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Found 6 results

  1. This is a draw that I have made in december of 2018, I posted in my profile on newgrounds "paulo92921" So I decided to post here too: I was inspired in the character "Eddie" from Iron Maiden he skeleton fleeing death, even after his death
  2. The selection of Halloween decorations was kind of limited where we live, so I made a few of my own decorations using poster board, a couple of markers, a pen, and an all-important pair of scissors. SPOOKY GHOST oooOooo SPOOKY SKULL ooOOOOooOOo FAIRLY AFFABLE-SEEMING MUMMY oooo?
  3. I'm actually really proud of this one, because this was the first time I drew a skull, and colored it no less, and it came out fantastic! I also put a lot of detail into the girl's pigtail This was taken in multiple shots, and I apologize in advance for the poor quality, these were taken from my phone
  4. Haya ponies! This is a old drawing that I found in my Facebook gallery. Isn't good, i know ;-; I tried to draw a dragon, and this happend.
  5. Okay, should this be in Media Discussion or General Discussion? Anyway, I got a nice, good quality pair of Skullcandy over-ear headphones for Christmas. I very much like the shape, color, and sound quality of these headphones, but I'm not too crazy about the small metallic Skullcandy logo just above each earpiece. I'd like to cover it with paint or a sticker, but I'd like it to not show at all, and I want to keep the white color of the headphones. Any advice? I was also thinking about personalizing them so that they have some Rarity flair, her mane and maybe her cutie mark. Any advice about that? Thank you in advance for your help. ~True Rarity
  6. A group of archaeologist discover a skull in Italy and they believe it could be the first ever vampire to ever be discover. http://www.telegraph...ear-Venice.html