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Found 7 results

  1. For whatever reason, I've really started paying more attention to My Little Pony characters that look very much alike. It could be an accident, coincidence, or maybe the writers are trying to tell us something about the future of the show? While unlikely, I'd still like to leave it up for speculation. Some ponies that I've noticed right off the bat are: Rainbow Dash and Daring Do: I honestly believe that Daring Do was just a recolor of Rainbow Dash. I would say that she was the long lost sister of Rainbow Dash, but as shown in Parental Guidance, you'd think if Rainbow Dash had another sibling, she would've been brought up...still. Something to think about. The writers always have a way of twisting plot for plot convenience. Moving on: Starlight Glimmer and Aria Blaze (I know that they are both humans in this but for comparison's sake.) This is almost uncanny. They also both have evil roots...the probability of them being related is certainly more likely than RD and DD. We haven't heard anything from the Sirens since they ran off the stage in humiliation at the Battle Of The Bands, so that means that they've fled, but not been defeated or destroyed. This means they're still out there. If we're assuming that Hasbro is going to seal up this plot hole, then there may be a chance that Starlight and Aria's similarities will come to light. Is there anypony else that you've noticed? Could they be related?
  2. This can be any pony that you, yourself would like to have as an older/younger brother/sister. It doesn’t have to be based on if they are a good sibling or not, just one that you think could fit the role in your life. For me, personally, I think that Twilight Sparkle would be such a sweet older sister and when we were foals she would always read a book every night and just be a responsible, protective dork.
  3. I heard that people tend to view their childhood friends as siblings, and that's one of the reasons why not many people fall in love with their childhood friends. Is that true?
  4. For me, I would rather have an identical twin, since I think the idea of having a sibling who almost looks like a mirror image of you is cool.
  5. I can't believe I just realized this NOW. I haven't seen any other mention of it before though. Apparently Big Mac's Injury in "Applebuck Season" is because he lost a bet with Applejack. In the previous episode "The Ticket Master," Applejack says, "I bet Big Macintosh that I could get all these golden delicious in the barn by lunch time. If I win, he's gonna walk down Stirrup Street in one of Granny's girdles." Something tells me that wouldn't end well. So did anyone else notice this? Also, is there anything else in the show you didn't notice until way later on?
  6. I was just curious as to wether or not we had any triplets on here, or quadruplets, quintuplets, etc. I'm a twin, and I've met many twins before, but only twins (and normal siblings, of course) so I thought it would be neat to see if anyone on here was a triplet, or from a set of more than 3 kids at birth.
  7. Hey ya'll, well, by God's blessings, my mom and I arrived safely back home last night after driving for 12 hours from D.C. to St. Joseph, MI. Later that night, while I was unpacking and after my sister got back from her boyfriend's house, I finally got the nerve to tell my sister that I'm a brony. She's the first person I've told, and ya know what? She thought it was cool! Guess she knows by now that I generally have good taste in my media and entertainment! So, for the next hour, I was all like: After showing her a few parodies and clips on YouTube, my sister said she'd like to see the show. So then I got to thinking, "Which episode should I start with?" I'm split between starting with Episodes 1 and 2, "Mare in the Moon," which while admittedly a good introductory episode could be a little cheesy for someone uncertain about the show, Episode 3, "Ticket Master," or Episode 4, "Applebuck Season". What do ya'll think? Which of these episodes do ya'll think I should first show my sis? Or do you think I should show a completely different episode from the ones I've suggested?