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Found 37 results

  1. You can name up to 10 cartoon shows. or they don't even have to be cartoon they can be kid shows. for ex: icarly, spongebob etc. Here is some bad cartoon/kid shows. not in any order. 1) Mad (kid friendly version) To be honest, this one has bad animation bad/immature jokes and it just straight out annoys me, and it seems they only take 5 mins to make the show. 2) Out of jimmys head- This show.... Well this show only aired for like a month, and its stupid how a kid just dreams of some really stupid animals, and just plain annoying. 3) Ben 10 - the whole plot of the show is kinda stupid, some boy that has a watch that can change into 10 superhero characters? its kinda like copying Danny Phantom. 4)Dude, what would happen -Well, this show isn't for kids, it just might inspire them to just like destroy a car and try to make a airplane out of it. 5)Ningago- i think the whole set up, everything about this show is stupid. 6)Level Up- I Really don't get whats so cool about some teens playing a online game. 7)My dad the rockstar- bad everything. the animation, storyline, acting, etc. 8) Hannah montana - I Mean really, your just going to want to make kids want to be a rockstar, then they realize they can't be one then they cry. 9)All Grown Up- They like turn from babies to teens? like in 2 years? Sorry the show isn't the best, i dont like the plot of it, they should have kept rugrats going. 10)True Jackson V.P.- Can't relate to it, Nothing good about it, just plain eh. If you respect my opinions, i'll respect yours.
  2. Since we have a movie thread and a music and a video game thread on this topic, I think it's about time to get to animated shows. They've seen quite the renaissance that's lasted throughout this decade and resulted in some great shows being produced (and also ending in most cases) in that time. So what are your favorites of the bunch? I would say this would be roughly my top 5: Steven Universe Rick and Morty BoJack Horseman Over the Garden Wall Gravity Falls Honorable Mentions to: We Bare Bears, MLP: FiM, Infinity Train, and Adventure Time. Of course not counting Hazbin Hotel in this list because, it only has one episode as of this point. And I also didn't include anime, though I don't watch much anime so it wouldn't make much of a difference.
  3. I know this may be weird of me to ask but can there be any show that can best mlp, well mlp is my 2nd favourite cartoon at the moment, because to me Gravity Falls beats it for me, not to be mean or rude to the show or anything but is it possible for a cartoon to best mlp to you, I am probably the only one on this site that likes a show more than mlp.
  4. It's been awhile. You know what really grinds my gears? When the friggin audience starts rhythmically clapping along. I don't care if it's a live show, a concert, a play, a movie, whatever. It drives me f*ckin nuts when the audience gets fired up and starts clapping along with the performance. Shut the hell up, god dammit! I came here to experience this performance the way the performer(s) intended, and that means I want to hear their music, not your damn clapping! I know it's a horrible thing to criticize, because they're just being nice and getting into the performance and showing their support, which is why I will particularly look like a monster when I say that if I was ever a famous performer, and my audience started clapping along, I would absolutely, I sh*t you not, I would absolutely stop the performance, grab a mic and say, "Do you want to hear my performance or not?! Then SHUT UP." Then I would calmly go back and finish what would surely be my swan song, as I would be labeled public enemy #1 on social media within minutes. Oh well. This has been What Really Grinds My Gears with Justin Case.
  5. Which are/is the shows that were cancelled and you wanted to cry when you found out? Personally I hate the fact that I'll never get to know how Spider-Man Unlimited ends because it got cancelled and last episode of season 1 never aired, so it eneded in the worst way possible, with a season that never ended. Also, Terra Nova, I wish the show could be continued but may be I'm asking for too much.
  6. Did your parents ban certain tv shows in your house? Which ones? Do you agree with the banning? These shows were "officially" banned in our house. Fairly Odd Parents Ed, Ed, and Eddy Courage the Cowardly Dog Codename Kids Next Door Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Only the 2nd and 3rd ones made sense to me. Fairly Odd Parents was been banned since... well... i cant remember. It's not because of magic or anything, it's was.... something else (seriously, my parents dont even remember). As for KND, and FHIF, they forgot about the ban but I remembered and didn't watch the shows ever after... which sucked since they were absolutely awesome. As for Fairly Odd Parents, I'm still way too scared to watch it, even though i'm 17 and watch much more scarier shows....
  7. What kind of live action TV do you guys watch? I know we all probably prefer animation, because it's more creative and colorful and cooler and better to look at, but it is nice to mix it up. I watch the Orville, lots of old star trek, X-files. I hate reality TV. I also like a lot of corny stuff like Sabrina the teenage witch, H20; just add water, Jesse, Family matters, Alex Mack, Are you afraid of the dark. Oh and I love Goosebumps, been watching that one over and over for like ever. What do you guys like?
  8. So I was on a "90s-show-blast-to-the-past" marathon SO whats your favorite show from the 90s, and what made the show special to you? Samurai Jack was my favorite show, because of its action and animation style. I also liked it mainly because I watched almost every episode with my dad . From the awesome futuristic club episode, to the flash back of his childhood episode. Now you've heard enough from me. NOSTALGIA OVERLOAD GO!
  9. Okay, for this thread, you need to post a list of all the TV series you are currently watching. It can be any show as long as you are still watching it, and haven't completed it. If a show is still on air, but not all episodes have aired yet (such as MLP:FiM), and you watch it; that counts. And if a show is no longer on air, but you still haven't finished it; that counts too. Just don't include any shows that you have completely finished. Okay, go! Here's my list: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Breaking Bad Littlest Pet Shop Shingeki no Kyojin Doctor Who South Park
  10. Ever had this happen to you? Not necessarily with a show that you felt was bad or mediocre, but with one you could clearly see was good, that plenty of people enjoy and recommend, but no matter what you just can't get into it? I ask right now, since I'm kind of in a position like that with Gravity Falls. Since MLP is on hiatus right now, I've been checking out some other shows lately. Particularly other animated shows, ones from my childhood I hadn't seen in years, ones I hadn't really given a chance yet, and some that I'd seen before but never fully clicked with me. One of these shows was Steven Universe, which I'd tried a few times before in the past but always walked away uninterested, but which after giving it just one more shot and sticking with it a bit longer, I finally fell in love with it, and now it's one of my new favorite shows. Since I'd had a similar history with Gravity Falls in the past, trying it out a few times and not getting into it, I figured I should give it one last try too, and...still nothing. I can very clearly see why people love it, but nothing I see drags me in. I don't find it very funny, the mystery doesn't feel very compelling, I don't really find myself caring about the characters very much, etc. It just does nothing for me, despite everyone telling me I should love it, and despite the fact that I can see the quality. I also might have a slight personal grudge against the show holding me back too, but I'm not totally sure about that. Anyway, personal experiences? Ever had a show you could see the value of, but just don't find interesting personally? Ever tried and tried and tried to watch something, but just couldn't really care? I find this kind of situation oddly interesting right now, so I'd love to hear others experiences with this.
  11. Not saying this is necessarily a bad thing, but it seems to me that the recent trend in critically acclaimed shows is to take an established movie genre or theme and make a dark and lurid arc-driven series out of it. Following that trend, here are my predictions for the next ten years of television. Game of Thrones (in space - possibly based off C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy) Game of Thrones (steampunk edition) Game of Thrones (cyberpunk edition) Game of Thrones (Napoleonic edition) Discworld - The Series Doctor Who: Doctors 15 through 20 - (with a female and/or African Doctor) American series attempt at J-Horror (The Ring, The Grudge, etc.) Star Wars (bounty hunter based series) Alien - The Series
  12. I really despise this reboot. The original show was golden until seasons 5 and 6 (they were alright, but they really weren't the same show) but this reboot is just half-Clarence, trendy garbage. Tell the story! Don't break your neck trying to make it trendy and for this generation! Who cares?!
  13. What show have you enjoyed so much that you watched it (all seasons) twice or more? I've watched Avatar: The Last Airbender twice, The Powerpuff Girls twice and the original Astro Boy series twice.
  14. I have been thinking about getting into Anime but I don't want to watch one that is sexual (like nudity or sex) or overly violent ( a little action is fine though) or graphic (like blood and gore). Any recommendations? Thanks
  15. Exactly what it sounds like. You can give a reason if you want. My favorite show is The Amazing World of Gumball, for its animation and general randomness.
  16. Hi everypony! What are your top 5 favorite anime? Mine are: 1. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 2. RWBY 3. Madoka Magica 4. Asura Cryin 5. Kanon
  17. I see pony crossover art with every thing form other TV shows to games and I just love seeing the transformations. However, multiple times I've seen people in the Five Nights at Freddy's Fandom hate on the bronies for mashing it up with ponies and making it Five Nights at AJ's or pinkie's and saying its "ruining the image of the fandom." This is just one example. Do you like crossovers or do you think they ruin both fandoms? By:AnAppleForgotten by ShinyWhiteWaters
  18. What's up, everypony! This blog has every fandom from Doctor Who to Markiplier to Pokémon to Hunger Games! Youtube and shows and books and movies and video games! Everything! Im here to join fandoms together and share the love of fanmares and stallions. Im here to share news and show you awesome pictures and crossovers and what not. Im pretty much here to show you everything I can get my hooves on from every fandom I know anything about. So don't fret! I will do everything in my power to share the knowledge and love of the fandoms! So to start, here are some crossovers.
  19. Hi, I'm Lundmunchkins, and I've started up a reviewing show on Youtube! I'm reviewing movies, shows, video games, and whatever the government will let me get my hands on. Here are some of my videos. The Matrix Review Part 1 The Matrix Review Part 2 More will be coming soon!
  20. Like, other movies or cartoons that are typically aimed at children. Personally I love watching the Tinkerbell movies and Disney Princesses ^.^
  21. Hello everybody, I just wanted to talk about what this blog is, and how it will function. In a nutshell, this will be an informal, unstructured blog about my thoughts on various subjects. It will not run on a concrete schedule and will be updated more on a "if I feel like it" basis. I often have other stuff to do, so I really can't run it on a consistent basis if I tried (which I did). My entries won't have a distinct format, but none of them should feel too alien, so it shouldn't be much of an issue. There will be various topics posted on this blog ranging from ponies to anime to movies to video games and so on. I do have a list of topics that I would like to talk about below if anyone is curious, and I would be happy to have the forums chime in if they so please. Well anyway here's my list of topics that I plan on covering sometime in the next millennium (though it is subject to change): Ponies: My various episode ideas Series-wide scoreboard (post S4 finale) Fighting is Magic: Tribute Edition Various fan-made content Where should the show go in the next five years? Gaming: Infamous: Second Son Crash Bandicoot 1-3 Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage/Gateway to Glimmer Various Sonic games Various Mario games Super Smash Bros. Brawl/ Project M Anime: Clannad + After Story (this will probably be coming soon) The Melancholy/Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya Elfen Lied My laundry list of anime to catch-up on When is anime fan service too much? Cartoons: Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy Courage the Cowardly Dog Post-movie Spongebob Movies: No current plans. Anyway that's all for now, and thanks for your time.
  22. What are the shows and movies everyone has seen and talks about but you havn't and why. For tv shows its the Walking Dead. I never got around to watching it when the first two seasons were on and now I don't have time to catch up for the third season. I have never seen the Harry Potter movies completely the only one I have ever seen was the last one. Growing up my mom didn't let me read or see the first movie and as the last few films were coming out I was too busy with work and school to see them. Now that I'm an adult, I don't have an interest in watching them.
  23. So, there is a Video Game franchises that need to die topic, why not a TV Show and Movie as well? (By the way sorry if there is already a topic about this, I searched and found nothing) In my opinion movies that should die are: Paranormal Activity: This movie isn't even scary anymore And the TV Shows that I think should die are: Family Guy: It's just too much already IMO The Simpsons: I used to love the Simpsons a lot, but after Season 14 it kind of lost it's humor (Atleast for me) What are yours?
  24. Hello there MrGamerPony Again, Any pony could answerer these question for me needing feed back. I do not plan on advertising away from the MLP forums just needing to know some opinions. 1. What do you like on YouTube for gaming Videos like (Just a match, Series, A group of friends playing, Story telling using the game)? 2.Would a Pod Cast for MLP or Gaming on Twitch TV be worth watching? 3. Having a gaming group that's mainly MLP and games be fun? 4. If yes to number 3 would twitter and Facebook page for that group be worth liking if you were interested? 5. What other suggestions do you guys like me to know i am looking for what people really like? Thanks for those you comment. Please Pvt message me if this stuff matches your eyes a lot and think some of this could happen.
  25. May I remind you why this fandom's so awesome? Yesh. While I was browsing the ol' YouTube, I encountered a whole playlist of my favorite openings all ponified. What a candy-coated surprise. Come across some great theme-song crossovers? Post em' here!