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Found 15 results

  1. UPDATE: With school starting up for some of the developers working with me, we have ended up lacking programmers again, as well as 3D modelers and animators. If anyone is skilled in any of these, don't hesitate to email me at or drop by the project's public Discord server to say a few words regarding joining development of the game. I plan to have this first made for PC, Mac, and Linux; then later for mobile devices if everything goes well. Hello everypony! I've posted about this project earlier in the year on My Little Game Dev's forums, but I'd still like to spread the word. For quite some time now, I along with a small team of developers have been working on a MLP-Sims hybrid game based on Yudhaikeledai's famous series. However, I still need to expand the team since development is quite slow at the moment. We are working closer to a functioning prototype which will be showcased on our website and YouTube channel once completed. Anyways, back to the point, I'm looking for a few more programmers who understand the C# languages and can work with Unity's engine, and understand the basic mechanics of the original Sims game (just from playing, at least.) The approach of the game is to basically allow players to create their own ponies and control their lives, as well as build their homes and places they visit. The game is meant to be a life simulator, in other words. I'd appreciate any help, and please email me at or join the public discord server here if you are interested in joining the team. You can visit the project website here:
  2. So, does anyone here still play this game? Thread rules: all Global rules apply.
  3. Hey all. Just wondering if anyone here's interested in joining in the waiting masses for the upcoming Space Sim Star Citizen. Link below: Check it out. It looks like it will be completely worth our while to put money toward this.
  4. So, lately I've been a bit addicted to paying legacy challenges in Sims, (Or just challenges in general) and even more lately, I've purchased the Pets expansion pack and the Supernaturals expansion pack. However, I've yet to do any challenges including these packs, and I'm having trouble finding some good ones. So I'm wondering if any of my fellow bronies know of any good challenges, established or just ones you may have made up. Preferably I would like one that has a mlp theme, but I'm good with just about anything. Post below with a link/idea please! Thanks for reading. <3 ZiBP
  5. So this is the second modern mansion that I have made, so here we go.
  6. Went ahead and tried to make my first mansion ever in sims 2 and this is what it came out as. Hope you like it.
  7. I made Sims of Vinyl and Octavia. So... here's them doing what they do best! Tavi: Vinyl:
  8. For those who don't know, The Sims 3 is a life simulation video game where you can create your own characters called "sims", and control them and their life in a town. When you create your sim in the Sims 3, you pick five traits to define their personality. For this thread, we will be using all of those traits to define our personalities. Since you pick five in the game, you will pick five out of all the traits to best define your personality. Once you finish picking your traits out, post them below. I will leave a list of all the traits below. They will only be the PC ones, and the expansion pack ones will be included. Now, most of the traits are pretty self-explanatory, but if you don't know what one means; just go to the below link for a list of all the descriptions for the traits. Here is the list of all the traits: Mine: Shy: I've always been pretty shy in public, but I've gotten better at not being shy. I'm still a bit shy though. Bookworm: I love books, and always have since I could read. Computer Whiz: Since I use a computer a lot, I've gotten quite good at using them. Night Owl: I love being awake at night, and I have the most fun at night. Family-Oriented: I don't know; I've just always had a liking towards family.
  9. Im not sure if anypony here remembers, but i mentioned in my introduction post that i was a horror machinima director. and a bunch of other ponies told me that they think everypony here would love to see them, so here's one video i made with the sims 2 It's called "A nightmare encounter" it's basically a fan film/remake of nightmare on elm street but with different characters. and the Joe character you see in the video is actually supposed to be me. I self-insert in a lot of my videos. all the voices are mine too. i used the pitch adjuster in audacity to make them sound different. please share your thoughts I also really wanted to try making videos about ponies but im not sure how to create custom ones for gmod :/
  10. So I think we can all agree that the sims series is unrealistically expensive. unfortunately, I love the series, so I end up forking over 100s of dollars for expansion packs that have no reason to not be in the game. These are my opinions on all the expanson packs. World Adventures: This one I dont mind paying full price for because it adds a huge chunk of gameplay to the game, however its horribly incorporated. theres no way you can play a normal game, AND incorporate the major parts of this pack into one game. Ambitions: I dont have it, so I cant give you my opinion on it, but the idea behund it seems pretty solid, but not for full price Late night: another horribly incorporated pack. the celebrity ranks are annoying if you arent actually trying to be a celebrity, and the city layout is so impractical. WHY DOES MY SIM TAKE A TAXI TO THE SUBWAY? WHY DOES IT TAKE 4 SIM HOURS TO USE AN ELEVATOR? Bridgeport is by far the worst city for me. Good idea, bad delivery Generations: why on earth is this an expansion pack? This game adds a bunch of minor parts to the gameply that should have been ther already. Why do I have to pay full price for my teens to go to prom? good ideas, horrible price Pets and Seasons: I am putting these two together because THEY HAVE BEEN IN EVERY SIM GENERATION THUS FAR. why are we still paying for it? Why is this not a part of the vanilla game? Its not difficult. I dont own either game, so I cant say for certain how worth the money they are, but really EA. Showtime: One of the few I dont mind paying for. It adds a cool new element, but once again, not a full price game. Its probably one of the better expansion packs, but SO overpriced. Supernatural: as annoying as the supernaturals are, its my favorite expansion thus far. Its the one that incorporates its main new feature the best. except the moon cycles, thats pretty stupid. Moonlight falls is my favorite added city. University: I dont have this one, but it was in sims 2, and I cant remember if it was in the original. It adds a pretty big addition to the game, so I can understand paying for it. Island Paradise: I havent experimented too much, but from what I have learned, its not worth it. The new things are so limited and horribly incorporated, and Isla Paridiso is one of my least favorite towns. Stuff Packs: A sin, really. Thats all I have to say about them. So share your opinion on the sims expansion packs. You can disagree with anything ive said, this is just my personal opinion
  11. So sims 4 is coming out and I am excited for it. My hopes include either A) include the more basic expansion packs into the game or make them way cheaper; another thing I want is the ability to make your own town WITHIN the game. I know they have the create a world tool or whatever, but Im dumb and its not very user friendly. The customization is pretty good but theres always room for more! And this ones a bit far fetched, but a really well made multiplayer mode or something like that. That would be neat. NOT ALWAYS ONLINE THOUGH
  12. I made this little thread for all those on here who play this game. I also made it so if anyone wants to they ask to become SIMs friends. ENJOY!
  13. I have recently gotten back into playing the sims (the sims 2) and I've decided to make an MLPForums family. There will be two families, my active family and the neighbouring family. You will be quoted in this thread a lot to make important decision for your sims, you will also be alerted of anything special or important happening in your sims life. Active Family: 1. Shankveld 2. PinkieDaShy 3. RainbowDash92 4. Shadow Cloud 5. Dragonshy 6. Vicke Neighbouring Family: 1. ADashOfRainbow 2. AppleShy Sparkle 3. Fghik 4. Pencil J. Doodle 5. Jokuc 6. Devin McCourty 7. Lady Rarity Pony 8. Vinyl Pon3 Scratch Current Status: Active Family Neighbouring
  14. I'm sure a lot fo people have played the sims games, and that they've experienced a lot of glitches. Have you hade any happen to you? In sims 3 pets, when a person named Ferby(?) was talking to Lachesis about good technology, he greaw into this skinny tall, fuzzy leggy thing with his head turned around, and he had a black crooked smile on his face. It was creepy, and it happened before. If you can, please get a photo of one.
  15. I was watching MLP this afternoon when a brilliant thought hit me: I should make the mane six in Sims! So I did and here they are! I would love to know what everypony thinks.