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Found 13 results

  1. Is anypony around here into shooting, whether it be for skeet, hunting, target, competition, etc.? I enjoy collecting and shooting firearms, and while I have done most of my shooting with rifles and pistols, I finally got around to getting a shotgun later last year (12 gauge Mossberg 500). I plan on getting started with handloading and reloading cartridges rather soon, and I hope to eventually get into hunting. My favorite rifle is my Springfield Armory M1A (civilian M14 variant):
  2. Geez the world is a scary place.
  3. The following was taken from an email I received from UWGB public safety a couple hours ago. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ City of Green Bay Police have secured an area in Communiversity Park on Nicolet Drive to investigate an apparent homicide. A UW-Green Bay officer on routine patrol found a deceased female with multiple gunshot wounds in Communiversity Park at approx. 2:30 am. The case has been turned over to Green Bay Police Department for investigation. The victim is not a student and we do not believe she had ties to the campus community. Officers from UW-Green Bay and the Green Bay Police Department are on scene and will continue to patrol the campus and surrounding area. No firearm has been located at this time. No shooter has been located at this time. The campus buildings, routinely locked at night, are now open for business. Please stay off the campus trails at this time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Well, that's some scary stuff. Glad I'm no longer living on campus what with a possible murderer running on the loose. I hope that my friends and everyone in the Green Bay area stays safe.
  4. Hi guys, I was hoping to get a few more signatures to this partition to legalise .22lr pistols in the United Kingdom for sporting purposes. As people know, the UK has some of the stupidest gun laws in the world and they have banned all pistols even for sport, despite the fact that this has not lowered the number of handgun deaths. It actually increased them! As any English historian will tell you, we British had The right to bear arms for self defence almost 100 years before the Americans (the English Bill of Rights 1689 allows for this) So please sign this partition if you are a citizen of any country in the UK.
  5. Hi everyone, I was wondering what people's opinions were on the Paris shooting incident? The way i feel about this is that its really sad that people died over a comic. I think freedom of speech shouldn't be limited. You need to be aware of what you are saying and how it could affect other people. The Paris shooting wasn't justified in my opinion, i feel that even if something might offend someone it doesn't warrant a violent reaction. i don't know much about Islamic believe, but i thought most religions were about tolerance and doing right by your fellow person. just want to know what your opinions were about this issue as its quite controversial and i'm not exactly sure what to think about the stance on free speech. Thank You.
  6. I tried looking for a topic like this. I haven't found one so I thought.. this will be the first one??? Anyway. I would love to find some of you guys that play the game: CrossFire. It's a FPS Military Game. I've played since 2010 and I've only met one person on here that also plays off and on, which makes me sad. I want to play with all of you that plays CF. Screenshots:::::::::::::::: ^ OLD IMAGE BEFORE CAPTAIN RANK. IGN: Dr.Murdershy If you play cf, add me ingame! add me on skype also!: jcstormchaser_ name: Little Miss Rarity. ^ name changes every now and then. Note for Jeric, Aquila and whoever mod sees this. I couldn't pick the GAMING Tag for some reason?
  7. Do you like paintball or air-soft better and why if you want?
  8. The journey to Greenlight has been a long and stressful one but after long last we feel confidant enough to submit our first game, Pigeon Defense Force, to Steam's Greenlight. As such, we would like to take this time to share what the game is all about and encourage everyone to please take the time to head on over to our Steam page to give the game a look over. From the Steam Page itself: Oh no! The Earth is under attack by a flock of Angry Alien Avians and it is up to the Pigeon Defense Force to save the day! Inspired by classic arcade games and 90’s cartoons, Pigeon Defense Force is a top-down shooter where players go beak-to-beak against an alien bird menace. Do you have the skill necessary to defeat Admiral Pelican or will General Hawke and his forces wipe the Pigeon Defense Force off the face of the Earth? Pigeon Defense Force is the first game being developed by Toxic Creativity. We have poured our blood and sweat into this project and are very proud of the result. Pigeon Defense Force will provide players with a lot of entertainment as well as challenge as gamers face off against hordes of evil alien birds. They will need quick reflexes if they wish to survive the onslaught while at the same time trying to achieve the highest score possible. Pigeon Defense Force includes: A classic 2D top-down shooting experience with fully rendered 3D models Fifteen levels spanning over five maps. Five different Pigeon Pilots to choose between; each with their own speed, firepower, and special weapon. A survival mode to push players to their limits Cinematic cut-scenes detailing the storyline between the PDF and the Alien Bird Menace A killer in-house soundtrack to help keep the blood pumping. Achievements Weapon Power-ups to increase firepower High Scores to increase bragging rights Can you pilot your Pigeon through the alien assault? Put your skills to the test with Pigeon Defense Force and find out! For over a year we have been working on Pigeon Defense Force and the release date is growing closer with each passing day. As such, we'll be updating our Steam Page with every new update and we'll be doing our very best to answer any questions you may have! We really want to make this game one that everyone can enjoy. All we ask is for you to take a little time to head on over to Steam and give our game a look-over and if you like what you see, please don't forget to give us an Upvote. Here is our page for everyone. We really hope that you enjoy what you see. Thank you all so very much!
  9. Tomorrow marks the 50 anniversary of the assassination of US president John F. Kennedy. Those of you with access to US media sources will probably see some coverage of this. A lot of people will be asked, "Where were you when Kennedy was shot?" The strange thing is, I'm not aware of any active member of this board who is old enough to have a first hand memory of that day. Even I wasn't born for almost another decade. But because we like to mark major anniversaries of major events, this is going to get some attention in US news outlets and elsewhere. The first thing that comes to my mind is the endlessly replayed film of TV news anchorman Walter Cronkite breaking the news to a stunned national audience. Because of clips like that and memorials like the eternal flame, a lot of us feel a palpable connection to this tragedy even though it took place well before we were born. And I'm not even going to get into the conspiracy theories. Those debates will rage on after we die of old age. What does JFK, his legacy, his death, and this commemoration mean to you?
  10. So I was reading the thingy below the subforum title thingy and it said....SHOOTING THE BREEZE. What has this forum coming to? Have we gone so low that we pick on the Poor innocent Breeze. How would you feel if you were the breeze huh,HUH?! they have a family, they have friends and... they have rights Shooting the breeze...That's.....That's Illegal,... that's what that is
  11. Just seen on the news that there is currently an attack going on my gun men shooting people in a naval base near Ragen airport! This really sucks:/!
  12. Today at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, and gunman opened fire and shot 27 people. 20 were helpless Kinder-gardeners. I live in CT, and hearing about this makes it a lot more real, and scary knowing it was near you. They are even saying this is one of the worst shootings in History, behind the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007. The gunman burst in a shot the teacher, then proceeded to shoot the kids. I even heard the teacher was his mother. It's terrible sometimes what people do, it's just... sick. (Please ignore the anatomy on this, ohgosh it is terrible. /shot) Read more about it here: Or ~Thank you, I just wanted to inform.. . eue (I'm working on request right now, I just wanted to draw this for all those people who got shot today... )
  13. What is your general weapon preference on shooter video games? Do you like to run and gun or are you a stealthy sniper? Describe your play style and give an exact setup as example. I am a high damage, high fire power, destroy everything, monster. I like to be a walking Juggernaut. EX:MW3 class setup M60 red dot and rapid fire. Desert Eagle tactical knife. C4 Emp Grenade Scavenger Pro Hardline Pro/Quickdraw Pro Steady Aim Pro Assault point streaks. Predator Missile Attack Helicopter Reaper Drone Dead man's hand.