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Found 6 results

  1. DDLC is an American-made "anime" dating sim (where anon guy tries to romance cartoon girls), but it's also one of the better ones I've played. The writing is really funny and clever, somewhat MLP-like. In fact, even though there's only four girls, they remind me alot of the Mane Six. The game drags at first, but it gets pretty story heavy later on. Also, there are major spoilers floating around online so it's best to play it flying blind to get the full effect. Even if you're not into anime or dating sims, it's still pretty funny, downright hysterical at times. Also, if you're worried about inappropriate content, it's pretty PG-13. No sex/nudity, etc. You can actually download it for free but I'm not gonna post the link here cause reasons. Minor spoilers below:
  2. I think having those light gun arcade games for VR headsets would be super fun. Ghost Squad, Time Crisis, Silent Scope etc. Particularly if the cabinets are simulated too. I mean, that would make me want a VR headset at least. Just look at Hover Junkers! What do you guys think?
  3. (Note: I wasn't exactly sure where this thread belongs, but I figured this is the most logical place for it, as it relates to the show and technically isn't fanwork of sorts. If this is an incorrect location please let me know. ) For those of you not familiar with Brantsteele, it's basically a site full of simulators based around popular competitions and reality shows (Hunger Games, Survivor, Big Brother, etc.) where you can input characters other than the default. It will then take those characters and map out a completely randomized game or series for the chosen simulation. When I say random, I mean it's random when you first simulate it. Afterwards, if you save it and link it elsewhere, everyone would see the same exact simulation. I recently discovered it and it's super duper fun! And since it's random, bizarre and interesting scenarios can come from it. So I input characters from MLP into a Hunger Games simulator, which you can look at here: Since it's Hunger Games, obviously there will be mild, non-detailed depictions of violence. Other than that it's pretty clean. I decided to go with a villains/antagonists theme. After a while it got difficult to think of villains, so I went with basic antagonists. Some of these characters, Iron Will I recognize for example, weren't exactly evil, but I was running low on ideas. So, have fun and tell me what your favorite bits were. I also encourage you guys to do simulations as your own.
  4. I doubt that anyone will ever rip open the fabric of reality and travel to Equestria, but what is in the realm of possibility is a virtual Equestria that could simulate the physical sensations of the real world. The software already exists to form a self-programming virtual world (as used in Minecraft) and with computer graphics becoming increasingly advanced, it wouldn't be too farfetched to someday be able to upload ourselves into a virtual world that perfectly simulates a real one. Which I think would be a bad thing because people might lose themselves to the "Matrix Equestria" or whatever virtual world. There have already been several news stories about people dying from playing video games for days on end and the same thing could happen here.
  5. Not entirely sure if there is already a topic for this game but i somehow doubt it very much XD I've always been intrigued by Simulation games, not because i liked the look of them, more so that i couldn't understand why people played them, i tried out a few simulators, 2 Flight ones (both Microsoft) a bus simulator and a ship simulator, none of them really entertained me, so when i saw this on sale and with a demo on steam i decided to give it a go, i've been playing it for months now and it is still yet to bore me. Many people i know who dont actually like simulation games really enjoy playing Euro Truck Simulator 2, its a surprisingly fun and calming game to play, you are a truck driver, starting off at the bottom where you work for other people, eventually you can afford to buy your own truck and haul cargo in it, growing your business and getting more trucks and hiring drivers of your own in the process. There is a leveling system, you gain XP and money for making your deliveries, you loose XP and money if you damage the goods you are delivering or if you are late. I've pulled a few screenshots of the game from my steam so you can see it, note that they are all in the same truck, my current favorite truck, a Volvo FH16 with a 750hp engine, there are a few trucks in the game but leveling up will unlock more upgrades for them for you to buy, everything from bigger engines to different lights. The game has a full Day/Night cycle and a sped up version of time, i believe its around 5 seconds to a minute, but i may be wrong on that one. It also has a weather system, driving in rain will mean for slippery roads and poor visibility, you'll need to turn on your windshield wipers to deal with it. AND finally, the top speed i have managed to get to in my truck, i removed the speed limiter (which is set to 65) and managed to achieve 100mph, this screenshot was taken just before i plowed into that wall and suffered massive repair bills. So, does anypony else play this game? You all should give it a go, there is a demo version on steam that you can try out P.S, if you're wondering what everything on that dashboard in the screenshot is: From top-left to top-right: I believe that is the turbo/supercharger, it goes up when i accelerate , Rev counter, speedometer and i believe that the last one is coolant or something like that. From bottom-left to bottom-right: Oil level, Engine Temperature, Fuel Level, Air-brake level. The center thing is display that can be changed, i usually have it tell me how much fuel and approximate miles of fuel i have left, but in those screenshots you can see it also set to temperature/Cruise control speed. Thats only what the inside of the FH16 looks like, all other trucks look different inside
  6. Rose Ribbon: My....celestia.... Butter Bean: Awwwww wook at Butter Bean's flowas!!!! They are so cute and colorful, adorable, colorful, awesome....colorful! Did I say they were colorful? Rose Ribbon: Yes ._.