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Found 11 results

  1. Due to upload limitations, I cannot add any new signatures to this thread specifically. However, all new signatures that I make will be uploaded to my Deviant Art account. Please check it out if you want to see any of my new stuff.
  2. I just thought that I should just post my terrible sigs in here,since I don't want to make a new post everytime I made one. x3 Improved Sigs Normal Size Sigs Donor Sigs OC Sigs Scifi Ship Sigs
  3. Lost

    Lost Art

    So, i figured as the majority of my topics created are here on the Fan Art section, i may as-well create this one, rather than continuing to create new topics each time i do a sketch or a signature i figured i should just put them all in here and post in here every time i make something new. I'm gonna try and do my best to organize all of this. Latest Picture: Favorite Picture: Digital Art Sketches
  4. I make my own sigs and avatars (as I'm sure most anyone with a Paint-type program and / or animation software can), and I thought I'd make any I no longer use available for use by other members. Sigs: Avas:
  5. EDIT : Seems a lot of ponies come in here and only read the first post, so I'm going to be doing attachments for sigs so I can add all of them to my first post :3 That way, whether you're a regular who visits this topic whenever it gets updated for each new signature, or somepony whose stumbled upon the thread for the first time, all the signatures are going to be in this first post, in addition to being scattered throughout all the pages. EDIT : THIS IS NOT WHERE YOU MAY REQUEST SIGNATURES FROM ME. This is where I post my own signatures, that are (usually) all free to use. I used to do requests, found here, but I've found that I no longer have the drive or time to keep up with the demand. Well then, though I lack the professional Photoshop-level ability of most others on here, I am capable of making signatures. Thusly, I shall post them in here for when I create them. Anypony can feel free to use them, I simply ask that you please let me know that you're going to be using one of them. Same goes for my avatar thread. Normal Signatures (100X600): Special Signatures (200X600)
  6. Hey there everypony! These are just some free sigs that everyone can use if they want to support their favorite pony I will update this thread whenever I get a new idea so it won't be too frequent but you already have plenty of sigs to choose from. UPDATE: I am now including some avatars here too if you want to match your pony sig. So far I only have a Pinkie and Rarity one but I will update soon. Avatars: Sigs: Just some sigs I made for this past Christmas Pairings: Sparity
  7. I have been thinking of new ideas for my thread called 'Kyoshi's Sigs For Everypony!', which if you don't know what it is or haven't seen it, it can be found here: . I have different ideas for characters and pairs so far but I have thought of another idea. How about a weekly thing, called 'OC Highlight of the Week', where every week I choose an OC out of a list of submissions at random and make a sig specifically for it. It will be at the top of the post, with a link to the character's info page (if available) and a link to the submitter's profile. I will accept any OC's regardless if they were made with Pony Creator. Many seem to hate the PC, I don't mind it at all. I can then have a different database in a spoiler of past highlights and have a new collection . What do you all think?
  8. Here is where I'll post all my past and present signatures so I can access them easily and quickly, and won't lose them. Plus, I'll be able to keep track of who did what. Done by Frozen Mint Done by
  9. ok guys, after much thought and some great critiquing from you guys, i took a second shot at my signature. im getting better with cs6 but still need to practice, im also taking the advice on trying my hand at doing a few friends signatures. so give it to me straight fillies and gentelcolts, love it, hate it, blaaaaa and critique like the wind!!!! *slinks of into a dark corner glancing back and forth all shifty like*
  10. Just make sure you give credit to whoever made them! I made this one.
  11. Heartstrings


    Hey guys, I've decided to try and make some sigs. I made my first one for Big MacIntosh, which was really fun, so I sat down and made a few more. I anypony wants one made I'll gladly make it for them. Also, these are unused, so if you want to use one you can.