about to witness.... "Hey Viola, what are you do.... WHAT IN THE HOLY NAMY OF, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?" She inmediatly saw something, something that she would have never expected o her entire life. Viola and Nova were still in the same position as they were minutes ago, but they were, they were... They were kissing each other. Not a big kiss like those that she saw in her trash movies, but it was a kiss, a genuine kiss, which was the absolute last thing that she expected to see in like... ever. "B-but h-how is t-this possible.. i-i cannot process..." Viola and Nova got distracted from their kiss as soon as Buffy started to malfunction, and they simply stared while still holding their hooves, although Viola spoke first. "Uh..." Nova then continued what she was going to say, seeing how Buffy was about to explode in some way. "We can explain this..." Buffy was still speechless after what she just witnessed. Again, nobody would have expected neither of them kissing each other, so this came as a surprise to her, expecting to just have a nice breakfast with her lovely friend Viola, but coming to see how did she kissed Nova Blast, the Nova Blast. "Okay... I don't have nothing against what you just did or anything like that, buut... Can I ask for an explanation, please...? I think that I wasn't simply ready for this kind of thing..." The end...?~
  12. Two years ago, during a stormy afternoon on the land of Spain, I was staring at the Log In screen of MLPForums, decided to join just because of my newfound interest in MLP and its fandom. After nearly 20 minutes of trying to figure out how to make an account, another 10 minutes of me seeing that it had to be done through Poniverse, and yet another 10 minutes trying to remember my email's password, I finally joined this place. Although I though I wouldn't stick too long, little did 16 years old me know about how much would I stick to this place, and how would I grow to love it. Little has changed about me and my opinion since my blog about my first forumversary. Still loving this place as much as I did since the day I joined, and it doesn't look like that view will change in a while. I had a few issues here and there, but nothing that tainted my vision a lot, to be honest. Soo what has changed since 2014 and 2015? Well, a lot of things. I made more friends, I lost some, I joined staff twice (as Poniverse Staff and then as MLPF Staff), topped the Ship the Member above you post chart, and then left the thread because it became boring, and started to ship raid everyone, and many other things that I don't feel like explaining. It's not this long, I know, but this place has a small spot on my heart, and it doesn't seem to grow old, so yeah, happy anniversary me, and I hope that I can keep enjoying this place for a third strike c: -Me IRL at this moment (who am I?)
  13. Ok, guys, which is your LEAST favorite shipping? Don't fight or hate, please. Me? Well, I am not a fan of RainbowXRarity I just don't really get it, its just.... meh to me Anyways, how bout you guys?
  14. What are some of the heterosexual MLP pairs, (Incest or genderbent doesn't count) Just curious to see how many are there. Thanks
  15. Hello! I wish to know about your favorite ships from within the walls of this fandom! Keep in mind I honestly don't care if it is between someone's OC and a canon character, between two OCs, between an OC and someone not even associated with this fandom, or even if the OC is horse-famous. All I care about is this: You cannot talk about yourself. I feel like this isn't necessary to say, but I wanna make sure. So yeah, with that in mind, who/what is your favorite shipping?
  16. Hi Everypony!! If you want to read some stories about the couples of Equestria check out my story First Dates! I hope you enjoy! I plan on writing more in the future just so you know!
  17. Just wanted to know what ships you love! Personaly, my main ship is Pinkieshy What about you?
  18. Hey guys and gals! I am just wishing to borrow a moment of your time to get some of your thoughts, opinions, and ideas on some of my crew's work! I work for Toxic-Creativity, a small comic-book and video-game company that is currently in the progress of making 2 video games and 2 comic-books. We've hit a few bumps along the way but things are finally getting worked on in a speedy manner. I would be ever so honored if you would take the time to swing over to our DA page and flip through our galleries. We have models of ships, completed levels and concept work, some pics of our personal independent work, and more! And if you like us, please comment, or even better, watch us! (It can even be as little as a journel watch we'd just appreciate the support). Seriously my friends, it would be so amazing if you gave us the teensiest of peaks I promise you will not be disappointed in what we are bringing to the table! CHECK Us OUT HERE ON DA Some previews of what you'll see inside (full sizes on the site)
  19. So, LOOSELY based off of a recent RP I did with Sky, I made a few "frames" of a "comic" It's a shipping, but not like all up in each other's business ship, more of a watching each other from affair ship. (View in full view for better quality) @ @Sky It's fully updated, let me know if you think I should add more pictures.
  20. AN: Yet another one-shot. This one is totally crack shipping and non-serious. So yes, it does kind of suck. FiMFiction Link Description When Princess Celestia takes Princess Luna to a Wonderbolts show, Luna finds more entertainment then she was looking for... Firesky It all started the day Princess Celestia forced her sister Princess Luna to go to a Wonerbolts show. Luna didn't get out enough, and hopefully something exciting would peak her interest. It was rare that Celestia could get our of Canterlot Castle, and Luna was a perfect excuse to do so. The princess of the sun had rare time to enjoy herself, but her concern now was really for her sister. Luna seemed highly fascinated by the show, much to the pleasure of Celestia. There was also one Wonderbolt in particular she seemed unusually intrigued by, and this did not go unnoticed by Celestia. When the show was over, she surprised Luna by taking her to meet all of the performers, including the firey maned Spitfire. The troupe introduced themselves, of course, but they all knew of the princesses. Celestia and Luna both greeted all of them, although Celestia couldn't help but notice a slight blush as Luna shook Spitfire's hoof. After that, Luna told Celestia that she wanted to travel and see Equestria. Celestia would have much preferred for her sister to stay by her side where she could keep an eye on her, but more importantly, she wanted Luna to be happy. But secretly during her travels, Luna went to every Wonderbolt's show in every town and city. Wherever the next performance was, that's where Luna went next. It could be said that she stalked the traveling showponies. Luna didn't always go to see them after every show, although she well could have. She preferred to watch Spitfire from afar, afraid to get too close. After all, the firey mare could hate her for her crimes, as Luna felt many of the other ponies in Equestria did. But she was the only reason Luna went to all the shows. Little did Luna know that some of the Wonderbolts had noticed her hanging around by the autograph table after shows, or how she always sat in the front row, or the way she fidgeted while she waited for her favorite filly flyer. So after a show one day, Spitfire approached Luna. The blue filly looked around for somepony else whom Spitfire was coming to greet, but she was the only one there. In fact, she was one of the last ponies still at the arena, which happened more often than Luna realized. The princess was invited to dinner with the troupe, to which she reluctantly accepted. It was be rude not to, but why in the world had they chosen her? Although, since she was a princess, that might have had something to do with it. Perhaps they wanted a chance to perform at the castle for Celestia, or maybe they wanted to talk about the next event in Canterlot... either way, Luna couldn't decline. But when they arrived at the restaurant, the other members sat a bit further off, leaving herself and Spitfire alone in their own booth. Luna blushed furiously at being left alone with this particular mare, and then blushed even deeper in embarrassment at blushing in the first place. It almost seemed like a date, but Luna knew that that couldn't be possible. Spitfire, however, acted very nonchalant about the whole thing, making casual conversation during the meal. Luna just felt rather awkward during the whole thing, continually blushing, fidgeting, and looking away—or a combination of all three! Spitfire secretly found her antics rather entertaining. She also explained that she'd noticed Luna coming to their shows rather frequently, which Luna confessed was true. After their rather awkward meal, Luna was about to excuse herself. She was awfully nervous and just wanted to leave. But Spitfire told her to wait, leaning across the table to stop her. Luna turned back, and found her turquoise eyes locked with Spitfire's own auburn ones. The firey filly leaned forward, pressing her warm lips against Luna's and closing her eyes. Luna's own eyes went wide for a moment, and then she was overwhelmed with pleasure. She'd never kissed anypony—it wasn't allowed for a princess to be in love. But now, Luna didn't care. She'd had a thousand years of suffering, a thousand years of no contact from anypony. But in this moment, Luna forgot all that. The other Wonderbolt's began to cheer at them, but Spitfire ignored them. Luna couldn't hear them over the racing of her own heart and the whirling in her head. Her body flashed hot, and she closed her eyes as well, just feeling Spitfire so close, closer than anypony had ever been. Love between a princess and a common pony was taboo, they both knew. But for Luna, this was the happiest she had been since her return. * * * After that night, Luna traveled with the Wonderbolts, rather than just following in their hoofsteps. She grew in her relationship with Spitfire, but didn't dare tell Celestia for fear of what she might think. But as the tour neared Canterlot, Luna knew that the confrontation was coming. There was no telling how her sister would react. Celestia, meanwhile, had her suspicions. She knew that Luna was off traveling, but where she would go off to next was always a mystery. But, when she sent letters back, all she ever talked about was the Wonderbolts. Particularly, a certain performing mare kept creeping in. Although, over the past couple of months, Luna's letters had been far more infrequent. Celestia just hoped that everything was alright. It wasn't until Luna brought Spitfire to the castle that Celestia realized just how serious things really were. Luna was rather embarrassed that she hadn't told her sister sooner, and also that she'd fallen in love with a mare rather than a stallion. But that didn't matter to Celestia, because she could see that her sister was finally happy since her return. And, although it was unheard of and a rather taboo practice, Celestia blessed them with a foal of their own. Magic can do a lot of things, and though the foal contained both the genes of Luna and Spitfire, one of them had to carry the baby until birth. It wouldn't really do for a princess of Canterlot to be seen pregnant, and so Spitfire was chosen as the 'mother'. Spitfire lived in the castle with Luna, though at first she protested. She wasn't used to being doted on night and day, and not being able to practice her flying skills drove her crazy. But Luna was there every step of the way, keeping her company. And Luna was there to hold Spitfire's hoof on the night their beautiful foal was born. She had the same firey mane and auburn eyes as Spitfire. Though her body was a deep blue, much like Luna's. She was a Pegasus, much to the relief of Luna. Her foal would be able to go out into Equestria without everypony necessarily knowing her heritage. She wondered if that had been part of Celestia's doing, or if it had been up to genetics. Either way, the foal was theirs. She was aptly named Firesky, a combination of her looks and the traits of her mothers. As she grew up, she was always slightly taller than most fillies her age, which came from Luna's side. She was able to study under Celestia and Twilight Sparkle, and therefore had little exposure to the outside world. Spitfire returned to the Wonderbolt's shortly after Firesky's birth, while the foal remained with Luna. They knew it was the best decision, on the road wasn't a good place to raise a foal. Luna missed her, but she knew that Spitfire's place was with her teammates. As Firesky grew up, she wanted nothing more than to be a Wonderbolt like Spitfire. She was terribly independent, and never really took to the whole 'royalty' thing. Luna always had her hooves full taking care of Firesky. Spitfire has said that she wants Firesky to travel with the Wonderbolts, once she's a bit older, although Luna is reluctant. She's terribly afraid of Firesky getting hurt. Firesky is full of energy, and always looking for a race to prove her skill. She can often be found zooming around Canterlot, trying new tricks and often getting into trouble. She's as reckless as she is daring, and Luna can't seem to keep a hold on her. Spitfire doesn't mind the spirited filly though. Whenever she's in Canterlot, Spitfire stays at Canterlot Castle with Luna and Firesky. Her tales of other cities far and wide and the amazing places she's seen intrigue Firesky, and every time Spitfire makes an appearance Firesky begs to travel with her. Luna wishes to travel with her fillyfriend as well, but they both know that Firesky's education must come first. Firesky is sometimes made fun of for her heritage, but everypony knows that her aunt is Princess Celestia herself. Nopony dares to say anything to her face, but Luna is still highly aware of it. She doesn't let on to Firesky that she knows. She wants her foal to be happy, even though it means hiding a bit of the truth. But, if Firesky does catch wind of any rumors, she'll set the pony who started them back in their place. Luna would much rather have Firesky avoid quarrels rather than start them, but she is glad that she can take care of herself. Still, Firesky doesn't have many friends because of her unusual parentage, and also because she's a big of a bragger. She brags about how cool her mom's are, and how awesome a flyer she is. Although both things ARE true, nopony really cares to hear about them. Firesky pretends like that doesn't matter, because she just KNOWS that everypony will adore her once she becomes captain of the Wonderbolts. Firesky wants to someday take the Wonderbolts to a new level, and create a series of fantastic night revolving shows. Night really is the best time for flying, and it's when the more interesting and eccentric ponies are out and about. Firesky likes flying at night a lot. Both of those traits come from each side of her genes. She enjoys the stars, and the moon is bright enough to light up everything, but not nearly as bright as the sun so it doesn't blind her. It's also not too hot, so it's the perfect time for flying. Her love of flying and the night sky is evident in her Cutie Mark. Firesky got her Cutie Mark when she decided that she wanted to be a Wonderbolt. But it wasn't really that. It was a sign of how much she enjoyed flying fast, like Spitfire, and how much she enjoyed the night sky that Luna had made. It was a red crescent moon, a combination of Luna's own white crescent moon, and Spitfire's red lightning bolt. Luna and Spitfire even got Firesky an exact replica of a Wonderbolt suit, except that it's a bit smaller so it fits her better. Firesky loves wearing it, especially when she goes out flying. Luna always knows she's left the castle when the suit is gone too, which does help her keep track of her little filly. For now, though, Firesky is actually really glad to be able to have anything she wants, even if all she wants is to fly. Luna is often worried for the young filly's safety, but she does like to see her having fun and enjoying herself. After all, a filly like her could have turned out more like herself, shy and unsure. But Firesky is ready to take on the world, seemingly unafraid. She's a tough little filly, which Spitfire admires, and which Luna is glad of. Two moms may not be the norm, but that isn't going to stop Firesky from achieving her dreams. And if Firesky is happy, and so long as Spitfire is around, Luna is content.