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Found 6 results

  1. Evenin' everypony.I was watching Sonic Rainboom just now and the thought of "best episode to show a new person" came across my mind. I felt a bit conflicted since the episode that got me hooked was part two of the season one pilot (gotta love Giggle at the Ghostie), but not every new pony has the attention span/open-mind to sit through an hour of exposition.So, what do you ponies think; what is the best episode to show a person that has never seen the show before?
  2. I've mentioned this a couple of times before. But after seeing "Brotherhooves Social" I've been thinking about this for sometime and I think that they should change the name from the "Sisterhooves Social" to the "Siblinghooves" Social. That way Stallions and Colts can participate in the event and they won't have to dress in drag to participate. I can also imagine having ways to adjust the event so it can accommodate for Larger Stallions such as Big Macintosh such as test of strength or something like that. They can also accommodate for ponies with 2 or more siblings such as the Apples and Pies Also that way ALL the Mane 6 can participate: -Twilight Sparkle teaming up with Shining Armor -Fluttershy teaming up with Zephyr Breeze -Pinkie Pie teaming up with Maud, Limestone, and Marble -Applejack teaming up with Apple Bloom and Big Macintosh (not "Orchard Blossom" but as himself) -Rainbow Dash teaming up with Scootaloo -Rarity teaming up with Sweetie Belle -For laughs they can probably have Derpy teaming up with Dr. Hooves. Each of the ponies would still be competing in teams of 2 however those with more than 2 siblings can "Tag out" before certain events so that all the siblings can have equal participation. It would also make for personal interaction between 2 specific siblings such as Applejack and Apple Bloom, Applejack and Big Mac, Big Mac and Apple Bloom, Pinkie and Limestone, Pinkie and Marble, Maud and Marble, Maud and Limestone, or Limestone and Marble. However, ALL siblings will partake in the hurdle race towards the end. Hopefully for the event, Big Mac will train to actually jump hurdles. As for who wins it's fair game. Do you think they should change the name of the "Sisterhooves" to "Siblinghooves?
  3. :okiedokielokie: You know, someday, my birthday's not going to be the middle of the goddamned week, and I'm going to be old enough to appreciate that. Anyways, "Sisterhooves Social". Spoilers ahead. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - So this episode opens up with Rarity in bed..........................great smoke fills her house. She tumbles downstairs to find Sweetie Belle trying to cook breakfast, but instead fucking up. That's when she realizes that her parents' vacation was this afternoon this afternoon but tomorrow and that she promised to watch Sweetie Belle in their absence. Begrudgingly, she accepts this task and works "spend time with your sister" into her schedule. I'm sure that schedule included sucking the carrot of Mr. Carrot Cake. As her parents leave, Rarity gets a proper breakfast going, filled with vitamins and minerals. To accomplish this, she slices a carrot. Oh GOD.... A shiver was sent down the spine of every stallion within miles of this event. Throughout the day, Sweetie Belle fucks up a series of tasks. First, she wrecks the dining room table trying to adhere to Rarity's specific commands on how to put parsley on an egg (this one's Rarity's fault). Then, she shrinks one of Rarity's sweaters (she wears sweaters? Since when do sluts wear sweaters?). Next, she uses Rarity's fashion gems to make a picture. Finally, she turns Rarity's organized chaos of a room into disorganized neatness. This is probably the part where Sweetie Belle found some of Rarity's "toys" and started to bring them to school, and that's probably why she lives on the streets now, but we'll figure this out later. Rarity was not pleased with the redecoration of her room, leading Sweetie Belle to leave the house and wander Ponyville unsupervised. This is where she runs into Apple Bloom, who starts telling Sweetie Belle about the Sisterhooves Social. .......That poster says "Sihovi Incionvcna", which I can only assume means "Shitty Inconvenience". Sweetie Belle thinks that the Sisterhooves Social would be a great way for her and her sister to bond, but Rarity thinks it's ridiculous. Why? The Sisterhooves Social doesn't "sound very clean", and that "playing silly little games in the dirt is uncouth". Fuck you, Rarity. With your slut ass giving head to every Tom and Harry Dick within a thousand feet of you, you're in no place to judge the cleanliness of others. Sweetie Belle's had it with Rarity, and says she's going to both do the Sisterhooves Social without Rarity and disown her sister. Is that legal? Don't know, don't care. Rarity and Sweetie Belle hate each other and they go their separate ways. $10 of my birthday money says a shipping spawned because of this. At Sweet Apple Acres, Sweetie Belle is complaining to Apple Bloom and Applejack about Rarity. Applejack assures Sweetie Belle that Rarity will cum come around, but Sweetie Belle says "nein". OR "nien". However it's spelled. IDGAF. So as Sweetie Belle spends time at the acres, she witnesses the sisterly bond between Applejack and Apple Bloom. How they do chores together, how well they get along, etc. Meanwhile, Rarity starts to become increasingly regretful of the way she's treated Sweetie Belle. It's too late however. As Sweetie Belle starts to bond with Applejack and Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle adopts Applejack as her new sister. Again, is that legal? Don't know, kinda care. Another $10 for this shipping. R*Saves Draft*arity's apology doesn't go that well as a result, and she asks Applejack why she must make her look bad. Applejack explains that being sisters is a game of give and take, and that Rarity has done null in terms of giving. Rarity starts to think of solutions to this problem, and so forth one comes up. Rarity knows what to do! Do we know what that is? No, of course not, so fuck it, we'll just wait until the next six minutes run their course. Speaking of running a course, it's Sisterhooves Social day! Apple Bloom agrees to give up her place with Applejack for Sweetie Belle just for this one day (which makes me think -- Apple Bloom and Applejack have not competed in a Sisterhooves Social event together during the real-time of this series, have they?). However, Applejack's in on a little secret. For after Applejack falls in the mud with Sweetie Belle, her eye color changes from green to blue. Coincidence? I think NOT! Sweetie Belle and "Applejack" complete a series of tasks, such as jumping over hurdles, eating pies, pushing bales of hay, egg balancing, racing, and grape stomping. And in the end, it is these two that win the race barely make it over the finish line as another pair of sisters wins. Well, they may not have won, but Sweetie Belle soon discovers that it was not Applejack who was participating with Sweetie Belle. The eye color change was intentional in the mud after all, as when Applejack went in, it was Rarity who came out as bisexual. That blackface tho. In the end, Sweetie Belle and Rarity make up, and everyone has a good laugh and what not. And that is "Sisterhooves Social". ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think this is just an all around really enjoyable episode. No gripes watching it straightforward, as the comedy and the situations keep me invested. But to specify, I really like the dynamic of Rarity and Sweetie Belle in this episode. Sure, Rarity can be a little annoying at times, but it is the sisterly bond that salvages their relationship in the end that really makes this episode grand. Far better than the "sisterly love" morals in the likes of Frozen. Now, I know, "what does Frozen have to do with MLP"? Well, nothing, but it helps me appreciate this episode because films like this and some others (such as Twitches) use sisterly love as a deus ex machina to solve another problem, usually one that threatens the well-being of entire kingdoms. Here, it's realistic. Sisterly love is the problem, and sisterly love resolves itself. It's a moral for domestic life, and it makes sense. That's why this episode is strong, and especially compared to so many other works with morals like it. I give "Sisterhooves Social" a 10/10. Say what you will about Rarity or Sweetie Belle as individual characters, but their dynamic is one of the best in the series. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ooookay then... *ahem*. When I return on Friday, I will be one year closer to death. The question stands, will this birthday of mine allow me to see the world through new eyes? Nah, that happened a long time ago. Fuck me, and goodbye for now.
  4. One thing I decided I want to do with my series is challenge the fandom on the spots where my opinion seems to split from the general consensus. And first up is my contention from my review of For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils: I think it altered Sweetie Belle into kind of a brat. The video where I make my case can be found here: This forum is for debating whether it's true, to see if anyone can refute me. To summarize the case I make in the video; 1. Sweetie Belle was never portrayed as a competitive sore loser before: Even when she did attempt to shine and it didn't work out (The Show Stoppers), she was, at most, disappointed in herself for not being as good as she wanted to be. She never lashed out because she was angry at not getting recognition for its own sake. So even if this episodes entire premise holds up (which it doesn't, see #2), her reaction would have been glum and silent, not angry and vengeful. 2. Her jealousy complex with Rarity comes across as made up for the episode: The only two examples of one sister "stealing the spotlight" from the other, as Sweetie Belle complains, are both from the episode in question, and the one that apparently sewed the seeds for this conflict - the fifth birthday party - doesn't have even the vaguest of connections to anything we'd been shown before. Sweetie Belle was never portrayed as jealous of Rarity, nor intimidated by her, and even when Rarity flat out told her in Sisterhooves Social that she was doing a bad job, she became frustrated with the rejection, not the lack of credit. 3. Sweetie Belle, of all characters, was perhaps the least egoic of the entire main cast: Among the characters concerned with impressing someone else (or timid over their inability to do so) Sweetie Belle would probably be the last one on the list. Where even Pinkie Pie can fall to pieces when she thinks she might be losing her friends' appreciation, it took Sweetie Belle several direct conflicts in Sisterhooves Social just to start getting down on herself. And even among her friends, she's been the least concerned with failing to impress (taking her failure to bowl in The Cutie Pox better than Apple Bloom, etc.). A direct contradiction to her easy-going, fun-loving character - without clear progression - felt jarring and unfitting. While I do think there are possible explanations for her behavior, like preteen angst changing who she is, it does make me appreciate her less as a character. But then, that's my take. What's yours?
  5. Time to look at where the fandom and I just don't see eye to eye. First on the table, Sweetie Belle's transformation into a total brat in For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils.