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Found 9 results

  1. Silver Wind is one of my secondary OCs although has become my main pony OC as my other pony OC is just my main OC in pony from. Silver Wind started as a MLP version of Thowra from The Silver Brumby as an attempt to introduce bronies to my favorite book in a hope to save a deviantart group. it failed so I have made him my main pony OC although he has kept most of Thowra's characteristics and plot lines. I still hold out hope that somepony will like what I haved done and decide to reed the book that this character is based on. Here is some art for Silver Wind.
  2. I had been browsing around for something interesting to read to gain inspiration for writing as I do from time to time. I was searching up information on the Paris mines when I came across this gem of an article from BBC news. According to this article supplies of the precious metal silver could run out as soon as the year 2029. Seeing as you can only mine it out of the ground and you can't make it in a laboratory, this would be a ideal asset to get into. I mention this because I would like other people to profit from this situation as well. I've posted the link to the article as well as a few videos I thought would help inform the readers of this article.
  3. Sonic: 'Sup? My name is Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog! You probably already know me though since I AM the fastest, most way past cool hedgehog alive! Silver: And I'm Silver the Hedgehog! I come from almost 200 years in the future, I have psychokinesis, and while you may think my hair looks like pot, I assure you it does not! Sonic: We're here to answer any questions you may have about....(psst, hey kid, what kind of questions are we answering?) Me: Anything they ask you. Sonic: (Okay, cool, thanks!) We're here to answer any questions you have! Silver: Hey, where's Shadow? Shouldn't he be here too? *Shadow walks in* Shadow: Yeah, yeah, I'm here Leaf Boy... *Silver feels hair looking upset* Silver: Aren't you going to do your introduction Shadow? Shadow: Hah! The Ultimate Life-Form doesn't need an introduction! Let's just get to the damn questions.... Sonic: Right...well, ask away folks!
  4. Hey guys, time for a festive related topic before X-mas! This should be a fun one, as today, I'm wondering if you have a favorite song that relates to the snowy areas or X-mas theme songs in video games? For me, a personal favorite of mines for an example has to be the Twinkle Snow Act 3 from Sonic Advance 3! The beat, theme, and speed of the song really pumps me up to go through this stage as best as possible, as well as having fun of course.
  5. Yeah, let's ignore that terrible 06 game and just focus on this trio of characters. Sonic, Shadow, and Silver the Hedgehogs are all great characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. They all have their own personal stories, backgrounds, personalities, companions, and abilities. While I'm well aware that Blaze the Cat is not really a friend of Silver's, I bet Silver has some sort of friend in the ruined future, right...right? (Aw, whatever. He's got Iblis to play with.) But, which one of these hedgehogs stands out among the other two? What makes them the top hog?
  6. *post* Pokemon Blue - 150 legit through playground trading, then 151 by GameSharking Mew in I was in 4th grade so 1998-1999 I got it done?
  7. Hey guys! I'm gonna try something a little different today! My good friend putuk runs a Tumblr called ask silver the hedgie and sometimes I help him run it. He is a brony but he is not on the forums since he has too much time on his hands with school and his own website so i asked him if I could make a Ask him thread about it. I will substitue as him for now and Occasionally he may answer the Questions if he has time. Here is his tumblr : Ask Away!!!
  8. Well, the first topic for "Answer or Next" is the question, what do you think holds a community together? This is an excellent question and I will enjoy writing about it and discussing it. (Be it in comments or by Neikos' reply.) To begin, I'm going to divide this blog post into sections for the sake of organized OCD. (Because I'm like that.) So here we go! Staff Members What is likely the most important part in keeping a community together is it's staff members. Staff members can range from moderators, to admins, to of course the owner(s) themselves, all of which are important to not only the community but holding it together properly. The moderators dedicate their free time and effort to a community they enjoy, they are volunteers who take time out of their day to keep the community a safe place to chat and hang out in. The go around stalking checking the different sections to make sure that no rules are being broken. Of course they aren't omnipresent, so they don't always get everything. That's where user reports come in. (We'll address this later.) This is important because if things were not controlled by them, the community would fall apart due to people breaking rules and causing a ruckus. This makes for a terrible community that will likely end up unpopular among the internet. The admin's do all the work the moderators do, and more. They are in charge of keeping the site working well inside while guiding the moderators and other staff along the way. They make many large decisions and have a great influence on things like changes and/or adjustments to the forum. So while handling reports, scanning the message boards and handing out warnings and bans, they also watch for glitches and serious problems in the site. If there were no admins to do their job ( The owner is the greatest factor of the staff, at least in my opinion. I owned a website myself once for a very short time, and even a small little thing is difficult to maintain. The owner not only does all the previous staff members jobs, but also has access to the website files and deep inner workings. Member database, images, complete control panel, bills, handling issues the admins simply don't have access to, etc. It's an incredibly tough job especially on a community as large as this one. (Which is why Feld0 is praised so much by many people, considering his age.) Without the owner, the website might as well not exist really. Without an owner, there is no community, end of story. Members Yes! People like you and me help hold this community together! Shocker eh? Not really. The normal members of the community provide the greatest interest, and things to look at and talk about. This ranges from art, interesting and in depth topics, and just all in all friendly chatter. Some more in depth things would involve different types of users. Funny users provide people with ways to laugh, talented users provide things for people to look at and enjoy, and others just all in all provide great friendships and discussions. This forges an amazing friendly community to stay in and helps keep it interesting. Now of course, it's difficult to avoid the bad users, but those are normally taken care of. To an extent the bad users are a sign the community is growing as a whole and can in fact HELP it. We learn most from bad experiences because we see where we can improve on things. (At least from my perspective.) Content and Changes Another important part of keeping a community together is providing new and interesting content and/or changes often. If the site remained with the same logo and graphics, same layout, same settings, and nothing unique ever happening then the place would become very boring. Often it's the admin and owners job to make sure things happen around the place to keep it fun. Feedback is technically a part of this, since suggestions and feedback lead to adjustments to improve and enhance the server. Staff listen to the feedback and consider it carefully. If a users request is acknowledged and used then people feel the staff members listen to it's users and hold a better respect for them. Some content can range from online games of Minecraft, WoW and TF2, to simple gatherings, meetups and online events. (Like the synchtube we hold on here on a regular basis.) These are excellent ways to develop a community that keeps together and lasts a long time. Features The features a forum has can be considered a wide topic. Features can range from what kind of message boards and categories they have, to simple things like status's and blogs! (One thing I find really great and unique about this site.) When new features are added there's a definite explosion of activity. People rushing to try the brand new added tools and fun things to screw around with such as the new blogging system recently added to this forum. These features make people stay around and enjoy it more than other forums, so they have more fun with it. Organization within the boards is important too. It helps people more easily understand what goes where, and where to go to talk about what they want to. This keeps things from becoming cluttered, unfiltered, unpredictable and completely random. In the end there are a lot of things that make a community great and strong. There's probably more I missed but this should give you an in depth look at things. I hope you all enjoyed reading my look at this topic! Over to you Neikos! What are some things you consider when finding a good community to use?
  9. Welcome one and all to a new story. You probably have no idea who i am, so i will introduce myself. My name is SilverArrow, and i am a creative writer. I was recently introduced to MLP: FiM and instantly loved. Even inspired me to write a story about it. I will now introduce the aformentioned story. 'When Equestria was new, and young, several different races of ponies roamed the land peacefully. The earth ponies, the likes of which dashed across the fields and plains, strong and faithful. The unicorns, the likes of which read books and studied ancient spells and magic to weild for assistance in times of difficulty, were smart and trustworthy. And finally, the pegasus, the likes of which shot through the air at high speeds, and could control the weather with their mighty wings. The pegasus were agile and quick, and could always be counted on to be there for others in need. These were the three races of ponies, who lived in peace and harmony in Equestria's early years. They still preside over the lands today, however... There was one moment in time, where it seemed they could never live together again. A fourth race, of dark-coloured ponies rose from the shadows. They had batlike wings, and long curved unicorn horns. They were a deadly combination of both unicorn and pegasus! Smart and quick, but they used their powers for very different reasons. While the peaceful folk of Equestria used their abilities to simplify daily life, this fourth race took pleasure in ponies missury and pain. They weilded a completely different kind of magic. Magic that allowed them to alter and transform nature. They marched through Equestria, wreaking havoc as they went. Lush fields of flowers and grass turned into wastelands of torment and suffering. Forrests of green full of happy wildlife were changed into horrid nightmares. They were completely unstobable. They used their surroundings to fend off anypony who came near to stop them. Vines would wrap and trap those who dared attack them, people trembled with fear at their name! They were called, The Xenrodan's. No one dared to stand up to them, not even the most powerful of any of the other three races could come close to defeating them. Until one day, an outsider arrived in Equestria. Everyone believed him to be of the pegasus, but his wings were far too large and strong for a pegasus. He seemed to posses the abilities of all three other races together, like the Xenrodan's. Flight, magic and strength. Along with these came swiftness, wisdom and motivation. This outsider had the one ability the Xenrodan's didnt have. Emotion. While they brought destruction with them with no care, this outsider used his imense power to drive back the forces with light. In the end, he confronted the very person who started it all, a black pony name Wind. They fought for days, weeks even. Wind refused to listen to the outsiders wisdom and reasoning and was blinded by his ambitions and power. In the end, these atributes were his downfall, and he was banish beneath the very mountain he and the rest of his shadowy race came from. The outsider sealed the entrance to the mount with an arrow. The arrow was crafted from the finest silver. The arrow was so sharp, they say it could slice clean through six trees without slowing down. The outsider fired ther arrow deep into the mountain's base, and the entrance was sealed up, never to be opened again. The outsider then guided everyone to a time of prosperity. The outsider became known as Silver, becuase of the arrow he drove into the mountain. He was the first ruler of Equestria, and was remember for thousands of years for his wisdom and bravery. He established three nations, as a reminder to all those who preside over Equestria. The land nation of Flaira, the water nation of Quentia, and the sky nation of Leyrina. All ponies everywhere were greatly pleased by this and each pony made their choice over where they wanted to live. On the ground, in the sea, or above the clouds. However, there was one place that was not transformed into a nation, and that was the mountains. The same mountains that the Xenodan's were sealed beneath. To this day no one has ever dared to cross those mountains. After a long rule, Silver, ruler of Equestria and honored hero of the realms, vanished from his palace in Leyrina. No one ever knew his original name, or anything about his past, but he did leave behind one thing. A son. A successor, though far to young, was born shortly after his vanishing. Although everyone mourned the loss of their ruler, they preserved his story and remembered him for hundreds of thousands of years later. But, the course of time took its toll. Slowly, but ever surely, history turned into tale, tale turned into myth, and myth turned into legend. The story of the outsider called Silver was almost completely forgoten, except by those who descended from him directly. No one knew who these ponies were, or how many of them existed, but those who believed in the legend of Silver, awaited for one to reveal themselves. For there was one thing they feared. Some day, they knew, the Xenadon's would return, and they would need a hero. Some one with the same talents and abilities passed down through the ancient bloodline, to awaken.' (Authors comment) Well then here we go. There are no illustrations to accompony this introduction. If some one would like to illustrate it that would be amazing, but i doubt that would happen. THIS IS NOT CANNON. Although containing references to the original this is a different Equestria! Do not scream at me for creating the realms and any other new feature to the MLP universe. This is simply a fantasy twist to it. OH AND I FORGOT TO MENTION. I CAN'T DRAW PONIES. SO THANK YOU VERY MUCH GENERALZOI'S PONY CREATOR. WITHOUT WHICH THIS WOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE. LIVESTREAM: http://www.ustream.t...ilverlivestream