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Found 41 results

  1. looking to start a gamers guild fellow bronies to play video games with i play minecraft(fav with all modpacks) tf2, gary's mod, Left for dead 2, simcity (all) and many more anyone intersted feel free to add me on my skype skype username: danathian1
  2. I don't get why Skype needs money for video calls. I have an account on there, but I can't chat jack squat because I need to dish out cash to do it. Is there any other way for me to chat with other staff members, should I apply again, or am I basically screwed over? Because All I want to do is keep the peace on the forums, not worrying about updates on stuff and do the staff things. I know it makes me sound boring, but still, I need to know.
  3. Hello everypony, and when I mean everypony I'm talking to all the mares out there on there forums! If your a pegasister and would like to join a hangout group on Skype please let me know~! It would be nice for us girls to come together in a group and have hangout calls, it's like having a online sleepover but better! If your a girl and would love to join other pegasister's don't be shy come on in! If interested please leave our Skype in the comments below this post and let the fun times and building of new friendships begin~!
  4. Hi everyone! So, I've been wanting to play some games and get into some games lately, but I've lacked the drive to do so. A lot of it has to do with the fact that I just don't have many friends, and the ones that I do have aren't into that many games. Specifically, there are a lot of games on Steam that have sounded appealing to me, but really call for some buddies to really get the most out of it. Anyone here interested in a gaming buddy? To chat with on skype and play some games together with? I'm very interested in giving Eve Online another try (I used to play it a long time ago), as well as many other multiplayer games on Steam (Dungeon Defenders II, DOTA 2, Warframe, Civ V and Civ Beyond Earth, TF2, Planetside 2, Don't Starve Together, the list goes on). I'm always up for trying new games I've never played too! If anyone out there is interested is hanging out on skype, chatting, playing some games, trying out some new games, and so on, please drop a line in this thread or PM me! Check out my profile if you want to get to know me a bit better before you do. And a merry holidays to all!
  5. i nevr talked to another brony before and i have no brony freinds, i only have one freind and hes okay with me being a brony. My skype is coolguy666inhell Lets talk about brony things, anime thing , and rick and morty things.
  6. 'Looking for a brony skype group with the freedom American's like to think they have?' Then we want YOU! Yes you, to join The Brony Legion today! About us: After searching far and wide we have found plently of 'Brony Skype Groups', but they all have the same problem... SO MANY RULES! And more bannable offences than you could poke a stick at! And being the freedom lovers we are, walls of rules are not something we agree with. So that's where here at The Brony Legion, we've minimised the rules and maximised freedom, only keeping a few rules to keep a general order in place. Rules: 1. No excessive Swearing. (Dropping the F-Bomb is all fine and good, but speaking a 10 word sentence, and 9 out of 10 of those words being fuck is not the way the english language was meant to be spoken!) 2. Sending Images is allowed. (Just try and keep Images moderately SFW, PM's were invented for a reason folks! If you, for any reason feel the need to send a Non-Image file in the group chat, please seek permission from a moderator first, People can hide pretty nasty stuff in files these days.) 3. Religious (and other "Touchy") discussion is allowed. (Just try not to go full Richard Dawkins on someone who has different beliefs as you. Leave that up to Westboro .) 4. Spam/Flooding is not allowed. (We like our chat the same way we like to imagine our lives, clean and in some sort of working order.) 5. Group calls are allowed, but keep it classy. (Everybody loves a good group call, but not every likes to see you shirtless whilst re-enacting your favorite scenes from magic mike. Again, PM's were invented for a reason!) Since no-one really follows the rules I've decided to revise by just having 1 universal rule! 1. Don't be a dick. Due to our minimum rules and maxumim freedom guarantee, our skype group is based around an MA15+ Rating. If, for whatever reason, you are under the age of 15 and still wish to join in on our mindless jabber, no-one is going to stop you, but be prepared to see and read things that your parents may not have discussed with you. Discretion is adviced. NOTICE: If you are emotionally sensitive or are easily offended or "Triggered", maybe this isn't the chat for you. Discretsion is advised and we are not responsible for anything you witness whist in our group. By joining our chat, you are agreeing that you have so on your own terms and anything you see or do whist in chat is stricly your responsibility. Moderation: The moderators are not your parents! Their only job is to keep order and enforce the few rules we do have. If you have an issue with another member of the group, try to sort it out between yourselves first before getting the moderators involved. Contacting us: If you are interested joining out little slice of freedom feel free to post your skype username below, or contact me personally at twitchdev_mark I feel like that's about everything you need to know to survive your time in TBL, if you have any questions feel free to ask, apart from that, have a nice day, and I look forward to seeing you in our group! ^^
  7. This is probably the wrong forum section to be posting this on, but can i haven't publicised this like i said i would - when i joined the forums - 2 months ago long story short, I just want to meet people, so someone skype me, please. the skype is brony_v it was from when i was "Brony V" now i am "Brony Mata" but the same is the same whatever that means.
  8. Hey I'm new here and wanted to let you guys know that if you ever need someone to talk to or another friend or somebody to play games or talk about random stuff you can add me on Skype : awpbong please don't be shy i love talking !!! ps I'm 14 it doesn't matter what age you are I'm here for everyone
  9. Well, I've been a member here for a few months now but I don't seem to be making that many friends here. I've messaged people in the past but it sometimes felt as if they weren't all too interested in chatting. So I'm looking for anypony who actually wants to talk and hopefully become friends with me. And when I say "friends", I mean people that I connect to and talk to on a regular basis. People that I can grow to love and care about. I'm looking more specifically for people who like to talk mostly about ponies since I'm still so obsessed with the show. But don't worry, I also like to talk a bit about some other stuff as well. You can message me here right here on the forums or add me on Skype. My Skype username is LatinoChurro. I'm very friendly and would love to make some new friends. So don't be hesitant. I promise I don't bite. Oh, and I usually don't take calls on Skype because I'm really shy in person. But once I get to know you well enough, maybe we could chat then. But until then I would just like to stick to messages.
  10. Hey! if you are on the computer for most of the day, an introvert or someone that wants to make new or long lasting friends who love ponies, then you have come to the right place! and we want you to join our Skype group! This skype group is looking for new members to join its ranks! We are a bunch of 3-5 fun, friendly and active friends who talk everyday and are from different parts of the globe! we are preferably looking for members who are very or constantly active. this is because we want to make more good, close and long lasting friends! If you wish to join. please message me at: metalman653 or Jump Cut or you can message Erik H.//WhiteLightning or Zizkil El Cabron to join and or ask for more info We really want you to join and are looking forward to meeting you!
  11. So I've created a Skype group for members on the forum who often feel left out and put down by the other members, or even just Lonely. As weird as that may sound it does happen here. I have the group set up and all and a handful of members in it already and we just need a name before we let the word out that this group exists. Now this group is based off of love and tolerance. There are many who are judged or bullied here; I've seen it. So the main rule of the group is no hatred towards others in any way shape or form, such as what they like and what they do for fun. Although constructive criticism is allowed, as you are pointing out a flaw and trying to help them by showing them how to fix it. Now I really just need a name. It can be simple or punny. We may make a logo for it later. Any ideas? Winner: Party Pony Platoon Forgot to mention: If you want to join friend me on skype treef0x 0 is a zero
  12. After hearing a lot of people complain about how they don't feel they fit in anywhere here, or how they were pushed away by other groups I created a group (Skype) in order to provide a place where they can feel accepted and free to be themselves due to some strict but easy to follow rules. So if you ever feel lonely, rejected, unnoticed, or ignored, then you should come join! All that's required to join is a promise to follow the rules below and then sending me a request in Skype saying you want to join. Rules: 1. Hatred towards others here is not allowed whatsoever, although constructive criticism is allowed as you are pointing the flaw out and telling them how to fix it. 2. No Profanity. Swearing is allowed but please keep the chat clean from full on profanity. 3. Use common sense. This group is based off of love and tolerance, and I would prefer to keep it a happy place and a safe zone from life's troubles for it's members. There is a lot more pain going around then you may realize and I want to help people relieve some it. My Skype is treef0x (the 0 is a zero), so all you need to do is send me a request and you're in.
  13. I have had trouble finding people to play this game online with me and my friend. If you are interested send me a friend request on skype at epicyoshi2. We do require you to be at least 14 years old, Speak decent English, and not be a horrible person. I am sorry if I am posting this in the wrong place because I'm new to this site and I am very lost.
  14. Wow, first active post beyond the welcoming plaza and I'm already trying to step up my game, that's new... Anyways the point of this thread is to discuss analysis collaboration opportunities, make some connections, and basically to help each other. I heard this at Bronycon and I am deciding to take the advice to heart "Success is half what you know and half who you know, friendship really is magic." I started this topic because I see one big problem in the analysis community: too many bronies were going it alone and didn't know what they were doing. I see too many comments on the youtube videos of notable members of the analysis community where somepony is all but begging for help and collaboration--when that's just not how this works. So I'm starting a skype group for all bronies who want to be a part of the analysis community but don't have any connections. The point of this group is to make connections, friendship is magic after all. And don't worry, we'll help you find people to draw your OC for your videos as well. Another concept I'll emphasize with this is group discussion, because higher thought between people usually leads to better ideas for videos and is generally just a lot of fun. If you're in any way interested then send me a PM with your skype name and I'll add you. If this seems a bit flimsy in concept and execution right now, that's because it is. We'll improve and advance as we get settled down.
  15. Hello there, everypony! I am going to be making a live voice-reel on Skype! It might be an everyday-weekly thing if it gets popular. Some things that will happen on the voice-reel are: Quotes from the show Answering your questions (As ponies) Re-enacting certain things Singing Talking to you guys! and MORE! Skype: jennabunva You will be automatically added to the group once you added me! So excited for this!
  16. I was just posting this in question as to who might partake in skype roleplay or have some interesting groups to share? I'm always looking to expand my skype list, but in this circumstance I'm just curious what kind of groups are going on and who might roleplay.
  17. After consulting Google, I was disappointed to find that this topic did not yet exist. It does now. I have heard two very different opinions on Skype. Some people act like it's he greatest thing since sliced bread, others seem to disagree. Many people have accounts and find the site useful, yet it has been said to have problems, such as questionable security, high bandwidth usage, and secretive owners. Another major problem is that they have a server in the united states, which falls under the Patriot Act. What do you all think about Skype? Is it useful, reliable, secure? This thread is dedicated to general reviews and opinions regarding Skype, so let us hear what the users have to say.
  18. Is anyone who does not have a skype and is fed up with people that say you can contact me only on Skype?,I'm kinda fed up not everybody has a Skype account and some don't want a Skype account. I do not have a Skype account but when I try too participate in a roleplay or something else some of the times they say you can only contact me on Skype and Skype makes it easier for the roleplay. I wondering if some of the people are fed up with this. Update: I forgot too tell why I don't have one we'll my dad and I maybe see if Skype works on this intel mac,I'm sorry if I forgot too and stuff this is why I was fed up because of two things my dad is busy and takes free time of his but I told him the other day.
  19. Well, here goes nothing; I'm hoping this more personal type project isn't a complete failure. I understand that there is a Skype Exchange thread, but this is more of a self communication call for help. (Foresay.) :okiedokielokie: Here's the thing, I happen to have spontaneous bursts of free time. And recently because of another Topic I've started in Octavia's Hall I've been drawing often during my free time; and not very much else. (When I do encounter spare time.) Since I lack friends from the forums here, and I am most interested in meeting all new bronies/ponies, my arrangement here is that I'm going to leave my Skype username; anyone feel free to add me, I'm a desolate soul, lmao. Skype username: lovemakiejay Don't feel obligated to comment any questions or even leave your Skype username if you (for some reason) can't find me, or if you seem to be too lazy/busy at the moment. My apologies in advance, I tend to be awkward and shy at times. But don't let that stop you; I'll try to not be, I mean I did go through with creating this Topic, right?
  20. howdy yall, i have been wondering if any of you guys would like to learn to DJ. i am in the uk but i am going to do it online. i use all kinds of music and i am willing to help many people. i am going to be doing group DJ lessons and one on one lessons over skype if anyone is interested please PM me. i am only going to do this if someone here wants to do it. i am a digital DJ and if anyone is thinking of getting their own kit then i am willing to help you out by letting you know what kit you need and good brands to use. and if any of you are living in london as of september i am also willing to do real lessons in person as that is where i will be living. all of my lessons are going to be completely free if you join in via this site. and i can even teach you how to DJ like a brony. any questions? just PM me. peace out ~L.S~
  21. does anyone wanna skype? i'm working right now....and I need people to talk to... but i have preferences....they need to be...good at drawing(so we can relate more)...older than 15...and...not...super...immature... i don't know....i'm cool with everyone but i'd prefer you fit the above criteria... and as a sign of good faith...theghostofmarzani is my skype name... and by not immature i don't no fart jokes or vulgar humor and stuff...that's fine..its just seekers...or loud obnoxious inconsiderate types...
  22. Would anypony be interested in plying a game of mlp ccg with me over skype? Well if anypony does you can add me my skype is eric.moorer
  23. I ask this question 'cause I joined skype less than a week ago, and due to it's popularity (almost everyone using it), I feel like I'm missing something. I feel like there is something more to Skype than what I'm using it for. So I ask, what is Skype? Please explain to the noob that is me.
  24. Hi since most you guys know of me that i have a large depression i really want to add people on skype to talk with since i lost most of my friends becus my autism. Would anyone like to add me on skype? My skype: KRAKELINGCATcarnage