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Found 13 results

  1. Hello one and all. It is I yes I, Professor Clockwork of The Clockwork Complex. This is a call for all those reviewers, animators, song creators of the Brony Youtube Community. I wanted to make a Youtube chat group either Skype or Google chat (why not both? *plays music*) So that is what I wanna do. Want to branch out to others, get some subscribers, make new friends (but keep discord) maybe collab? Leave you skype or google chat name here and join in the group. Hope to hear from you guys.
  2. Warning: This is not the official Site Brony Skype Group. This is an idea i came up with myself. Hey, everybody! I wanted to come forward and propose something. For a while now, I have said at the bottom of my blogs that i was going to be starting a skype group. So, right now, I am just going to come forward and propose it in its very own blog-format. So, as it would go, I am going to be opening up a skype group. The whole idea of the group is to just have an enviroment in which fellow bronies can just come together, hang out, chat, and do random stuff. (if you dont want to participate in calls, that is completely on you.) In the group, we will have things like game nights, where we play fun games online like TF2, or Cards Against Humanity, or any other games suggested. We can also come together to watch the MLP livestream together, maybe have a MST3K moment or two. Put in general, I want to start the group for the community. I absolutley love the brony fandom, and simply how nice and community oriented it is. The purpose of this new skype group is simply for the community. If you like community, this is a good group for you! We will only have about 15-20 people so that it doesnt get to chaotic (Maybe I can expand it in the future, IDK). If you are interested in joining the group, simply PM me or post it in a comment under the blog. Then, you can put your skype name down, and I can invite you. However, before you sign up or anything, I have a few rules for the chat: 1. Keep the chat clean! No NSFW, Clopping propaganda, etc. If you have a fetish for ponies, fine by me. I dont judge. But keep that sort of material off of the chat. 2. No trolls! Nobody likes a troll. 3. No harassing a fellow member! Dont pick on any of the members, unless it is playfull banter. Cursing is ok, but dont go overboard. 4. No going behind peoples back. Continuing off of the last one. Dont be a meanie! 5. Have fun! If you dont, I will go Smile HD on you! (jk, I wouldnt do that..... ever) 6. Dont feel obligated to stay. If you feel like you need to leave for a little while, then thats ok. Just ask me when you want to come back. I may add to the list later, but for now, thats about it. Again, just comment if you are interested! For the community, people! Yours truly, The Juggerpony
  3. Hey there everypony! I've created a group for the online card game Pretend You're XYZZY, or as most folk know it, Cards Against Humanity. My goal is to have enough people so that there's always at least 5, regardless of time. IF YOU WANT TO BE IN THE GROUP: 1: Have Skype and be willing to add me to your contacts. 2: be a current or ex-brony (shouldn't have a problem with that here xD) 3: preferably, have some knowledge of pokemon, as well, since pony and pokemon packs are most common. 4: preferably, have a microphone so you can talk on group calls. 5: Cards Against Humanity is a pretty adult game. We PREFER you to be >18, but I wouldn't call it necessary if you're mature. I'd put the limit at 13. I won't take younger than that, especially since the vast majority of the group is >18 6: to find me, type 'trueliesaa' into the search thing. I'll show up as 'Cloacas and Cereal' and shoot me a friend request! PS to any mods: if this is in the wrong place, feel free to move it. I couldn't really tell where the best place would be.
  4. Hey, me and my friend have been wanting to play d&d 5e, with me as the DM. I would rather only have 3 players, but i can work for more if needed. Ill be using the website roll20 to play, so all you really need is a laptop and a mic. If you do not know how to make a character i can help you make one over vchat. You do not have to have any prior knowledge of d&d, we will just walk you through it if your new. To organize stuff, we will just be making a skype group, so if you want to join, send me a FR to my skype, dittofunny, and tell me you want to play. Please though, if you want to join, make sure that you are available almost every session. We will figure out what time and day every week once we get all of our people. Thanks! EDIT: We have 1 more player now. That makes 1 DM and 2 players.
  5. Hey! if you are on the computer for most of the day, an introvert or someone that wants to make new or long lasting friends who love ponies, then you have come to the right place! and we want you to join our Skype group! This skype group is looking for new members to join its ranks! We are a bunch of 3-5 fun, friendly and active friends who talk everyday and are from different parts of the globe! we are preferably looking for members who are very or constantly active. this is because we want to make more good, close and long lasting friends! If you wish to join. please message me at: metalman653 or Jump Cut or you can message Erik H.//WhiteLightning or Zizkil El Cabron to join and or ask for more info We really want you to join and are looking forward to meeting you!
  6. I have noticed alot of posts about people wanting someoen to just chat with, So if this is not already a thing, why not create a skype chat that anyone from here can join? I could create it, Id love to have that since im just bored 80% of my free time... I can create the chat when i wake up tomarrow, Just write your skype name here or PM it
  7. So I've created a Skype group for members on the forum who often feel left out and put down by the other members, or even just Lonely. As weird as that may sound it does happen here. I have the group set up and all and a handful of members in it already and we just need a name before we let the word out that this group exists. Now this group is based off of love and tolerance. There are many who are judged or bullied here; I've seen it. So the main rule of the group is no hatred towards others in any way shape or form, such as what they like and what they do for fun. Although constructive criticism is allowed, as you are pointing out a flaw and trying to help them by showing them how to fix it. Now I really just need a name. It can be simple or punny. We may make a logo for it later. Any ideas? Winner: Party Pony Platoon Forgot to mention: If you want to join friend me on skype treef0x 0 is a zero
  8. After hearing a lot of people complain about how they don't feel they fit in anywhere here, or how they were pushed away by other groups I created a group (Skype) in order to provide a place where they can feel accepted and free to be themselves due to some strict but easy to follow rules. So if you ever feel lonely, rejected, unnoticed, or ignored, then you should come join! All that's required to join is a promise to follow the rules below and then sending me a request in Skype saying you want to join. Rules: 1. Hatred towards others here is not allowed whatsoever, although constructive criticism is allowed as you are pointing the flaw out and telling them how to fix it. 2. No Profanity. Swearing is allowed but please keep the chat clean from full on profanity. 3. Use common sense. This group is based off of love and tolerance, and I would prefer to keep it a happy place and a safe zone from life's troubles for it's members. There is a lot more pain going around then you may realize and I want to help people relieve some it. My Skype is treef0x (the 0 is a zero), so all you need to do is send me a request and you're in.
  9. Before I get down to business, a side note to the staff just in case - I'm aware of the Skype Exchange Masterthread but this is a whole different topic -----{=O=}----- I've created a Skype group chat specifically for Bronies only. Now I've been thinking about starting this for a while and I finally decided to get it off the ground. As of now it's just a seed, speaking metaphorically. The only requirement you need is Skype and I'd encourage if you use Skype, give it a try. The Skype Group/How to join For now the group is tiny as I've only just launched it and there are 300 places although I doubt we'd ever have that many members in there. If however the chat somehow does reach that many I'd simply split it into two groups and it can be worked out from there. Currently we will not be doing video or voice calls, it will be text only for now. There is no specific topic/subject to discuss, you're free to chat to others about anything, but be sensible. If you want to join the group just post in this topic with your Skype ID. If you're not comfortable with sharing your Skype ID in public you can send me it via PM instead. Guidelines/Rules I'm pretty sure we all know what not to do/say but just in case: No flaming No pornography No spamming/flooding the chat Also, if a member doesn't wish for their ID to be posted in public then respect their choice and don't do it. That said, do not post any conversations in this or any other topic. -----{=O=}----- As I've said above. It's just been launched so don't expect it to be full of activity and merry. It might not be much now but give it a chance. I might change things in the future if I see fit but for now I'll keep it simple.
  10. does anyone wanna skype? i'm working right now....and I need people to talk to... but i have preferences....they need to be...good at drawing(so we can relate more)...older than 15...and...not...super...immature... i don't know....i'm cool with everyone but i'd prefer you fit the above criteria... and as a sign of good faith...theghostofmarzani is my skype name... and by not immature i don't no fart jokes or vulgar humor and stuff...that's fine..its just seekers...or loud obnoxious inconsiderate types...
  11. hello there everyone , im decided to host a skype group, add me "will.diana1" and tell me that your from the MLP Fourms. anyone can join my group. fans, VA's, anyone, hope to see you soon
  12. Hellooo Everypony! If any of you guys are just like me and basically have nothing better going on then chilling by the computer with nothing to do, then why don't you join the club and hang out with us? Currently there's only two of us in a group call right now, but if you want to possibly make some new friends or just hang out with people you don't know then come and join us~ You can either join our group call or not at all and just type in the convo, it's a mellow night. Here is one note however, I'm setting this chat/call to be on a PG-16 rating so there might be random topics or content not meant for a younger array of ponies. (I do kind of swear;; ) If we get enough people to join us, then who knows I might conduct a livestream and draw for people throughout the night. So with those out of the way here is my Skype Name: Ixion2010 Let's keep it classy with tons of common courtesy as well. Hope to see you there!
  13. I'm trying to gather a group of friends over Skype that have various skills in drawing, music, writing (I can write) etc. etc. And even if you can't do any of these things listed, if you can just talk and be a friend, I'll add you, I just want to talk to people. My Skype is TheBigAnimation. Sometime I want to make a my little pony animation or comic series or something, or an artbook! That'd be cool. Though I need help.