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Found 11 results

  1. Every pony that is into supernatural things knows the Slendermane. A tall, featureless white stallion in a tuxedo, sometimes said accompanied with black tentacles. Although so far there has been no proof of its existence, two stallions make comic strips for the newspaper called "Marble Horns", though it curiously stopped a few weeks ago. And recently, ponies have spotted a tall, slender figure near the Everfee Forest. And now, some ponies decided to actually investigate. What is this? This is my first RP, and it is about a web series called Marble Hornets. To put it simply, it is a web series based around the Slenderman myths. Keep in mind that this RP is going to have aspects from many other Slenderman-based web seies, not just Marble Hornets. Rules -Big knowledge over the Marble Hornets series isn't nescessary, only knowing a bit about Slenderman would be nice. -I have the right to deny your character, though its problably not happening. -The character(s) should not have much information over Slendermane himself, other than the info that was shown in Marble Horns. RP Characters -Techno Universal - -Stardust Balance - -Arctica - -Scripted Scribble -
  2. To those who weren't observant enough when watching yesterday's new episode Pinkie Apple Pie, like myself, to notice this before I saw it on tumblr: See it? Let's take a closer look: Boy howdy, there's all sorts of easter eggs this season, isn't there? INTERNET CULTURE EVERYWHERE.
  3. Splendormane is one of my favorite Ponyfied characters. So I will be Posting all my art of him in this topic :3So far i only have one picture Art Of Splendormane I would love a critique on my work please if you can . even if it a small one. I want to improve my art skills.
  4. I want to pitch this series bases on a Youtube series called TribeTwelve I am going to need animation staff and voice actors for male characters and others as I am writing the script now. I am planning to add voice lines to characters like the Observer and Firebrand who don't usually talk, but I'm probably going to be the Observer.(If anyone wants to help with that, I would REALLY APPRECIATE THAT PM ME THO!!!!) If interested, please post here or PM me. P. S. I need people who also can do this kind of animation(Turn your sound down at :45 for your own good) P. S. S: The guy featured in most of this video is the Observer ROLES (so far...) Camera Flash: Male, young adult, photographer/filmer. Attending collage at Canterlot University, but goes to Ponyville often to film and take pictures. Main charachter(He's basically Noah) just a normal pony. But I'm looking for people who can make his voice reflect his moods. Trying to find this a name: Male, young adult(he is basically the Milo Asher of this whole thing) Works in Manehattan, but came to visit his cousin, Camera Flash. Again, just a run-of-the-mill kinda guy. But is kinda mysterious, and keeps running away from something that Camera can't find. The Observer: Male, scratchy, pained voice. Stalks Camera and sends strange things to Camera's house. Trying to get camera to diverge a journal his grandfather has to him. TBC
  5. To start off, i have to say this was so far my highlight of the season! it was really hard to come up with things that didnt work without nit-picking. i dont have alot of opening things to say about this episode Sooooooooo lets move on! Things that worked The song: I was born listening to country, so that might be why this song and raise this barn (even though it was very repetitive) are my favorite songs. Ashleigh ball and Michelle Creber both have some beautiful voices, and that doesnt change when they add a southern drawl in it. i mean, honestly, i thought Applejack's voice was a mix between Faith Hill and Shania Twain! and then you moved on to pinkie, and she can sing too!!!!! i mean she sounded like she was trying a little bit too hard with the country sound at some points, but it still worked good! The characters: Now some people ive heard talk about this episode really didnt like the fact it was two earth ponies that were possibly related, but putting two earth ponies in the apple family actually makes a lot of sense. Think back to every time we have seen apple family members, almost all, if not all, earth ponies. it just makes a lot of sense to put these two together. Also, it was really nice to see a pinkie and AJ episode. i honestly dont think they have been in an episode where it is just them together. Its really nice to see the writers trying new character interactions. Pinkie wasnt over the top crazy: One of my pet peeves with pinkie is that she is annoying some of the time, and in this episode she had a brain! she actually was a really good character in this episode. sure the plot revolved mainly around AJ and the apples, but pinkie didnt do anything too crazy to ruin the episode for me. THE REFERENCES!!!!! OH MY DEAR SWEET CELESTIA! there were some great references, Pinkie doing the soulja boy, duck face, Dusty cat (which is a stretch) were all great there was another, but thats going on my other list. Things that didnt work (mainly nit-picks) Slendermane reference: Now im going to take a lot of empty vodka bottles for this, but hear me out! Why this didnt work for me is simple, Slendermans storyline. if you have any clue on the slenderman story (whether it be from slender, Tribestwelve, Marblehornets, Or everymanhybrid) you know that when slenderman stalks you, it means almost certain death in the future. now im looking SUPER (and i mean SUUUUPPPPEEEERR) deep into this, but does that mean one of the apples or pinkie are being stalked by slendy? does that mean that we will never see golden delicious ever again? Animations: There were just a few awkward animation moments in the episode, like pinkie bouncing in the cart. some of them just really felt lazy. Then again, there is a reason im not an animator. So overall it was a very good episode, it will rank number three on my favorites list, right behind lesson zero and best night ever.
  6. Here's a little sneak preview of a remix of Rainbow Factory I'll debut this upcoming Nightmare Night. It's gonna be super crazy, so heads up! Critique is welcome!
  7. I've finished the Silence Pony! I brought a couple with me to Fiesta Equestria and several people asked if I could paint them like Slenderman/Slendermane so I did. Coming up soon should be even more Dr. Who pony sculpts! :
  8. Just a really quick Slendermane I threw together. This took me, I don't know, fifteen minutes? Not very long. Feedback is really helpful; would you please let me know what you think?
  9. a little some thing for one of my favorite tumblr blogs , Gamerluna. took me a while to draw and im currently doing a final sketch on my computer hopefully it will look awesome :3
  10. Welcome to the labyrinth. It is a standard role playng game. I got the idea from the Play the Game thread, but I guess it either ended or is about to end. I'm not sure. Anyway, lets get down to business. First, you create your character. It can be your avatar, an original character, or a character from Friendship is Magic. Please give a description, personality, abilities, cutie mark, etc. Please, no unstoppable gods (except me ). Next, you wake up, confused, in the center of the maze. I will act as both narrator for challenges, and as the Slendermane. I will explain my character latter. You must describe your journey through the maze. I will give you challenges, give you choices, throw traps and monsters, etc. (No, I have never played D&D.) Characters can team up and interact (it is encuraged), but they may be separated by me latter. Now, on to Slendermane. Take a look at my avatar. This is the physical manefistation of a powerful extradimentional being. It is based on the Slenderman, a monster from various internet horror stories. http://knowyourmeme....mes/slender-man It watches. It waits. It gives secret codes and clues (I'm not sure if I will or not). It drives you crazy. Do not try to attack Slendermane, or you will just wake up hours latter with a splitting headache, nausea, and possible rearranged internal organs. It will try to lead you. Where to, no one knows. No one knows what Slendermane's motives are (or if an extradimentional being can even have motives). It enjoys games, and playing with (manipulating) others. I will try to come by and update when I can, but no guarantees. I do have school. Please, enjoy yourselves. Enter the labrynth, if you dare.
  11. There is no hope. There is no escape. Where ever you run, I am already there. I am part of you. But if you are curious, you may ask questions before you become my prey. (Or you can just ask me out of character. Whichever is fine.)