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Found 51 results

  1. I made this topic for all those who wanna share why they made they're signatures and to share they're thoughts on them. I posted quotes in mine, cause they felt inspirational
  2. Due to upload limitations, I cannot add any new signatures to this thread specifically. However, all new signatures that I make will be uploaded to my Deviant Art account. Please check it out if you want to see any of my new stuff.
  3. I really want to make one, but I can't figure out how to make one of those awesome, personalized ones with titles over the pictures and everything.
  4. I made a 600x100 signature and I went to settings>signature. I saw the text thingy to type but I didn't see a button to post a picture. I clicked all the picture-like buttons but none of them open up a file telling you to pick a picture as your signature. What do I do? Please help!
  5. I have the ability to get a signature now, but whenever I paste a link of a signature for mine, it doesn't pop out right. It will either pop out as a link or nothing at all! Anypony know how to get the signature to work? I dunno what I'm doing wrong, but I have been trying to quite some time.
  6. Hey, welcome to my signature dump. I'll post some completed signatures every now and then, but feel free to use them if you want. Just please don't request for none, I have a shop and I'll post the link to it just in case. Anyways, enjoy my art! . . . (The newest signature I made is the one in mine, but that might change overtime)
  7. I've decided to make an art thread where I can dump all my art. It's way easier than making a separate thread for every new drawing that I make. I don't know how much art I will put on here. Just know when I'm bored, a lot of new art will appear Also my Deviantart Drawings: Signatures: More art to come later
  8. i worked really hard on a signature and it wont let me upload it. i used imagur like a previous resolved question said to n tried the link but i think they changed their site since then and the link wont work.
  9. Here I will show off my signatures and stuff. If you want a specific sig made, PM me, and I'll see what i can do. You're all free to use them as you wish.
  10. Here are my non-pony signatures that you are all free to use. I'll post more as I make them.
  11. So after feeling a great surge of inspiration, I decided to finally share all my new signatures with you guys. Been using Paint.NET and so far it's been a fun experience. So this is what I have so far, feel free to use any one of these if you want. This thread is after all, for my free signatures. Pinkie Pie x4(Yes, I love this pony to death! ) Twilight Sparkle Applejack x2 Rarity x2 Rainbow Dash x2 Fluttershy(Christmas Signature) Trixie x2 So yeah I'll be updating this quite often. So keep an eye out for more new signatures! Let me know what you guys think and don't hesitate to give me honest critique if you want to. This is pretty much practice for me on the my spare time.
  12. The Signature was made by my good friend Kyoshi, who is one of the nicest people here that i met. Thank you.
  13. The Season 5 premiere brought to us many things; prediction tables that shoot friendship lazers, Spike playing card games with Big Mac, communist ponies, abnormally-talented unicorns and sticks that were found out in the middle of the desert. But more than anything, this premiere brought us not one, but two new background stallion ponies who had an absolute plethora of lines and character development in just two episodes. Double Diamond and Party Favor have hit the fandom like a hurricane in just the pasty twenty four hours, joining the ranks of Thunderlane, Braeburn, Soarin and the few other background stallions who've gotten attention here and there. * I come to you strange horses today to offer all of us signatures! * To unite those who enjoy the new, talkative stallions who've been introduced into the world of colored pastel horses! * Be it until next week or a month from now, these signatures are free to use, and I encourage you to use them if you find them to your liking. Make a post letting us know, so that your name can be added. Participate in the fun! Join in on the Husbando Hurricane while it lasts! The larger version may have text, but the smaller version has Soarin is checking out some horsebutt. Get em while they're hot! Large Version - Donors & Staff Small Version - Regular Users Background Stallion Fans: ~Chaotic Discord~/~Cute Ski Horse~
  14. I know this is a question best reserved for a status update, but I wanted somewhere to come back to in case I needed help. I need to know the difference of signature sizes for standard users and users such as donors and subscribers. Could somepony help me with signature sizes please?
  15. EDIT : Seems a lot of ponies come in here and only read the first post, so I'm going to be doing attachments for sigs so I can add all of them to my first post :3 That way, whether you're a regular who visits this topic whenever it gets updated for each new signature, or somepony whose stumbled upon the thread for the first time, all the signatures are going to be in this first post, in addition to being scattered throughout all the pages. EDIT : THIS IS NOT WHERE YOU MAY REQUEST SIGNATURES FROM ME. This is where I post my own signatures, that are (usually) all free to use. I used to do requests, found here, but I've found that I no longer have the drive or time to keep up with the demand. Well then, though I lack the professional Photoshop-level ability of most others on here, I am capable of making signatures. Thusly, I shall post them in here for when I create them. Anypony can feel free to use them, I simply ask that you please let me know that you're going to be using one of them. Same goes for my avatar thread. Normal Signatures (100X600): Special Signatures (200X600)
  16. Use them if you want, no need to credit but it would be nice.
  17. So I made some things. Eeeeyup. Randomly I decided to make a couple of signatures for two particular musicians, particularly the vocalists/songwriters of their respective groups. I have decided to share them here, for what its worth. They are nothign special, but here they are anyways. Sven Friedrich Nero Bellum Tehre we have it. Hope you all like them. If you don't, I won't be surprised.
  18. Just been a long time since I touched making any signatures and felt in the mood in trying my hand at making them again. I may or may not make a request thread again just depends still thinking on it. First one I made I'll be making more if you want to use any feel free to. A Pinkamena sig.
  19. ~Work-In-Progress~ Welcome to this thread. Here, I, among others, will be compiling a handful of tips and methods that signature creators use to create their works present in threads in the Request's Guild. I will take you through, step-by-step, on each of these processes and techniques. Whether you're an aspiring artist, looking to make a thread yourself, or just would like to learn about this style of art, I'm sure you'll be able to learn something new from this thread. This thread will primarily be made with the intent of the reader using GIMP 2.8 (though there may/will be parts of this guide in which other editing software will be used). -Note: I will be constantly updating this thread with any new methods or techniques that I learn about, or others (you guys) tell me about. SO, if you have a method that you personally like to use a lot, and I have not mentioned it here in this guide, please, feel free to post it down below, and I will add it to the guide with appropriate credit **Also, please note that this guide will not directly tell you about how to make a signature/piece of art. These are merely techniques that you can employ TO make a signature. Can't really teach style, that is something you must find yourself Table of Contents: · Useful Places and Links · Making a Vector/Transparency · Making a Background · Photo Edits · Simple Text Effects · Finishing Touches · Putting Everything Together · FAQ · Other Signature-Related Resources Useful Places and Links: · GIMP 2.8 (Basic) -> Found Here · GIMP 2.8 w/Extensions -> Found Here · Deviant Art -> Found Here · Google Images -> Found Here · DaFont (For ANY font you could want/need) -> Found Here · Photobucket (Upload and store your art, can also be used for adding effects *explained later*) -> Found Here Now, after all this "intro" and prologue-y kind of stuff, let's begin the actual guide shall we Part 1: Making a Transparency: (For users with GIMP 2.8 or Photoshop) Part 2: Creating Backgrounds: This is the part where inspiration and artistic flare comes in. There are multiple ways you can go about creating a background for your sig, both simple and complex, both of which I will be covering. Before you start, it helps to have a vague idea/theme set/in mind. Custom/Complex Background: Synopsis: Part 3: Photo Edits Glow Effect: Synopsis: Part 4: Simple Text Effects: Basic Glow: Easy Drop Shadow/ 3D Effect: Synopsis: Part 5: Finishing Touches: Rounded Edges: Photobucket Effects: Synopsis: Part 6: Putting it All Together: Step-by-Step Assembly (preference): Synopsis: Part 7: FAQ: Part 8: Other Signature-Related Resources:
  20. Many people have suggested that I should livestream when I create signatures and other cool things when I have Photoshop open. I'll be livestreaming every now and then whenever I feel like it, so if you don't wanna miss out, follow me on Twitch to catch all the livestreams! I'll be tossing all of the signatures I make during the livestreams both on this main thread and posts below which will be done at the end of every livestream. I'd love it if everypony could post requests down below and comment on the Twitch live chat if you're watching and what kind of things you'd like me to create, whether it be an avatar, a signature, or a wallpaper! Archive
  21. Think it's about time I make this thread. In this thread I shall be posting whatever graphic I make for the community/out of boredom. Everything in here is free for use (credit, though no necessary, is appreciated. Just don't claim that you made it) if you wish to. This thread shall contain various Wallpapers/backgrounds, signatures, and possibly, avatars. I may also set-up some .xcf and .psd files for pre-made backgrounds that you may use to make your own signatures (credit is requested if you're going to use them though, but just for the background itself). Most Recent Creation(s): Wallpapers: Signatures: Avatars: XCFs and PSDs:
  22. Hey there everypony! These are just some free sigs that everyone can use if they want to support their favorite pony I will update this thread whenever I get a new idea so it won't be too frequent but you already have plenty of sigs to choose from. UPDATE: I am now including some avatars here too if you want to match your pony sig. So far I only have a Pinkie and Rarity one but I will update soon. Avatars: Sigs: Just some sigs I made for this past Christmas Pairings: Sparity
  23. My New Signature (I Broke out A New O.C, So I Thought, Why Not?)
  24. So I've been really interested in digital art lately and decided to make a whole bunch of signatures to practice. At the moment there are only ones of the main cast but if you desperately want to have a signature of somepony else or something different from the ones below, please let me know and I will most definitely make it for you. (NO OC's allowed) One last note, don't forget to credit me if you are going to use them. (if there is something wrong with my signatures since I just started making them asap let me know)