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Found 3 results

  1. Do you sleep enough or are you in a constant state of sleep deprivation? According to most studies, the recommended amount of sleep required for the average adult to function at the best of its capacities is 8 hours per night. I noticed that I personally don't get enough sleep on weekdays. I usually sleep for 6 to 7 hours during the week and I'm only ever able to get the recommended amount of sleep during the weekends. So how about you? How many hours do you usually sleep per night during the week? (on average)
  2. Yesterday, I tried to pull off an all nighter, and stayed up until 7:30 am. Unfortunately due to lack of sleep I dozed off even though I had to leave soon. Wow I'm so stupid... O.o And deciding to do another one today. Not really a good idea... but recently I've been feeling bored and slightly depressed a lot. School's let out, theres the entire summer break, and here I am, not sure about what to do with my life. Some people (like miss drama queen) piss me, some people annoy me, some things get in the way of a good time. Maybe I should leave forums... But then my life will get worse... :/ but still my profile feed and a roleplay I'm the DM of just keep bothering me. My profile feed has gotten a bit sorted out but my first roleplay is DRIVING ME NUTS. I mean, I like roleplaying, but I hate the fact that my depressed mood has gotten to my character and forcing me to completely revise personality, and cause my pony to maybe get a lot of hate for the bad attitude. All because of my crappy life. Now all the people I roleplay with probably hate me... My forum life is doomed :/ Theres no hope left. And note I am quoting my character because thats how I actually feel. The entire roleplay is dragging me down and offending me and my shit attitude. : (
  3. Are you a good sleeper? The reason I'm asking is because I'm a horrid sleeper. When I go to bed I'm usually lying there for 1 to 1 and a half hours before I fall asleep and then I'm woken up extremely easily. I usually sleep in 1 to 2 hour intervals because I'm woken up so much. Not only that but I really don't like sleeping. Since I was little I've been prone to nightmares and if some noise doesn't wake me up, a nightmare does. It's not the I'm an insomniac. I've had a good sleep before just it's very rare so I guess my answer to the poll would be I'm a terrible sleeper and that I don't like sleeping at all. What do you guys think?