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Found 2 results

  1. Have you been to a sleepover? If not, do you plan on having or going to one in the future?
  2. First, no, I am not a fan of Lady Gaga. The game wasn't even about her. It was just called Gaga Ball for some odd reason. Anyway, on Saturday, me, my sister, and my brother went to a laser-tag-and-pizza night at our old Tae Kwon Do gym. It was really fun, for the most part, we played laser tag, we ate pizza, it was at night. Anyway, I found out that they were playing a game in the back called "Gaga Ball". It sounded interesting, so I decided to check it out. It turned out that they had a big blow-up arena, sorta like a bounce house (Which are super fun, BTW) except with no floor or roof, and a dodgeball sized playground ball. I started watching the game, and I saw people were hitting the ball with their fists and and arms, and trying to avoid touching it with their feet. I started playing, and, well, laser tag became boring. I was addicted to that game. I even beat the person everybody considered the best, Payton. Then, there was pizza. And Coke. Warning, never give me Coke late at night if you know what's good for you. About two hours later, the caffeine started to kick in, and I was bouncing off the walls. Literally. I kept playing Gaga Ball, and, although all that jumping and running around can kill your bare feet, I was having as much fun as I could possibly have. I left the back floor for a bit, and went to go play Laser Tag. We were doing teams, red vs blue, and I was on my brother's team. He told me I was the sniper, so I said, "How do you snipe? Do you do it like this?" And waved my laser gun around, randomly pulling the trigger. My brother said no. He told me what a sniper actually does (Which I knew, I was just really hyped up), and I yelled that I wanted to be a... Uh... Something... I know it meant I could just do whatever I wanted, and shoot whoever I damn well pleased, and I liked the sound of that. But anyway, he made me be a sniper. I just ran around anyway. I got "killed" immediately, so I just dropped my gun and ran off to the back floor again. By this time, I was super amazingly caffeinated and drunk on tiredness, so I found nothing more amusing than hanging on the blowup arena. It caved in a lot, and that was the best part. I would yell that I was unbeatable at Gaga Ball, and when the inevitable happened, I would shout that I let them win, then lean on the wall once more. I was doing that until midnight, time to go to my cousins' house for a sleepover. We sat in the bedroom for a while, laughing and talking, until I brought up Slender. My cousin brought out her laptop, and I played for a while, and we were talking about how if you turn off your flashlight by clicking F, Slenderman can't see you. I decided to try it out, and it was working, but as soon as I turned it back on to look for the 3rd page, Slendy's face was right there. I was fizzing out like crazy. I freaked out, and pressed F a million times, but it didn't work. Finally, my sister turned, saw him, and slammed the laptop shut. I think I was done with Slender for the night. I went out the the living room to watch Tangled for the umpteenth time. My sister and my other cousin were both asleep by the time the movie ended, so I watched one of my favorite shows, Raising Hope. I watched that until I went to bed. When I woke up, I found out that there were doughnuts for breakfast. I was very happy. We ate doughnuts and watched Raising Hope until we were picked up. The end.