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Found 11 results

  1. So after getting experience under my belt i have observed the way i drive. I usually stick to the fog line(fog line is the white strip on your right) and leave space between my lane and the other lane. I'm also slow to accelerate since slow acceleration saves gas. I always signal 300 feet before my turn off and i leave at least one car space between me and the driver in front of me. I can also do a three point turn and park perfectly(i have a truck so thats saying something) My question to you is this. How do you drive and how good are you at following the basic rules of the road?
  2. Ok i was going to post this on the Unpopular opinions thread but i think this needs its own thread because i want people to see this and give some feedback as to why this is so common. My Input: SO many people...and i mean SOOOO many people dislike and or hate "rap" music, which in all honesty i don't get, BUT to each his own ya know? but the part that bothers me is when people say it isn't real music, or it takes no skill, that's bologna. Rap music indeed requires skill and just as much skill as any other form of vocal.....talent...usage..thingy, i would know, i write the stuff, and not the lame BS 1 word per 10 seconds kinda rap, when trying write rap with even a modest level of speed, having the words sound good, rhyme without sounding generic, sound catchy, deep at times, unusual etc etc, is not a walk in the park by any means. And not to flip the script on other forms and styles of music, but i don't see how any song writing for any other style, (Rock, ballads, R&b, Blues, even screamo) are any more skillful, they do take a different level of vocal skill to Sound good(sometimes), but not everyone sounds good rapping either, and alot of the skill in rap is like i said, writing it, writing songs is of course also a huge skill thing as well, but there is no discernible difference in skill needed when you compare writing both song songs and rap. I really don't see why people say it doesn't require skill, the beats for rap can SOMETIMES be Basic poop, and ALOT of rappers are also Poop, But the thing is, most people dislike -->Hip-hop<--, not rap, -->hip-hop<-- has changed and its subject has become dull, Repetitive and i will say to some degree skill-less. Shee rap itself is the entire style of how you put words together and say them. Not a subject or theme, its a very broad word and encompasses ALOT. Example: You may say you dislike haiku's or limericks, but you wouldn't say you dislike Poetry in general, because that is way to broad a thing to dislike. and there is always SOME piece of poetry someone likes. Another thing is i have heard rap IN non-rap songs, eg. a rock song or so with a small snippet of rap in it, yep people who supposedly dislike rap like those songs....da fuu?. SO peeps who read this, if yall really just don't like words said in a rhythmic fashion....then do what yall do, but yea that what be in my head, so please.....discuss.
  3. welcome to the school of gifted unicorns!! rule 1: no dating rule 2: no swearing rule 3: no marysues and no power playing. have fun!!!!!! Stumbles out of bed and walks to the book shelf, picks up lots of books and puts them in her saddle bags. ################################################################################################################################### at school she meets her friend red ribbon and walks to class with her.
  4. So I have a character who knows martial arts but isn't the kind of character where that would be readily apparent until he gets into a fight scene. How can I establish that my protagonist has this skill in a way that's organic through action or dialogue before he's actually called upon to defend himself? EDIT: The story does not take place in or around a dojo or school, nor in Japan, China, or even Equestria at least at the start. So the location does not lend itself to this knowledge either.
  5. Are there any games that you really wish you could play, but you are unfortunately terrible at? Either because the game is too difficult, or just because it's a style that you have no idea how to play; these are the games that you've droolingly watched a thousand LPs of, but wouldn't dare pick up yourself. For me, this would be grand strategy games, especially the Paradox titles. I love the idea of conquering the world one historically-accurate nation at a time, but unfortunately I've always sucked at strategy games in general; and every GS game I've tried has just been too complicated, too obtuse, and too unfriendly to new players for me to have any fun with it.
  6. If you could have a cutie mark, what would it be? What would it symbolize? Why? If I could have a cutie mark, I would have a light blue and green microphone. It symbolizes how much I like to sing. People tell me I'm good at singing. And I enjoy it a lot. The reason behind the color choice is that light blue is my favorite color.
  7. This is probably going to attract no traffic but I felt like talking about it. Cursive. I'm pretty sure we've all seen it. You know. You squiggly lines that people wrote in years ago. But do we still need it? I think yes. Back in um... second? yeah, second grade writing was a class where we were taught how to write cursive. Now my teacher was ancient (60 or something. Not that old but it felt like it then) and had the mentality that it had to be perfect. Every E had to be the perfect size and capital G had to have the exact loop. I wrote in cursive for years after this and that was my go-to writing style. Then after a few years we moved (That's the army for you). My next school didn't care for cursive nor did they teach it. I was directly asked by teachers to write in print rather than cursive. Bad for me cause I had almost forgotten how to write print and had to make the sudden swap. Now my hand writing is pretty bad and traces of cursive can be found when I do write (I mostly type now becasue of my handwriting) such as many times I never lift up and write full words with no break in the letters. I can still read and write cursive so I think I'm good. Now to get off my life story and to the point here. We need cursive. One argument is signatures. "It ain't a signature if it ain't in cursive" Says my 87 year old Southern grandmother. And that's right. If seen many times were someone writes print where it should be a signature. Public Schools don't teach it yet is a needed skill. If it's in print it can be forged easily. I'm not going to put the whole "Cursive is an art form" thing out there cause that's just stupid. Old documents written in cursive that hold historic value can't be read by many public school students and private school students from there lack of learning. I'm not saying everything should be in cursive rather that people need to know it when they see it and be able to write in it if needed. I ended on a weak note here but that's all I've got. I leave with this. Can you read it?
  8. Some people said I suck a bit. Does it really matter if I am good or not? Can't everyone just enjoy video games no matter what?
  9. I believe that talents are gifts that you born with and you develop it through the years. For example, I am an artist, and I've been drawing since I can remember (5 years old) but sometimes I'm kind of insensitive towards people who can't even draw a stickman, and I am like "it's not that hard to draw circle, c'mon!", but maybe for that person is trully hard to draw! I may know how to draw, but I don't consider myself a singer, actually I am awful, and I am secretly jealous of people who can sing very well, not autotune good, but natural good :3 (Usher, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey etc.), maybe they may have the same attitude, "how come you can't sing? is not that hard!" There are also people that are natural born dancers, I am not talking about professional dancers, I am talking about people who don't have issues trying to feel the rythmn through their bones and move their bodies accordingly no matter what music are thrown at them, then learning dance moves are rather easier for them than the rest. I consider myself one of these (kind of ) it is possible to learn, all of the above, or more. There people who are natural leaders, other are very elastic and agile, other are rather fast with numbers and complex formulas, and the number of talents are infinite! so, what do you stand for? do you think that talents are gifts or skills?
  10. Another drawing by me again . If any of you remember, I posted a movie plot that I have been developing for the last few years. Most people who read it applauded it, but then I got quite the scare when some of them said that someone could steal it . Anyways, this drawing is related to the movie plot I made, and it's an air cruiser that I have been developing for the last few years. I decided to draw it with a lot of detail this time (Of course, the cruiser is too freaking huge to put every door, etc.), and this is the result . TL;DR - This airship that I have been making is based of that movie plot I made a while back C - Cruiser D - Designated A - Air/Aerial V - Vehicle --- T - Type A - A-Model HUMMINGBIRD comes from the shape of the ship, which is loosely based on it. The most similiarites come from the low, humming noise the engines produce and the long "beak" of the ship, which is actually a laser. What do you think ? I should also mention that I'm gonna be making more of these pics. You know, alien war vehicles and such? The next few I have in mind are named.... WDLV-T/A2 STALLION WDLV-T/A MARE ADLV-T/A UNICORN V/TDAV-T/B BUZZARD CDSV-T/A BELUGA
  11. Yep, looks like I reincarnated myself in pencil . It took longer than it needed to make this pic, but then again, I've never drawn a person holding a gun . Looks at me with mah F2000, and FEAR ME Opinion's please ?