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Found 26 results

  1. Had a short discourse with a member earlier, and it got me wondering: how tall do some of you prefer your romantic partner to be? Taller? Shorter? About the same? I'm really curious to see what the community likes. And while the poll doesn't take into account all genders, sexualities, etc., I'd like to see some of the stats on males vs. females in terms of how tall they prefer a partner. I'm also doing stats based on posts, so if you don't fit the bill for any of the poll options, just put up a post! I'm male and prefer about the same or taller. I was married to someone a few inches shorter than myself, so obviously there's flexibility. DISCLAIMER: Just as a note, it should go without saying that there are a multitude of factors that go into what a person likes in a partner – subjective ones, objective ones, values and qualities that hold greater and lesser importance than each other. People also have varying strength sexual drives; physical attraction bears different importance amongst everyone, and for some, it can be non-applicable. There's also the matter of each person's love language: some people are more receptive to touch, others to words, and some to gifts or gestures. This is just a poll to query a preference in a specific area, namely physical height. So don't worry, voicing one way or another doesn't mean you're glossing over all the other things. Also, please be mindful of the language you use. We don't want to involuntarily oust anyone here who might feel one way or another about, well, anything honestly. This thread is just to collect input on where each member stands about the subject, not their thoughts about others' views.
  2. Autobiography The earliest memory I could remember was my mother and father pushing me along in a baby stroller. I recall the stroller having a rainbow sun visor that didn't work for shit. I was very uncomfortable and hot, I felt like I was going to die, that day I didn't know that the worst was yet to come. Growing up I didn't like a lot of things, milk, vegetables and electrical outlets. So much so that I would either throw the milk, not eat my vegetables or stick my baby fingers into outlets. The result; discomfort and pain for either me or my mother. My mother and I have a long history, not all glamorous but it had it's ups and downs. My father was never in the picture so not having a strong male influence was hard for my mom. I turned out great, and hopefully she thinks so too. Though growing up since she had weight problems naturally I did as well. I was always a chubby kid and miserable. I was so self conscious that when I was on the swim team I would wear a swim shirt. I was bullied of course and made fun of in and outside of school. I still even remember the bully's name to this day; Ryan Fisher. Since I didn't know how to stand up for myself my mother forced me to play football for 3 years. I absolutely loathed the sport and her for forcing me through three years of football. I hated it so much I would lock myself in the bathroom and say “I'm going to the bathroom” to avoid having to go to football practice. This made me feel even worse along with having to deal with my chubbiness at the time. Fast forward to middle school and you have a different kid. Thank God for puberty. Usually people say that it was awkward, but for me it was a blessing. It turns out that I just wasn't growing until I hit puberty and once that happened I shot up and was very slim. I had a 6 pack for the first time in my life and I was very much in shape. I could physically overpower the other kids. Which is the reason why I started wrestling in 6th grade. I took a chance and found out that I was actually good at the sport. I was a machine. Once puberty hit I never looked back. I even took a chance and joined the school football team in the 8th grade and continued to play all 4 years of high school. I love playing and watching football, especially the Ravens. Toward the end of high school my mother underwent gastric bypass surgery, quit smoking and started to run. For a short period in my life I was happy, I was happy for my situation, my friends, my family, and most of all myself. Looking back high school was the most changing experience however. High school was where everything was changed. Girls took residence on radar. Though my first real relationship was in middle school high school is where a lot of stuff happened for me. During my jr. year was when I started really dating. The girl was a senior and she was very nice, and before I knew it prom was right around the corner. However for some reason she was very protective of her phone which was weird because she was never that way before. I did a little investigating unlocked her phone and found out that she was talking to another guy. Oh how the world crumbled around me. I confronted her and she had this to say “Well I told you not to go in my phone.” Despite this we still went to prom. The next girlfriend I had was a very self conscious individual and was there to witness what had happened with me and my ex at the time. She was there to help me pick up the pieces and for a while we were happy. She told me she loved me and I told her the same, it was a happy relationship we had going on and we promised not to ever cheat on one another. Fast forward 11 months into the future and only 11 days until our anniversary. We were talking over skype when she dropped the bombshell of all bombshells. She had told me that she had been talking to another guy and sure enough my girlfriend broke up with me and surprisingly enough cheated on me. This time however I was a wreck, and I didn't know how to cope. When I look back on my life however, I only regret not living puberty to it's fullest. Finally here I am today, that's my life in a short nutshell. I am currently enrolled into Elizabethtown College and I am enjoying it here. I have been working hard and I have still not decided what I should chose to focus on for a major. However I know where]ever life will take me next I will surely be in it for the long haul.
  3. Where I got this question from: One of my favorite video game commentators. :3 Pretty much what the title says, what is something that you've said you were going to do, but you end up never doing? For me, it's to learn a different language. I've said plently of times to everyone that I was going to learn a different language, but dropped it about a week later. xD What about you guys?
  4.!4422&authkey=!ALljx9l6cxeApf8&ithint=file%2cdocx For some reason I turned it into a little bit of a dark story by the end. No idea why, but I felt like it. May get notched down a few points because of a sudden tonal shift, IDK. Let me know what you think.
  5. jokes are considered a form of art right? Anyone else hate valentines day, i mean, it requires you to be social, and obligatory compliments, i mean what if i don't have a valentine, that doesn't make me weird, im not social, i have social media. I don't like you but imma be nice to you cause it's valentines day and as a kid it was thought this is a day of kindness and sharing, and giving chocalates to each other. not the good kind either, the weird ones flavored with "love", i like my chocalate as just pure chocalate, not a poorly balanced bitterized vanilla or strawberry, it mocks me because i'm a diabetic and i don't like wasting food, on Halloween i get the good candy so that when i eat it i won't be suprised with a bad one and still have to get a shot. my birthday is usually on the same week as it or just a few days away so most of the time my birthday will be overshadowed by it!
  6. Hey guys! Check out this short movie my high achool digital media class had to make back in 2013. Please let me know what tou think! Feel free to be as critical as possible. Yes, I am in this! I am the character Misty.
  7. There's the second short of FG, in English if you managed to watch the Spanish leaks
  8. I know it was a while ago but it just aired on UK TV recently. Here is all I thought when watching
  9. So I made a short commercial for a game on the ROBLOX Lua Platform for it to be streamed on their twitch livestream. Not sure if I made it on there or not, I missed the Livestream event. Nevertheless, I decided I should post it on here to receive your criteria of it.
  10. Hey, everyone! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. We've got a few announcements to make, and it's our hope that you'll find them useful. Drug Discussion Some of you might remember an old announcement back in March, which covered the basics of drug policy: It's worth revisiting this policy so we can address concerns that came up in recent times. As always, illegal substances are prohibited outside of an academic context, but you are allowed to joke about it (within reason; don't break other rules, and don't glorify or otherwise encourage their use). You can also seek help in life advice, but if you're struggling with drug-related problems, you should seek professional help. Legal substances like alcohol and tobacco are allowed, but be sure you don't do anything that encourages underage drinking and smoking. The same applies to electronic cigarettes. By legal and illegal, we're talking from a general North American (which is where the site is hosted, and where the majority of our members are from) standpoint. For example, it doesn't matter if weed is legal in some states; for the sake of consistency, consider it banned under our rules. As a general rule of thumb, you can treat illegal drugs as you would piracy: discuss it in an academic context, but don't glorify them, encourage them, or otherwise promote their use. Shortened URLs If you've ever seen links like tinyurl,, and, you've seen short URLs. While helpful at times, they can, have, and will be used for malicious purposes. In the past few months alone, they've been used to link to screamers, viruses, and other harmful content. On a site that allows you to set custom text for a hyperlink, like so, there's really no need for shortened URLs. One thing I'll readily acknowledge is that you don't have this option in statuses. Regardless, it simply isn't worth the risk. Don't use short links. If you see a short link, don't click on it immediately. Instead, use a URL lengthening service like LongURL to see where it takes you. If you see one on MLP Forums, please report it. The one exception to this rule: shortened URLs that redirect only to one (reputable) site. These include (YouTube) and (deviantART). Easier Ban/Suspension Disputes A common problem with bans and suspensions is that many are unaware of how to dispute a ban or suspension. While the dispute email address has always been public, it's not in an easily-accessible area. Now, if you're banned, you'll be provided with the email address. The staff are fallible, and disputes are an important part of ensuring that the system is fair. Meetup Forum The Meetup Map thread was useful, but it had a problem: it was too big, and your post tended to get buried by a dozen or more others. To help make life easier for people looking for fellow bronies, there is now a dedicated meetup forum. Prefixes for Life Advice and Equestria Girls You may have noticed some changes to various boards on this site. Life Advice now mandates the use of topic prefixes, which serve to define each thread's purpose. To make this possible, you can now choose from four different categories: Brony Advice, Giving Advice, Seeking Advice, and Vent. Hopefully, these names are clear enough to explain themselves, but for the sake of completeness, I'll go over them: Brony Advice: Same as it was originally. If your topic is specific to being a brony, then use this prefix. Giving Advice: If you want to provide life suggestions, tips, and other advice to your fellow members, you can use this prefix to help people find it. Seeking Advice: Probably the most commonly used prefix. If you're looking for non-brony advice, this is the prefix for you. Vent: Feeling sad? Frustrated? Need a virtual pillow to punch? The Vent prefix is for you. Remember, you can make however many vent threads you'd like, and you can reuse the same vent thread. The Equestria Girls forum also has a new prefix. In order to help differentiate EqG1 threads from Rainbow Rocks threads, you can now label RR threads accordingly. Miscellaneous Staff now have role indicators underneath their badges. It's our hope that these will help you find the assistance you need Gender options have been updated. Transgender males and females now have the appropriate male and female symbols Additional contact fields are now available. You can now link to your Twitter and FIMFiction profiles The last survey-related emails have been sent. Finally, we have something fun in store for you guys in the coming weeks. Expect an announcement on that in a few days! As always, if you have any thoughts, questions, concerns, or suggestions, be sure to leave your thoughts down below!
  11. Just to see if anypony (As the topic is told) has seen Pixar Short Films. It could be any of them, in theatres or on DVD. Here are some as follows: La Luna Partly Cloudy Presto Day and Night Boundin' Lifted You get the idea, but which is your favorite? Mine is: Enjoyy! (: (The music is weird, but whatever lol)
  12. This is a forum game. You should play it. You get one sentence per post. It can be absolutely anything (Within forum rules of course). Now go write something. I have better things to do right now. Said the person making a forum game. It was a dark and stormy night...
  13. The second short is here: Important thing here: The G&PT! Oh, and if you're a weirdo and didn't see the first one
  14. So, there is a facial hair thread but I could not find a regular hair thread, so here one is! Talk about the hair on your head! What type of hairstyle do you most often have? How long is your hair? What color is it? (is it dyed or natural?) And really anything else that makes your hair unique Also, what are you thoughts about other types of hair and hair styles What do you think someone's hair be like in order to make them more attractive? What's your take on celebrity hairstyles? What kind of hair/hair style do you wish you could have/do? Give me the history of your hair, because hair is one the most defining features of any person...I mean in the Anime world, you can have the exact same body structure, but just change the eye color and hair style/color and BAM....a completely different character is made. This is especially true in the world of Equestria; you can change their body/eye color and their cutie marks, but it's the mane and tail that are the most definitive characteristic of FIM.... For me... I always had shoulder length or shorter hair....I grew up hating bangs and hating long hair....Most of my childhood consisted of ear-chin length hair (about 2-5 inches in length) because I was (and still am) a tomboy. Hair for most of my young life was an inconvenience, and thus I cared little for it, and that's how it was all the way up through college (although I did have shoulder length hair by then). But now I am married. My husband loves my hair a lot, and encouraged me to grow it out a bit more. So I have been for the past four years. I do not trim anything but the bangs (yes I now have bangs), and I just use a razor to do that since it's such a small area. I do not care about split ends and whatnot because unless you look really hard, I can't tell the difference. My hair is very fine and flat. It's so fine that I have never been able to do much with it anyways. Any hairstyle I do falls out within an hour, even if I used a crap ton of hair spray. I have to use special rubber ponytail ties because all the regular ones slide out (all hair accessories do that to me). Thus, the only thing I now do is braid it after showers, and then hold it in a double pony tail (one pony tail at the base of my neck and another ponytail 3/4 of the way down my hair to prevent snarling) once I take my braids out. The braids add volume and life to my hair once I take them out because the hair dries while in the braids. My hair is darker brown with a red tinge to it. I have only dyed it once in my life, and that was black back in college because I wanted to see how I looked with black hair because that was my birth mother's natural hair color. My hair is now about 30 inches long, right at the bottom of my braline (I think it's called BSL)...I plan to keep letting my hair grow out, and have no plans of ever really cutting it unless I can't get around sitting on it and then it will be trimmed. I can't it that I've been heavily influenced by anime hair because I really like long hair, but just don't see it as functional or practical. I honestly think my long hair is a waste of time and a lot of maintenance, but if my husband wants long hair, I want him to be happy. Plus we both really like braids.
  15. While I don't like "Adventure Time" (or today's Cartoon Network; which as I've stated across my postings I see as an 'adult swim made for children') and keep myself away from it (and have seen that many bronies have the same thoughts), I actually find the original 'Random Cartoons' short interesting and much more enjoyable ( While the CN series is ridden with "gateway language" (so-called that on "Common Sense Media") and other mature elements that are obviously designed to entrance Gen Y (much similar to 'The 90's are All That') and make the show look like something that came out of Adult Swim or G4 (and poorly toned down for children), the short made for Random Cartoons is virtually free of all that. The design and animation on the Random Cartoons short is also much more fitting than the CN series. It does make me wonder if the series would have been more like the original short (and not ridden with "gateway language") had it been picked up by Nickelodeon when they were given the chance. Feel free to share your thoughts.
  16. So! I've put together a bunch of laughable clips in a teaser for a parody of PONIES:The Anthology. Problem- I've ran out of ideas and patience downloading episodes to make my clips. I'm looking for someone who is good at this kind of stuff and could help me out with ideas and advice.- post your opinions on the video too!
  17. All I ever wanted was to live a life of common sight To find myself and be afraid, to wait my time and die again It’s true that all I wanted, was to be a better friend -David Favret
  18. This was a clip I made for a test to become an animator for someone....pretty short but I wanted to see other's general input. Do you think I should make more (longer of course)? Please let me know, because I definitely had fun making it
  19. A very short prequel to the classic novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. You don't have to read it to understand this but it does help. It gets pretty dark. --- “It was midsummer when the bombs fell, causing the skies themselves to catch fire. Within seconds cities became craters of ash. The luckier victims died instantly, their bodies reduced to atoms before they knew what had happened. The rest weren't so blessed; one by one they would collapse, from wounds, starvation, or exposure. A small few would survive, and rise up once again every few years to challenge their suppressor, only to be batted back down like toy soldiers each time. “America, our land of peace and freedom. First we sucked our home dry, and then we turned our sights on the rest of the world, determined to ruin it as we had ourselves. We didn't care for the Earth, only what was inside of it, its resources. But with Earth’s crops came its land, and with its land came its people. We did what we thought was right, we wiped the earth clean, till nothing was left but a grey wasteland. Slowly we began to realize what we had done, but by then it was too late to take it back. “We surrounded ourselves with walls to shield us from the nightmares that lay beyond our paradise. We lied to our citizens, pretended that nothing never happened. Instead of cleaning up the mess we made, we ran away and tried to pin the blame on someone else. Only there was no one else, for they had all burned at our hands. The only option we had left was to forget.” The dry pages spit up a cloud of dust into the air as my fingers slammed the thick book shut, causing a sound like that of lightning to ricochet around the silent theatre. Every eye watched me, searching me for the slightest waver or twitch. I did neither. Every ear waited, they wanted me to speak, to answer all of their questions so they wouldn't have to. But I said nothing; I just stared back at the ocean of grey, solemn faces. It happened in slow motion. The door fell first, kicked in by a shining black boot. I had expected the law, but I had no regrets. America’s deepest, darkest secret was out, and all I had to do was read a book. It was as simple as walking into a library. More police funneled into the house and began making for me down the main isle. A single man in the audience stood up on his chair, before diving into the congregation of cops. I’m not sure what happened next, but the theatre was transformed into a warzone, citizens turning violent against the government that they pledged allegiance to every morning. I had sparked a revolution that wouldn't soon be forgotten, no matter what the outcome. Gunshots rang out and bodies hit the floor, signifying a good time for me to leave. I ran off the stage into the maze of dark corridors behind it. I didn't have long before the police would follow me, and I intended to make the most of that period. At the end of the hallway was a heavy metal door. I pushed it open and felt the cool night air on my face. It felt so calming, but I had no time to waste. A short barrier was the only thing keeping me from my freedom. I took a breath and vaulted over it with ease. Somewhere in the back of my mind I registered that I was on the second floor, but the shots and screams behind me deemed that information unimportant. I didn't even comprehend my free fall till after my left leg gave out beneath me as I hit the concrete below. There was no pain, the adrenaline pumping in my veins kept me hobbling forward to my destination. It took only a minute or two before I reached the library, but it felt like an hour. The thick oak doors were unlocked, although only I ever opened them. I dead locked them tight behind me and slid to the floor limply. My leg was starting to throb now. Far off in the distance I could still here the chaos back at the theatre. I thought of all the people I had led to the slaughter. Untrained and weaponless civilians pitched against armed lawmen aiming to kill. Slowly I fell asleep, the guilt in my chest and the pain in my leg guiding me into unconsciousness. I dreamt of flames, of the library burning. Fire cackling in my ears as I limped to the giant wooden doors, they had been were barred from the outside. All around me books shriveled into black carcasses. The crackling turned into roaring as shelf after shelf went up in orange pyre. I could do nothing as the library caught fire all around me. Sparks showered my clothing; taking only seconds to transform me into a human torch. I was too numb to feel any pain as my skin melted away and left nothing but blackened and exposed flesh. The last thing I saw was a single book, floating in front of me untouched by the heat or fire as it fell in slow motion, tumbling over and over till it reached the burning floor and joined its sisters among the coals. I dreamt of flames, and I never woke up.
  20. Your first lesson: Shitting on a lady is NOT a way to win her heart. Instead, maybe you could get the lady a bouquet of flowers; a box of chocolates or something. I thought i might blog this due to how much i lost it. I was just uber frustrated with writers block when i got a notification i was quoted. When i looked at the post, i seriously busted out laughing for a good minute or two. I thank Hylian for the good laugh. Source: The user above you is your mentor
  21. Here's my arrangement of the famous opening theme to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic It can get a little fuzzy on the loud parts. I could not attach the sound enhancement on it, for it would have made it very fuzzy. MP3 files are very sensitive in volume, which is one of their weaknesses. I wonder if WAV files may be better. Anyway, here it is
  22. I wrote a small little story on a whim, really, without a purpose. Only 616 words or something like that. There was really no goal, until after I started writing, which, really, still isn't even a goal. There's not enough time in order for there to be a plot, exactly, but still, thought maybe I'd share it. Anyway, enough typing a ton of nothingness. Here's the link to the document. Any kind of feedback would be nice. I have a feeling a lot of people will be confused, because I really did avoid any kind of plot.
  23. This short story was written by me. I wrote it when I noticed another post below asking whether going out and claiming a land as our own would be a good idea. I apologize in advance if you dislike anything about this story but I predict it would happen this way. Enjoy! What would happen if bronies went and claimed a land for their own? Here's what would happen. The Bronies would arrive to this new land excited for what they could accomplish. This land, formerly known as Scotland, would be called Equestria. They would begin to build homes replicated off of the homes in the show. They would name their cities based off of the show as well. After a year of harmony, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic would be canceled because of what the bronies had done. Equestrian terrorists, also known as Shadow Bolts, would kidnap the employees of Hasbro and take them hostage. The only thing that would appease the Shadow Bolts would be to reair the show. Obama, The President of the United States, would not obey because their country would never give in to terrorists. Eventually, things will tension up between the US and Equestria and they would have a war. Equestria would come out on top because many bronies still do not live in Equestria and could backstab their fellow US soldiers. Many of the European countries would use their pre World War II tactic of appeasement so they wouldn't be involved. After a hostile takeover of Australia, many asian countries would surrender. The Middle Eastern countries would be Equestria's allies since we destroyed the US, but the alliance would eventually end and they would fall as well. By this time, we would have our own animators making episodes of the show, sending subniminal messages to the viewers stating that we must takeover the world. The domino theory would take place as each nation fell one by one. The last nation standing in our way would be Canada. However, the Canadians offered to bribe the bronies as to avoid their doom. It would not work because they would bribe them with cash when bronies use bits as currency. Finally, the bronies stood alone in the world with nopony to get in their way of enjoying the show. Many years will pass until one question would be given to one of the princesses. "Who is best pony?" The princess ignored the question and finished the hearing. This made many equestrians remember the argument they once had before moving to this new land. Equestria would then be divided into 6 different areas. The Applejack fans were located in North America. The Raritys spanned only across Russia. The Fluttershys took over all of South America. The Rainbow Dash fans settled in most of Asia. The rest of Asia and the Middle East was covered with Pinkie Pie fans. Europe was filled with Twilight Sparkle fanatics. Everywhere else had their own specific pony as well. Needless to say, the Rainbow Dash fans made their way into Pinkie Pie territory immediately. The Rarity fans knew they had to back up the Rainbow Dash fans because they had more territory and would eventually beat Pinkie Pie. This war would eventually be won by The Rainbow Dash fans and would be known as The Rainbow War. As promised, the Rarity fans would receive part of the Pinkie Pie territory. Applejack fans would find The Rainbow War to be a disgrace to all of Equestria and would claim war on the Rainbow Dash lovers. Applejack worshipers requested both the help of Fluttershys and Twilights, but only the Twilights came to their rescue. The Fluttershys were fighting a battle of their own against multiple different minor ponies such as Lyras, Derpys, and Big Macintoshs. Finally, all fighting ended between the four major pony groups. The Rainbows had already taken many casualties when taking down the Pinkies, thus their empire fell. The Raritys managed to surpass the Applejacks and took over their land as well. There were only three strong powers left in Equestria. The Twilights, The Raritys, and The Fluttershys. No more alliances were being forged and The Raritys took a sneak attack on The Fluttershys' nation. In the end, the Raritys had to surrender to the Fluttershys and give up their land. However, like King Cyrus The Great of Persia, The Fluttershys allowed the Rarity fans to worship whatever pony they wish. The Twilights didn't stand a chance and were eventually overtaken. At last, the best pony was discovered, or so they thought. A crazy Rarity fan by the name of Kevin Underwood would start up a rebel group that claimed that Rarity was still best pony. Eventually this rebel group was eradicated and all the bronies still alive would end up living a very harsh life without many resources. Time will pass and Earth's resources will be dried out clean. All remaining bronies would pass on and all humans would die out. THE END. If you want me to make a full length story adding much more detail, then please ask!