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Found 5 results

  1. Strange mix, I know. I'm just curious about the stats...
  2. Yeah I've been wondering if there's anyone besides me here that plays Red Orchestra 2 Heroes of Stalingrand/Rising Storm. It's a really fun Multiplayer game (heavy focus on realism, you can bleed to death, you have to watch where you get hit, no HUD that keeps track of your ammo, no crosshairs, etc.) and I'd like to play it with others. My steam's here if you want to add me:
  3. The journey to Greenlight has been a long and stressful one but after long last we feel confidant enough to submit our first game, Pigeon Defense Force, to Steam's Greenlight. As such, we would like to take this time to share what the game is all about and encourage everyone to please take the time to head on over to our Steam page to give the game a look over. From the Steam Page itself: Oh no! The Earth is under attack by a flock of Angry Alien Avians and it is up to the Pigeon Defense Force to save the day! Inspired by classic arcade games and 90’s cartoons, Pigeon Defense Force is a top-down shooter where players go beak-to-beak against an alien bird menace. Do you have the skill necessary to defeat Admiral Pelican or will General Hawke and his forces wipe the Pigeon Defense Force off the face of the Earth? Pigeon Defense Force is the first game being developed by Toxic Creativity. We have poured our blood and sweat into this project and are very proud of the result. Pigeon Defense Force will provide players with a lot of entertainment as well as challenge as gamers face off against hordes of evil alien birds. They will need quick reflexes if they wish to survive the onslaught while at the same time trying to achieve the highest score possible. Pigeon Defense Force includes: A classic 2D top-down shooting experience with fully rendered 3D models Fifteen levels spanning over five maps. Five different Pigeon Pilots to choose between; each with their own speed, firepower, and special weapon. A survival mode to push players to their limits Cinematic cut-scenes detailing the storyline between the PDF and the Alien Bird Menace A killer in-house soundtrack to help keep the blood pumping. Achievements Weapon Power-ups to increase firepower High Scores to increase bragging rights Can you pilot your Pigeon through the alien assault? Put your skills to the test with Pigeon Defense Force and find out! For over a year we have been working on Pigeon Defense Force and the release date is growing closer with each passing day. As such, we'll be updating our Steam Page with every new update and we'll be doing our very best to answer any questions you may have! We really want to make this game one that everyone can enjoy. All we ask is for you to take a little time to head on over to Steam and give our game a look-over and if you like what you see, please don't forget to give us an Upvote. Here is our page for everyone. We really hope that you enjoy what you see. Thank you all so very much!
  4. What is your general weapon preference on shooter video games? Do you like to run and gun or are you a stealthy sniper? Describe your play style and give an exact setup as example. I am a high damage, high fire power, destroy everything, monster. I like to be a walking Juggernaut. EX:MW3 class setup M60 red dot and rapid fire. Desert Eagle tactical knife. C4 Emp Grenade Scavenger Pro Hardline Pro/Quickdraw Pro Steady Aim Pro Assault point streaks. Predator Missile Attack Helicopter Reaper Drone Dead man's hand.
  5. When I was younger, I remember the days when a few friends and I would kick back in a few chairs, boot up the gamecube/ps2/xbox and game away for a while. These were the good old days when you could find quite a few games in the store which boasted about their abilities about local multiplayer. When you bought a game, you usually expected an interesting multiplayer mode that was a lot of fun. Two examples of such games will suffice, Timesplitters 2 and James Bond: Agent Under Fire. Timesplitters 2 was a fantastic arcade-like shooting game which featured a single player story, a co-op mode, and awesome local multiplayer. Every character you encountered in the game was available to be unlocked in multiplayer, there were a huge variety of multiplayer modes, the guns were interesting and fun to use, and it was an immensely enjoyable experience in general. Agent Under Fire, at first, wasn't too great. It followed a lot of the conventions which, at that time, had become a part of the James Bond FPS games. The single player was meh, though it had it's good moments. Regardless, it was the multiplayer which always struck me. The multiplayer mode had all sorts of interesting options like adjusting the strength of gravity and enabling jet packs. This meant that a match could entirely consist of you and your friends boosting across the map and flying past one another while frantically trying to shoot each other. It made for quite a few enjoyable games! Both of these games have some elements which make them fun to play with other people. Sure, there are still a handful of games which have local multiplayer, but even among those games there tends not to be too much creativity. What do you think? Is local multiplayer in decline?