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Found 8 results

  1. Just as the title says, pick a theme song (and post a link) for the above poster's OC. if you have multiple OC's please specify which one you are putting into the game. Also If you don't have it in your signature, post a link to your OC page. Please keep the songs clean and lets start!
  2. Hey guys! So I have decided to use my youtube account more and upload videos about myself! People seem to like my hair and deep voice, and I got lots of art, music, and spiritual and hair care type videos I plan on making, and already have so if you wanna follow me, click here! and click here to view my channel!
  3. Hey guys, we all hope you enjoy our latest podcast! (She does her Fluttershy voice at 41:02 )
  4. We all have things we consider funny. But are there things you ponies find funny that many people around you don't? For me, sneezing is one of them. Usually when people around me sneeze, I can't help but at least grin. When a person sneezes louder or in a voice that I think sounds funny, I sometimes even die laughing at it. When I sneeze, when I'm in the right mood, I try to make it funny enough for me to laugh about it. Another thing I find funny is the game Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004. I find it funny because of what the commentators say. For example, a commentator would say something like "Tough break, I think it's heading for the rough" but then I curve the ball and then the ball ends up staying in the fairway. Also the commentator would say "UNBELIEVABLE!!" or "Just Incredible" when I get a chip in or a putt in from outside the green no matter if the shot resulted in an eagle or a double bogey.
  5. As the title suggest, say something that you should never say in a book club meeting. Let's get this started: "I could really identify with the character of Hannibal Lecter in the book this month."
  6. Sometimes I play this game and it bugs out from time to time. And it's pretty funny. Other times, I find stumble on things that all came together and it made me laugh. And then there are other things I did specifically so I could take a picture of it and share it with the world one day. Well that day is today. #1 IT'S THE CIIIIIRRRRRRCLE OF LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE!!!!!!!! Seriously....trying to kill a dragon here and my horse goes Pride Rock on me.... #2. Dude....I am fucked up...... Yes Esbern....Tyou did just watch a pony absorb a dragon's soul. You didn't know Fluttershy was Dragonborn? Actually it's probably those shrooms you ate earlier........ #3 Dafuq you lookin at? This is Frostfall biotch!!! #4: My new patented Pinkie Vision! Lets you shoot Pinkie Pies from your eyes!! Just point, aim, and shoot! It's that simple! This is all I've got for now P.S. There should be more of these in the future. And yes, I still play Skyrim
  7. I don't know where your sorry flank dragged from, bub, but I'm the sheriff of this town. If you wanna dance, I suggest you get your tidy-horse in girdle because when I'm done with you, you won't feel the difference between your swollen face and in-circulatory hind-hooves! AKA... Princess of the Day, mothabucka!
  8. So I've got some PMVs, if you guys are interested. ^^ First, a Disco Discord video Second, the Discordley vid that got on EQD] Third, the Discordley vid that did not get on EQD Last, but noot least, Discord's high levels of self-esteem are revealled (also, I think this is one of if not THE best music video I've ever made): http-~~-// I also have a video of my roomies reaction to a comic I found, and a L4D2 game that is filled to the brim with pony goodness. But those don't really count. And you'll notice they're all Discord-centric. That's because...well, just because. Anyway, enjoy.