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Found 5 results

  1. When a strange-looking gun appears in the TARDIS, The Doctor can't help but try it out If you like Doctor Who and the Tenth Doctor, you might like my story! I hope you enjoy it!
  2. When Nova attempts to get back at Spider-Man for shrinking him, everything goes wrong If you like the TV Show Ultimate Spider Man, you should check out my story! I hope you enjoy it!
  3. Anypony know of some good fanfics about a character getting shrunk? I only like ones that are not sexual, so as long as the story isn't like that I will take a look at it! I don't really care about genre (except romance mainly for the reason I mentioned before). I really would like the help! Thanks
  4. I'm writing a fic for a friend of mine. The current situation is that the starring OC is now shrunken down to a centimetre tall, and trapped in Fluttershy's salad bowl as Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy have a meal together at a cafe: ~~~ "Fluttershy, there's really no need to act like one of those Canterlot snobs," said Rainbow. "But anyway, how are things going for you and your animal friends?" she went on. Just then, Fluttershy's giant fork stabbed a leaf a few centimetres away from Rising, who let out a pitiful squeak of surprise and hid under a bunch of leaves. "They're okay, as per usual," said Fluttershy. "But I have to be careful of the small ones. Because of how tiny they are, there are so many things that could happen to them. They could get crushed..." The enormous fork was brought down to Rising, who rolled out of the way in the nick of time. "Or eaten..." Rising cringed as he heard Fluttershy's mouthful of salad go *crunch* in her mouth. "Even though I keep the tiny, vulnerable creatures in enclosed areas, I still worry about them. Who knows? Maybe somehow, one of them is fighting for their life as we speak!" ~~~ I know that this is irony, something which I hope I can come up with more of, but what type specifically?
  5. A topic which I like when it comes to pony fanfics and RPing is shrinking. That being, the size of a character is reduced (the preference for me is a centimetre tall). This comes with advantages and disadvantages. Here are the ones I have so far: (And if anyone wants to RP with me about this, let me know) Pros: Food is humongous. You can enter areas with small entrances that you could not enter at your normal size and retrieve lost items. You can have awesome games of hide-and-seek (that is, if someone was shrunk with you). You look adorable. You can get away with stuff easily, such as stealing (not that I condone it). You can build a house easily. Cons: You can easily get squished (this does not apply if you have functional wings) accidentally or purposely. Lots more creatures can injure/kill you. For unicorns, your magic power is diminished considerably.