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Found 19 results

  1. Hi everyone! As some of you might know, I love disney movies, and especially beauty and the beast. Therefor, I made a beauty and the beast painting at school, it's from my favorite scene and I'm really proud of it And I also may or may not have made is especially for my friend Dreambiscuit. I know the picture is a bit blurry but I'll take better photo's after the weekend
  2. So I got bored and made a wallpaper with a vector done from the first images opening MLP, I choose Luna for this subject. Thinking of what or how she would paint the night sky while the ponies would sleep and end up missing out on the wonders of the night! Keeping in the colors mostly of purples and a lavenders and throw in the simple moon with a light glow more and along with Luna herself. Done in star brushes and some glitter and just tuned some of em down with a few mist and a plant in the stream of stars in thinking of the Milky way a bit for some adding! Put in the clouds and just reduced em a bit to let the colors of night shine in them or be a frame!
  3. It is 4 degrees Celsius, a perfectly clear night, and I can see every single star a human can see it seems. I wonder how many of them are not stars? ... Either way, it is a nice night. I am glad I have a laptop to take outside for this.
  4. I am a pony yay My pony name is Amaryllis.
  5. Oh damn. This was painful to make, but I liked how it came out. It's just a cover image I made for something I'm currently writing. To make Luna in the most show-friendly manner I could, I had to use 9 different pics of her to adapt colour, position and expressions, but at the end I think it was worth it. Option 1 (Normal) Option 2 (Darker) What d'ya guys think?
  6. I always imagined the Princesses to fly super majestically, and occasionally fly together. Even the Princesses need some sister bonding time. Again, I should vector over this. Beneath the candy coloured clouds!
  7. Please respect the following rules: •I know that Princess Skyla has not yet been released yet, but OH WELL! •No rude replys. •All forum rules apply here. •Only minor cussing. •Pictures are allowed with Princess Mi Amore Cadenza also. •No hate! •Have fun!!! Thats it! I hope you all have fun.
  8. ~Sole~


    Drew another picture, but there is something different about this one. I drew more then just sole... And for those of you who haven't read his backstory, the grave is of his best friend that was killed right before his eyes. I know it isn't nearly my best work, but I like it. It's sad, and it kind of reflects my feelings as of late. So as always, please leave feedback and constructive criticism. (Also, I know the talon really sucks and I apologize. I just couldn't get it to look natural.)
  9. One of my favorite things to do in videogames is to just stop and look at the sky sometimes. I like when game developers put effort into the skybox to make it look amazing. It's a little thing, but goes a long way in my book. I appreciate when they put effort into that. So, what is your opinion on skyboxes and what game has your favorite skybox?
  10. Been a while, right? Here's my latest wallpaper, this one is featuring a Generation 2 pony. (She isn't an OC). Resolution: 1920x1080px Vector of Sky Skimmer by: Font used: Dolce Vita Light (Everyone can use this)
  11. At night, I go outside and watch the sky. With a glance, I see the stars, the Moon, and an airplane. I spot Mars, Jupiter, the arm of the Milky Way. I witness satellites, comets, asteroids, the children of Ptolemy. I see bedtime stories, dreams, wishes made in vain. I see faces of friends and of family, the memories of us living our lives, the waning promises I made to each of them, and my fears that greet me alone when I sleep. At night, I gaze into the sky and I see worlds that once were, and one that may never be.
  12. So, I got pretty bored, and decided to create a wallpaper with pegasi. Originally I was going to include all the pegasi in the show, (well, the ones that are iconic), but then I got impatient. : Anyway, here it is, feel free to use it if you want. The dimensions are 1366x768.
  13. Hi guys! I just drew this picture of my pony OC, Purple Cupcake! I got Paint Tool Sai earlier today, so I made this! This took about a hour and a half..? I'm pretty proud c: Especially because of the background Anyway, tell me what you think!
  14. So, LOOSELY based off of a recent RP I did with Sky, I made a few "frames" of a "comic" It's a shipping, but not like all up in each other's business ship, more of a watching each other from affair ship. (View in full view for better quality) @ @Sky It's fully updated, let me know if you think I should add more pictures.
  15. I was outside today playing & watching over my little brother. When I saw this beautiful site This was so beautiful in person to see ! I hope this brings back any good memories of sunsets you have seen in the past
  16. I've decided that from now on I'm going to do a tribute drawing for each RP I'm in. And since I'm in this RP right now I decided to make a drawing of my OC in a sort of shipping with Sky's OC. Here you go... Let me know what you think. I have another drawing coming that will also be dedicated to this RP.
  17. So I don't know how many of you are aware of this... but: http://www.cbsnews.c...on-of-the-year/ Basically, the moon is going to appear larger and the Eta Aquarid meteor shower will be at its peak tomorrow night. Now, I consider myself a manly man, but hot damn, I'm a sucker for romantic star-gazing. I'm going to watch it with my friend/prom date tomorrow night. Anyhow are you guys going to stay out for the "Super Moon"? I'm praying that it's not too cloudy, as it has been today all day...
  18. This is VERY VERY old, and kind of sloppy. But it was me trying a pony in a more realistic style... before I learned how to grasp Photoshop.