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Found 27 results

  1. Yeah so, I have three younger siblings: a brother who's two years younger than me, a brother who's 5 years younger than me, and a little sis who's 11 years younger than me, I still live with them duh. I'm just curious how many of you guys have any siblings and if you live with them or not.
  2. My sister has acid reflux. That means that acid from her stomach is coming up and burning her vocal cords. In retrospect, she can barely talk and this has been going on for three years. She is a singer. For three years she has not been able to sing, let alone talk normally. At first, the doctors did not know what was wrong with her. A year later we figured it out. Now she has a vocal choach, and many other doctors and appointments she needs to go to. Tomorrow she goes in for a surgery that will change her life around. They will be putting in a magnetic ring in the area where the stomach connects to the throat. This will close the flap to her stomach, ensuring that no more acid comes up to her cords anymore. It’s a simple, noninvasive surgery. That doesn't make it less scary. So I'm hoping she makes it out of this okay and that maybe someday soon I can hear her sing again.
  3. This can be any pony that you, yourself would like to have as an older/younger brother/sister. It doesn’t have to be based on if they are a good sibling or not, just one that you think could fit the role in your life. For me, personally, I think that Twilight Sparkle would be such a sweet older sister and when we were foals she would always read a book every night and just be a responsible, protective dork.
  4. This post is a sequel to my post about Spike and Smolder being long-lost siblings: Remember when Smolder said she had a brother that she was glad to get rid of when he went through his molt phase? If Smolder was still around during that, then she has an older brother, and me, along with many others were thinking, what if Garble is Smolder's brother? And since I think Spike is Smolder's long-lost brother, that would extent that Garble would be Spike's brother too! DUN DUN DUN! :O I think this would work fantastic! Know why? Cause Spike and Garble have been arch-nemeses since Dragon Quest, and how would the two of them feel if they were actually siblings this whole time? Smolder would play as the neutral party in this regard to try to get them to get along, but Garble just won't accept a "pony dragon" as a brother! But then some kind of phenomena happens that would persuade Spike and Garble to finally get along! What kind of phenomena would that be? Well that's up to the writers to decide! This could be Garble's way of reforming (if he does)! Now I'm NOT asking you how likely would this be, I'm asking you what would you think about this scenario?
  5. Hi, everypony, No offense at all, I loved the movie a lot and it was really more than I expected, but there were still couple of things I wanted to see, although I knew some of them would not happen, so I want your idea by voting, which one of the cases disappointed you the most? Which One Did You Dislike The Most About The Movie? -Starlight and Trixie had no dialogues at all. -We only saw the CMC at one scene, in a cage. -Fluttershy only had few lines. -There was no Discord at all. (not counting the balloon that Pinkie Pie made xD) Vote for it, I wanna see your opinion. Not in the section? Still just pick the one that you wished to happen the most then. Peace!
  6. After @@Sporemane, suggested my old version of my OC Mercedes should be her evil twin in this thread , so I was excited to draw...her lil sis! (the twin idea got scrapped because I have a lil sis, so why not?). Her Blue-Red mane is a reference to red and blue roses (not Photo Finish maiden). And she has heterochromatic eyes, a reference to an anime (if you know which, you get a cookie! :3) I tried to make her look like she's walking but, meh. Audi VaiRose Her Big Sis, Mercedes
  7. I had a funny idea for an OC, it's a secret sister of the character Silver Spoon. Silver is element 47, for the OC, I just used element 48, cadmium, here is Cadmiumspoon! That's my first OC ever, I think it took me about one or two hours, the cutie mark is a spoon made out of cadmium (I know, very creative). I mostly used metallic tones, but the eyes and the ribbon are orange, because cadmium is used to make orange pigments. I only made the design, but not a personality or background story, should I make her the hidden, nice sister, or a bully like Silver spoon. By the way, cadmium is very toxic and was used in cheap jewelry for children, maybe she could be like, that others don't want to touch her because she is poisonous, and because of that, she is very lonly.
  8. This is my sister's ponysona, Eternity Ending, she designed it, I just did the vector.
  9. So in some friendly role play I may have stolen something from my brothers and they didn't like that so sibling fighting began and then I drew it. I stole those cookies in the name of my stomach!!! If you have questions ask. I don't mind.
  10. I love this anime (well, most of it). I stayed up all last night just to finish it and now all I wanna do is talk about it. So if there's any other fans out there, please don't hesitate to dicuss whatever you want about it. :3
  11. This SWJ wants her daughter/sister/friend to follow her values. Can you give me a list of things she will advice her daughter/sister/friend?
  12. If you had a daughter or sister in your care, and you don't want her to fall into the dreaded realm of "blind fangirlism" (e.g. Bieberism, One-Directionism, Twilightism, etc.) how can you stop her, and save her life? Plus, (aside from MLP:FiM) would you like to recommend any good subcultures for her to join?
  13. A Sister's Final Farewell.rtf Here is my story I hope you like it
  14. Haaaa This one is another one of my skits XD
  15. chat codes: SawyerDoesMinecraft Magicalflutter5 Hi people! Hai.
  16. Set immediately after the CMC's return home from the Crystal Empire. Scootaloo entered her house and sighed, dropping her suitcase on the floor. The excitement of being in the Crystal Empire hadn't worn off on Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle yet, but for Scootaloo, it had faded about an hour outside Ponyville. For she had known that in a short time, she would have to say goodnight to her fellow crusaders and go home. It was hard to say what her exact feelings were for her little house. (PAUSING, will continue later) (EDIT, am working on and will get entire content up later)
  17. My favorite family member is my dad. He is a very friendly and funny, a caring person; a doctor; and hates to see people unwell. He also cares a lot for me, and even if he scolds me for doing something bad, he'll cheer me up afterwards and give me a snack to make me feel better. I never hold grudges against him, because I just can't. He's not that kind of person. Who's your favorite family member and why?
  18. I had this idea after my sister gave me a picture for my birthday that read "Will you be my BBBFF?" - Which, almost made me cry, by the way. And I left out the cutie marks on purpose. I honestly think they wouldn't look very good on this.
  19. So this is my first time ever drawing a pony by hand! I think it turned out pretty good! My 14 year old brother wanted a pony, so i made two ponies! him and me! Is there anything i should change? And yes. I know. My face looks a bit fat. It's not easy to draw when i'm banging my head to dubstep. @_@
  20. Inkie Pie (left) and Blinkie Pie (right) being cute together. Inkie Pie and Blinkie Pie. These are the two sisters of Pinkie Pie that don't really get enough love. So, I decided to bring a little spotlight to them and create a thread for finding out which one of them is your favorite. Vote above and give reason below if you like. To help you decide, I decided to give out some cute pictures for the two of them. Blinkie Pie Inkie Pie Some pictures of them together Anyway, my favorite would be Inkie Pie. She looks like she is the mature one and has a nice color scheme and design. And I love her mane. And she is adorable.
  21. So, who else is stoked for this game? It has gotten pretty good reviews. I've been looking into the series ever since I ran across the excellent DS game: It's a series that started as a (surprisingly entertaining) ripoff of the Mario series developing it's own personality under a new and very talented group. And it has awesome music, too.
  22. Butter Bean ish so uber excited!!! She finally has her a sister! Her creator was nice enough to make a sibwing for Butter Bean! Sis...why are you speaking in third person? I-it's...just weird...*cowards*
  23. The most updated version can now be found on FIM Fiction: Information: this is going to be my fairly short fan fiction about Rainbow Dash teaching Scootaloo to fly. Also please post feedback! Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo were standing on one of the lower clouds in the sky. Scootaloo looked over the edge nervously and then looked up to Rainbow Dash for guidance. She wasn´t sure to give this a try, but since she was that close to Rainbow Dash, she build up more confidence within herself. Of course she had courage! But to admit weaknesses in front of her hero mare wasn´t that easy for her. “Go on. Just jump and then use your wings and try to fly” Rainbow Dash told Scootaloo. She knew that the little mare had some difficulties to overcome her fear. Scootaloo always wanted to make a good impression on her, but it was just ok. “What if I fall to the ground though?” Scootaloo asked, fearing the height. Just by looking down made her feel dizzy and the feeling of butterflies in her belly made her crazy. With a small jump he hide behind Rainbow Dash who had to chuckle a bit. “Do you really think your big sis would let that happen to you?” she replied. "Never of course! We are a team, and we can do anything together! Just remember how you beat the fear about the headless horse! Just concentrate a bit, take a bit breath and do what you dreamed about!" Rainbow Dash said, giving the filly a bit advice about her emotions. “I guess you’re right Dash” she answered a bit shaky on her hooves. But since she made a promise, she would do anything to keep it in front of her hero. She trusted Rainbow Dash. Scootaloo moved towards the edge and jumped off. She tried to user wings to go steady and fly, but instead ended up flailing. The wind pressure was just too much, and her little untrained wings couldn´t bear her weight. Rainbow Dash darted down and caught her before she even came close to hitting the ground. “What’d I tell you?” Rainbow Dash asked with flare. She had confidence that Scootaloo could do it, but perhaps the missing training was something she didn´t think about until now. Rainbow sighed and carried her to the ground. “I knew that you wouldn't let me get hurt Rainbow, but I still can’t fly like you” the little filly answered with a saddened voice. Even if it looked easy, she couldn´t do it just like that. Her flapping technique was just good for her scooter to gain speed, but it didn´t help at all for her own weight to lift into the air. “We’ll change that and that’s a promise!” Rainbow Dash answered with confidence in her voice. She would teach everything she knew about flight. [Note: the text above contains edits from Iron Wing (link)] Later that day Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash met at Sweet Apple Acres near the Cutie Mark Crusaders club house. “Alight Scoot the first thing that you’ll need to be as awesome as your big sis is learn to trust” Rainbow Dash explained. Rainbow Dash picked up Scootaloo and propped her up on top of a fairly high up cloud. She proceeded to untie a blue cloth she had tied around her right hoof and wrapped it around Scootaloo’s eyes effectively blind her. “Um… Rainbow what are you doing?” Scootaloo asked in a somewhat confused tone. Rainbow Dash paused for a second and then in a lighter tone then usual “Making progress” in attempt to mimic something Twilight might say. Scootaloo giggled at this and this helped her release some tension. “Alright Scootaloo I want you to stand up and face forward” Rainbow Dash said as her voice got quitter as she went down to a slightly lower cloud. “Why are you below me?” Scootaloo yelled thinking that Rainbow Dash was far away. “Jump” Rainbow Dash yelled “I’ll catch you”. “What is the point of this again Dash?” Scootaloo replied. “You have to be brave and trust your-” before Rainbow Dash could finish her sentence Scootaloo jumped down and into Rainbow Dash’s arms. “Well that went over easier than I thought it would” Rainbow Dash said exhaling from the small surprise. Rainbow Dash wasn’t really expecting Scootaloo to jump so soon she had figured that she would stall a bit more. “Now what Rainbow Dash?” Scootaloo asked excitedly. She briefly flew in the air before plopping back down on the cloud. “Wow you just flew! It’s wasn’t very much but I guess it’s something” Rainbow Dash said. “I did?!” Scootaloo squealed excitedly. Rainbow Dash cringed a little from her high pitched voice however she quickly smiled, because she didn’t want to ruin her moment. “Yep you sure did” Rainbow Dash said. “So what are we going to do next?” Scootaloo asked again. “Sleep! Even a pony of my caliber needs to rest” Rainbow Dash said as she curled into a ball. Scootaloo was a little disappointed that she was going to have to wait, but after a few minutes of waiting she spotted Pinkie Pie below. “Hi Pinkie Pie!” Scootaloo yelled to her from above. Pinkie Pie jumped into one of Apple trees “Why are you in a tree Pinkie?” she queried the apparently frightened Pinkie Pie. “OH! It’s just you Scootaloo” Pinkie Pie said as she hopped out of the tree and regained her normal bubbly composure. “Why are you laying on a cloud? Let me help you get down” Pinkie Pie said as she pulled out an inflatable boat. “Just jump and you’ll be fine” she continued. Rainbow Dash began to wake up after her short nap and saw Scootaloo about to jump down. “What are you doing?” Rainbow Dash asked demandingly. “I was going down to see a Pinkie Pie” Scootaloo answered as she pointed her hoof at Pinkie Pie. “HELLO!” Pinkie Pie yelled from below. “If you would’ve jumped you could’ve bounced off and really hurt yourself you know” Rainbow Dash explained. Rainbow Dash understood that Pinkie Pie meant no harm and Scootaloo was just getting bored a feeling that she could easily relate to. “Ugh… just ask me If you want to get off the cloud next time. Until you can fly well you really shouldn’t be trying these stunts” Rainbow Dash elaborated. “You sound like Twilight” Scootaloo said thinking about how Twilight is always giving advice. Rainbow Dash nearly fell over and began to say “well Twilight is cool too…”
  24. The new boy band 1D has gained momentum over the year. Now, I can't bash anyone who likes them or their music, but there's a line between liking, loving, obsession, and just downright crazy. For example, as a brony I fit in the loving/obsession (it changes based on what episode I just watched) My sister is past crazy, however. We are in church and she invited a fellow "Directioner" to come. The entire time, all I hear is "OMG Nike is soooo hot! OMG he's so sexy!" (I've wanted to shoot myself for typing that.) This is what I mean by crazy. I mean, I love MLP and RD, but I'm not all "OMG filly AJ is freakin adowable!" While she was, I'm not going full blown crazy over it. Anyone else have crazy siblings like that who giggle and swoon over an Irish singer?
  25. Ok so i got to thinking what if Rainbow Dash had a sister.. what would be her name what color would she be and what would be her cutie mark where would she live? whoever comes up with the best idea of her im gonna see if i can get sombody to draw her and get it posted to devianart by the way thumbes up ideas that you like..