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Found 4 results

  1. Many coaster fans where disappointed by RCT World and decided to give the competition a chance. Frontier took the spotlights with Planet Coaster, and it's amazing how much you can do. I get the feeling they're aware of all the changes in the gaming industry while Atari stayed in development stagnation (TT Games syndrome). And we also have Parkitect. A crowdfunded themepark game created by only 3 people. I played the early access of the game and it's really done good. I'm really amazed how a little team can create so much content. Luckily my PC can still run the game . Are you planning to get one of them or both? Already have Parkitect .
  2. So this is the second modern mansion that I have made, so here we go.
  3. Anypony else here play this game? I got it around when it first came out on Steam (which was a few months ago, but it has been out longer than that), and am still getting into it. Anyway i was wondering if anypony else plays it, has played it, or has played a different game in the series and what their thoughts on it were/are. I personally really like it but find the lack of initial direction a bit hampering. In case anypony doesn't know what Evochron Mercenary is, it's a space sim game made by a pony under the name of Vice. It has a massive open world (or space i guess i should say) with a lot of star systems and planets and hidden things. You can fly from space down to a planet seamlessly, and in an upcoming expansion you will be able to exit your ship and walk around and mine materials. You can build star bases and mine things, and upgrade your ship. There's also a lot of combat. In multiplayer different clans can actually control sections of the map. There's more to it but i think that's the jist of it. Edit: Woops i messed the gaming tag up (Unless of course that's not how you tag things and everything i thought was a lie )
  4. This looks amazing! And it is made by maxis, so it will not be simcity societies all over again