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Found 10 results

  1. Guest

    Royce's Art Bunker

    WELCOME TO ROYCE'S ART BUNKER - ENJOY YOUR STAY, MORTAL! This is just a little topic where as I dump all my stuff - basically, a punch of pictures, made in either Photoshop or Paint.sai. Some of it old, some of it new. Enjoy! Here's another one - made it in PaintSai, with a touch of
  2. Ok, here goes. I'm currently taking a course in college known as "Drawing for Design", and just as it's saying, it's basically Visual Arts for the TV Broadcast/Film (Movie) Industry (along with Game Development of course). I'm fine with drawing with reference pictures (in a mediocre manner), but this course is specifically supposed to prepare students like me to draw without using references, commonly known as drawing "Free-hand" (even without rulers). I am asking any Bronies here who are good with drawing with and/or without references to please give me some tips, tricks, exercises, etc. that helped you guys to keep up to speed with your drawing skills (assuming you actually know of them) that may help me as a newbie in the long run. It'll be very appreciated. Thanks again for your time.
  3. Pony art has cough my interest, im really into pony art and i am still learning. So i would like to get some critisism to how and what i could do to improve my art. the paper got crumbled :okiedokielokie: I understand this is not the best, but you gotta start somewhere
  4. I'd like to state the fact that usually when i draw i look off an image and draw it as accurately as possible which is what i did with all the drawings if posted. I'm starting to try and sketch more so i can develop my own style for drawing and was wondering whats the best way to approach this so any tips would be greatly appreciated thank you Attached are some photos of sketching i have done today its all mainly practice and nothing real yet. check them and let me know what techniques i should use thank you all my friends.
  5. Hey there every pony! I'm going to be drawing for a little bit and probably work on my RP's banner art during this time. Feel free to stop by and say hello! It's gonna be pretty casual, so put on your jammies and grab some cocoa, it's going to be one cozy night. Livestream Link Back to Ponyville! Banner so far. Well that's all done now and all I have are a few doodles to show from said livestream, hope ya'll like it anyhow!
  6. So, sometimes I randomly sketch things, which are usually landscapes. Generally speaking, my sketches are awful. However, I'm quite proud of a few of them, so I figured that I'd display one proudly in the hope that it might become affixed to some metaphorical refrigerator. Without further words, here's a sketch: I made this in fifteen minutes while listening to some French jazz. That's about it. If I make another sketch that I feel proud of, I'll probably post it. Maybe... And I'm sorry for the bad quality, but I don't think my printer is set up properly right now, so I couldn't scan it.
  7. hey guys lately iv'e been trying to get better at sketching and have been drawing random things this is the only drawing i managed to finish without tearing it to peaces and staring again i think the ear looks a bit odd any tips to help me get better at drawing ponies like this would be much appreciated
  8. Boredom is really a great way to start drawing. I mean for real! Every time I get bored I draw. By the way this is my first time drawing Octavia and I think I did pretty well.. ^-^ I also am trying to get the hang of shading correctly. "Where is my cello?"
  9. It took me a day or so for each stage- Latley I've been pacing my self and not forcing my creativity and thinking before sketching- It's of Fluttershy, obviously, and is in pencil(3B) and I tried working on my shading, not over doing it but not too little. I tried something new. I hope everyone who sees it likes it as much as me!^^
  10. So I've been drawing quite a lot the past couple of months (compared to my earlier activity, not others~), and so far I'm very satisfied with Paint Tool SAI as my drawing-program... However, I recently heard about Manga Studio. I looked at it, and found the Manga Studio 4 Debut is actually kind of cheap... So what I heard is that Manga Studio is better (in some ways at least). Anyways, my question is: Is it worth getting and at least trying out Manga Studio? Is it any good/better compared to Paint Tool SAI and other programs such as Photoshop?