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Found 116 results

  1. Earlier in the month we launched a nearly year long tournament, the second of its kind on MLPF -- the 2018 MLPF World Cup. You can read about it here. The first few legs of the tournament are focused on setting up teams for the actual world cup, choosing team captains, and setting up a humorous and creative narratives in RP and Fanfic formats to explain how all these characters would wind up in a contest like this. At some point in the summer, the set-up phases will be complete, and the World Cup will commence. This is where you, amazing reader with some talents, come in. This is a community run event. Some have contributed to the project as they see fit, such as @KH7672 and @Batbrony and their hilarious comic and RP commentary. Others like @Frostgage will be contributing their talents to create iconography such as Team Jerseys. However, there are some other creative elements that the World Cup could use to truly make it the event that it could be. When the World Cup event kicks off this Summer, I am hoping that we will have the following in place: Banners for MLPF Several banners to showcase the tournament, and perhaps some of the more intriguing match ups. Match header images Most matches will be 24 hours in duration, and to kick off the match, I would like the post to feature some imagery invoking the teams involved prior to the text. Signatures As I mentioned, Frostgage has the jerseys covered, but some people may like to wear sigs instead. 32 signatures focused on each team would be ideal. Flags for each team Similar to the sigs and jerseys, each team will need a flag. I have attached some examples from last World Cup An editable group bracket (see attached image on what was used four years ago) The last tournament had a PSD file made that allowed quick editing of teams as they progressed through the competition. I have also included the ones used last time to give you an idea. Video editing assistance This is where I really have no idea what I am doing, and is the most time consuming element. The World Cup needs a kick-off video showcasing each of the teams, a few quotes, some shots from the show. Each team will have also have an anthem and it would be awesome to have something small that could be put together for them. There is also a closing ceremonies video that captures some member highlights from the tournament. Again I included some examples of what we had previously to give you some idea. Live hosting The PC that I have that can do live hosting is used exclusively for my business, so tax and accounting depreciation rules and all prevent me from using it to stream. If you can host a stream on Equestria.TV for the prize giveaways, special event reveals, please let me know. RP'ers As this started, I have hinted at a more narrative element to this tournament than last World Cup. I have laid a foundation of that story and as the tournament continues, that will start to come more frequently and the story will start to pull together. What I need to make this amazing are individuals who would like to jump in and whiff some RP based elements before, during, and after a match. Other Stuff Basically, this is the part where I admit that someone may have some great ideas on how to support this that I haven't considered. I'm open to suggestions on how to use your talents to make this more fun. Cause ... fun. To give you a general idea of what we are looking for, here are some examples of what the community did to help out last year. @Batbrony @Frostgage, @Stellafera, Flipturn, @Shift and others were instrumental four years ago. Example of the last World Cup Bracket Poster for the Top 32 Example of Flags used last World Cup Example of Jerseys from last year created by @Frostgage (He has this covered this year but I think its cool enough to post then to give you an idea on general design ). Example of MLPF Banner used to kick-off the last World Cup Example of Music and Video used for last World Cup Again, the teams and their respective captains will not be set for some time, so this is still a bit early, but some concepts and ideas can be fleshed out early. Also, live streaming help could be something I can use right away. Anyway, if any of you can pitch in ... definitely drop me a PM. Any questions, post them here. Thanks for reading and thanks for considering to help out with making this a phenomenal event.
  2. My thread is currently a disorganized mess due to the forum updates. I will be doing occasional edits to from time to time. All of my signatures and avatars are located in the spoiler below.
  3. Heya ponies! I've decided to open up a signature/avatar request shop! (After all my failed digital art request shops ) So, yes, I can make you your own custom signature and/or avatar, for free. All you have to do is give me the image(s) you want to be used in the signature/avatar as well as any text you want and/or any certain background you'd like. Keep in mind I'm still a bit of a rookie when it comes to avatar/signature making, so don't expect something wonderfully amazing like kyoshi's stuff...I mean come on that pony is like the Signature Master. But I will try my hardest to make it as perfect as you want. Please remember this is first-come first-served. How fast I finish your request depends on how busy I am irl, so please be patient. I made my own signature, so there's an example for you. More examples of my work will be added soon. Welp, request away!
  4. Tea Drinker

    request shop Free Icons/Signatures

    Hello!! I am here to present to you a few icons that I have made. I will be adding more as I think of them. I currently only have icons at the moment. You can request icons or signatures, but you must provide: Photo you want used Any text you want Background photo IF YOU USE MY ICONS, CREDIT ME IN YOUR SIGNATURE PLEASE. All icons are 200x200. Please give me time on requests as I have a life outside of the forums.
  5. Iced_Coffee Nerd

    Iced's Signature Dump

    Hey, welcome to my signature dump. I'll post some completed signatures every now and then, but feel free to use them if you want. Just please don't request for none, I have a shop and I'll post the link to it just in case. Anyways, enjoy my art! . . . (The newest signature I made is the one in mine, but that might change overtime)
  6. Iced_Coffee Nerd

    request shop Iced's Cafe of Requests

    Since my shop wasn't getting active enough, I decided to make a new one, but this time I'll try to be more active. (WARNING: I come home from school at 3 something, so 3:20 is a good time to leave your requests) Anyways, welcome to my shop! I do signatures, wallpapers, etc. But I don't do avatars. RULES: - I EDIT not draw - If you don't like your signature, let me know and I'll re-do it. - Requests get done in about 10 minutes, so just wait around a bit. Also, I'll need your signature/wallpaper size so I know what size to crop it. Also, please be sure to explain the theme and such. And if you want your OC in the signature. MAKE. IT. TRANSPARENT!!!!!! Example(s) Hope you guys like my shop! <3
  7. (EDIT: This art shop is closing due to me not being active on here, instead I'm moving to a new art shop, only different, thanks! Also, the mods may close or lock the topic) Welcome to my request shop! Here, I make custom Signatures and avatars only for the cost of nothing! Want an example of my signature skills? Here ya go! Anyways, here's some notices and rules about my shop: - If I finish my request and you're not active, I'll try to send it to you in PMs. - Please be patient as these might take up to 6 minutes or less. - DO NOT pass these off as your own. - Yes, the signatures are in high quality. - NO, the signatures are not hand-made. Anyways, I hope you guys get the signatures you wanted!
  8. Hello! First of all... Am I allowed to do this, mods? Because of your pinned threads, and things. Second of all, title! Free signatures! So, yeah, just say what you want in your signature, what ponies, what words, letters, and if you could pick out a font, that would be very helpful. The font would help me decide what style to make your siggy in. If you even care, here's my website. It's nothing but some of my art. Note: Beyond the point of the cars, that's my really early work.. It's.... Embarrassing to say the least. Here's some of my work, for example purposes: Why yes, I do still have to do my own.... I'm lazy! I need to make people signatures to get back in the constant working feel.
  9. Sprinklepie

    Request Signature Request...

    Can anybody make a sig of pinkie pool (pinkie pie dressed as deadpool)??? please if you want i can make something in return...please
  10. Pucksterv

    Pucksterv's art dump

    I've decided to make an art thread where I can dump all my art. It's way easier than making a separate thread for every new drawing that I make. I don't know how much art I will put on here. Just know when I'm bored, a lot of new art will appear Also my Deviantart Drawings: Signatures: More art to come later
  11. Plume

    Request Shop Kirbs' Sig Shop

    Hello! I'm back to maybe try my hand at making signatures again! I feel like I've improved a bunch since then, so I'd like to maybe get in some more practise. also my first shop was so long ago i literally can't even find the thread anymore to link back to so there's that All of these will look better on white backgrounds probably. Examples: Rules: 1. Predominantly signatures, can do avatars as well. 2. Please be patient and respectful! 3. Please have an image in mind (transparent please)/a character you want to have done - if it's an OC, an image must be provided. 4. If you want something small changed, that can easily be done as long as it's in a reasonable time span - don't come back in like 4 months asking for something to be changed. 5. Credits are nice, but not necessary! Form: Current: Thank you all kindly, and have a nice day!
  12. Hey there! I've been meaning to do this for quite some time now, and since my studies are done with I can FINALLY get around to it! This is a SIG/AVI EDITING thread: That means I can't exactly DRAW anything - but with the programs I have, I can edit whatever you like to suit your needs! What I will require from you: *Any images you would want used *Any text you'd like *Extra special effects (monochromatic, shadows, etc.) *Anything else can be discussed with me I'm trying to work on my skills with this, so give me some time to finish it - but I'm happy to do my best to provide you all with Sigs and Avis that you'll LOVE! Examples of my editing work Profile Images Signatures I know it's basic but I wish to improve and give everyone lovely images and signatures Current status: Open Que: - Dark Tempest, Youtube Banner (WIP) - - - - Disclaimers!: None of this is my art, I merely do edits (Some very simple ones on occasion) All art belongs to the relevant owners. Oh and please credit me, I want others to see and come here and ask for some work.
  13. i worked really hard on a signature and it wont let me upload it. i used imagur like a previous resolved question said to n tried the link but i think they changed their site since then and the link wont work.
  14. Venomous

    Request Signature Request

    Would anyone be willing to create this for me? Vector: Background: Something blue and black Size: 600x315 Other: Feel free to add any effects you feel will make this all look cool! Also, could you place the vector far to one side and crop from about the chest up? (use current signature as reference) If anyone would be willing to go ahead and make this, it would be much appreciated!
  15. J.R.

    JR's Signatures

    Here I will show off my signatures and stuff. If you want a specific sig made, PM me, and I'll see what i can do. You're all free to use them as you wish.
  16. Applebloom Feri

    Request Avatar and signature request

    I would like an avatar and a signature with my OC for "non-holidays". Traditional and digital drawings works too. here is a demo of my OC: The cutie mark is a controller with a Minecraft diamond sword like on this drawing: Thanks
  17. Hey, if you want a siggy or avatar, then come here, I'll do my best to fill your requests in. Please note to provide me with transparent .PNG images if you have a specific image you want me to use. And if you want a specific background let me know. NOTE: I cannot draw these, I use image software to make them. Some I made: Go ahead and request away!
  18. Here are my non-pony signatures that you are all free to use. I'll post more as I make them.
  19. Dsanders

    Dsanders's free signatures!

    So after feeling a great surge of inspiration, I decided to finally share all my new signatures with you guys. Been using Paint.NET and so far it's been a fun experience. So this is what I have so far, feel free to use any one of these if you want. This thread is after all, for my free signatures. Pinkie Pie x4(Yes, I love this pony to death! ) Twilight Sparkle Applejack x2 Rarity x2 Rainbow Dash x2 Fluttershy(Christmas Signature) Trixie x2 So yeah I'll be updating this quite often. So keep an eye out for more new signatures! Let me know what you guys think and don't hesitate to give me honest critique if you want to. This is pretty much practice for me on the my spare time.
  20. Mesme Rize

    My new signature

    The Signature was made by my good friend Kyoshi, who is one of the nicest people here that i met. Thank you.
  21. Welcome to Smash-N-Dash Studios' Signatures and More! I do digital art, such as signatures, banners, wallpapers, and more. If you'd like to request, please include the following: Size/Type of piece Background image Foreground image(s) Text (if desired) Any other additional information you'd like me to know, or anything else you'd like incorporated I do have one request guys: please try the best you can to submit vectors/ png files for foreground images. I can remove white backgrounds on jpegs, but please try to use vectors. It makes it a lot easier on me, and the quality of a vector is much higher than a jpeg. Other than that, it's first-come, first serve. You can request as many times as you'd like, but please try to space out your requests, so others can have their requests too (I.E. don't come for seconds until everyone's finished with their first round). Fire away with your requests!!!
  22. Hello, and welcome to my Request shop! Are you looking for an Avatar, Signature or Banner? Then look no further, because I'm more then happy to take your request! Rules and stuff: 1. First come, first served. And if it says closed, it means I'm backed up and am currently not taking requests. 2. I can not make vectors, so if you'd like something of your OC, please provide one or more photos. 3. No sexual requests, of course. 4. If you are unhappy about even the littlest thing on your finished request, don't hesitate to tell me what it is. I can fix it or even redo the whole graphic. I don't mind at all. 5. When you request, please tell me what size of signature/avatar your allowed to have is. 6. You don't have to give me credit, though I do appreciate it very much! ♥ Any questions? Feel free to ask! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here are some signatures and avatars to show my work Signatures: Avatars: I can make non pony graphics too! Just ask! ♥ Alright, that's it! Please leave a request whenever you feel the need to! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  23. Hi, I am Squeak Squeak Revolution, and I LOVE making signatures and avatars. So I created this shop to do exactly that. I create all my signatures and most of my avatars. I am also able to make different styles of signatures and avatars. I can also make pictures in 3D anaglyph style. So please, if you have a request just give me a name, theme and preferred background and I will do my best to make your sigs and avis.
  24. 9th Doctor Whooves

    Request Can somepony please help make a signature?

    Can somepony please help make a bat pony signature? I'd like it to feature these images: and I would also like it to say "Bat Ponies are best Ponies". Thanks, Doc
  25. Hello~ I had nothing better to do, so I decided to set up a request shop. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I have one colored font, which is black. Sorry about that. Sig options and form: Size: (Auto, 600x100) Image(must be a gif!): Filter?: (Grayscale, Sepia, Monochrome) Text?: (Shadow? Black letters?) Cropped?: Sig example: No filters Grayscale Sepia Monochrome With text All is same for icons, auto for icons is 100x100. Here's an icon example, (no filter) Excuse me, for I am only an amateur. Sob. (SHHH I DO FLOWER CROWN ICONS TOO BUT UN-ANIMATED)