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Found 66 results

  1. Since we all sleep, we encounter dreams once in a while - or a lot for some people. As some segments of a dream are usually forgotten after 10+ minutes of waking up, what do you remember from the dream you had last night? It can just be little bits or the full experience. Good dream, bad dream, lucid dream, anything. Just don't state anything that could be classed as NSFW. I would tell mine, but bedtime is coming up, and I've lost the whole thing 14 hours later.
  2. Shadow Dash DJ Rod

    Do you sleep with mlp Plush?

    Go ahead and post if you sleep with your plush or not, and of course who, and why? yes/no. I thought it was odd thing to do cuz im a conservitive, manly guy that grew up on a farm , but their super soft and just help me sleep better, so i occasionally do if i cant fall asleep. i have a hard time falling asleep cus my mind wanders a lot in the realm of physics and fluid dymanics ( im a collage student ). but during the winter when there's a blizzard outside ands its cold, snuggling up with one of my favorite mlp characters is the best way to stay warm, literally. rainbowdash keeps the draft off my neck. lol
  3. I was having a hard time sleeping last night, I'm quite stressed from school work and I need some tips.
  4. Who on this forum really, absolutely, likes sleeping? Like, if you had a choice you would sleep all day. Just something I thought I would ask before I went to sleep.
  5. I normally go to sleep between 1:30-2:00am
  6. So, I don't necessarily stay up all night, in fact, I rarely do. However, I do wake up early. A lot of times, the time I wake up will be anywhere from about 12:22 AM to 4:00 AM. (for those who don't use 12 hour clocks, 0:22 to 4:00). Which makes me sort of like Pixel from LazyTown. (Yes, I like LazyTown. I apologize. I apologize even more for not following some of the habits that show teaches. The show is made to teach eating healthy, exercising, and getting to sleep on time. I get less than 8 hours of sleep, rarely exercise, and eat junk food. I do sorta feel bad about it, though. Also, since we're talking about LazyTown. I'll link you to a LazyTown wallpaper. Also, because Pixel's computer runs on Linux (specifically a distro based on Debian) I like to emulate the linux terminal using Gow, Ubuntu on the Windows store (requires a 64 bit processor and Windows subsystem for Linux ), Cygwin (I quit using Cygwin because it takes up too much space) and CMDer. I also use Syn Virtual Assistant to talk to my computer (I ask it if I want to do things and try to get it to answer for me. LOL. Not so clever of me, huh? And even more unclever of me. I actually use a website to look at hidden cameras. Because I feel like Pixel is a spy because he has antennae cameras that reach all of LazyTown that he keeps on. Many LT fans believe that Pixel is more of a spy than Robbie is with his periscope. Anyway. Here's the LazyTown episode Sleepless in LazyTown (and no the plot is nothing like Sleepless in Ponyville) And here's a picture of Pixel. And by the way, I'm not gonna link you to the hidden camera page. Instead, I'll link you to a Google search page that includes the link. Mahahahahahahahahahaha. See, if Robbie Rotten can record all of LazyTown, he's more of a villain than Robbie is. Oh, and I'm getting off topic. I am very very sorry. Please don't get me in trouble. Anyway, what's the least amount of sleep you've gotten? Oh, and the video doesn't show up unless you put the link on the bottom, so here it is.
  7. Metallic Strings

    Have you ever fell asleep in class?

    Have you fallen asleep in class. I did in 3rd grade, and my teacher made me stay in for recess and do the assignment throughout recess. It happened again during literature in 7th grade and I heard my teacher say if I was going to follow along? I heard it again, then I heard it again really loud and I realized I was dreaming the first two times. I wake up and I'm all like okokokokok I will.
  8. Meeps

    The Sleep Thread

    How long does it take you to fall asleep? Do you have to have white noise to actually sleep? Do you sleep like a rock, or are you a light sleeper? I usually sleep like a rock. I currently sleep in a bed, but would like to try out sleeping in a hammock in the future I sleep best with my kitty beside me! Also, I dream a lot depending on what's going on in my life. It's usually a complicated story-like plot, and my family and friends get a kick out of hearing them, lol. What about you?
  9. Corgis

    Defeating bad moods (Life stuff)

    So I don't like to talk about myself too much but I would just like to share a story about the past year about my University experience in the hope that I can help out others who are also dealing with similar issues, mostly concerning self worth and seemingly hopeless situations. Long story short, first semester in University was very rough on me. I was freaking out about my marks, I was too shy to make any friends, my anxiety made it hard to calm down when I got home and at one point I passed out during class from stress. I felt like I was fighting a desperate war and losing terribly, I just could not seem to do anything about the situation and any attempt to make a major change just feel through the next day because I could not get the motivation to make any changes. I spent far too much time playing video games in an attempt to escape from all the stress but that just made things much worse. Semester 2 rolled around and I tried to make sure things would go well but the first few weeks went rough so I felt like the whole semester would go down just like the first one. It got so bad that I would end up crying in class multiple times a week because I felt everything was falling apart and there was nothing I could do about it. I then decided that it was really time to fix this mess so I went to a councler for help and stayed at school for up to 12 hours a day to study like my life depended on it. In the short run I felt good but after a few days I felt disparaged again because I could not finish my work even when I spent so much effort on it. In hindsight: studying for 10+ hours a day is very ineffective since you will become so tired that nothing you study will be retained and you will just wreak yourself for minimal gain. However, about 2 weeks ago something changed. I was up late watching videos of video games to try to calm myself down before I went to bed when in the comment section I heard somebody say that another YouTuber was having emotional issues so I went over to try to give some advice because for some reason I have a really strong drive to help out others who are going through stuff like that. In summary, he had a panic attack about stomach pain which caused him to freak out beyond beleaf for days on end. This kind of thing had happened to me years ago were I went nuts over not being able to sleep which caused me to panic and cry for hours on end. I basically told him that you will be OK so there is no need to worry about it, help is out there so nothing bad is going to happen to you. The comment got buried in the end so I doubt it helped in any way... at least it did not help the person it was intended for. This really stuck with me for the next few days, the fact that somebody just about fell apart over something that really was not a major issue at all. In the same period I got my last semesters marks back which I was neither happy nor sad about since I did not fail anything but they were lower then my high school marks so I was not happy about it. The wake up call however was when I got my Accounting midterm back. The mark was fairly lower then my normal high school marks so I was kind of annoyed at it. However, I soon found out that that "bad mark" was 22% above the class average and that it was the 4th highest out of a class of 40. I was almost in shock and for the first time that year I was overwhelmed with happiness instead of sadness and despair. I then started to realize that my other marks from last semester were not bad either after seeing how low some of the class averages were. Some of the marks that I saw as being sucky were also 10-20% above average in some cases. Yet all this time I had been telling myself that I was doing awfully academically and that I needed to improve. The fact that I could not bring my marks up in the past almost tore me apart coupled with the fact that I had no friends at all. My viewpoint was just so badly biased that I thought I was doing terribly when in fact I was still above average most of the time. This coupled with the YouTube incident changed my viewpoint right around. I thought I was fighting a desperate war and losing when in fact I was fighting a war and actually winning, HQ was just looking at the worst battles and not paying attention to the smashing victories that occurred much more often then the minor defeats. This sounds kind of silly but my obsession with military stuff makes me think up stuff like this all the time. Things were looking up already but this week my councler pointed out that my sleep schedule (which was in shambles) might be causing my lack of energy. He gave the excellent piece of advice that I really need to get up at the same time every day and I need to stop using screens an hour before I go to bed. I followed this and things improved almost imediently, getting up at a good time every day is absolutely key and having an inconsistent sleep schedule can make your body feel tired a lot since it is not sure when it will get the chance to get sleep next (at least that is what appeared to happen in my case). Probably the thing that made the biggest difference though was what I told myself. Before now I kept telling myself that I needed to work harder whenever I did not do something perfectly and that I needed to improve all the time since I am just not up to par with others. If I did something well then OK, that is good enough but you still have a mountain of other things you need to do better so get a move on! This does not help at all and just made me feel awful most of the time. These past few weeks however I have tried to tell myself that I can do it and that the situation is going well so even if I don't do excellently it is not the end. If I do something good I try to think of how great it is and get excited about it since it is proof that I am improving and succeeding after all. This week has been the best since I started University by far. I have been extremely motivated to get work done and have hardly even thought of playing video games since I have been so occupied with school work which I have now told myself is going well. If you think you are doing a good job at something then it is much easier to work on it so doing studying is bearable. My anxiety about school work has also calmed down so I can talk to people properly now without having to worry about school stuff all the time. I am just overall much more happy then before and I do not feel tired much anymore which also feels great. Overall, if you just feel totally useless or that things are just going up in flames just remember that we can be really negative about new situations sometimes. Never tell yourself that you are useless because that will not help anything and make you feel even worse. If things seem really bad then just look on the bright side as much as you can even if things appear bleak because sometimes our perspectives can just bend us towards irrational viewpoints. This may seem like common sense I suppose but for me anyways things have just improved so much because of this change in mind set. Very little has changed external situation wise but I feel like everything has changed internally which can make all the difference sometimes.
  10. Mine would be "Oh noooo, just five more minutes," or "I'm old before my time, I should sleep in," or "Hm, maybe I should've gone to sleep earlier last night, because boy do I feel like I got hit by a truck."
  11. Several times, we've seen Dash sleeping in trees. She napped in a tree at the start of Best Pet episode, she slept in a tree in the third episode, after having fallen down on Twilight and Applejack after hearing about Twilight's ticket to the Gala, and there might be other instances. It may come down to something as simple as 'just feels like it', but I like to be analytical about these things. Here's my thoughts. Every time we've seen Dash napping in a tree, she's had a pillow, and sometimes a blanket as well. Meanwhile, as far as I know, she's never had a pillow or blanket with her when she's sleeping on a cloud. However, she does have pillows and blankets on her bed, in her cloud home. So my theory is this: The choice between tree VS cloud for Dash, has to do with if she wants a pillow or blanket or not, for if the weather is a bit colder than usual, or she wants to take a pretty long nap. When she's just being lazy and taking short naps, she goes in clouds, where pillows and blankets would fall through the clouds, ergo render them unusable. She's not always near her cloud house, so she might occasionally just decide to nap in a tree wherever she is. I had another theory about how the clouds would drift off to outside Ponyville while she's asleep, and thusly that might be a factor in why she would choose trees a lot of the time, but then I remembered clouds don't move by themselves in Ponyville xP
  12. So, are you a light or heavy sleeper? I am a very light sleeper. My family always says I could wake up at the drop of a pin. However, being such a light sleeper can be sort of annoying because my sleep can get interrupted so easily!
  13. Well, the whole sleep paralysis thingy has been bugging me for a while now, I've been struggling with getting enough sleep simply because I'm an insomniac due to my genes. There are some nights where I simply can NOT fall asleep no matter how hard I try, even though I'm sleepy as fuck. This can be really torturing if you couldn't understand that by now. Having issues falling asleep has caused many problems aside from just lack of sleep, and one of them, the most annoying, scary and interesting one, is sleep paralysis. What even is this phenomenon you may ask. Well, to put it simply, it occurs when your mind wakes up, but your body doesn't, or when your mind wakes up, but your body doesn't. Though it mostly happens when waking up. So how does this work? During REM sleep, which is the 4th stage of sleeping, when most of your dreams occur, your body locks itself down, to prevent what you'd call falling off the bed or simply being a lunatic. If it didn't do that, you might have acted out of your sleep, and started walking or doing anything else that's not laying down. Sleep Paralysis happens when you wake up, but your body doesn't "unlock" itself from the REM sleep, sounds weird right? Well it happens pretty often. What happens during sleep paralysis though? Why is it so "scary"? As we mentioned before, it occurs when "waking up" from a dream state of mind. When this happens, you can only open/close your eyes, you can't move, talk, and even have some trouble breathing. As if that wasn't bad enough, this will 95% cause panic, and will make your body think that you're going through, well, maybe a nightmare? Cause it should be the time when you'll be getting all your dreams and stuff. This will cause hallucinations, you might see/hear things, and they will look really, and by that I mean REALLY vivid. You might see a fucking ghost passing by or just straight up coming at you, might hear someone screaming in agony, though these are the most basic ones I could think of. it all depends on what your mind can really think of. Though it will always be something bad. Some religions even thought that it was a demon possessing the person and some fucked up stuff like that lol, but from an atheistic perspective, it all has a scientific explanation, the religious thoughts just make it more interesting? I guess? I don't know if I'm the only one that has been sleep paralyzed multiple times in here, if any of you had some experience with this, I'd LOVE to hear your story, and can give some advice cause I've been struggling with this problem for a while.
  14. kotakotakota

    Do you sleep by the window?

    At one point, I slept far, far away from the window. Quite recently, my head was right by the window. Now my feet are by the window. Where do you sleep, relative to your window?
  15. I do! I'm 24 and I can't imagine sleeping without my build-a-bear! She's adorable and I named her Starfire. :3 Her ears and nose light up.
  16. Jokuc

    How do you sleep?

    Yeah, I was bored so I came up with the idea to ask you ponies how you sleep! For me, it depends on how long I have been up and how tired I am. lol I just realized "a firm low-height pillow" is a plank.
  17. Mesme Rize

    Do you believe in hypnosis?

    I am actually surprised, that i never asked this Question. Pretty much what this title says. Do you believe in hypnosis? It's pretty obvious that i am a believer in it, considering who i am and that i am a hobby hypnotist who practices it from time to time. I think the people who don't believe in it, are mostly scared of it, or just think of the stuff they have seen in Movies and TV Shows and that's why Hypnosis is often very misunderstood. What are your opinions?
  18. What is your go-to midnight snack?
  19. Do you sleep enough or are you in a constant state of sleep deprivation? According to most studies, the recommended amount of sleep required for the average adult to function at the best of its capacities is 8 hours per night. I noticed that I personally don't get enough sleep on weekdays. I usually sleep for 6 to 7 hours during the week and I'm only ever able to get the recommended amount of sleep during the weekends. So how about you? How many hours do you usually sleep per night during the week? (on average)
  20. So...I woke up late today. Really late. My sleeping pattern is sometimes kinda wonky but today I woke up much later than I would have expected. Ended up sleeping for about 12-13 hours. Kinda sucks. It makes me think, what is the longest amount of time that you have accidentally slept in? Basically time that you slept a lot longer than you expected. Those moments can be scattering and day crushing. :c So what are some of those moments for you?
  21. Mesme Rize

    Mesme is sssssssssleepy snekpone. :3

    Reupload it in my Blog, because the other thread was locked (sorry Stitch, thanks for the brohoof though. ) After a long day of Hunting, swimming and hypnotizing, Mesme really likes to take a nap in his favorite tree. :3 this was commisioned from me and made by Aleximusprime
  22. I don't know why this happens. Is it a message? Is it a sign of something such as destiny? It is starting to confuse me. I dream of my job EVERY single night, not the same actions of what I do in the dream, but the job itself. For example let's say that I am a janitor (no I am not). One night I will dream of mopping the school floor. Second night I will dream that my mop turned into a living wooden stick that is trying to talk to me. Third night I will dream that I am out drinking with my friends and someone approaches me and yells at me to mop the floor in the bar. This has been going on since the first week I started my job, which was a year ago. What about you? I heard that is normal to occur in somebody, but I see my case a bit extreme, every single night for a year now..... Share your theory if you want to, this sounds silly anyways...
  23. Antidaeophobia

    Searching for MLP Bed sheets

    I'm upgrading to a larger bed, and I'm looking to get some new bed stuff. I've seen a few of the items in target and walmart stores, but they tend to be pretty immature looking. I'm trying to have it MLP, but not quite in your face girly. I was going to make my own sheets, but I don't have the money at the moment to get the fabric I want. The fabric I was planning to use was this: my room was going to be painted purple. I would be open to making my own sheets with cheaper fabric, but I'm on a bit of a budget hence why I was thinking of just buying premade sheets. My goal is just not to go overboard with the ponies LOL. Any suggestions or links? My chair throw is this fabric:
  24. So, what are your sleeping habits? Do you sleep with the TV on? Do you snore? What do you need to fall asleep? What is your sleep position? Personally, I sleep with a floor fan on and the TV on mute. I also have to have at least 8 blankets. I am a soldier sleeper!
  25. Would you sleep in the same bed as a pony? As in just friends, maybe a little cuddling but nothing beyond that. As in like you are still human when you came to Equestria. Some of the ponies are such good friends of yours that they even like to have you cuddle them in bed with them? (And sleep in the same bed as them as you drift off to sleep cuddling them) Or as in very a cold winter night they don't want you to feel cold. So, let's say Applejack (or somepony else) wants to sleep next to you to keep you warm during a cold night. Since you don't have fur like she does, you can't handle the cold as much as her.