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Found 9 results

  1. No this is not the 7 deadly sins anime. Which of the well known 7 Deadly Sins best suits your personality? - Pride: Being overconfident - Lust: Lusty - Wrath: Angry - Sloth: Being Lazy - Gluttony: Overeating - Greed: (We all know what Greed is.) - Envy: Jealousy (I didn't know what emote to put here) I'm Gluttony. I eat too much
  2. So I just finished watching this anime and was wonder if anyone else has seen it? If so did you like it or not and why? Sorry, I'm a curious guy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For those interested here's what Wikipedia summarised the plot as: The Seven Deadly Sins were once an active group of knights in the region of Britannia who disbanded after they supposedly plotted to overthrow the Liones Kingdom . Their supposed defeat came at the hands of the Holy Knights, but rumors continued to persist that they were still alive. Ten years later, the Holy Knights staged a coup d'état and captured the king, becoming the new, tyrannical rulers of the kingdom. The third princess, Elizabeth, then starts out on a journey to find the Seven Deadly Sins and enlist their help in taking back the kingdom. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Small personal review ahead, proceed with caution: Personally, I really like it for characters, especially greed and sloth, and story isn't that bad as far a stories go but the all but a few of the battles were too short and I didn't like the Elizabeth that much as a though character, I just found her annoying. Also I heard a season 2 is scheduled for 2016 so there's another thing to add to my "Reasons to be hyped for 2016" list
  3. What are your sin and virtue? My my, what a grim title. I am quite happy about that. So, I will clarify things. This is not a "what is your crime and what is your good deed" thing. It's a bit different. As you may know, seven deadly sins are some sort of the primary evil that is the origin of every other evil in a human/sentient being. They oppose to the seven heavenly virtues, who are their opposites. Here are the sins with their opposites: Lust - Chastity Gluttony - Temperance Greed - Charity Sloth - Diligence Wrath - Patience Envy - Kindness Pride - Humility So, in this thread, you can, if you want (I'm not forcing you xD) to tell, what is your main(s) sin(s) are (imbued with your personality) and what are your main(s) virtues are, describing how they are manifesting. Every other "quality" is said to be derived from the seven sins/virtues, like bravery, altruism, apathy, laziness, narcissism, spite, but you have to tell the "main" sin/virtue from which it is derivedThere is no perfect human, we all carry darkness within us. I could say, some don't even have virtues, but some of those, virtueless, can act as if they have a virtue. I guess it's good enough. Trying not to be that bad is admirable, even if it's only to try to lie to yourself that you are good and trying to escape the truth. So it does qualify. <---------------------------------------------------------------------------------> I guess since I started the thread, I have no choice but to be the first one? Well, so be it. My main sin is wrath. I am normally calm and smiling, but I know if someone hurt those I love, I will unleash my wrath on them, with the sole purpose of destroying them, without thinking of consequences. I would also say my other sin is sloth, because I am lazy because I don't care, because I am extremely irresponsible, because of my apathy towards others and because I make promises that I easily forget later and fail to fulfil. My virtue is kindness. I seek to help those who ask my help, trying to bring a smile on the faces of my friends. I can rarely decline when asked to assist with someone and hate argues and angry disputes and when someone cries. And I like cats. Only kind people can like cats! ... what do you say? Sebastian Michaelis like cats? Well, I guess it makes my argument invalid xD. <---------------------------------------------------------------------------------> P.S.: And now it's your turn. Try not to portray yourselves as totally evil monsters and try to give at least one virtue. But don't portray yourselves as perfect angels too. It is impossible to be perfect. And try to tell the truth, otherwise, there is no point in telling anything.
  4. So, yea. The title says it all. So, which one?
  5. So, just want some people to talk about Past Sins, the most amazing story I've ever read with some of the brony community. I know for sure that ever since then I've been comparing everything I've been reading with that, and so far nothing's beaten it. The writer's amazing and tells this story like he was actually there. I really appreciate his work and if you HAVEN'T read it, here's the link:
  6. Hey its done! Look at it and bask in its glory
  7. SO I've been working on this animaiton for a while now and its finished now please check it out haha!
  8. Just as the title says, what irritated you when watching the season finale, what made you face palm twilight and the ponies, or was it just that well put together. But anyways, speculate away!
  9. Okay, so I've been (for some unknown reason) reading around on some random stuff, and came across the Cardinal Sins, also known as the Deadly Sins. There are seven of these sins, each of which are supposed to uphold savage consequences when they're broken. Then I came upon a thread on these forums about Rarity being kinda mean to Spike and stuff like that, so I began to liken some of the characters in MLP:FIM to the Cardinal Sins. First, let's start with Lust. Lust is the sin of great desire of any object, be it money, fame, power, etc. It can easily be described in the pony world when, in the episode Lesson Zero, Twilight casts the 'need it want it' spell on the doll. Then, everypony that laid eyes on that doll lusted after it. I likened this sin with Rarity, whom used her seductive powers to get something she wanted, not once, but twice, and as a filly, desired for everypony to glorify her costumes for the talent show. She also talked Fluttershy into modeling her dresses. You may think differently, but I think Rarity did this because she knew Photo Finish was coming, and wanted Finish to see her dresses. She therefor put her friend in the spotlight, even though Fluttershy hates attention, just to showcase her artistry, in a desire for fame. Second, we have Gluttony. Gluttony is the sin of over-indulgence to the point of waste. As an example in the pony world, if you'll remember the first episode, Twilight stays for brunch, winds up eating too much, and then has a rather round stomach for a bit. However, that doesn't mean that I chose Twilight as the representative of this sin, rather, I chose Pinkie Pie. In the show, she does eat quite a lot, and when she does, she's chowing down, eating as energetic as she parties. Which brings me to the other reason I chose her. She's always partying, nonstop. Gluttony doesn't have to be about food, and Pinkie shows it by over-indulging in both parties and cake. In fact, in the episode Party of One, Pinkie is so interested in partying again that she completely forgets her own birthday! The third sin is Greed. I doubt I have to explain this one to anypony, but I will just in case. Greed is basically just the excessive desire for the ownership of material possessions. Just like when Spike went on his rampage in Secret of My Excess. And you probably guessed that Spike is who I chose to represent Greed. Yes, I know it's cliche, but when there's a whole episode about his Greed, not to mention the fact that he's a dragon, which, by lore, are the greediest beings in the world, it really leaves no question to the matter. Not to mention the fact that when Spike was rampaging on, his memory clouded by Greed, he could've hurt his friends, not even batting an eyelash. Also, pretty much all the other dragons in Equestria show greed, the main example of this shown by the dragon in the episode Dragonshy, and all his wonderful riches. Fourth of the sins is Sloth. Sloth is basically physical, mental, or spiritual laziness. A ponified example of this might be when Twilight used magic instead of physical brawn in the episode Winter Wrap Up. But don't worry, it's not Twilight I chose. It's Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash is always being lazy. In the first episode, she doesn't bother to clear the skies until pushed by Twilight. In quite a few episodes, she makes an appearance shortly after napping. In the episode Mare Do Well, she puts off saving a few people until the last possible second, sometimes even being too late, and Mare Do Well having to save the day. Fifth of the Seven sins is Wrath. It's also the one I feel I'm going to get a lot of hate from. Wrath is inordinate and uncontrolled feelings of anger. The best way to describe the pony version of this is the "new" Fluttershy from the episode Putting Your Hoof Down. Onto why I'm getting hate for this one. I chose Fluttershy. I know, you're probably screaming that "Fluttershy is so adorable and cute, how could you choose her for this?" or something. I'll tell you why. Because out of all the mane six, she's the only one that ever had, or showed, Wrath. During the whole episode Putting Your Hoof Down, she exhibited Wrath, meaning that she was always capable of it. It just took the combined efforts of Iron Will and being undermined by others to bring it out. Seeing as how she is the only one of the mane six to have this sin, she gets it. Simple as that. Six out of Seven is Envy. And there are only two ponies left. Envy, as we all know, is the coveting of a person because they have a desired object. An example of this is Twilight being envious that of her brother and Cadence. So guess who gets this sin? Twilight. In the first season two finale episode, Twilight becomes envious of her brother's attention, I concluded this because of her lines and BBBFF. It may not seem like it to you, but to me, by becoming angry at her brother for not telling her about the wedding, she desired for him to give her his attention, so that he could tell her these things. She also slightly resented "Princess Mi Amore Cadenza" for having her brothers attention. That's envy, ladies and gents! Last of the sins is Pride. Last of the ponies is Applejack. Guess who? Anyway, the sin of Pride is to uphold yourself greater than others, or to desire to be more important/attractive than others. A ponified example of this would be Rainbow's excuses to try and get the tickets in the episode Ticket Master. However this is Applejack we're talking about. How could she uphold herself in such a fashion, you ask? Well, in the episode The Last Roundup, Applejack's pride prevented her from showing her face back in Ponyville after she failed to win the competition. She couldn't come back to town to bring the knowledge of her loss to everypony. Also, in the episode Applebuck Season, her pride to complete the challenge Big Macintosh laid before her prevented her from doing the things she really needed, like sleep, and kept her from effectively helping her friends. It also led to a bunny stampede, which lead to the fainting of at least three ponies. That's it. That's all that my brainwaves have to offer. xD