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Found 13 results

  1. Have you ever or do you currently struggle with bad skin? i.e: blemishes, scars, etc.?
  2. Yoouyu

    Purple MLP Forums 2.0

    I decided to redo the old skin I did for the site though its merely just a recolor but i guess its good enough if you like purple =) If some one wants to check it out to use it you need download stylish from Original version
  3. Truffles

    New site look December 2017

    Right before I go to bed the site is the same as usual. I wake up and log in, and behold a new look! This scene popped into my head as soon as I saw the changes: The site backdrop color even reminds me of Ember's scales!
  4. pteraptor

    pony fur

    pegasi may have pennaceously feathered forelegs, and alicorns may have a mixture of fur and feathers, and maybe wing hairs, and if so, may sometimes have feathers and fur of different colours, making them look bizzare. What do you think about pony fur
  5. HorsesandMOARGaloar

    How does genetics work in the EqG world?

    In the Equestria Girls universe, every person appears to be too colourful, in that anyone can be born with something as unusual (in our world) as blue hair, pink eyes, and green skin. However, would there be any dominant hair/eye/skin colours, or behaviours, among people from this technicolour folk?
  6. anyone wanna let me know what you think and maybe toss me a diamond
  7. Princess Periwinkle

    Custom site skins!

    Ever since I signed up for a neopets account almost six years ago for the sole purpose of learning html through the 'pet pages', I've been interested in fiddling with the look & feel of websites. Today, I randomly decided to make a more modern and sleek style skin for MLP Forums. Here's a preview of what the front page and a topic look like: (Edit: A lot has been updated since these screenshots, including the main banner. Here's a quick preview.) If you'd like to give it a try, go get Stylish for Chrome or Firefox. After installing, you can click on the Stylish button in your menu bar while on MLP Forums and click "Find more styles for this site". Keep in mind that it's still a WIP -- PM me if you find any problems or if you have a suggestion for this or a new skin.
  8. Pulchritude

    Ask Longlocks - BEAUTY TIPS!

    Hello there!!! It's me Longlocks. I am here to give all of you ponies some good tips to maintain skin and hair health. Not only do I give beauty tips, but I also give inspirational quotes and simple confidence boosters! I hope you enjoy this elegant " Ask Me " topic. ● IMAGE BY ANCHORSEYE
  9. Doppelrac

    Mine little pony skins

    so... here is a mine little pony minecraft skin that i made... its my OC... also... if you want your OC turned into a minecraft skin... i guess i could do it...
  10. So here's the story, I once had a commissions topic (now closed and hidden) for skins for this mod, I would charge $3 for a skin to be made. Now the problem was, nopony was very interested, and the mod has since changed around some stuff, So skinning is different. Now if I do see interest in people wanting these. I'll have it reopened and also add some info on people wishing to update their skins. I detailed some of this in my previous blog post. If you do, I urge you to vote in the poll and perhaps leave a reply, I'll keep you all uprised.
  11. Beauty is not just for women. Looking fabulous is for everyone to enjoy. Got acne? Dry skin? Flakes? I can help. When I first hit puberty I had terrible acne, it was horrible. Now I have perfect skin, and you can too :3 . Dos&Don'ts 1. Avoid touching your face as much as possible. The less oil and dirt, the less breakouts. 2. Wash your hands often. The average person touches their face hundreds of times a day, so keep it clean. 3. Wash your face every morning and night (I like to use Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser or Exact facial cleansing gel). 4. Take shorter showers in medium cold water. Hot showers dries skin out like crazy, leaving it wrinkled and dry. 5. Use facial moisturiser (I like to use Clean&Clear advantage oil free moisturiser). Gets ride of flakes instantly. 6. Take lots of Vitamin A (the recommended does is one a day, I take 5-7). Vitamin A is key in skin health. 7. Don't eat chocolate or other high sugar foods (pop & juice included). Knowns to cause breakouts. 8. Don't drink milk. Known to cause break-outs. 9. Sleep on a difference surface every night (either chance your pillow case every night or sleep on a different towel, on top of your pillow, every night). Dead skin cells and oils from past days are known to clog your pours. 10. NEVER go to bed with make-up on your face. This gives the make-up time to lock dirt and oil into your skin. 11. Use 'zit cream' even if you don't have any zits, they prevent break-outs. (I use Clean&Clear advantage plus 3-in-1 cleanser, but what is most important is that it says 5% benzoyl peroxide) Apply to your entire face, (excluding the 'circles' under your eyes) leave on for about 30 minutes to an hour and a half and then remove with WATER ONLY. There will still be a thin layer on your face, go to sleep with this and then wash it off with a cleanser in the morning. 12. If you have a 'white-head' pop it with a sowing pin ON THE SIDE of the white head. Then using a tissue paper, squeeze all the puss and blood out. If you have any specific skin problems quote this post and I'll try to help out ~
  12. I have not been able to find this anywhere, so let me address this topic: Erypony keeps referring to the writing material used in the MLP franchise as parchment (at least from Canterlot), NOT paper. I don't know what they used for the newspapers in "Ponyville Confidential" (bulk pulp?) but suffice it to say that at least for finer applications such as in books, scrolls, and religious texts, they use parchment as a material. My point? Has anyone ever honestly taken into account the fact that parchment is made out of animal skin? :blink: :blink: ... I suppose that's why they don't have cemeteries in the ponyverse... leave nothing to waste it seems.
  13. Why hello there. I am going to crowd source if people are OK with the idea of me making a topic where you can commission me (for a small price) to make a Mine Little Pony skin of your original character. The point is to perhaps make a little money for myself and give other people the ability to trot around with a nice looking skin of their own character. Do remember, MineCraft is not particularly high resolution. And I can only go so far. I am looking at a price point of about 3 dollars for people if people want it. Of course I will donate a part of that money towards the forums if it does take off. So my question is, are there people interested in this. I am willing to even do improvements on existing skins which you have made. So anyone merely interested, a real commission topic will follow if I see interest in this.