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Found 11 results

  1. Hey, Everypony! I am doing a 100 subscribers special on my channel, I am doing a cover. -I need- Twilight Sparkle AppleJack Rainbow Dash Pinkie Pie Princess Celestia Princess Luna and Princess Cadence if you wanna help out email me at
  2. Do you like voice acting and singing? Do you like Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog AND Doctor Who? You've come to the right place! I have a friend who is trying to create a Doctor Who and Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog crossover. It will be an original musical. I had volunteered to be a voice actor, but my schedule became to busy to be of much help, so I had to drop out. The least I could do is help recruit more people to help. Voice actors/singers are needed. Also, things like this are fun, but it is also being taken seriously, so we need serious participants. I have done things like this before that completely fell apart because even just a few people weren't being professional. That being said, she seems pretty determined to do this thing, so if you can be professional this would probably be a great thing to be a part of. She has a few requirements he wanted me to tell you about, so here you go: 1) A high quality mic. This goes without saying. No background noise or echo. 2) You MUST match the voice of the specific character you have chosen as close as possible. Practice before signing up and auditioning so you know if you can do it or not. 3) A non-tight schedule. This is EXTREMELY important for any project like this to work out. DO NOT SIGN UP IF YOU CAN'T FOLLOW THROUGH ON YOUR PROMISE. Skipping out for whatever reason hinders the progress for everyone else and is just not a very cool thing to do. If you do sign up and have to drop out, it is your job to find a replacement. 4) A voice acting and singing ability range. Sorry, but just being able to do voice impersonations is not enough. You need to be able to do some real voice acting and singing. It doesn't need to be the amazing, but like I said before this project is being taken seriously so we need some serious voice actors. 5) PLEASE make sure that when you send the audition, your file(s) must be in MP3 format! She cannot accept other file types. If you have other file types, then you can find programs online that can convert your files (Always research the program before downloading. I don't want any of you to download a virus). If you are sincerely interested, comment here and I will give you the songs and lines you need to record for an audition, and refer you to the person in charge. ps: Admins, sorry if I posted this in the wrong place. I'm never sure if I'm in the right part of the forums.
  3. Okay, I'll try not to judge. It's just that there are so many horrible.... augh... no..... tolerate! Love! Okay! Here's my take on good female singers. 5. Basia Bulat 4. Tori Amos 3. Buffy Ste. Marie 2. Joni Mitchell 1. Ann Wilson Here is Ann Wilson singing Stairway for Led Zeppelin with her sister Nancy and making them cry from sheer awesomeness. WARNING: You may cry as well. I did. Nobody does Led Zeppelin like Heart, except maybe Led Zeppelin... on a good night Have some more! I love those girls so much, I just can't even...
  4. So I once wondered - which music celebrities would go well with MLP characters due to similarities in personal interests, characteristics, and personalities. Here's my pairing list - tell me what you think! Oh and no hate please! Twilight Sparkle = Carly Rae Jespen. Both have a somewhat attractive voice, don't mind dancing, and also have popular internet phenomenons behind them (Twilicious - call me maybe) Pinkie Pie = Chris Brown or Andrew W.K. Both share a passion for being comical and partying, and also have been revealed to contemplate about their life and what they've gone through. Fluttershy = Justin Bieber. Both have had a rough past, both don't like a zillion flashing cameras in their faces, and both have charmingly sweet singing voices. Applejack = Taylor Swift. Country charm/flair and overall honest and dedicated to those whom they love. Rainbow Dash = 50 Cent. Loud, brash, and loves fast, big things. Both live in massive white mansions. Both are addicted to success and being at the top. Many of 50's cars are also blue in color. Rarity = Selena Gomez. Young, super sexy, but caring and wise in their dealings. Modest yet fashionable and love to share with those whom they love. Vinyl Scratch = Skrillex. #BecauseDJ. Octavia = Enya. Both are masters at soft, sweet, classical tunes. Coloratura = Adele. Stylish yet simple, with an amazing voice. Loves being in the spotlight and in the big city.
  5. We'll as said in a post I made earlier I get really nervous about asking others for help. But I need help with this song I made a while back. It's called the everfree forest. But I seriously have no idea how to make horrorstep/rap songs. Can anypony help me?
  6. So, as a singer myself, I admire many great vocal talents out there, and I was just wondering what some of the other people's favourites might be. My personal top tier is as follows: 1. Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) 2. Jim Morrison (The Doors) 3. Layne Staley (Alice in Chains) 4. Ville Valo (HIM) I'm a baritone, myself, so I guess that's why I tend to gravitate towards baritone, and baritone-ish voices. What are some of your own favourites?
  7. Have you ever listened to a band you really liked, and then you realize, "wait that singer isn't around anymore." What singer would you have brought back from the dead? For me probably Freddie Mercury. (no surprise there)....
  8. My friend still hasn't decided to sing along to thi cover of Luna. If you'd like, anyone of you can go ahead and cover it, it still needs some vocals guys xD
  9. Personally, here are some of my favorite singers/bands that seem to get some hate: Linkin Park Adele Those are actually the ones off the top of my head; most people seem to be neutral on bands/singers I enjoy. about you all?
  10. Hello! My name is River, and I need singers! Well, actually just one singer... You see, I have a SHIT load of song ideas, but I'm not a native English speaker (therfore I have an accent) and my singing generally sucks ASS. So what I need, is your voice, to collab, you don't have to be a good singer, but preferably past voice-cracking. You can contact me on my youtube account (add me as a contact and mention this thing so I know you aren't just a random guy), my skype, peleg_burshtein (yes, that's my real name) or my account. My first idea is either, Ballroom Blitzcrank, as in Blitzcrank from League of Legends and the song Ballroom Blitz, or Siver, the champion Sivir from LoL once agian, and the song Shiver by Coldplay. Now not all the songs are gonna be LoL related, but it's a start. So waddaya say? Ya' got the guts? LET'S DO THIS =D (And if you're having second thoughts, just look at my signature )
  11. I've been unofficially making music for years now. I am kinda trying to get into legit uploads. My current project is hopefully going to take a month. And it involves a LOT of singing. My melody is going for a Deadmau5 style track. By Deadmau5 I mean layed back and relaxing electro. Slow and sweet. Emphasizing on sweet. I'm looking for a soft, voice. Mellow and easy. If someone can hit high notes, softly. Consider this challenge. To be considered I would like some sort of audition. From hitting some high notes, to singing a chorus. Help much appreciated.