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Found 327 results

  1. Hey! I'm doing some free signatures. The examples are the signature(s) down below, or the one I'm currently using. Just reply here with what kind of signature you want! *I CANNOT LOWER BRIGHTNESS AFTER I FINISH!!* I might close this for a bit if I get too many orders. Thanks!! EXAMPLES
  2. This is probably the wrong forum but how do I make a signature? I can't seem to find the button to make one. Please help ;-;
  3. Applebloom Feri

    Request New Signature wanted

    Hello!, So, i'd like a new signature i'd like to see at least my main OC and secondary OC on it if possible If you need details, you can check my About Me, you can find most of the details there
  4. Whenever I attempt to edit my signature, it throws an error when trying to save changes. To be more specific, it starts to load--- loads--- loads--- loads---- and throws the famous 504 gateway error in the end. --- Or if you're lucky, you'll get this cute image instead: *tried to copy the link and paste it here, but it's soooo long, that it froze this editor* Wow, didn't expect to get a wall of random letters from an image link.. - downloading image... - uploading image... - pasting its link... There, much better. Further investigation has shown, that trying to put an image causes the problem, because when I've removed it from signature, it worked. The image itself is not a problem - I'm sure it's "legit". Besides, I had that image in my signature here for ages, but now I can't put it back, nor any other image I've tried. I'm hosting my images on Imgur, so their links are correct; properly ended with .png etc., that is. I tried changing my signature few days ago; I tried doing this today. It still doesn't work. By the way, there's a thread in this section titled: Unable to add image in signature? READ THIS Buuuuuuut it seems to be corrupted.
  5. I can't find the signature option. I know it's a stupid question, but is this a technical issue?
  6. NightmareLuna1996

    Request Can I please get a signature?

    Can I please get a signature? I don't really know how to design one myself ! I would really appreciate it if it was Luna or Nightmare Moon themed, or both! The artist will of course get credit!
  7. My limited knowledge of computer software prohibits me from being able to create a signature that satisfies me. If anyone has some extra time, can you make me a custom signature image/background? I'll give you most of the freedom, but the only specification that I ask for is that it includes Starlight Glimmer predominantly. Thank you!
  8. I want to know if I can use GIFs in my signature and as my avatar? If I can use GIFs, are there certain size and duration limits to follow? Thanks!
  9. Venomous

    request Signature Request

    Hello! I would like to request a signature of the newly revealed character Daybreaker. Size: 600x200 Vector: Background (Third one down): Text: None Other: Zoom in on Daybreaker from the chest up so it is a nice, close and clear vie Thank you!
  10. I'm sorry if this was answered in the FAQ or recources because neither of those links seem to be working. I was wondering how to add a signature? I've tried to search for the answer but the answers I found seem a little outdated. Thank you so much for your time. ^^ edit: I got it now, turns out I needed a few more forum posts first.
  11. Hello! First of all... Am I allowed to do this, mods? Because of your pinned threads, and things. Second of all, title! Free signatures! So, yeah, just say what you want in your signature, what ponies, what words, letters, and if you could pick out a font, that would be very helpful. The font would help me decide what style to make your siggy in. If you even care, here's my website. It's nothing but some of my art. Note: Beyond the point of the cars, that's my really early work.. It's.... Embarrassing to say the least. Here's some of my work, for example purposes: Why yes, I do still have to do my own.... I'm lazy! I need to make people signatures to get back in the constant working feel.
  12. Eternal Nature

    Request Can somepony remake my signature?

    I was wondering if somepony could remake my signature. if so here's the details. It's my oc from my oc profile surrounded by plants manipulated from magic, with the words "nature is my love, and also my will to fight"
  13. If anyone is interested in making a Avatar/ or a Signature based off my OC then please pm me here. I will send you my OC's information that is relevant. I need these unique things because I'm new here and would like something to set me apart from the crowd.
  14. So I will be opening a shop for request, graphics! I tend to make: Wallpapers Cards Banners/Sigs Story Covers Icons I will be opening 5 spots but the catch is: you request for someone else as a gift! Graphics: I will do any kind of pony/oc long asy you have a vector of some kind to use. Anime/Manga/Game/Cartoon is also open for the graphic, if you have one you want me to. PM me or details you would like in the graphic. You can asked to be also anonymous and pm me for what you want and I won't list you by name and I will send the graphic myself with a message you give me. So lets spread some cheer and joy! 1 Orange Sparks 2 3 4 5 Notes: I will be only taking 5 spots and more or less for now!

    Request Signature Request!

    Ok ill try to keep this simple just need a light aqua blue background with my oc on the left and in the middle my oc name ( control Stick ) and on the right .....Twilight ! : 3 im not sure what else to put there but ill make you a pony maker version of your oc or as close to it as in a return.
  16. Venomous

    Request Signature Request

    Hello there! Would anyone be willing to create a signature for me with the following material? Vector: Background: Preferably something black and blue. (Can provide if needed) Size: 600x250 Text: None Thank you!
  17. And I made myself a new signature. I started this few months ago but never finished it until now. Text is from but everything else I drew myself. Give critique and all that, I'm still rookie when it comes to digital drawing, or drawing in general, so I would like to know if there is something I should practice more. I used gimp.
  18. Venomous

    Request Signature Request

    Hello! Would anyone be willing to create a signature for me? Vector: Background: Size: 600x250 Text: None Other: If possible, could a similar effect to this signature be applied? Also, could you zoom in on Kakashi a good amount? Example: Thank you so, so much!
  19. Hey there! I've been meaning to do this for quite some time now, and since my studies are done with I can FINALLY get around to it! This is a SIG/AVI EDITING thread: That means I can't exactly DRAW anything - but with the programs I have, I can edit whatever you like to suit your needs! What I will require from you: *Any images you would want used *Any text you'd like *Extra special effects (monochromatic, shadows, etc.) *Anything else can be discussed with me I'm trying to work on my skills with this, so give me some time to finish it - but I'm happy to do my best to provide you all with Sigs and Avis that you'll LOVE! Examples of my editing work Profile Images Signatures I know it's basic but I wish to improve and give everyone lovely images and signatures Current status: Open Que: - Dark Tempest, Youtube Banner (WIP) - - - - Disclaimers!: None of this is my art, I merely do edits (Some very simple ones on occasion) All art belongs to the relevant owners. Oh and please credit me, I want others to see and come here and ask for some work.
  20. I looked at my posts and I noticed that my signature was not showing, thought maybe it was an issue with mine, but it's not exceeding any limits. I then checked around and noticed no one else has a signature.
  21. Hi, i hope i'm in the good place to ask help, i'v look in a lot of tropics of technical support but i didn't find a tropic who explain how to use a signature ... i don't found the button and i don't find tutorials
  22. i worked really hard on a signature and it wont let me upload it. i used imagur like a previous resolved question said to n tried the link but i think they changed their site since then and the link wont work.
  23. Venomous

    Request Signature Request

    Hello! Would anyone be willing to create a donor-sized signature for me with the following material? Vector: Background: Text: None Other: Could you please place the vector far to either side and crop/zoom in on him from around the chest up? Thanks!
  24. Flittery Heart


    Well! Pardon my excitement. xD But yes, I do in fact need a signature. Everypony else has so many other lovely ones. Sadly though I do know how to make one so if anyone could make me one I'd love you forever! *insert Pinkie Pie here xD* I would love a Rainbow dash one!
  25. Venomous

    Request Signature Request

    Hello! Would anyone be willing to create this signature for me? Vector: (Remove text) Background: Size: 600x250 Text: Minato Other: Could you please place the bector far to either side? Also, could you make the text something bold and yellow? And finally, could I have a signature with text and one without? Thank you!