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Found 11 results

  1. Please note that Katawa Shoujo contains adult material that is not appropriate for youngsters. However, going to the Options menu allows you to turn this feature off. I know there is a really old thread about Katawa Shoujo, but since it has very little discussion merit I decided to make a more open thread to discussing it. For those of you who have never heard of Katawa Shoujo, it is a visual novel about a young man named Hisao Nakai who begins attending a school designed for the disabled after discovering a heart condition. At this school, he meets several people, and five of which he can have romantic relationships with. However, each of these girls has their own disability as well, meaning that communication can be difficult in certain cases. Each girl has a unique storyline with four acts. The girl that you end up with is determined in the first act through a series of choices, and after that, you cannot change, though later choices will determine whether you get the Good, Bad, or Very Bad endings. As a result, it is important to both consider options based on the personality of the well as save often. XD The five girls are: Shizune Hakamichi: The deaf and mute Student Council president. Forceful and competitive, but fair and sweet (once you know her). Responsible and orderly. Very SHE IS BAST GURL <3333 Rin Tezuka: A skilled painter...with her feet. Rin doesn't have arms, and is a little odd; philosophical and kinda out there, but also funny and quite deep. Emi Ibarazaki: After an accident causes Emi to lose her legs, she remains incredibly cheerful as well as athletic. Naive and bubbly, if a little hyper. Lilly Satou: Blind since birth but confident and motherly, especially to Hanako. Really really likes tea. Can be cutting to certain people, though. Hanako Ikezawa: Reclusive and shy to the extreme because of a traumatic experience and burn scarring, so I'm sure a lot of bronies will like her because many seem to be into that sort of thing. That's basically her entire personality. Besides explosive temper and suppressed hatred for like, everything. The notable major supporting characters are: Shiina Mikado (goes by Misha): Shizune's closest friend, fellow Council member, and interpreter. REALLY LOUD. Has amazing drill hair. Cheerful and happy. Does not have any disability; attends as a regular student. Kenji Setou: Poor vision and probably bipolar. He is slightly insane and radical about the feminist movement, convinced that they will take over the world one day, which he plans for. Also hilarious, Kenji is really unintentionally funny. Basically there to remind people that the game was made (surprise!) by 4leaf Studios. There are also Yuuko, the nurse, and the teacher, but they aren't that important unless you pick certain arcs. So, if you've played Katawa Shoujo, did you like it? How did you feel it handled disabilities? Did you think the dialogue and art were well done, as well as the soundtrack? Who was your favourite character and who had your favourite story? Do you think, as many do, that Misha should have an arc of her own? (I added Kenji because I am adamant that he should. Kenji would be my next favourite after Shizune.) Personally, in response to the above questions, I think they did everything flawlessly (except Hanako, I didn't like her at all, LOL). I'll go into more detail later about why I love Shizune as much as I do despite a weak ending to her arc, etc. Also, the music is flawless. Seriously, the soundtrack is amazing. Even if you haven't played it you should download it sometime. Also, newcomers, f it seems like Hisao is being an asshole don't worry too much about it, by the way. He's always like that. It can be hard to tell if you've taken an incorrect path. Another thing: don't use charts to select the options you want. I went through my first playthrough without them and nailed Shizune's story by myself, discovering that I liked her a lot more than I though I would. It's a lot more satisfying to discover it on your own and try to analyze what responses will be best in order to get what you want, and if you mess up, you can always go back and also get different dialogue and options!
  2. Trust me, you'll need this: About two days ago, on an island far, far, away. . . PONE WARS EPISODE II GAMELOFT STRIKES BACK Now, I wasn't going to ANOTHER one of these, but about two weeks ago, during my CRUSADE toward the other side of the world, I was looking at the MEDIOCRE laptops in a convenience store (laptops in a convenience store, how about THAT?). Normally, I'd simply fiddle around with them and CRITICIZE how bad they are (2.5Ghz SINGLE core? What is this? The 90s?); but this time around, something caught MY EYE. On the start menu was a little blue icon with a loopy "G", signifying the ever-so triumphant, GAMELOFT. My timing was bad, but never before had curiosity grown on me. I began to wonder if My Little PONY could be played on WINDOWS 10. When I got HOME, I pulled open my NEW laptop and began to search the store for anything resembling my FIANCE'. Finally (after about three seconds), I managed to find a copy of the famed, "HASBRO simulator" dubbed, "My Little Pony: A GAMELOFT game". Here's where things got a bit complicated. FIRSTLY, the game is so outdated, they're still pulling up Equestria GIRLS promotions (which was equally bad as it sounds. It's some kind of RHYTHM game, but it's got a really bad delay of about 0.75 SECONDS). And the HUD is about as old as Windows 98 (This version dates back to 2013). Unlike the LAST, this version had hardly any lag. In fact, it ran at a smooth 180FPS . . . when it wanted to. Ever so OFTEN, the game would drop to a dead HALT at the worst times. "Want to grab that apple that's falling on the other SIDE of the screen? WHOOPS, let's drop the frame-rate to 12 and forget this was going to happen". It does that QUITE often and always at the most inconvenient of times (like that STUPID EQG dance party mini-game) A lot of the THINGS here are the same as what I said in the ORIGINAL post. It's a waiting simulator that only runs BETTER because it's a Windows 10 counterpart. Despite this, I still MANAGED to have fun by burning all of Ponyville's REVENUE and forcing all the MARES to work for low wages, basically creating Gameloft's COMMUNIST dream society. One thing that, REGRETFULLY, remained the same were the loading times. Now, in WINDOWS 10, apps that work like programs are SUSPENDED whenever the person clicks off them or MINIMIZES them. That's fine and all, but when you're DOWNLOADING updates? It resets EVERYTHING and you have to start it all over again. For a game that already had LOADING issues, it was pretty bad and took me 6 HOURS to downloading something with bad HOTEL internet. Nice thing is that after that FIRST boot, everything goes back to normal and you can spam your Twitter feed with as many horses as you want. The BETTER thing about this version is that I could ACTUALLY experience all the game has to offer. (Such as BAD minigames and other DELICACIES) A lot of the minigames are the same, do the task at HOOF and earn some points. Problem is, it gets really repetitive and you'll soon find out that you earn the same amount of EXP per game (I'm looking at you, TELESCOPE game [which is harder with a MOUSE). The game still costs a lot to play. Not so much REAL currency, but the bits are just as bad. Buying is a pain and really scrapes you dry. ONE problem with buying is that it NEVER tells you just how much money you'd be making with a new SHOP, forcing you to blindly punch numbers into a calculator to find the bits per SECOND ratio. (Yay, SCHOOLWORK) Eventually, like many of you I'm sure, got TIRED of the waiting and remembered a little trick. CHEAT ENGINE, the problem solver of the world. Within this MAGICAL program is a SPEEDHACK, which can UNLIMIT the FPS in the game; thus, making me more MONEY. As soon as I remembered it, I downloaded and submit my COMMUNISTIC Ponyville to EXTREME measures (Pinkie Pie style). Now we're happy to announce that we're making 10,000 BITS every twenty seconds. So that's GAMELOFT'S PONY GAME, from what I've heard, there's a co-op mode where you can play with others. I've got a friend who might be able to help with that; so if all goes well, I'll UPDATE this story and add an EPISODE III. No this is NOT the 5k special. -REalityPUBlishing
  3. A friend just told me about this game in development called "Yandere Simulator." A game where you can finally realize your dream of being a Japanese schoolgirl and, hopefully, being noticed by senpai... By doing things like writing fake love letters, taking photos of other students' panties for a mysterious Info-chan, and maybe even donning a mask and straight-up stabbing someone to death with a ritual dagger. Oh, but you can attend class, too. Put those "study points" into biology if you want to better understand the vulnerable points of the human body. Want to join the drama club? Excellent choice; you have easier access to identity-concealing masks when you want to dole out some pain to troublesome students. You can design your own ideal senpai (the "female" option wasn't available in the demo). I tried to make him look as stupid as possible. Notice me, senpai. Notice me or I'll bludgeon someone with a magical girl rod. While wearing a fox mask, no less. There are a decent number of customization options you can pick on the fly. Here are a couple of combos: Toast-mouth Super Saiyan Yandere. Popsicle-mouth Eye Patch Yandere. By the way: What panties you wear apparently affect things like how well-received your compliments are or how efficiently you learn things in class. Good to know; though I do wonder if this would have benefited me in high school.
  4. I think having those light gun arcade games for VR headsets would be super fun. Ghost Squad, Time Crisis, Silent Scope etc. Particularly if the cabinets are simulated too. I mean, that would make me want a VR headset at least. Just look at Hover Junkers! What do you guys think?
  5. Anyone want to form a brony exclusive club in GT6? I want to be in a club and I thought this would be a great idea. If you just want to friend me and race me outside of a club my psn is newspeed12 but, I just restarted the game so I only have slow cars.
  6. Kerbal Space Program is a space simulation video game, currently in public Alpha, being made by the Mexican developer Squad. It's simple and incredibly fun, and so far in its development it's a sandbox game. When complete it will in-essence be like a NASA Tycoon sort of game, where you can do whatever you want with your own space program. The most recent version at the time of making this thread (Version 0.21), which has all the features and capabilities of building your own rocket (or spaceplane) and flying it. Building rockets is about as simple as Lego, give or take. Learning the basics of Orbital Mechanics through trial and error is a bit more complicated, but far more rewarding. It's possible to navigate anywhere in space of the game's 'Kerbol' system, with a unique set of planets and moons, each unique but also representing our own worlds in the Solar system. Future updates promise to have even more planets, moons and asteroids to explore. Every planet can be travelled to, and landed on, using whatever you want to construct. Rovers, Landers, space-stations, permanent bases, gliders, it's all possible with the accurate Newtonian and atmospheric physics given in the game's Unity engine. Of course the physics simulation is only accurate to the simplified level of detail, rather than fully accurate, to make things easier and more fun. But such simplifications can make things go from fun to wacky or just filled with explosions anyways. The game also boasts a very robust modding community, providing all sorts of additional parts and exploration tools, like the MechJeb Autopilot system, or the ISA Mapsat Mod, which allows accurate height-mapping of planets, for better landing site planning. The Demo of the game is free, but paying for a copy means you have a permanent copy of the game, which will continue to be updated until the game is declared complete to plan when it gets to Version 1.0. Kerbal Space Program is availible for Windows, Mac and Linux, and can be purchased on the Steam store as well. And for those who are already initiated into what KSP is, I also hope this thread can be a gathering point of conversation for those whose interest in KSP and Ponies overlap, because of how the My Little Pony thread on Kerbal Space Program Forums was shut down. Howdy all, and welcome!
  7. (Don't know if this would go here or not.) For those of you who don't know what it is Big Brother is an american gameshow where a bunch of people across america live in a house together for the summer, every week 1 goes home. To make this go faster I will be doing a week every day but first I need contestants. Give me a character's name, a square image, and gender if it isn't obvious. You can submit up to 2 characters and this can include self inserts.
  8. Lel, if you're reading this, take a cookie: With all the time available throughout the day (and my brothers away at school), I took the liberty of this time to flight sim on longer than usual routes. The latest flight being Frankfurt to Hong Kong, which took about 11-12 hours (leaving at 4pm, arriving at 10 am), and...two landing attempts (I'm not used to the 747). Here are some pics! Here's the route taken (this is pretty close to accurate). The thick blue path is the actual route taken, whereas the thinner path is the actual route flown by the airline in real life (DLH796).
  9. Not entirely sure if there is already a topic for this game but i somehow doubt it very much XD I've always been intrigued by Simulation games, not because i liked the look of them, more so that i couldn't understand why people played them, i tried out a few simulators, 2 Flight ones (both Microsoft) a bus simulator and a ship simulator, none of them really entertained me, so when i saw this on sale and with a demo on steam i decided to give it a go, i've been playing it for months now and it is still yet to bore me. Many people i know who dont actually like simulation games really enjoy playing Euro Truck Simulator 2, its a surprisingly fun and calming game to play, you are a truck driver, starting off at the bottom where you work for other people, eventually you can afford to buy your own truck and haul cargo in it, growing your business and getting more trucks and hiring drivers of your own in the process. There is a leveling system, you gain XP and money for making your deliveries, you loose XP and money if you damage the goods you are delivering or if you are late. I've pulled a few screenshots of the game from my steam so you can see it, note that they are all in the same truck, my current favorite truck, a Volvo FH16 with a 750hp engine, there are a few trucks in the game but leveling up will unlock more upgrades for them for you to buy, everything from bigger engines to different lights. The game has a full Day/Night cycle and a sped up version of time, i believe its around 5 seconds to a minute, but i may be wrong on that one. It also has a weather system, driving in rain will mean for slippery roads and poor visibility, you'll need to turn on your windshield wipers to deal with it. AND finally, the top speed i have managed to get to in my truck, i removed the speed limiter (which is set to 65) and managed to achieve 100mph, this screenshot was taken just before i plowed into that wall and suffered massive repair bills. So, does anypony else play this game? You all should give it a go, there is a demo version on steam that you can try out P.S, if you're wondering what everything on that dashboard in the screenshot is: From top-left to top-right: I believe that is the turbo/supercharger, it goes up when i accelerate , Rev counter, speedometer and i believe that the last one is coolant or something like that. From bottom-left to bottom-right: Oil level, Engine Temperature, Fuel Level, Air-brake level. The center thing is display that can be changed, i usually have it tell me how much fuel and approximate miles of fuel i have left, but in those screenshots you can see it also set to temperature/Cruise control speed. Thats only what the inside of the FH16 looks like, all other trucks look different inside
  10. WELCOME, to my blog :comeatus:. I don't know where to put this introduction, but I had the idea just a few minutes ago of starting a blog for all my flight sim trips since I always took pictures of a lot of my flights, but I never did anything with them except keep them stored in my computer, so why not do something cool with them and start a blog for anyone who's interested? Even if nobody but myself is interested, I'd like to keep the entries of my flights stored somewhere better than just jammed in my computer. ANYWAYS, a friend of mine, a very retro friend (@Retro*Derpy) of mine suggested I transport "children who haven't seen their parents in ages" to a backland city in Russia (Murmansk), using the 787. Of course, I ended up using the 777 since I had trouble with the 787's panel (missing some features). This 777-200 to be the case: The flight took...oh son of a gun, the flight took course over several days since I was busy and couldn't do it all in one day (4 hour+ flights aren't manageable since the computer is shared), but I estimate it took about 9 hours from take-off to landing. I'm a little lazy with the blog at the moment, and I'm sure I could be a little more organized, but here are screenshots from my descend and landing to Murmansk. View the screenshots from top left going right, then going down (so view them in this order): 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 And all the children rejoiced to see their parents ! Some were probably disappointed xD .