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Found 15 results

  1. Okay, I keep hearing about these Equestria Girls shorts that have multiple endings, but where ARE they? Please provide a link to where they are, please. They shouldn't have been so hard to find! EDIT: Found them on Dailymotion on this link.
  2. What were your favorite ending choices of the Choose Your Ending Shorts? Fluttershy's Butterflies - Rainbow Best Trends Forever - Pinkie Text Support - Sunset Stressed In Show - Pinkie Driving Miss Shimmer - Rarity The Case Of The Bedazzled Boot - Applejack. The part with Maud was the best. All The Worlds Off Stage - Pinkie Constructive Criticism - Rainbow Dash Opening Night - Sunset Shimmer Happily Ever Party - Rarity
  3. The next two shorts for August: Pet Project-"May the Best Pet Win": Sunset Edition. Cute although kind of hard to see how this new pet fits her with not much personality we've been given. But hey glad she takes interest to be part of the group. Subs Rock-And the Principal gets a solo appearance before the Princess. Still Nicole definitely played the part well. I especially loved that line about "having Vice Principal Luna handle it" Glad to see she trust her sister enough.
  4. WARNING: Many spoilers ahead, read at your own risk So, I found the new EQG shorts. Sadly, the shorts are in Russian, but I'll list them anyway. The first one is called "Mane 6 & Sunset" Basically bus cleaning in a nutshell. AND OH MY GOSH SCI-TWILIGHT HAS A NEW OUTFIT AAHHH!! Next up, we have "Spike & Twilight" Where Twilight makes a robot dog. I think it's pretty cool. THAT TIMBER PICTURE, NONONONONO. Anyways, do you like these shorts/songs? Theories behind any? Let me know! If I find anymore, I'll make another post about it. See ya!
  5. So there's going to be three EG specials next year instead of a full movie. Any of you have any ideas of what they might be about? I'd like to know your perspectives! In the meantime, here's mine: * Equestria Girls: The Fun Raiser: With Sweet Apple Acres facing financial troubles,Applejack asks the help of her friends at Canterlot High to help save her farm. Pinkie Pie]suggests a ''fun raiser'', a school fund raising festival, to help her family keep in business. Meanwhile, Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle both think that her financial troubles are happening for a reason, so they work together to find the possible sources of the problem before the source ruins the fun raiser. (Features dialogued roles of human Filthy Rich, Spoiled Rich, Flim and Flam, Big Mac, Granny Smith, the CMCs, Diamond Tiara, and Silver Spoon) * Equestria Girls: A Girl's Best Friend: Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy and Rarity all enter the town's annual pet show to compete in a friendly competition. Little were they aware that a familiar magical surge is affecting the pet owners to verse each other in unfriendly competition, and the only one that can save them is Spike, and the other pets. (Features the debut of the EG counterparts of Mayor Mare [as a judge], Ember [as a dog], and Garble [as a dog], and the debut of Opal of in the EG universe who really hasn't changed her look; also features the return of the Dazzlings!) * Equestria Girls: Hiding the Magic: School Board Director Discord visits Canterlot High after receiving a message about a "strange disturbance" in the school. Principal Celestia asks The Rainbooms to not reveal their magic to the director or his peers, otherwise they'll shut down the whole school. Rainbow Dash must try to keep the school spirits high without revealing her inner magic (Features the debut of Discord's EG counterpart, and the return of Principal Cinch)
  6. So as you recently know, Hasbro acquired Boulder Media, and Irish animation company. Well today I got to visit the studio for a private tour (I live in Ireland). Most of the things they showed me were secret and I won't tell, but I actually saw quite a few Equestria Girls animatics. Initially, I thought it had something to do with Legend of Everfree, but soon found out they were an upcoming series of shorts! So maybe this will be a new form of "Equestria Academy". All I can say is stay tuned, Equestria Girls fans! P.S. I don't know the release date, but it should come out in the next couple years.
  7. Don't believe me? Check out this link here: I know, it sucks! I love those shorts! I can't believe they'd cancel them! The real question is: why?
  8. Derpynews just posted a blooper reel that was uploaded to the EQG website. The best one is obviously at the end, IMO.
  9. WOO part 5 of My Little Vines season 1 is complete guys! Next part will be the final of the series, hope you enjoy this one while i make the final part. This part may not be too long but it has just as much randomness as the last 4. Hope you enjoy it! Click Here My Little Vines are a mashup of shorts from MLP: FiM that have been turned into random and funny clips, this series has been inspired by the very popular series, "Ponies the Anthology" but all work is of my own making and i hope that whoever watches these videos enjoys them. Thank you.
  10. Let's say Hasbro has 5 more shorts on the way before Friendship Games, and are looking for ideas. Post up to 5 ideas for Friendship Games shorts in this thread, but there are a few rules. 1. Main characters from the main Movie can only have one short each dedicated to them.(Mane 7 for example.) 2. You can't focus the shorts around a character/s who have all ready had a Friendship Games short about them.(Lyra and Bon-bon for example) 3. You can write out a general synopses of the short/s from anywhere from their beginning right to their end, or you can simply nominate a character/s you want to see and/or a general rough idea of what the short would be about. 4. No Original Characters. Here's mine. 1. A short about Trixie & The Illusions(her two friends would both have names, voices and personalities now) and their magic show, which is both very good and popular. Trixie is making money from her performances, when Flim & Flam do a magic show of their own which is even better. This prompts Trixie & The Illusions and Flim & Flam to begin competing to have the best magic show with the most amazing tricks and flashiest effects. 2. Octavia is shocked to learn that not many people appreciate Classical Music these days and sets about changing peoples minds. She forms a small classical music band/orchestra with other like-minded musicians like Bulk Biceps(Violin), Rarity(Piano) and more to help put a new-age spin on the Classics. 3. The youngest students at Canterlot High are on a field trip to a Wildlife Preserve with Cheerilee assisting and Fluttershy as a volunteer aid. Animal related hijinks ensue.
  11. Just Updating whats going on with my little vines, i am more than happy with the feedback i got on the first two parts, just wanted to let you know part 3 and 4 are now up on my channel, part 3 is twice as long as normal because of the feedback i was getting, thanks for watching these videos, there will be 2 more parts coming over time, part 5 and 6, part 6 will be 10 minutes long, and i will call that season 1. Im going to have quite a break after that as it is very difficult to keep thinking of different ideas for these videos, thanks regardless and i hope you enjoy it. Click Here
  12. This is a series i'm doing called my little vines, it is an mlp parody of vines, i take audio or clips from vines, songs or any other thing that would make the clip fun to watch, i have a blast making these and am in the production of the 3rd part, each video will be about 5-10 mins long and will have plenty of entertainment, i hope you enjoy it. Click Here
  13. So Hasbro uploaded these today and I haven't seen any threads about it, so I figured, "why not share with everyone else?" What do you guys think about them? Do you like the animation? Personally I prefer Rarity's.
  14. OK so here's a short that was made for the show Oh Yeah! Cartoons. Which is basically a show where animators showcase pilots hoping for them to be made into series. In the process, Seth MacFarlane and Butch Hartman made this. If you don't know, Butch Hartman created Fairly Oddparents, Dann Phantom and TUFF Puppy and you should who the other guy is. What do these 2 animators have in common? They're both way passed their prime.
  15. All right, what if mlp started having episodes be 11 minutes long, so there would be 2 episodes in one week. The good thing about it is that there would be more episodes of pony per week but the bad thing is that they might be even more rushed. So what do you thing?