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Found 30 results

  1. I’m pretty sure everyone who’s heard me talking about DAGames saw this thread coming. For context, DAGames is a gamer, musician, etc. over on YouTube (technically it’s a team, but the guy “Will Alex Ryan” is the head of the channel). He is infamous for his Bendy and FNAF songs, but he also has a variety of original songs as well that are really good if you’re into rock and heavy metal. Any favorite songs you have of his? Have you watched his regular videos? Are you just curious because you randomly clicked on this thread? All types of those discussions are welcome, so feel free to talk about anything and everything DAGames here Put warnings on stuff that has a lot of bad language or anything else, just for courtesy. That’s really the only rule.
  2. More questions on who's the best out of the mane 6 after generation 4 ended, a while ago. and i want to know more of your opinion. Who's the best singer in the mane 6, no background characters, secondary characters, or no any villains singers. Just the mane 6. and your reason why you like the characters powerful vocals.
  3. if you had the chance to change or make the position of the band members? what position would they be? would be like ever other group that just sing and maybe dance a little or they would be a band with instruments? who would sing lead or sing for the back vocalists
  4. I've kinda come to a halt in what to do next for new song covers, so I thought I'd put myself up here and see where this goes. I LOVE singing, but lack the skills to write songs or play instruments anymore (le sad), but so far I've done a lot of cover songs and collab covers with others, not many original songs really. Technically I am now the official backing vocalist for Tennyson's Twin, who just launched their EP, so theres a little to my music resume XP I also just got a new mic to play with and am learning a bit more about vocal editing. Most of the stuff on my Youtube and Soundcloud is edited by me, but theres a few where others have done so. I have a voice that can suit most genres or ponies if you like. Rainbow Dash and Rarity being the preferred ones. I have yet to do Applejack. Most people have said I'm suited to rock and punk, but like I said, I can do anything. One thing I would LOVE to hear is myself put into a more dance mix or remix. Here's a few popular/best ones I've got done so far Please feel free to message me if interested. I'm usually always up for doing new songs. My channels:
  5. I hope this clear the air         ​
  6. Hey there guys, I feel like I'm pretty good at singing, so much so that I'd be willing to give my skills to someone who was in need of it. (Also, I'm not actually for "hire", as in needing to be paid, just lemme know what you need me for )
  7. Hi everyone! I rewrote the lyrics to an orchestral song a while back, and I would like some advice on how to move forward. The song is about Luna's role as a dream mentor and is inspired by the episode Sleepless in Ponyville. Here's the original song (please skip to 0:37). It's from an old Pokemon movie, but the song itself has nothing to do with Pokemon. It's quite different from most songs these days, although maybe that's a good thing? The part that I'll be using lasts from 0:37 to 2:16. And here's a nice instrumental version of the song. I'll probably use this as a baseline and rework it to better suit the rewritten lyrics. Here are the original lyrics, followed by the rewritten ones. (The melodies are more or less the same.) --- Original --- When daytime turns to night When the moon shines bright When you're tucked in tight And everything's alright Slip softly to that place Where secret thoughts run free There come face to face With who you want to be, so Swim across the ocean blue Fly a rocket to the moon You can change your life Or you can change the world Take a chance, don't be afraid Life is yours to live Take a chance And then the best is yet to come~ Make a wish! It's up to you Find the strength inside, and watch your dreams come true You don't need a shooting star The magic's right there in your heart Close your eyes, believe, and make a wish... --- Rewritten, sung by Luna --- When darkness takes the light When the day turns to night When your fears take flight And nothing is alright Slip softly to that place Where secret thoughts run free There come face to face With your greatest fear and misery And take a stand, don't hide away For if you do it's here to stay Learn to face your fears But don't you be afraid For I'll be there, to guide the way For you to see the light of day Face your fears Until the darkness disappears~ Dream away! I'll be there soon Find the calm inside, and gaze up to the moon I'll come down to guide the way For you to see the light of day So close your eyes, and sleep, and dream away... Unfortunately, I'm new to audio editing and music production in general, so I would like some advice on what steps I should take next, like what software would be ideal for composing and editing an orchestral song. Oh, and I'll also need a singer for Luna. The community here seems really friendly, so I look forward to getting to know more about the music side of the fandom, and also about how music production works here. If everything works out, this will be my first song ever released, so I'm willing to put as much effort into it as possible. (I'll also have the time for that.) Also, here's a tentative introduction to the song. Is it too verbose? Feel free to comment on it. As the reformed Luna adjusts back to her role in Equestria, the struggles of the past return to haunt her present. For while the ponies of Equestria thrive under her sister's guiding light, still nopony seeks her help in the lonely night. How can she live up to her role as the ruler of the night, if nopony is there to seek her guidance? But fortunately, there is a way: for while the ponies might sleep at night, they remain troubled in another world, another place. And it shall be her duty, as ruler of the night, to guide them through... Thanks for reading!
  8. Well hello there everypony! In recent date, I have noticed that there really are not many female pony musicians and since I write songs regularly, I have decided to take on the challenge and I love what has come from it! Also, the majority of Pony songs are electronic or rock and since I tend not to write either (although my boy friend does do electronic pony music, his name on youtube is OfficialFacade, and I have written lyrics for some of his pony songs that are at a WIP stage) I thought that my singer song writer style would be a bit different and so far people agree which I really appreciate. So bottom line, here it is! Here are the lyrics: Oh Spike, I need you now, But you gave to Rarity, Your heart I found. Oh Spike, Where are we now, I'm lost with out my best friend All I know are frowns From the moment of your birth I've been right by your side Your the only one who's stuck beside me When I closed up in my mind You've never left me so alone But today I saw that you were gone And though I smiled right at you You know I went and cried I guess I've got the others The elements of harmony I'll be alright with them at my side But you still broke a part of me I'll find a way to win you back You're all I want and thats a fact Rarity is good for now But I'm not gonna just lay down Thank you so much to anyone who listens <3
  9. This is a personal project that I have been working on for almost a year. I am wearing my heart on my sleeve. more info in the youtube description
  10. Totally forgot about this forum. As a brony singer/songwriter i cant believe i havnt posted on here. So just heads up im a pony of many genres, mostly punk (mostly post core punk), accoustic, and electronic. One is Crystalize (an accoustic love song sung as if its sunge by Armor to Cadence) which will be on Pony.FM in a sec, but you can check it out on my Soundcloud Just wanting some feedback. Secondly I am currently starting a techno metal track with my friend SlightlyAmiss. this is a post core punk track that mixes synthesizers with heavy drop c guitar riffs and double pedal drums.
  11. Has Justin Bieber gotten better with time? Did you listen to him more now or in the past? Where do you think the Bieber fandom is heading? Will you go to his concerts?
  12. So, I'm not sure why exactly anypony would want to hear me sing, but I think I'm pretty good and it's really the only skill that I have that I know people would like. (Hopefully...) Anyway, I'm open to any request, but I don't know too many songs, but if you give me a song name, at least give me couple days at most to get it learned, and then I can send you an mp3 file for everypony to enjoy! I'm still not quite sure if ponies on the site would actually consider this "content", but I'm willing to give it a shot. Pony songs I think I've learned good enough to do right away: I am Octavia Gypsy Bard Pinkie's Brew The Moon Rises Lullaby for a Princess Misc. songs I think I've learned good enough to do right away: (Almost) = Only 1-4 songs I don't know (Almost) All From Under the Cork Tree (Fall Out Boy) songs (Almost) All Infinity on High (Fall Out Boy) songs (Almost) All Folie a Duex (Fall Out Boy) songs (Almost) All American Beauty/American Psycho (Fall Out Boy) songs Die in a Fire (Five Nights at Freddy's) That's all I can think of at the moment. Any requests you make, I might be able to do right away, in a couple hours, or in a couple minutes. It just depends on the song. If I REALLY don't like the song/can't learn it, then I'll let you know and apologize sincerely. One more thing, one request per person, per... Month? I don't know, just don't clutter this up, because learning songs takes time, but I'll be more than happy to sing them for everypony if you guys can give me time. I really hope you guys also like this preview. For anyone who is wondering, it's part of the chorus to "Headfirst Slide into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet" by Fall Out Boy. Preview.mp3 -Rhys Sanguine
  13. Any somewhat decent female vocalists wanna do some english covers of vocaloid songs with me? I play the guitar, and for a while now I've wanted to some english covers of vocaloid songs, but I don't know any female singers, anyone interested in maybe partnering up? I wouldn't care whose youtube channel it ended up getting uploaded on, hell if it's allowed by youtube, you can even have the ad revenue. Just curious to see if anyone would actually be interested, age doesn't matter, gender kinda does, vocal range doesn't matter, I really just want someone to jam to some vocaloid music with.
  14. I don't know if this is the right place to post something like this, but Idk where else to ask. So I've been producing music for a couple years, and after episode 100, I've gotten a harp synth and into a mood to create a love song (or songs) to Bonbon as Lyra, and I don't feel my deep male voice is appropriate. If anybody is a female singer with a good mic (and/or lives in Denver) then I would love a collab.
  15. So, this is just a random thing I was thinking about. (I think about all kinds of random things, so I guess it isn't really that random.) Pointless rambling aside, I was just curious. I personally sometimes listen to some people on YouTube who do covers or parodies. Some I listen to more often, some less. I don't really listen to a huge list or anything, but I listen to them here and there. Especially as someone who has been trying to improve on my own singing, and I personally enjoy singing, I feel I especially appreciate and enjoy hearing a good cover, parody, or even original song in some cases. And most of this stuff I find on YouTube(actually basically all of it lol.) so that got me wondering. How many others here have people on YouTube they listen to covers, parodies, whatever from. Or are even subscribed too? If anyone is wondering what qualifies as a "YouTube musician" in my eyes I think it is someone who is a musician who puts their music on YouTube, and that is atleast where they get most of their exposure from, they can still have their covers and songs on other sites and stuff to download, but they still upload their stuff on YouTube and that's where people typically find it. As far as mine, I have two who I listen to a good bit. The first is a guy named "Caleb Hyles" He has a pretty popular "Let it Go" cover that you may have heard, but he also has plenty of other really cool covers that I enjoy personally. (I'd also like to throw in that he watches MLP! So yay! He's even done a "This Day Aria" and "Giggle At the Ghosties" Cover.) Here's his "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" Cover, one of my favorites of his personally. The other one whom I listen to a good bit often is a guy on YouTube by the username NateWantsToBattle. He actually does other gameplay stuff as well as covers and parodies, and many of his early parodies are Pokemon based, even a few today, but regardless I enjoy his covers and parodies, and even some of his gameplay and other stuff too here and there. He did a cover of "Simple and Clean" from Kingdom Hearts, and while I actually have not played Kingdom Hearts myself yet, he made me fall in love with this song! I think i even like it better than the original after I looked it up and listened to both. Here it is.. Alright, so there you have it, two of my favorite YouTube musicians. Now that I have finished rambling on and on hopefully you have not fallen asleep yet, and you will tell me some of your favorite YouTube musicians! Oh and one more thing, you can technically include brony Musicians, but If possible i'd like to try not to have this include just that, so if you can find any others i'd probably prefer that, especially since I think there have been favorite brony musician threads before. Alright, that's really all the rambling this time! Have a good day y'all!
  16. I was just wondering if there are any of you on this forum that likes to animate or sing or VA or anything of the sort, so I decided to make a thead to chat with others with talents. I know what you might be thinking and don't worry, I'm not one of those kids that are like "CAN YOU MAKE STUFF FOR ME PLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZZZZZZZZ?!?!?!?!?!", I am just a normal person who just wants to learn about new people in his brony community and thought it would be nice to make a thread where you can. Feel free to tell a little bit about yourself and what you like to do, and maybe even show off some of your work. For instance, I am a person who likes to make pony videos animated with Garry's Mod on Youtube. Here's one of my animations (which seems to be my most popular): I'm looking forward to seeing what the rest of you guys like to do too.
  17. the king of the 80s 90s and the 70s who made of the best song ever he wote some of the greatis songs ever made Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough Rock With You Working Day And Night Get On the Floor Off The Wall Girlfriend She's Out Of My Life I Can't Help It It's The Falling In Love Burn The Disco Out and other songs
  18. Hi guys! Soooooo...I am EXTREMELY new to the Ponyverse, but I have a SERIOUS passion for music. Does anyone have any advice on how to get more involved in any musical projects? How to get involved more in my area (Orlando, FL)? Since I am new, I just thought there may be a forum, website, experienced Brony musician, etc. that may explain all of this somewhere. I am a singer/voice actor. Here is a snippet of my work...please listen all the way to the end as I do Applejack, Granny Smith, Apple Bloom, AND Pinkie Pie's voices in this video. It's a cover of "Apples to the Core." Would appreciate any help/advice anyone out there can give...good or bad! Thanks in advance for the help! Tenacity
  19. To whom if may interest. Means what the title says. Looking for a singer and/or lyrics writer for a song I came up with called Scratching it Up. I am hoping to add a singer so it doesn't sound as empty but you must have a good mic. Mine is very crappy unless i would attempt this myself. Also if you want to write lyrics I say go for it. You don't need to sing it. If possible I would like this song to be MLP related if that floats your boat. If you want to know anything else just ask. Thanks. Song Link
  20. I'm trying to make a song, and i figured the best place to go would be the brony community! As a brony i know that Bronies are a good place to start when you need help. Still, i know that asking for help on a non-pony related song is kind of a stretch, but i ask that you hear me out... So i was making pony music until i got the idea to make a serious song with no connection to any fandoms as a highlight of my music making career. I had a singer who is a pega-sister (and actually got to work with Rina-Chan!) helping me, but she was too busy preparing to go to cons and such. :c So now im in desperate need of help.... Anyone who is a good singer with good recording equipment should help me out... I have lyrics, the song is made, i have the instrumental posted, i just need a singer. This project has been sitting around for far too long and i need to do something with it. Here is a link to the instrumental If you have any previous work and want to post it, do so here. If you don't have any work, make something and post that here. I'm afraid that I don't currently plan to make any money off of this project, so i can't pay anything, but if you make this song, and you really want too, i may start commissioning songs that have a singer, in which case, I'll up the price and split it 50/50 with you! P.S. My last singer was female, so I'm looking more so for female singers, although i may setle for a male singer if I can find one that is good enough! I found a singer!
  21. So recently I was taking to another brony about hugs. Mainly about how much they have been dumbed down recently. In my life I have almost never gotten a hug from anyone. I was talking to this guy about how I love the fact that the Brony community is alright with hugs. Every Brony can hug another Brony with no problem (Most of the time). Well, I have been struggling recently on figuring out how to add to the media side of the Brony community. I had this bright to create a SONG ABOUT HUGS! But one problem, I can't make music. I can't read it, and I can't make it. But of course thats why I came here. I have no idea what the lyrics will be or how the music will go. I was thinking that after the music track was made the lyrics would be made. So here is what I'm asking for: Someone to produce music for this song. I wanted the music to sound happy nonstop. Something along the lines of "One plus 1" by Sim Gretina ( The music from that song just makes me smile FOREVER! Again I know this is a big request and there is no specific goal other than make music. I'm not the greatest singer, so there may be a spot later on for the singer. Also again no lyrics but it's gotta be something about hugs. This idea is really small right now, but I'm sure if people want to help make this than they will. The whole point is to make a song that will just make people extremely happy when they hear it, and want to give hugs to everyone!
  22. Hey musicians! I'm brand new to this forum and the show and would love to participate in any way I can. I have my Bachelor of Music degree in voice performance and have been performing and singing since I was 8. I'm just trying to find a way to share my talents and help anyone out who is trying to create some great art. Let me know if you're interested and I can shoot you my website where you can hear me singing. I would love to help create some beautiful music with you all! -SB
  23. Ok, I recently saw a video of these people covering a Green Day song, and I was thinking why not do that with brony music, thus the idea appeared. So below is the video that this was based off. So basically it's a band that covers brony music. This can be rock versions of songs like "Love Cheerlee" or a normal cover of "Long way from Equestria". Below is the positions to be filled. So, if you like the idea, and you want to be involved with something why not this? Vocalist: Rhythm/lead guitar: Dusty Soul Rhythm/lead guitar: Bassist: Drums: Keyboard: The 2 guitars play both rhythm and lead. Like for every song one of them gets the solo, if applicable. Also all the songs we will do don't have to be covers, more then likely we'd do some original songs as well.
  24. Hi there thanks for your time reading this Some days ago I got bucked by mare inspiration and had to do this rewrite on Macross Plus’s song Voices. I really got into it and now I want to take it the full way. The problem Im not that skilled at music, the only instrument I can play consistently is a door (knocking it ) and although Im not a totally bad singer but… I cant sing like a lady so right now I hit a wall. So what to do ask help to this kick ass community, I open this commission to any singer and musician that wants (and can) help me on this. As you will listen below, there is just piano for melody and the song has this lullaby style” consider this please. The rewrite In a way I tries to be a lullaby like song something the mothers can sing to their foals before going to sleep, about how the world, the princesses and how this was made. Also I tried to with play some RL relation stuff as you can consider some elements relate to Lauren Faust and her wish to bring this world into a show that have touch us all in a way.... So yeah here it is. Also if you think a line can be improved tell me =D
  25. Hallo mein Freund. My name is Air Psyren. Some may know me as a fanfiction writer. Other know me as a troll. Most of you do not know me at all. I love this fandoms music, especcially the stuff created by 24railwaycuttings, which are My Little Pony parodies involving the cast of Team Fortress 2. Wanting to contribute more to the fandom than just a bunch of craptastic fanfics, I decided to try and create some parodies of my own. I showed them to afew of my brony friends and they said they liked them. However, my singing skills are equivelent to the of Batman trying to do an opera so... yeah. That is why I am asking for some help. I currently have three Parodies created: 1. Being Popular (The Type of Gamer Every Gamer Should Know) 2. Slender Man (Bab's Seed Parody) 3. Art of the Guard (Art of the Dress Parody) As I had wrote them all in a journal, I'll be posting them on here as they get typed up. For now, here is Being Popular: I'll be the talk of the web, the player on the go I'll be the type of gamer every gamer, every gamer should know I'll be the one to watch, the best in the flow I'll be the type of gamer every gamer, every gamer should know Becoming as popular as popular can be Making my mark, making my mark in ranked society I'm the number one on the board, the star of battle's flow, yeah I''ll be the type of gamer every gamer, every gamer should know See how they hang on every word that I speak My arrival on their team is what they all seek I'm the crème of the crop, not just another John Doe I'll be the type of gamer every gamer should know At home, at the cafe, on a fancy yaht Connect to wi-fi to be the talk of all of Canterlot I'm the crème of the crop, not just another John Doe, yeah I'll be the type of gamer every gamer, every gamer should know Because I'm the type of gamer Yes, I'm the type of gamer Yes, I'm the type of gamer every gamer should know If anyone who has the nessasary equipment to record themselves singing it feel free to do so, just give me a link to the video and credit me as the lyricist.