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Found 16 results

  1. Hey everypony! So I've really been enjoying watching Littlest Pet shop after MLP. It's really intersting and funny. I love how they use some of the same voices from MLP for LPS. It's pretty cool. But why I'm really posting this is to talk about Blythe's style! I mean, it's like amazing! Just look: I wish I could find more pics, but they are limited. These are the only ones with different outfits. Hmm. Maybe I should draw her outfits! I'll try toi get into that.....ANYWAYS. If you are familiar with or watch LPS, you know what I mean, right? Blythe style is amazing!
  2. PoisonClaw’s Traditional Commission Shop My shop page can be found HERE! Status: OPEN How Dooooo! Welcome to my Shop, let me cut your mop— Oh, wait… that’s Bug Bunny… Uh… Anyway, I will be offering simple traditional drawings to anyone interested, as a means for me to further improve my skills. Few things to get out of the way first: 1) I have the right to deny a commission if I so choose. 2) I'll draw anything pony, which includes Earth Ponies, Unicorns, Pegasi, Alicorns, Zebras, Changelings (Pre and Post Reformation), Kirins and Hippogriffs/Seaponies. I will also draw griffons, dragons, draconequus or other such, though do keep in mind those may take a bit longer. 3) I am also able to draw Pokemon, Anthro, etc, so don’t be afraid to ask! 4) Please provide some form of reference for the character you wish for me to draw, no matter how simplistic, as well as include whatever pose/expressions you wish for them to be drawn with. Even a Pony Maker Base will suffice. 5) All Commissions will include color. If you want just the inked lineart, please let me know beforehand. With that out of the way, let’s move onto prices! Headshot of a Single character ($5) Full Body of a Single Character ($10) - Additional Characters (+$5) Character Reference Sheet ($15) Reference Sheet will include: Your character in a single pose of your choosing Color Palettes Cutie Mark (if applicable) Front view Any additional accessories. More examples of my artwork can be found on my Deviantart, DreamVirusOmega. If you would like to commission me, drop a comment and I'll see what I can do!
  3. Hello! I got the green light for creating a shop. Thank you for stopping by! This thread of for commissions! It will include custom work, YCH's (your character here), and even original adoptables from time to time.Any new offers will be posted on this thread. Below is a price sheet for my commissions. Sometimes, I will announce bundle deals that can get you discounted art! So be on the lookout! Please reply and or PM me for a slot, with the type of commission you want, a reference of your character(s), and a description of what you want it to look like. If there is anything not listed you want, such as a more complex background, let me know! I don't take these types of commissions except upon request, and will be priced differently, so I need to know ahead of time to let the mods know about a new price addition! I am open to drawing any and all species canon to the MLP universe! Also, non MLP art is okay too! Just ask~ Merpony YCH! Wanna spice up your pony? Then here's your chance! A customizable YCH for you. Lineart, mane, and fins will all be modified to fit your character. Different expressions offered upon request. Lineart base below, and example of a completed merpony in the spoiler. If interested, please check out when buying as the following (pick the one that fits what you want): Flat Color- Full Body (for flat color) Colored and Shaded- Full Body (for detail) Slots & Queue 1) Rikuuuu (Ref sheet, PAID) 2) 3) 4) Art examples: Main Tumblr || Pony Tumblr || Art Instagram Forum Art Threads: Rose Arts (MLP) || The Rose Arts Etc Please click this link read over my Terms and Conditions! Thank you! Click here to buy a commission~
  4. Have you ever had bad shopping experiences? Like at a grocery store or mall??? If so, tell us your stories! Maybe someone will have the same experience as you? One of my stories: It was around BlackFriday this year and my mom and I decided to go to Wal-Mart a few days before the big BF antics start. A lot of things were on sale so at first we though we would get some good stuff. Boy, were we WRONG. Almost every good product was either sold out or broken because people fought over them. Not only that, everyone around us kept running into each other being really rude. The worst part was that it was really hard to escape the madness! Every time we tried to leave certain areas, people would crowd around and block our way out. We FINALLY made it out with nothing but a few rolls of toilet paper and a few pens.
  5. Hi, I have a simple question. What are the different kinds of payment methods I can use for donating, commission shopping, and the like? I don't want to have a request put in and then find out that you don't accept credit cards
  6. Call me stupid, but how did you guys know there'd be so much non-food at Rich's? Did I miss something in Family Appreciation Day?
  7. So I decided to make a place to put all the art requests I finish for people so here they are. The oldest ones are on top. Heres my diviantart: And before anyone asks, I am no longer taking requests. DJ Neon Mars Orbit Snake TwilightAqua VinylWubs reader8363 Pat.Rio.T Fractured redshell Paladin MtnDew88 Tao The Nth Doctor Mentis Soliliquay El Duderino Ethan Sawyer twilight24 Dynamo Pad Deadbeat AnArtisticPontato Vladicarus Specialriolu Osieu r0sebitten SprinkleBloom
  8. Both Drawn by Me Coloured and Shaded by a Friend. My DeviantArt is in my Profile Desc!
  9. Hi all! I bought a pillow ball from a vendor at Bronycon but I have no idea how to take care of it! I don't remember the name of the vendor either, but they show up in my credit card history as apricityhat, which when I look up( surprise, surprise) only sells hats. Anypony else buy a pillow ball and know how to care for it?
  10. I made a request shop! It would be awesome if anyone would like to place an order! Orders are usually completed in 1-2 days!! :) Source: <Wolves' Wares (sigs, avis, more coming soon!)>
  11. I specifically refer to the TV cartoon. So, is anyone else following it? Season 3 is happening right now! I have seen every episode and every LPS Hasbro Studios Short! My favorite episodes are Gailbreak!, Bad Hair Day, Dumb Dumbwaiter, So Interesting, The Secret Recipe, Sunil's Sick Day, What's So Scary About the Jungle? Everything!, What's in the Batter, Door-Jammed, and War of the Weirds. I also wonder if anyone has read the IDW comics. It seems like there are five issues now. I haven't read them yet. I went over to various sites, including the IDW site and am thinking of getting them, the digital versions.
  12. Alrighty so when I do get a shop I was wondering if there is any interest in what I do. I can do OC's as well, however no pic is available atm.. Don't worry about price I just want to know if there is interest. Baby - 4 inches tall (you get 4) Each of these pinatas come filled with candy Small- 9-11 inches tall, comes filled with candy and toys. Medium- 16-18 inches tall comes filled with candy and toys, Large- 24-28 inches tall, with out candy and toys , with it comes to Giant- These are almost as tall as me and can get up to 5 feet tall, They hold crazy amounts of candy and toys. Without candy and toys with candy and toys The pictures are of Small ones, you can see they are really not that small but that's as small as I go in full detail. The baby ones (don't have a pic yet) are cute but not as detailed. I am currently working on a giant (no pic yet) I haven't finished it, so I can be any pony, but I am thinking Celestia. Anyway have a gander at what I do and tell me if you would get one, and what you think constructive criticism is always welcome As always much love, ~PP
  13. is one of my favourite websites. It's a virtual reality site in which all items are user-created, and users can list items they've created in the "shop," where they can be purchased by other users for the site's virtual currency, "coins." As a long-time Whirled user, I have uploaded and listed many shop items, including animated "avatars," which are the characters that walk around on the screen and can have different actions and "states" programmed into them. I'm currently working on an avatar project that I think my fellow bronies will quite enjoy. If I can get the coding figured out, I should soon be releasing my Configurable Brony avatar, a MLP-style character which can be edited by the user after purchase and will include several different colour and style options for mane, tail, wings, horn, eye, and cutie mark, as well as different species options and even a "Fluffle Puff" mane. Want to see a preview of some of the different options? Look in the spoiler section below. :b Critiques? Questions? If anypony has any suggestions for additional options or wishes to add me as a friend on Whirled, those comments are welcome here. c:
  14. How do you request a shop? I would love to request a shop for Vectorization. (I know the request were closed until 2013-08-08)
  15. I've recently drawn an image of my OC, Lady Saphira. I'm currently looking for someone who can and may be willing to help me vectorize and enhance the colors of the picture. If you may be interested, please message me as soon as possible. Person of which does this for me will recieve a befitting award (SURPRISE!). As for the image quality, I must apologise for some of it because it was taken by phone and some of the colors aren't protrayed correctly (though most aren't too wrong). For example, the eyeshadow should be a lighter color, the iris of her eye should be blue near the pupil and green around the edges, and there are supposed to be two tones of green in her hair (despite the mear one you see here). ^ Art by me, drawn with fine point sharpie and watercolor pencils I am also taking requests. Please read the terms. Terms: - I reserve the right to deny your request application - I keep the copyright to all of my drawings - If I find your OC too complicated (rare), I do not have to draw him/her - If you do not apply correctly, you will not be accepted - I do not have to draw your OC as you want him/her drawn if I do not wish to - I have the right to deny to color your drawing wih a specific material if my supplies are limited (particularly applies to acylic paints) - If you do not like the outcome, I will be glad to redraw it for you - Non-pony requests are allowed Request Application: Username: Pony Refrence (picture, link, or description): Pony Cutie Mark (picture, link, or description): Ideas (this is where you give any extra information in order to achieve the full effect of your pony): Color (refer to all options, you may only pick one): Color options: - None - Watercolor Pencils - Acrylics - Professional (takes much more time than other methods and includes all details of an OC or cannon pony, wish sufficient shading and a professional appearance, nobody has yet to request this) Examples of my art (more added almost daily): REQUESTS: - - - - - NOTE TO READERS: I check this as often as possible, so if I have yet to reply to your request or comment, please be patient. Art © ME Origional drawing refrences © rightfull owners The reason this is not under commissions is because all art requests are FREE and there is no limit. Simply....first come.....first serve.