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Found 16 results

  1. Apparently many news articles have stated that after MGSV, Konami is done with AAA game development with the exception of the PES series, though the writing's been on the wall for a while now. This really depresses me a ton, besides being a huge fan of the MGS series as well as love for other franchises like Castlevania and Contra, seeing a big company like Konami(who was one of the heavy hitters in the 90's/early 2000's) fall harder than Capcom did around the 2010's(btw, they've really turned things around recently) is upsetting considering both their past pedigree of franchises as well as the fact that they're taking the HudsonSoft franchises they never used with them. Makes me sad to see this happen to such a great group of gaming franchises, maybe some day they can go to a better home. How do any of you feel about this?
  2. I should start playing Silent Hill 2 in the near future, and I am doing a poll so I will only see the requirement and not the results. I'm hoping to prevent major spoilers this way, and any and all votes will be appreciated. P.S. Please don't post spoilers in the comments.
  3. I have an idea for a Silent Ponyville game, and I need help from people with more experience if it is to become a reality. So far, I have most of the story done, eight monsters designed, half of them colored and ready to be judge, an idea of the appearance of what the game should look like (similar to the sadly canceled Silent Ponyville game), and experience of the first Silent Hill game (as in I played it), as well as reading/listening to the first Silent Ponyville fanfic. What I lack is experience with making games, people to judge my work and give feedback, programing, voice acting, the 2nd and 3rd Silent Hill games/Silent Ponyville fanfics (will be able to soon, though), and, the biggest hurdle, money. If you are interested in helping/seeing how far this will go, please let me know. I would like to see this idea find fertile ground. Forgot to mention that the main protagonist I have in mind is Rarity. Just thought that that may be important. P.S. Here is a design that I made:
  4. This is the official thread for ALL things Silent Hill. All the games (even though I'm a die hard fan of just Silent Hill 1,2, and 3 personally) Anyway post text, images, videos, discuss, analyse and share anything related to SH here
  5. As most of you know probably. It's been made official that Silent Hills has been canceled. I can link anyone interested to the article but yeah. Link to Article: This is a depressing thing for me particularly after all the hype put into it. Though it is said that Kojima isn't giving up on it. What if we could see it return or maybe a new Silent Hill game in it's place. What could it be if they are starting fresh? What do you guys think?
  6. EDIT: Link to the article: Well, I guess we should've seen this coming after the fiasco with Kojima and the lack of any updates from the game. But it look's like this is the nail in the coffin for Silent Hills. The P.T. will be removed from the PlayStation Store in 4 days time. Is it too much to ask to just have another good Silent Hill game? The P.T. showed so much promise...
  7. Attention all Silent Hill Fans! A new game is coming out. It currently is only a teaser but it is in the hands of Hideo Kojima, the creator of the famous Metal Gear Solid series. The fact that the teaser ends with them playing the original Silent Hill theme says allot. It is either he will revamp the original game or he will make a new game with the first three games formula, but with maybe new mechanics. Who knows, but this is not a bullshit trailer nor a CGI movie. So what do you think? Will you look forward to the new addition to the Silent Hill series?
  8. Just a question that crossed my mind recently. For an unknown reasons, I suddenly thought about Google-ing about Silent Hill. So which one do you pony folks think is a lot scarier; Amnesia or Silent Hill and why?
  9. Hey I'm thinking of hosting a Left 4 Dead 2 custom game later on using a Silent Hill map. Would anyone like to join me on this? You can download the map here: Also here's the soundpack for it Put it them in them in: (wherever your steam folder is)\Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\addons Here's my Steam profile so add me if you wish:
  10. What is your view on the new Silent Hill film and it's previous film (Silent Hill 1)?I just watched it today and I thought it was awesome how about you?
  11. I've heard that Silent Hill Revelations is horrible. I'm not sure, as I haven't seen it yet. But, from the previews, it does look pretty bad. Have you seen it yet, and is it worth seeing it? Also, I personally think if you're going to make a film based on a book or a game, you should take the time and effort to actually make it worth peoples time, and make it as accurate as possible to the book/game it's based from. I know it would cost more money, but it's not as if Hollywood doesn't have plenty of money anyway, right? It'd be a better use for their money than making their own clothing lines or perfume lines, amirite? Also, what movies have you seen that are worth the money? And are close to the books/game(s) they're based on? Are there any? Discuss.
  12. With Halloween right around the corner, and my love for the Silent Hill game series, I felt I had to make a remix of one of the best songs from Silent Hill 2. The song "True" Sometimes called "Room 312" Everything is played by hand and/or manually input into FL Studio 9 using the Nexus 2 VST. Enjoy!
  13. I was following up a couple of leads on 'Nightmare Fuel' and I stumbled across the 'Psychological Horror' section of TV tropes. Scrolling through, I noticed Silent Hill a few times (The lord of Psy-Horror) Then, towards the bottom of the page, another mention of Silent Hill and then...MLP FiM! Apparently 'Lesson Zero', 'Party of One' and 'Return of Harmony' (1+2) Manage to fit in to the horror section - Next to Silent Hill! I mean, sure, Psycho-Twi and Pinkamena were a tad scarey, but to compare with SH...No, Jus' NO! Silent Ponyville was brilliant, but it's not what the Show is actually based on (Go read it, SH fans and non-fans alike, It's AWESOME!) I have a link here: Several notes also: Return of Harmony, in particular, Discord's reign of Chaos, apparently represents 'unnatural fear' and 'Nightmare Fuel from 'Abstract worlds/Altered reality/Twisted reality' Lesson Zero and Party of One focus more on mental conditions; Twi being paranoid and severely unstable, Pinkie shows 'Fear of being alone (SH..Yeah!) ', ' and 'DPD (Dual Personality Disorder)' Noted mainly when she starts 'snapping' between voices and when her body twitches when she changes character...(Couldn't find the clip I'm after...) So yeah, there you have it, MLP: FiM isn't a kids show at all, it's Nightmare Fuel! Let's hear your opinions/additions to this, please. -Joe-
  14. I never seen a Silent Hill thread, so let me start one! I am a huge fan of the series, just like my sister, we used to play the Silent Hill games, she played and i was next to her, i loved those moments, scared, laughing, and being so attracted by the story. What do you think about the Silent Hill series? What's your favorite game of the series? Anything related to Silent Hill can go here, and i'd love to see what other people think about this great series.
  15. Hello everypony, I need some help finding more characters for this idea I have. Basically it's MLP mixed with Silent Hill, and NOT based off of the Silent Ponyville fan fiction. Please watch this video and if you want to please post your Original Pony character's name, personality and backstory in the comment.
  16. Okay, I'm still searching for more characters from the fans, but I'm not giving up hope. We just need a few more characters, about 28 now since I added some cannon characters that I missed. So just need more help here and I'm hoping that anypony can do this. I've written the 1st draft scripts for the first two episodes. I need more characters so i can make the final product so if you would be interested, please tell me and I'll describe the script to you. ( I don't want anypony stealing this idea so, please forgive for the security). So yeah, it's actually a good script, being told from the other ponies I'm doing this project with. Please please please if you have an orginal pony character, and if you're interested, give me an inbox, or reply in the comments.