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Found 6 results

  1. I had an idea of how Sunset Shimmer's plan could have work; she never told what the rest of her plan is. It could be that her plan was was to invade with her teenage army, AND HAVE THEM KILLED BY CELESTIA'S ARMY! Why? So that the citizens would lose faith in their princesses, and overthrow them and replace them with the pony who told them about what Celestia did to peaceful protesters, the same pony that personally lead the revolt against the princesses, who was the student of the queen before she got to powerful and was banish to a barren wasteland so she couldn't overthrow the corrupted monarchy, Sunset Shimmer. But that is only my head canon and I have no proof of it.
  2. For people who haven't heard about this yet, I'm sure they're reading the title and thinking "How in the wide wide world of Equestria can this be the right forum for this?" Trust me, I'm completely lucid when I type this. So, in case you somehow haven't heard yet, a school recently decided to tell a 9-year-old boy that he couldn't bring his MLP bag to school anymore. The reasoning is that, and I quote: Of course, that sentiment alone is dubious. I understand it to some degree, but at the same time I don't think the actions taken will help too much. The school already knows he's a brony. They're probably going to bully him just as hard with or without the backpack. Anyway, there's a bit of exposition for ya. Now we can get to the part where Glenn Beck comes in. Just today Glenn Beck released a video offering support to Grayson. Now, granted Beck does veer off into unnecessary tangents a few times, the first time being about "diversity and political correctness" and the second about Jerimiah Wright, but he doesn't dwell on them much. I can forgive that because I know Beck is a very political guy who's not afraid to voice his opinions, and he was speaking off the cuff. Even then he didn't let his unrelated political thoughts dominate the conversation, so good for him. I have to say, Glenn Beck is the last person I expected to hear chime in on this story. Even more surprising to me personally is the fact that the message is positive. Honestly hearing this put me in a pretty good mood, and I only hope that the white knights and/or brony haters of the Internet don't turn this heartfelt message into their own personal chew toy. Then again, that's probably wishful thinking because people are terrible.
  3. The following material may or may not be suitable for all posters. Anyway, in season 4, Twilight will give up her alicornhood and use it to turn Spike into a pony. Then some stuff happens. Here's an image that is likely irrefutable proof, probably: So yeah, they like fall in love and kiss and stuff, which results in Twi's pregnancy. Most probably with Princess Skyla. I got this info from my cousin's brother's sister's nephew's mother's wife, who may or may not work on the show in another dimension, which makes this obviously 100% likely to be true. Probably.
  4. has been a part of MLP Forums in some form or other since the very beginning, and as some of you veteran forumites may know, we didn't always have such a large and organized staff group. Well, it's been bothering me for a while now so I think it's about time I tell you guys the truth about how the current staff group came to be. My apologies in advance if this gets confusing. I've included a diagram, graciously made by our very own akita-ken, for reference. Feld0, our benevolent leader and Chaotic Discord, her loyal husband, saw as a great way for people to interact with each other and watch ponies together. There was a problem, however. Neither of them had any time to take on the responsibility of running the site, so they decided to have children to run it for them. They had Artemis, Vexx, and myself. For a while, everything was fine, however, as the site grew, Artemis and I realized that we needed some help to keep it running. We didn't want to, but we felt we had no choice, so we got married and had Marco and NASCARFAN. At that point, we had plenty of staff to moderate the chat, but soon there was another problem. The site wasn't designed for all the traffic it was getting. Every time an episode premiered, the site became so overwhelmed with traffic, it crashed. We knew something had to be done, but being siblings, we couldn't bare the thought of having anymore children together. We discussed it with NASCARFAN and, though reluctant at first, she told us about her secret affair with Chaotic Discord. Apparently they fell in love and had Key Gear and Neikos. Feld0 found out about the affair, but decided to stay married, so she and Chaotic Discord took custody of Key Gear and raised her as their own, which made Key Gear both NASCARFAN's daughter and unofficial aunt. NASCARFAN told us about Neikos and Key Gear's freaky knowledge of coding, so we hired them to be our tech admins. After a while, Key Gear and Vexx fell in love, though being half-siblings, and had Slictz. Being a member of the family, Slictz needed a job, so we decided to start streaming movies and let her be our streamer. It wasn't long before Slictz and Neikos fell in love and had Tom the Diamond, thus completing our current staff group.
  5. damn.... prepare for sudden epiphany. the site owner likes my little pony.