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Found 9 results

  1. Welcome to the official @Simon/ Fan Club! This is a club in which we discuss, post fanart, and write fanfictions about everyone's favorite MLP Forum ship. :comeatus: The ship began when Destiny noticed the fact that Simon and Dawn seemed to have a strong hate/love relationship: [12:48:51 AM] Dawn Rider: [12:41 AM] Simon: <<< IDEK know what you're talking about Cause you're clueless. [12:48:55 AM] Dawn Rider: As always [12:48:58 AM] Simon: : 3 [12:49:07 AM] Simon: Nobody likes you [12:49:08 AM] Simon: Go away [12:49:12 AM] Simon: Being all mean and stuff [12:49:13 AM] Dawn Rider: You love me and you know it [12:49:17 AM] Simon: lyz [12:49:48 AM] Dawn Rider: Without me, you'd be nothing [12:49:57 AM] Simon: Just happy [12:49:59 AM] Simon: And that's enough [12:50:00 AM] Simon: : 3 [12:50:08 AM] Dawn Rider: You'd probably still be a regular member talking about chipmunks [12:50:40 AM] Dawn Rider: You know you love me. [12:51:02 AM] Simon: Please if I wasn't a mod the forum would have shut down months ago because all the staff died of boredom [12:51:10 AM] Dawn Rider: Yeah no [12:51:13 AM] Dawn Rider: Probably not [12:51:13 AM] Dawn Rider: [12:51:22 AM] Destiny: On 12/02/2014, at 12:48 AM, Dawn Rider wrote: > You love me and you know it I ship it (heart) weloveyousimonanddawnpleasedon'tkillus Rules: No NSFW art/fanfictions/posts please No SimonxDawn Rider hate plz Other rules later when Destiny isn't lazy Do you ship it? Tell Destiny and she'll add you to the list: SHIPPERS​: - Destiny - - -@Jeric -@Khajiit - -@PathfinderCS - - -@FlitterFlutter - - - -@valor - - -
  2. On the spirit of Blame Simon Day, I want to make an interview. I bet that today you had some problems, whenever it was a bad food, not having fuel, not knowing how to resolve that damned maths problem... All is caused by Simon, of course. But what did he made today to you, average user?
  3. 1. I blame Simon for the fact, that Sepp Blatter is still FIFA president 2. I blame Simon for System of a Down breaking up 3. I blame Simon for Michael Bay and that he still can direct movies 4. I blame Simon for John Cena being at the top for the last 10 Years 5. I blame Simon for Spike at your service, which is the worst episode in MLP history 6. I blame Simon for the bad mainstream music that we have these days 7. I blame Simon for me not being able to be with my LZRD WZRD 8. I blame Simon for all the drama that is going on in the fandom 9. I blame Simon for the gaming industry going downhill 10. I blame Simon for being Simon He's really the worst
  4. So we've got some blaming lately. You know who's blamed? Simon? You know who else is blamed? Obama. So... OTP!
  5. This is easily the best user on the history of users. He changes his name to everything we want. He called me Best User <3 Also,he loves Simon <3 A little achievement of mine :v Still,best user ever since Senpai <3 ALSO I WANNA MAKE A PETITION UNBAN HIM HE CALLED ME "BEST USER" <3333
  6. Let's Talk about Bronies and Fandoms Hello, my name is Simon (At least, this is what I prefer to be called.) And I am doing a "Let's Talk" series on these forums. It's a project where I talk about different subjects, then when I'm finished, I leave it up to you guys (and girls) to talk about either with me or amongst each other. Now, you've probably already noticed what I'm going to be talking about because of the subject title. And that subject is "Bronies and other Fandoms". Now, first of all, many people already know what a "Brony" is. But for the sake of those who don't, I will explain. Bronies are an ever-growing fandom of late teen to adult male and female people who like to watch the show, My Little pony: Friendship is Magic. Now, you may either think that this is ridiculous, or maybe you think im lying, or maybe you already know about the fandom, or are even a part of it. But the fact of the matter is, bronies exist. They are a growing part of our society and they have been mentioned in many places such as television, the news, the internet, and celebrities talk about it. It's becoming more and more known throughout the world. Just like other fandoms, there are multitudes of bronies that range from Musicians, to writers, to artists. And every day this fandom is growing and growing, there are thousands of people that are becoming bronies every single day. Some people are rather skeptical about bronies, and they ask themselves, "Why, and how could something such as My Little pony, become so popular, especially amongst the fandoms members?" Seeing as how most of the members are in there late teens to adults. But before we get into that, I want to talk about other fandoms. And no I don't intend on "Bashing" anyones fandom, i just want to talk, How and why you probably got into the fandom that you are in now. Considering of course your even in a fandom, which in this case you most likely are. How people get into fandoms, is actually pretty interesting. These people who, before they ever joined any fandom, nowadays, have been essentially peer pressured into it. And what I'm getting with this is that these people who stumble upon these fandoms look at them at first and say, "Look at these people, how could they ever like that thing, or watch that show." But these types of people are ignorant, they don't know anything about the fandom. They're just judging it on what they think they know about it. But then they see this fandom growing larger and larger and before they know it, they want to be a part of it. It's popular, they want to be one of the popular people. They want to be accepted by a large number of others. Now let's take a look at the fandom that your most likely in, and that fandom is Video Games. Online games, PC Games, Console Games, Board Games. It's all part of one fandom that we all joined as kids. And the only reason we joined was because it was growing and growing, we saw that all the cool kids at school had a SNES or a Gameboy and we wanted to be a part of that. We wanted to be one of the cool kids, we wanted to be accepted. Now, let's go back to the brony fandom. Now, you have a different visualization of this fandom. Just like other fandoms, it is ever growing, it is becoming more popular. Just like the video game fandom. These people, bronies, that joined the fandom. They looked at it and at first they thought the same thing you probably do. "What is this? Is this a joke?" But they saw that it's members were growing and growing, these people read facts about it, even started watching the show and before they knew it, they were part of the fandom. A fandom where grown men and women like to watch the show, My Little pony: Friendship is Magic. And we ask them, "why?" Why watch a show that was originally and still is meant for little girls. and most of them reply with the same thing. The animation is great, they music is fantastic, the stories and the lessons learned are enlightening. But they don't know what theyre talking about. They're only saying this because the people who originally saw the show and liked it said these things first and so now. Everybody else in the fandom is saying it. But the fact of the matter is, they joined because it was becoming popular, and they wanted to make it more and more popular. They want to be accepted in a large quantity of people, just like other fandoms. And I have to tell you, theres nothing wrong with that. whats wrong with wanting to be accepted? Nothing! These people, these fandoms, are a gateway for people to get to know other people, like a cafe or an anonymous online chat room. We do so many things to get people to like and accept us, because thats who we are. Thats what humans do, they form colonies, groups, fandoms. all in order to forge a strong group of people together. And the brony community, is just another colony, forming together and making acquaintances. But let's say I'm wrong in all of this. Let's say that you joined the fandom on your own accord because you like what you see? If this is the case, then chances are, you probably didn't know it was a fandom in the first place. You like it for what it is, not to join a group. But later, you read up on it, and you realise. You realise that there are more people who like the same thing you do, and you get excited. Because you find out that there are others who enjoy the same thing you do, you have something to relate to with these people that you don't even know. But you want to get to know them, you want to be a part of their "Group". Their fandom. But let's say I'm still wrong about this, let's go far back into a fandoms beginning. Let's talk about Hipsters, the people who started it all. The people who first got into the fandom without realising what they were creating. These are the people who either first watch a new anime or get into a new hobby. These are the people, the origin of it all. And these people, look at what they're doing, and they see something. an idea comes to them and they tell their friends about their hobby. Suddenly they're friends start doing the same thing, and they tell their friends and those friends tell those friends and so on and so on. And after a while, the word goes out, the people on the internet find out about this through social media. Before we know it there are all these people who are doing this hobby, or watching this anime because this one hipster had an idea one day, and told his friends about it. More and more people join, and suddenly there are thousands of people all into the same thing because its popular. So just like this hobby that this one hipster found, the brony community came about the same way. And thats fine, im not saying its a bad thing, but an interesting concept to explore even more, so I need your guy's opinions on this topic. please leave a few messages, talk amongst yourself about this topic. and show me your intellect. Thank you for Reading.
  7. Hinochi, Vex3d, and I worked together to ponyfiying the lyrics to Simon and Garfunkels song Mrs. Robinson. Hopefully we might get someponies to sing and play instruments, but for now here are the lyrics: Mrs. Pinkie Pie And here's to you, Mrs. Pinkie Pie Tia loves you more than you will know (woah woah woah) Luna bless you please, Mrs. Pinkie Pie Equestria holds a place for those who smile (Hey, hey, hey...hey, hey, hey) We'd like to know a little bit about you and your smiles We'd like to help you make all of your cakes Look around you, all you see are great, big, smiling eyes Trot around the grounds until you feel at home And here's to you, Mrs. Pinkie Pie Tia loves you more than you will know (woah woah woah) Luna bless you please, Mrs. Pinkie Pie Equestria holds a place for those who smile (Hey, hey, hey...hey, hey, hey) Whenever you go someplace your kindness always shows Come down to the party with your cupcakes It's a secret recipe, with trademark pinkie flair Most of all you've got to hide it from the Cakes Coo, coo, ca-choo, Mrs. Pinkie Pie Tia loves you more than you will know (woah woah woah) Luna bless you please, Mrs. Pinkie Pie Equestria holds a place for those who smile (Hey, hey, hey...hey, hey, hey) Singing your smile song on a sunny afternoon. Going to the party, don't be late Laugh about it, smile about it When they've got the blues You're always there to bring good news Where have you gone, Pinkamena Pie Ponyville turns sad eyes onto you (woo woo woo) What's that you say, Mrs. Pinkie Pie We know your smile will never go away (Hey, hey, hey...hey, hey, hey) Here is a link to the original song