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Found 11 results

  1. 'Scootalove' was a popular fanon concept involving Rainbow Dash taking in Scootaloo as a sister figure during S1 and S2. On this day this beloved concept became canon, when Rainbow Dash not only took Scootaloo in as her surrogate sister, but as her protege, as well.
  2. 20+ seasons of this motherfucking shit....................................... ......................I don't think I can hold out that long. I always assumed that this show would last four seasons max, until there was a season five, six, and now seven. The direction of my review columns are heavily reliant on the direction of the series, but what if this series never fucking ends?! What the fuck am I gonna do then?! I can't go on forever! I can barely deal with shit I have now! Woe-eth me! ... Huh, "Sleepless in Ponyville". Not bad. Spoilers ahead. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - So this episode opens up with Scootaloo treading some sick ground on her scooter, broski. However, when Rainbow Dash interrupts her with "nice moves", she crashes into a bale of hay and is instantly impaled to death. And so concludes "Sleepless in Ponyville". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Wow, what a great episode this was. The character development was so fucking fantastic I couldn't even. I especially like how the cow eating Scootaloo represents the corruptibility of the music industry or some shit, and Rainbow Dash's comment represents the oppression of people who like to complicate their personalities by assigning made-up genders to themselves and then forcing their mental retardation on the rest of the world. A fantastic social commentary never to be topped by anything in the history of everything ever. I give this episode a "holy shitballs" as well as a 10/10! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ... Oh, that's right, the title sequence hasn't done something unspeakably horrible to me yet. The episode must not be finished... ... So after the title sequence stretches my asshole ten miles wide and forces the entire city of Chicago in it, encouraging me to vomit that city out of the other end and make Detroit, Scootaloo fangirls over Rainbow Dash to the other CMC. Apple Bloom is contemplating the meaning of life, Scootaloo is suffering a seizure, and Sweetie Belle has completely snapped. Average day for the CMC! It was at this point in the episode that my internet crashed for several hours. Well, time to rethink my theology...again. Scootaloo starts rambling about how Rainbow Dash is the greatest thing ever and that she needs to spend more time with her so she can take her under her wing as like a big sister or some shit. Holy shit....the fan-fics are coming true. THE FAN-FICS ARE COMING TRUEE!!!!! Apple Bloom suggests that since she and Applejack are going camping, she can get Harplejarkle to invite Mareblow Dash and Rarity as well, so all three of the motherfuckers can kick it in the woods. However, Rarity despises camping, because she wouldn't be able to prostitute to woodland creatures.......yet. Sweetie Belle convinces her with cuteness and the story is set! Off they go into the mountains for some raunchy-ass entertainment and mass slaughter! A fantastic line of dialogue ensues: Raritits: "Are we therreee yett?" Applerack: "The last thousand times you asked that, the answer was no. This time, it's actually yes!" Well stroke my penis and call me Betsy, that made me chuckle like a motherfucker. That's when Rainbow Dash shows up with the morning wood. Yikes, Rainbow Dash. There are children here. Do you think you could wait until later to jerk off? ...................Wait, YOU HAVE A DI-?! So Scootaloo is having a shit time trying not to look like a little bitch in front of Rainbow Dash, as expected. A thought just occurred to me. Why is this called "Sleepless in Ponyville" if they're in the woods outside of Ponyville? Another question that will never be answered from good 'ol Prymie. Things get worse when Rainbow Dash tells a scary story, and Scootaloo tries to hide the fact that she's scared. This haunts her throughout the night as she fails to get much sleep. Well, we've got the sleepless part of the title down, though sleepless is a given any time Rarity is involved in the story. Even when she does manage to sleep, hi-jinx in the form of nightmares ensue, which leave Scootaloo in an excellent quagmire for the duration of the camping trip. The next night, Applejack thinks its a good idea to omit the tents for a nearby cave. Because caves are very safe, aren't they? Nothing bad could ever be inside of a cave. Except, y'know, woodrats, foxes, wolves, raccoons, bears, cave spiders, scorpions, cockroachs, and three-fifths of my family. Needless to say, this doesn't help Scootaloo's predicament, and at campfire time, she's a bigger wreck than before. "I think I just shit myself." Tonight's story is of the Headless Horse...I think...and the creepy tale of that. Hilariously, Applejack chimes in with rebuttals such as "how does it know where it's going" and "where's its brain?". This doesn't phase Scootaloo, who's having more seizures in the corner. For the rest of the night, Scootaloo tries to stall bedtime by having Sweetie Belle sing 99 buckets of oats, as well as offering hide and seek and other sexual innuendos as passtime. Instead, everyone tells Scootaloo to kill herself, so she has more nightmares. This time, it's of being chased by the Headless Horse...I Scootaloo runs for her motherfuckin' life. When she's cornered and has nowhere to run, the horse just kind of waves its hooves around the air for several seconds on end. Yeah....I don't know how you could be scared by that. Just sodomize the fucker and move on with your life. Instead, Scootaloo is visited by someone completely different than who both she and the audience expected. Gee, Luna. So nice of you to make an appearance for once. And with more than two lines? Well, fuck me silly! Luna, Princess of the Night......and stalking people in their dreams......assures Scootaloo that when she wakes, what she fears the most will still exist. Nay, it is not the Headless Horse...I think...'nor that creepy lady from the first story. It is her fear of appearing to be a..........wait for it.....................chicken in front of Rainbow Dash. OOOH THE WONDERFUL MEMEAGE. SHOWER ME WITH YOUR APPROVAL AND/OR MONEY!!!!!!!!!! Luna advises Scootaloo to face her fears, but of course she doesn't and instead........chickens out................*ahem*....and rides her scooter into the night. However, after a measly pebble sends Scootaloo overtop of a waterfall hanging on for dear life, it seems it's all over for our favorite cutie mark crusader. When she falls to her death, Rainbow Dash jumps in and saves the shit out of her, thankfully. But now it's time for her to face her fears, as Rainbow Dash is about to smack Scootaloo a new asshole. So, she confesses: she wanted Rainbow Dash to take her under her wing and be like her big sister, but she became scared of her campfire stories and didn't want to look like a..............chicken. Then, in a strange twist of fate, Rainbow Dash reveals that when she first heard the story, she chickened out too! What's this? There are two chickens?! Holy shit, dude! the end...Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo share a heartfelt moment solidifying their "sisterly" relationship for the rest of the series. THEEEEEE FANN-FICSSSSSS ARE COMING TRUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! By the end, Scootaloo learns to face her fears, Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo race, and Luna does a creepy ass wink. So concludes "Sleepless in Ponyville". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Wow, what a great episode this was. The character development was so fucking fantastic I couldn't even. More specifically, the dynamic of Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo is brought into fruition for the first time. I love this episode for essentially the same reason I love "Look Before You Sleep". This episode solidified a relationship between two rather undeveloped characters that benefits them both, in both the short and the long-term. This is something Scootaloo needed as a character for a damn good while, as I understand this is her first focus episode, but also Rainbow Dash was in desperate need of this as well. An inkling of real humanity in her character, and it's taken to its fullest within the last five minutes or so. For these reasons, I've always loved this episode, and for doing Scootaloo as well as Rainbow Dash some damn good justice, I give this episode a "holy shitballs" as well as a 10/10! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Well, that was amazing.... . ... But there's still going to be seven motherfucking cock-pissing asslicking seasons of this show! ... Seriously, guys. What the hell am I going to do? I don't want to be writing review columns into my goddamned thirties! The show is clearly jumping the shark given season five! So what the shit is a bitch like me to do?! ...
  3. So I was watching the Sleepless In Ponyville episode and I just wondered if scootaloo has a sister? Is it rainbow dash?
  4. - Sleepless in Ponyville In Sleepless in Ponyville, when Luna appears in the second dream, many things are similar to a scene in Sharkboy and Lavagirl (that, of course, i can't remember.), such as the music. I have watched that movie about 8 million times when i was little, so i was instantly like "Hey... This is familiar..." Also i have no idea how to post videos, if one of you could help me out and tell me, i would appreciate it.
  5. Okay folks it is time for another character analysis this time on Rainbow Dash for those of you who haven't already seen the first one on Applejack you can see it here. Rainbow Dash is without a doubt the most polarizing of the mane 6 characters she is one those characters that people either love or hate, I have seen just as many comments about Rainbow Dash being best pony as I have seen of her being worst pony. Rainbow Dash is brash, loud and can be very cocky at times and these traits have to some fans been a bit grating yet she has also shown a level of perseverance and determination a sort of never say die attitude to follow her dreams to become a Wonderbolt that many fans have come to admire in her. Rainbow Dash is without a doubt a flawed character which something even her fans will readily admit, but that is not necessarily a bad thing as what makes a character interesting is that they have flaws but they improve over time. Rainbow is still slightly cocky and is still reluctant to show her sensitive side in front of other ponies in most situations but has without a doubt grown and matured the most out of the mane 6. In Sleepless in Ponyville we got to see her compassionate and sensitive side as she became a sister figure to Scootaloo and in Wonderbolt Academy she risked her dream of becoming a Wonderbolt to do the right things by calling out Lightning Dust for her reckless and irresponsible behavior. It is by an large this excellent season 3 character development that has prompted many including myself to give Rainbow Dash a second look and brought her up to 3rd and then 2nd favorite pony. Rainbow Dash may have quite a ways to go as a character but that is a very good thing as it presents so many opportunities for great character development and story telling. Though Rainbow Dash is far from perfect as none of us are she has been seen not only as a great character but also a great role model.
  6. Welp, this basically takes off right after Dash and Scootaloo hug near the end of 'Sleepless in Ponyville', and thusly before the following morning when they all reach Winsome Falls. In other words, much like 'Tumultuous Disharmony', this is a one shot made to be a bridging scene, and this should be read knowing that it's not it's own story, but an add-on to the episode at hand. Hope everyone enjoys~ Description: Scootaloo may have gained a big sister in the dark hours of the night, and not without thanks to a certain princess, but that doesn't mean she's having an easy time falling asleep. Rainbow Dash offers some assistance, in the form of a late-night storybook. Bridging scene that takes place after Dash and Scootaloo's nightly embrace, near the end of Sleepless in Ponyville. Link to FIMFiction:
  7. So before season 3 began, we were given the tittles for the first nine episode. Now that we have seen all of the episodes what I want to ask is, Did the episode play out like u thought? What was your original idea for the episode or did you have one? Were you right or wrong? Did you like it that way or did you think your idea could have been better? Going to skip the Crystal Empire episode. To Many Pinkie Pies- This episode played out I like I thought it would. Pinkie Pie finds someway to make a bunch of copies of herself and they start to go crazy in the town. Was kinda hoping for some more humor. Overall good episode. One Bad Apple- I had a hard time thinking about this episode, because I was not sure what it would be about. My first thought was that, something was happening to Sweet Apple Acres and something was wrong with the apples. What we got was an episode about bullying. I felt like the show was going to bring this up at some point. You just here more about it. Overall I did enjoy this episode and I was glad that my idea was wrong. Good song and good new character. Magic Duel-The episode title just screams, Trixie is coming back. My first thought were that Trixie was coming back to face Twilight. For some odd reason I thought this was going to be some kinda Magical Tournament for unicorns. Until, I saw the picks of Trixie taking over Ponyville. This was indeed a great episode and kinda it kinda played out how I thought. Sleepless in Ponyville- This episode felt like it could have been about any of the characters. It could have been about one of the 6, the CMC, heck could have even been about a side character. At first I thought it was going to be about Mr. and Mrs. Cake not getting any sleep because of Pound and Pumpkin. I also thought about a Luna episode. In the end we got a Scootaloo episode. The episode was alright, but I was hoping for a little more. Like maybe looking more into her character and finding out more about her. In the end Luna got more development and we still know nothing about Scootaloo. Wonderbolts Academy- This was an easy episode to know what was going to happen. Rainbow Dash got into the Wonderbolt academy and get some training down to become a Wonderbolt. As for the episode, I have to say it did not play out as I thought. I thought it would be about RD learning what comes from being a WB and learning more about team work. For Lighting Dust I thought she would be kinda like a pony who was a weak flyer and did not show off to much, until Rainbow Dash helped her. Still this episode was good and it may not have answered a lot of questions, but it was still a great episode. Apple Family Reunion- Another episode with a pretty strait froward title. The Apple Family was going to have another reunion. I was kinda hoping this episode would look at Applejacks parents, but no that didn't happen. It was an alright episode, but not one thats my favorite. The episode kinda enforces the idea that the writers are going to stick with Lauren Faust original ideas and keep them in dead area. Spike at Your Service- The last episode title we were given before season 3 started was Spike at Your Service. Now the thought that came to my mind when I heard this title was that Spike was going to be helping Rarity a lot with a huge job or something and look more into his feeling towards her. But, we ended up with a Spike and Applejack episode. This was kinda out of left field and what I thought the episode was going to be about. It was alright I guess. Not one of my favorite episodes. Anyway thats all of the episodes we were given. Tell what you thought the episodes were going to be about and what you thought about them?
  8. Another music-inspired sketch, this time on the opposite side of the genre spectrum as "Big Mac-klemore." Big Rock Candy Mountain is a great American folk song from 1928 by Harry McClintock about a hobo's vision of paradise, a land where the hen's lay soft boiled eggs, there are rivers of lemonade, and the mountains are covered in chocolate sundae. (There's also cigarette trees and gin streams, but I'm basing this piece off another "foal-friendly" version of the song ). I always thought this song in a lot of ways described a place Pinkie Pie might sing about. This piece was different than originally planned. Originally it was going to be somewhat darker-themed, of an alternate universe of an Equestrian Great Depression, with a hobo-Pinkie singing the song to some poor fillies around a fire. However, I figured I'd shoot for something more like what we'd see in canon Equestria, and I figured I'd make the fillies the CMC as a bit of a nod to "Sleepless in Ponyville." So here's the piece - Pinkie Pie weaving the tale of the Big Rock Candy Mountains to the CMC around a smoky campfire, and somehow through Pinkie's unknown magic, she can weave that tale right into the fire's smoke. A tale of a land where the rains are chocolate, the streams are filled with lemonade, the trees are filled with cupcakes and candy canes, and the mountain caps are made of whipped cream. A Pinkie Pie paradise. As always, critiques are wanted. PS: I really need to find an actual scanner instead of just using my phone's camera.
  9. < Deviant Art Meanwhile in scoot dreams... We need to go deeper ... point coma space stuff BWOOOOONG!! Please comment I love read your comments
  10. Hey everyone! Here is my Sleepless in Ponyville review, taken from the discussion thread. I'd prefer you share your own opinions there, but you can share them here if you really want to. Here it is: Man, this episode... it was okay. I remember fearing that last week's episode, Magic Duel, was going to be laden with fan service... thank goodness it really wasn't. But this episode... it was all over the place. First off, I'm not really a Scootalove shipper, but I'm not against it. I think this episode might've had too much though, it was just too obvious for me. It wasn't a huge problem though, no, there were other problems- Rarity, while I love her with all my heart, was a total jerk here. I would have prefered some funny sequence where she overdramatacizes being against going, and while I suppose we got that, she decided to go anyway and take a bunch of crap and have Sweetie Belle drag it all for her... to me it was not funny at all, and strangely out of character. And we got teased about Scootaloo flying again! Instead of her flying herself, Dash was just holding her, never have I had such a short moment between squealing in delight and saying 'oh come on!' And then between the lame scary stories(one we've heard before!), Scootaloo's overreaction to them, and the bait and switch for another good Sweetie Belle song and instead whatever the heck she sang, I couldn't find a whole lot to love in this episode. But if there was one thing done right, it was Luna- this certainly explains why we don't usually see her! She's not gaming, she's entering and helping people with their nightmares! Although I can't help but think her appearance might have also been fueled by fan service, it was at least handeled well, and canonizes a rather beautiful thing to me, it's basically a new magical ability! They could potentially have dream-entering episodes now! So awesome. So yeah, all in all, while I did have problems with the episode, it wasn't all bad, and decently enjoyable. It was alright. Source: S03:E06 - Sleepless in Ponyville
  11. This is from the episode slepless in ponyville Here is a vector of that evil old mare in the woods Scootaloo had in her nightmare. Avatar size: dA HQ ver: I am aware of all errors on this vector. I am just too lazy to fix them and I didn't want to spend too much time on this.