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Found 21 results

  1. @2nd Amendment Brony's status update got me thinking... Does anybody here still go to shopping malls? Are they pretty much empty or do a decent amount of people still go there? It's sad that they're a dying breed nowadays, since online shopping has exploded in popularity. I'm glad people still go to the mall in my college town, even though it's clear that it is nowhere near as popular as it was when it was originally built. Much of the parking lot around the complex is now empty space. But there are some neat shops in there, like a retro gaming store and two stores that are basically Hot Topic under different names. There's an arcade, and the food court has some great pizza + pretzels.
  2. I was just wondering what everyones opinions were on thriftshopping/ buyining stuff second hand. I know there are a lot of mixed opinions on it but personally I aboslutely love it. I really like going to second hand clothing stores to look for clothing. you can always find really cool stuff there if you look well, it's cheaper and, one of the most importand things for me, the things I buy don't have to be made with all new recources. I don't really see much downsides to buying things second hand and thriftshopping. I do know that some people don't like it. I'd love to know what everyone else thinks and what kind of stuff you buy if you like buying stuff second hand ^^
  3. Have you ever had bad shopping experiences? Like at a grocery store or mall??? If so, tell us your stories! Maybe someone will have the same experience as you? One of my stories: It was around BlackFriday this year and my mom and I decided to go to Wal-Mart a few days before the big BF antics start. A lot of things were on sale so at first we though we would get some good stuff. Boy, were we WRONG. Almost every good product was either sold out or broken because people fought over them. Not only that, everyone around us kept running into each other being really rude. The worst part was that it was really hard to escape the madness! Every time we tried to leave certain areas, people would crowd around and block our way out. We FINALLY made it out with nothing but a few rolls of toilet paper and a few pens.
  4. Black friday starts in roughly 24 hours. So what are you getting or plan on getting? Will you be shopping online, or take the risks to do it in person? For those that care, I've already bought my first offerings. The latest albums from Helloween & Testament (t-shirt bundle too) plus an Overkill 13 CD box set that I've had my eye on for a while.
  5. It occurred to me that I end up with some weird item combinations in my "cart" when I'm shopping online, and I thought of making a forum game where you deliberately put the oddest / most amusing group of items into your virtual shopping cart that you can (obviously without buying the darn things) and post a screencap. Here's how it works:
  6. If you like talking about makeup/beauty, LGBT+ type stuff, or being a shopaholic in a crumbling economy.... add me pleaseeee
  7. The last thing I bought online were some packs of XY pokemon cards, a card binder, and some of the card pocket pages.
  8. Mobley

    MLP DVDs?

    Just to assure you in advance, I have used the search function here on the forums and google and haven't been able to find what I'm looking for. Still, apologies if I have missed something blindingly obvious and/or am asking a stupid question...I'm kinda all new to this I've only seen a handful of episodes so far from MLP and I would definitely love to watch more at convenience. I'm someone who likes owning physical copies of things so if someone could point me toward a box set or at least some place where I can get hold of all the existent series I will love you forever! So far I've only found sporadic season DVDs, some of which I am unsure I could get easily in the UK. Failing that, if there's somewhere on the tinterwebs that hosts the episodes that would also be great. Thanks in advance!
  9. On a quest to collect the MLP Funko Series, I came across several Minis that seem impossible to locate; to be specific, Show-Accurate Dr. Whooves, Show-Accurate Lyra, Show-Accurate Spitfire, and Glitter Discord. If anyone could help me find somewhere to buy or look for them (excluding Blind Boxes), I'll be incredibly thankful.
  10. I've done a topic about the best and worst transportation system. Now I'm doing one about shopping malls. Here's my best and worst so far. Best: - Westfield Valley Fair, San Jose: This was a hard one to pick but I went with this one. Why? Because the atmosphere is good and it's big. - Lloyd Center, Portland: Same as above except it has an ice rink. - Westfield San Francisco Centre: Good location; in the downtown area. Worst: - Hilltop Mall, Richmond: This mall is a dump. Not many good stores and I don't really feel safe in it. I know this happens in every mall, but this was the only mall I've witnessed a fight in it.
  11. So, I am looking into getting a new graphics tablet. I've always used the Bamboo Touch, and have gotten pretty comfortable with it. However, now I have the option to get a Small, Medium, or Large tablet. My question to experienced digital artists is this. Do you feel that the size of the tablet impacts skill? Will getting the Large one be a different than the Medium? Or is it just preference.
  12. KatieBelle

    I had an awesome day!

    This is the story of my day! <3 So I went to the outlet mall ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This was weeks ago, and I never finished writing it. But the main points were- A. I found out there was a Vera Bradley store at the outlet mall. sales. Constantly. I love it! <3 B. I got Pretzels at Auntie Anne's. Cinnamon and sugar FTW!!!! Happiness. C. I remembered this face(x3) was a thing. x3 x3 x3 D. I was walking in one direction, and this other guy in the other. And he had a Rainbow Dash shirt.I was like, "I LOVE YOUR SHIRT!" He just said thanks. But still made me happy. I've never actually talked to a brony. Like ever. Accept online of course. Typing. E. And I got a bunch of clothes and stuff. Yay. :3 F. OMG I REMEMBER THE OTHER THING!!!!! I got my first ever blind bag! And I got Twilight!!
  13. Wooooo cheap stuff :3 What to get and how much money is Gaben going to be swimming in?
  14. I found this rather interesting article about abandoned malls in the US. When I scrolled through the pictures, I was shocked that they reminded me of The Last of Us so strongly, I bet they used some of these photos to design certain parts of the game. (inside malls) Back to the topic at hand... Malls are declining... and not just small, no-town malls. Large malls with over hundreds of stores... I don't know if this will continue on in our current time of financial events, but I certainly hope not. It fascinates me though. The feel you get when looking at these pictures is so... surreal yet disturbing. It kinda makes me want to go abandon-mall hunting. XD As if these places are historical landmarks... which I kinda guess they are since they once did serve a purpose on our planet. Another thing that I found interesting was this specific quote, "That all changed in the 1990s. Cloverleaf’s best customers, women, began staying away from the mall, fearful of the youth who were beginning to congregate there. People started seeing kids with huge baggy pants and chains hanging off their belts, and people were intimidated, and they would say there were gangs.” ^ That right there personally relates to me. (not the mall though) Back in the day, we were all known as skaters.. goths.. punks. We wore trip pants with chains, mostly all black. We did look intimidating but as far as my group of friends go, we were completely harmless. We actually supported the mall by spending tons of money at the arcades due to that place being our hang out spot. We also ate in the food court like NO tomorrow. We were just as much as a customer as the next guy. That seems pretty spiteful.. But just out of curiosity, anyone else on here use to be a part of that group? Here's some of the pictures:
  15. Why do so many people hate Wal-Mart. I mean I hear from everyone It destroys small business it kills competition. I hear they destroy lives and underpay their workers. Some people say their lines are the longest in the world. And lastly they discriminate by not hiring minorities. But is all of that true. I mean I know the longest lines in the world part is true I mean come on at midnight there will be a line for batteries, and etc. But can anyone explain the somewhat ridiculous hatred of Wal-Mart???
  16. All right what is your opinion on the sales that happen the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday? I think it's okay to have sales especially close to Christmas, but what I don't like, is how people take them so seriously. I've even heard of people who have died at these sales. Wow, killed by being trampled over over a deal on stuff you don't need. Also I was reading some catalogs for black Friday sales, and some stores were opening their doors at 8 p.m. or even 5 p.m. Okay doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of the day if you're just gonna have the sale the day before. Also, don't people have families? So anyway discuss away! Personally I prefer online shopping or shopping on a day that's not so wild.
  17. Hey ! Ok, so I'ts Pony shopping time! Yay.... Not. Because I CANT. FIND. ANY. FRIGGIEN. PONY. STUFF xD I live in Australia, and my state is Vic. In my area where I live, there isn't a Hot Topic. So don't say Hot Topic please. I do not want toys or figurines, I want necklaces, shirts, bags, phone cover... that sorta stuff Any ideas? I get stuff in eBay, but it's pretty expensive :|
  18. This happened to me a few hours ago. I live really close to a Target and when I get the opportunity, I occasionally like to drive over there to look at the MLP merchandise as well as the video games/electronics. So I drove over there, got a quick lunch from a nearby Taco Bell, and went inside Target. Today when I went to my Target, there weren't many people there shopping. This is good thing because, well, I sorta get embarrassed when I'm strolling down the pink section if people see me there. However, the particular aisle where the MLP stuff is provides a clear view to the clerks working the electronics checkout area. This usually doesn't bother me, until I saw someone I kinda once knew from high school working there. I pretended to not notice him and figured I could just look at the video game aisle first, since I was going to look at it anyways. I was nervous because I didn't want this guy to see me, remember who I am, and see me walk into the MLP aisle. For about 3 minutes I looked at all the overpriced video games Target was famous for while avoiding facing this guy. Then, what appeared to come out of nowhere was a Target security guard who saw my nervous face. He gave me a suspicious look and kept walking past me. I was even more nervous now. Finally, I grew a pair and decided just to walk into the pink section and not look back. Looking at the MLP merch, I finally felt at home, even if I still looked nervous from before. I touched an Applejack toy so see the back of the packaging, when the security guard came and behind me and asked, "What are you doing?" I froze. He proceeded to ask me in a suspicious tone, "What's wrong? Are you lost?" In hindsight, I should have said I was lost, because that would have explained my "nervous" look. Instead I said, "No, I'm not lost!" The guard looked at my person for a second and then asked, "What are you doing here then?" At that moment I remembered what some of you have said; That we should be proud and not ashamed to be bronies! It was a bad time to all of the sudden show off my bronyism. I then said, "I'm looking at cute ponies of course!" Doh! My answer appeared to be a lame excuse and a lie to the guard. He said even more suspiciously, "Really? Then I guess your buying it for your little sister? What's her name?" I replied that I was the youngest in my family and that I was buying it for myself. Next, the guard just outright said it, "Okay sir, we think you are shop lifting. It says it all on your face." I panicked. "I'm not shop lifting, I swear!" I then overturned my pockets and revealed my phone, wallet, and keys. The guard gave me one more look and laughed. "Haha, so you're seriously buying girl toys? You look like your 21!" I regained my confidence and tried to justify why I was there. "Actually, I'm just looking. Look at how empty the rack is, it's because guys like me like to buy them!" (the rack where pony stuff usually goes was in fact, pretty bare) The guard shook his head laughing and walked away. I ended up just buying a MLP trading card pack and some batteries I needed for my keyboard. I was probably never going to get arrested, but it felt like I was! Have you guys have anything like this happen to you?
  19. Greetings, everyone. I just wanted to tell you a few interesting stories I have dug up about retail history. I've done some work in the field, but only in the past year have I begun to understand what a simple store can reveal about a community, and the stories it can tell--even after it's gone. Take shopping malls, for example. When I was growing up we went to Maplewood Mall, a vibrant and healthy shopping center that's still going strong. Back then I thought malls were these big, unstoppable superstores that would never go away. But now I know better. (Made by me on Youtube:) Since the 1970s, and especially the 90s and 2000s, malls have been closing down all over the U.S. Many lose their anchor stores (like Sears or Dillard's) and starve from lack of business. Others can't compete with other malls that are newer, bigger or more conveniently located. Some lose all their traffic because of rising crime rates and their communities changing around them (the famous Dixie Square Mall in IL and the subject of my video). And still others just never should have been built (Forest Fair Mall in Cincinnati). On top of all that, there is the growing shadow of Internet merchants and big-box stores like Wal-Mart and Costco that have sprung up all over the country and cut into their profits. Public shopping centers go as far back as ancient Rome with Trajan's Forum. The first enclosed mall ever built in the U.S. was Rhode Island's Westminster Arcade in 1828, but they did not become common here until the 1950s and 60s, thanks to the visions of Austrian-born architect Victor Gruen. Gruen originally wanted malls to be not only shopping centers, but community centers complete with residential areas, medical facilities, and schools. He believed they would centralize towns and cities and change civilization for the better. In fact, his most celebrated creation was built here in Minnesota: the Southdale Center in Edina. It was the first mall to be fully enclosed and climate-controlled, and thousands of similar malls were soon constructed all over the nation. "Fifty years ago," wrote Malcolm Gladwell in a 2004 article for The New Yorker, "Victor Gruen designed a fully enclosed, introverted, multitiered, double-anchor-tenant shopping complex with a garden court under a skylight—and today virtually every regional shopping center in America is a fully enclosed, introverted, multitiered, double-anchor-tenant complex with a garden court under a skylight. Victor Gruen didn’t design a building; he designed an archetype." However, the grandest elements of Gruen's vision were never to be. "He didn’t appreciate that it made a lot more sense, for his client, to save civilization at a hundred and fifty thousand square feet than at six hundred thousand square feet. The lesson of America was that the grandest of visions could be derailed by the most banal of details, like the size of the retail footprint, or whether Congress set the depreciation allowance at forty years or twenty years. When, late in life, Gruen came to realize this, it was a powerfully disillusioning experience. He revisited one of his old shopping centers, and saw all the sprawling development around it, and pronounced himself in “severe emotional shock.” Malls, he said, had been disfigured by “the ugliness and discomfort of the land-wasting seas of parking” around them. Developers were interested only in profit. “I refuse to pay alimony for those bastard developments,” he said in a speech in London, in 1978." The Southdale Center still stands today, but as the retail climate changed in the 21st century, many of its successors have not been so lucky. Some malls have quietly died and been revamped as libraries, schools or storehouses. Others have sat empty and abandoned for years, like Dixie Square, or been quickly demolished as smaller strip malls and open-air shopping centers take their place. But they all have a story to tell, and I believe these stories are worth remembering. You can read them at by people who shopped there and grew up in the region. In some places, malls were criticized as invaders, profit machines bereft of culture that were an eyesore in their cities and choked the life out of the downtown areas. But in the long run, these places were just another stage of the country's economic development. Now the malls themselves are slowly but surely being phased out. Today I look at the nasty urban sprawl that is taking their place, jump-started by national chain stores racing to keep up with 'white flight' and the country's unstable demographics. They have fled the shopping centers and instead are camping out all over the highways and the outskirts of our cities--"smearing their logo feces all over the landscape," as George Carlin once said. Today I see that sorry display and wonder, "Is this any better? Maybe it's worse." Thanks for reading. And any TL;DR comments will be deleted with extreme prejudice. Cheers!
  20. I was in the United States, at the Settle Inn! What I have got so far: DK Bongo Drums for GameCube Donkey Kong Jungle Beat for GameCube New Super Mario Bros 2 for 3DS Jurassic Park on NES, SNES, and GameBoy Godzilla for GameBoy Resident Evil Code: Veronica for Dreamcast Michael Jackson's Moonwalker for Genesis Zombies Ate My Neighbors for SNES Spider-Man Vs. Kingpin for Sega CD E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial for Atari 2600 Donkey Kong for Atari 2600 Mario's Time Machine for SNES Art of Fighting for SNES Pebble Beach Golf Links for Genesis Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for Genesis Disney's Aladdin for Genesis Disney's Pinocchio for Genesis Lego Racers for N64
  21. I got a 3tb hard drive at Best Buy for a hundred dollars and a couple N64 games. It seemed like almost all the deals this year were focused on T.V.s. I was just wondering what kinds of deals other ponies got this weekend.