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Found 3 results

  1. Kinda tempted to play SimCity 2013 again since I've just played SimCity4 Rush Hour several weeks ago. The question is, is it worth playing again these days? I've been in some of the servers yesterday I'm not seeing a lot of people, only abandoned cities and cities with mayors whom are inactive/last active two years ago.
  2. So, I recently got Simcity for the PC when it was released. I had high hopes for this game since it looked promising when EA released some gameplay footage on the internet. So, I pick up my copy which I pre-ordered from Gamestop, I get home, I get on my computer, put the disc in then I realize it's one of those games which has to be connected to EA's crappy DRM client, Origin. So, I log into Origin, then start installing the game which took about 7 hours. I'm not entirely sure if the disc is ever used because I did was punch in a product key and I never heard the disc spin. Anyways, the following afternoon, I get home from work and start to play then I realize that it's one of those games which you always have to log in to play and you have to always be online even if you're playing single player. This is exactly what I feared and is EXACTLY what happened with Diablo 3. Seriously, why do I need to log in to play a single-player city builder?! This isn't World of Warcraft, it's Simcity. What's the point of being connected to the internet if you're playing single player!? Sometimes I travel or my internet's down and I just want to play some games for awhile, I can't always be connected. So, I try to play and I get added to some sort of queue and I wait at a loading screen FOR A HALF HOUR. So after about nine million years, I finally get to play for about 15 minutes before I get disconnected! There's no saving or reloading cities, so if you mess up on one of your cities or destroy it for fun, you can't just reload it. Once again, this isn't an MMO. Simcity is supposed to be a single player game. I probably should've never pre-ordered it but how was I supposed to know that EA is going to give me a half finished game? This is what is killing PC gaming. I'm seriously considering going back to consoles if this crap goes on. Simcity isn't even a bad game. I find it pretty fun, WHEN I GET TO ACTUALLY PLAY IT. Now, if they called this game, "Simcity Online" and brand it as an MMO, that's fine. Don't trick me into buying something that's not even finished. I guess I won't pre order games anymore. No matter how excited I am, I'm going to wait after it's released and reviews are published. I also pre-ordered Grand Theft Auto V while I picked up Simcity. I'm going to see if I can get a refund because I'm not going to get a half finished game again. I'll wait until reviews come out and I'll see how the game is afterwards. Well, there's my rant, thanks for reading.
  3. This looks amazing! And it is made by maxis, so it will not be simcity societies all over again