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Found 119 results

  1. I made this topic for all those who wanna share why they made they're signatures and to share they're thoughts on them. I posted quotes in mine, cause they felt inspirational
  2. I really want to make one, but I can't figure out how to make one of those awesome, personalized ones with titles over the pictures and everything.
  3. Hi, I have looked all around but I cant fins any info on how to upload a picture to my signature. I tried on option in the signature thing that pretty much says image or something like that and I put in the URL to the image but it wouldn't let me press OK or even come out of the box once I had put the URL in plzzz explain to me how to do this properly
  4. Are there any user made apps on this site, like a signature maker or a cutie mark creator? If so, could you post a link in your response? I'm new to this, so thanks for your patience!
  5. so i've been trying to get the signature i made on the cite but its prooveing dificult. i can't post it on a forum so i can't get it in my "my media" folder to put it in as my signature all i get is a message saying bunnys are sweet signature.pdnYou aren't permitted to upload this kind of file and i don't know what i'm supposed to do! help please!
  6. I made a 600x100 signature and I went to settings>signature. I saw the text thingy to type but I didn't see a button to post a picture. I clicked all the picture-like buttons but none of them open up a file telling you to pick a picture as your signature. What do I do? Please help!
  7. Hiya So, I was reading through the Rarity fan club earlier, and I saw a post someone made that I want to add to my signature, right? I've seen people do it before, so I knew it was possible. Of course, given how un-tech savvy I am, I don't know how to. So, do I add a quote to my signature?
  8. Hello, I just came here to ask, well, the above question. This wouldn't really be a concern to me usually, but my signature used to actually have six lines of text plus the banner picture. Then, when I went to change it today, I got errors until I reduced everything down to the current five lines. Was this a somewhat recent change? (By recent, this could easily have been months ago, since I haven't edited my signature in quite some time) I apologize for the potentially silly question and thank you for your help in advance.
  9. I am trying to change my signature (the image, not the text). I tried copying and pasting the link to the image I want, but when I save my settings, my signature is just a link. I want the picture to be visible. So I tried copying and pasting the actual picture, and again, after saving my settings, my signature is still a link. Not the picture. I am on my iPad doing this.
  10. I have looked all through the profile settings and I cannot find where you can make a signature for posts?
  11. This is probably the wrong forum but how do I make a signature? I can't seem to find the button to make one. Please help ;-;
  12. Whenever I attempt to edit my signature, it throws an error when trying to save changes. To be more specific, it starts to load--- loads--- loads--- loads---- and throws the famous 504 gateway error in the end. --- Or if you're lucky, you'll get this cute image instead: *tried to copy the link and paste it here, but it's soooo long, that it froze this editor* Wow, didn't expect to get a wall of random letters from an image link.. - downloading image... - uploading image... - pasting its link... There, much better. Further investigation has shown, that trying to put an image causes the problem, because when I've removed it from signature, it worked. The image itself is not a problem - I'm sure it's "legit". Besides, I had that image in my signature here for ages, but now I can't put it back, nor any other image I've tried. I'm hosting my images on Imgur, so their links are correct; properly ended with .png etc., that is. I tried changing my signature few days ago; I tried doing this today. It still doesn't work. By the way, there's a thread in this section titled: Unable to add image in signature? READ THIS Buuuuuuut it seems to be corrupted.
  13. I can't find the signature option. I know it's a stupid question, but is this a technical issue?
  14. I want to know if I can use GIFs in my signature and as my avatar? If I can use GIFs, are there certain size and duration limits to follow? Thanks!
  15. I'm sorry if this was answered in the FAQ or recources because neither of those links seem to be working. I was wondering how to add a signature? I've tried to search for the answer but the answers I found seem a little outdated. Thank you so much for your time. ^^ edit: I got it now, turns out I needed a few more forum posts first.
  16. And I made myself a new signature. I started this few months ago but never finished it until now. Text is from but everything else I drew myself. Give critique and all that, I'm still rookie when it comes to digital drawing, or drawing in general, so I would like to know if there is something I should practice more. I used gimp.
  17. I looked at my posts and I noticed that my signature was not showing, thought maybe it was an issue with mine, but it's not exceeding any limits. I then checked around and noticed no one else has a signature.
  18. Hi, i hope i'm in the good place to ask help, i'v look in a lot of tropics of technical support but i didn't find a tropic who explain how to use a signature ... i don't found the button and i don't find tutorials
  19. i worked really hard on a signature and it wont let me upload it. i used imagur like a previous resolved question said to n tried the link but i think they changed their site since then and the link wont work.
  20. Vendi

    OC drawing

    So I made this for my signature and it turned out really good I think. and here's a speedpaint:
  21. look at it! but if you don't want too that's fine.
  22. I can't seem to add images to my signature anymore. I have tried all different images, smaller than the restricted pixel size. If I add text and an image, the editing box shows that I have added the image successfully, but after I have finished editing, the preview of what my signature is supposed to look like only shows the text and not the image. If I go to post something on the forums, my signature will only show the text and not the image. This problem only started to occur about a week ago.
  23. The image I have in my signature isn't showing up, even though it fits the 600x100 rule. Somepony please help! My signature image
  24. I made a request shop! It would be awesome if anyone would like to place an order! Orders are usually completed in 1-2 days!! :) Source: <Wolves' Wares (sigs, avis, more coming soon!)>