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Found 203 results

  1. A story about the Dazzlings trying to redeem themselves at a wacky sleepover. Will it work? Find out here!
  2. (Author's Note: This story is being published mainly due to the encouragement and gentle prodding of a trusted mentor *cough @Alexshy cough*, who feels it is worthy enough to see the light of day. All blame to me if it fails to meet expectations. This is a multi-chapter story, and will be updated sporadically.) 1. Through the Hoops, Through the Portal “Please have a seat, they’ll be with you shortly.” Nodding my thanks to the pony seated behind the ornate desk, I sat down in one of the plush chairs in the empty waiting room. My nerves were evident as I fiddled with the folder in my hands, the enclosed papers containing additional information along with the CV I had previously provided. It was a stroke of luck that I was even able to get this far in the process; from what I had heard, there were literally hundreds of thousands of applications, and that was just from my country alone. Thinking to myself, as I sat in the waiting room at the top of one of the tallest towers in the city, I resolved that no matter what happened today, I would be happy that I had at least made it this far in the process. *~*~*~*~* My journey to this place began several months ago. It began innocently enough with reports of strange beings being sighted in different parts of the world. Tales flew about creatures that resembled miniature horses, some with single horns on top of their heads, others with wings and the ability to fly. Naturally, most of these were attributed to vivid imaginations and consumption of the local hallucinogen of choice, and quickly dismissed as fallacy. It wasn’t until the appearance of a taller equine-like creature, sporting both large singular horn and wings, appeared at the nation’s capital that these sightings were taken more seriously. She introduced herself to the nervous security and law enforcement forces as Princess Luna Nocturnis, co-ruler of a land called Equestria with her sister, Princess Celestia Solaris. After making initial diplomatic contact, both of these “alicorns” (as they identified themselves) were soon addressing the nations of the world at the United Nations building, seeking to establish relations with this strange world their inhabitants had reported visiting in recent times. Some of the more ambitious of the world’s leaders attempted to conquer this strange land with military might. Watching an entire army battalion being essentially wiped from the face of the earth by not an army, but one lone alicorn with a nasty temper, sent the message that these creatures were perhaps not to be trifled with, but rather approached with friendship and kindness. After a few months, when things had calmed down, the princesses sent forth word that they were considering allowing some humans to live among the ponies, and that those interested should submit an application, along with an accounting of all education and employment, and those that passed initial screening would be contacted for a face-to-face interview. I figured I had nothing to lose, it might be a nice change of pace from the life I currently knew, and you never know what will happen unless you give it a shot. I made my submission and waited. I received a box in the mail a couple of days later. The box contained a candle, with holder, and a note. The note said to light the candle, and await further communication. I admit, it was a bit unnerving at first to see a candle burn without melting away, and the greenish flame was unlike anything I had seen since I had worked at the copper manufacturing plant. Still, if nothing else, it would have made a nice conversation piece. Three days later, a scroll popped into existence from the flame and dropped on my desk. I had been selected for an interview, and was given the date, location, and time. So this is really going to happen, I thought. I prepared myself to give the best possible impression I could, and made sure all of the information that they could possibly ask for was correct and in my possession. *~*~*~*~* “They’re ready for you now,” the receptionist pony said, indicating a set of large wooden doors. Thanking her, I stood up, straightening my clothing and checking to ensure that everything was as close to perfect as I could manage. Taking a calming breath, I steeled my resolve and knocked upon the doors. “Come in, please,” a voice called out. I turned the knob and entered, seeing both Princess Celestia and Luna sitting behind an even bigger desk than the one out front. I saw their smiles slip a little bit when I entered, and it took all of my will to keep my own smile upon my face. Well, so much for this, I thought. Perhaps I’m not what they want after all. I bowed reverently when I got closer. “Your highnesses, thank you for seeing me,” I said, maintaining a cheerful demeanor. The princesses both nodded. “Please have a seat,” Princess Celestia said, indicating the chair with her hoof. I sat down, clutching my folder perhaps tighter than I realized. I loosened my grip to prevent damaging the contents. “As we explained in the scroll we sent,” Princess Luna said, “this phase will further determine which candidates will be selected for our pilot program. Following the interviews, we will be conducting thorough background checks on every applicant. Are there any incidents that we should be aware of that will turn up in our search?” I shook my head. “Short of past traffic violations, all of which should have been expunged by now, I have no type of criminal record.” Luna smiled a little. “Excellent.” She and Celestia looked over copies of my CV. Celestia flipped the pages with her magic. “You’ve held quite a few jobs in your time. Did you not have a clear career path in mind for yourself?” Celestia asked, her brow arched, studying me and my reaction. I sighed inwardly, hoping it didn’t reflect on my expression. “I had a few aspirations when I was younger, mostly boyhood dreams and the like. I wasn’t able to fulfill them in the manner I wanted to, but I did at least make some effort to realize them. It did take me a while to see what I truly was happy doing, and as you should be able to see, most of the jobs I held had that element in common throughout my employment history.” Celestia nodded. “I see. And, it isn’t like humans have cutie marks to guide their destiny along, either.” She shifted a few papers. “Do you have your medical history and copy of latest physical?” “Yes,” I replied, handing her a stack of papers. “These are the results of my latest DOT physical, I hope they’re satisfactory. I also have results from visits with my primary care doctor.” “Yes, this will do nicely.” Celestia and Luna studied the papers. After a short while. Celestia set the papers down on the desk. “Now, do you have any questions for us?” Luna asked, studying my reactions carefully. I thought for a moment. “I was curious as to what the overall goals of this program were, and if there was any special criteria you were seeking.” Luna nodded. “A fair question indeed. Simply put, there have been lots of questions about your world from our subjects, and we thought that by introducing your species into our world gradually, with a few select families, our little ponies could see and talk to you, perhaps soothing fears and learning about you in the process.” “And while my sister did indicate that we are seeking families to raise human children in our world,” Celestia added, “we are also seeking single individuals so our ponies can get a fuller picture of how humans live and interact.” Slightly relieved at hearing that, I nodded. At least I wasn’t completely out of the running yet. “And you will provide assistance in getting established in Equestria, I take it?” “Correct,” Celestia said. “A house will be provided for the selected candidates, who will be placed strategically in a town of our choosing. A small stipend will be provided for the first month, after which we expect the candidates to have gained employment and be self-sufficient. Of course, we will assist in a small way if unforeseen circumstances arise.” “We have gained knowledge regarding how humans in general live,” Luna added, “and to that end we are making arrangements to provide for those chosen, so their arrival will not be complete culture shock.” “Will a list be provided of what can and cannot be transported into Equestria?” “The chosen candidates will be given a list, yes. Bear in mind that any contraband that is attempted to be smuggled in will result in instant disqualification, at the very least.” Luna looked stern at that last part, no doubt still remembering the attempted invasion. I had no doubt about what might happen in that case. I thought for a moment. “I believe that covers everything I was curious about.” Both princesses smiled. “Excellent.” Celestia began gathering up the paperwork. “We have many other interviews to conduct, but we expect the process to be complete within the next three months. Keep your dragon-fire candle burning, and we will send word when we have made our decisions. You will be notified even if you are not selected.” The princesses rose, and I did likewise. I shook each princess’s hoof in turn, with a slight bow to each. “Thank you again for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.” “Thank you for coming down today, we will be in touch,” Luna said cordially. I turned and walked out of the room, shutting the door behind me. I saw two other candidates waiting as I said a quick thank-you to the receptionist and headed for the elevator for my ride to the ground floor. My mind wandered while waiting for the elevator to arrive, and thought about what it would be like to start over again in a completely different world. This was much different from a cross-country move, which I had done twice before, once east-to-west, and once north-to-south. I would be a complete outsider, a foreigner in a foreign land, learning new customs and way of life. I began to wonder if I was indeed over my head, and up to the task. The ding of the elevator interrupted my thoughts, and I stepped inside for my journey back to the lower levels. No sense fretting about it now; it wasn’t even guaranteed I’d be selected for the program. The doors slid shut, and the elevator took me back down to the ground floor. *~*~*~*~* Six months came and went, and still I waited to hear word about the aftermath of the interview. I had figured they would have been swamped with applicants, each seeking their own place in history – after all, how great would it be to lay claim to being chosen to live in an entirely different world? That’s a science- fiction fan’s dream come true. Because of this, I figured the selection process would take a longer time than what could be counted as ‘normal’ by Earth standards. My daily routine continued, and I even started to bank some extra money and pay off my debts. It wasn’t because I had it in my head that I would be chosen, rather it was a sound idea and something I should have been doing long before this even took place. At least now, I had added incentive to clean the slate. Day after day, the dragon-fire candle on my desk continued to burn, but never lost any mass due to melting. The sun hadn’t even risen fully on that Sunday morning when I heard a loud thump coming from the area near my desk. Grumbling, I stumbled out of bed and threw a pair of shorts on, and walked out to see what had fallen over this time. I was stunned to see a pile of books and papers, standing about nine inches tall, next to the candle. A scroll sealed with wax lay on top of the stack, bearing the seals of both of the princesses – a sun motif for Celestia, and a moon for Luna. Carefully, I broke the seals and unrolled the scroll. It read: A good day to you, After a lengthy and careful process, we are pleased to announce that you have been selected for our residency program in Equestria. We had received many applications, and conducted scores of interviews, and you scored within the upper percentile in each facet of our criteria. In this packet are the papers necessary to begin the citizenship process, along with books and pamphlets for you to read in an effort to prepare you for the customs and lifestyles you will be experiencing upon your arrival. We have also enclosed a list of items that are forbidden to cross into our world, along with recommendations for items you should bring for your own personal comfort. You have been selected to reside in the town of Ponyville. Proper housing is being secured and will be ready upon your arrival. We have arranged your arrival date for six months from the date of this letter. As our calendars are similar in design and length, we trust this should not pose too great an inconvenience in getting your affairs in order prior to departure. We will also arrange for transportation of your goods into our world. Once again, we bid you congratulations, and eagerly look forward to welcoming you as one of our newest citizens to Equestria. Most sincerely yours, Celestia Luna I re-read the scroll to make sure there was no misunderstanding, and that I hadn’t missed a word. Nope, sure enough, it was really happening. Being too excited to go back to sleep, I instead made a lovely celebratory breakfast and coffee, and while I ate, I read through some of the literature that had been provided. *~*~*~*~* Six months may seem like a long time, but as I knew from past experience, time had a way of sneaking up on you, leaving you scrambling at the last moment. I was determined to not let that happen. I carefully made a list of things that needed to be done, and their approximate completion dates. I also had to begin the arduous process of sorting through the things that I had collected during my life, and deciding which would come with me and which would be forever discarded. Of all the tasks I faced during that six months, this was perhaps the hardest one of all to complete. And, as I had expected it would, the actual day of the move came all too soon. “Here’s the last one,” I said, placing a cardboard box on the tail end of the wagon. Yes, wagon. A rather large wagon pulled by a tall pony. He’s what they call an ‘earth pony,’ having no wings or horn. He was gray-furred, or at least I guess it was called fur, and had a brown mane and tail. He wore a battered Stetson-style hat on his head, and busied himself positioning the things I brought out of the apartment, securing them tightly inside the wagon. He had a unique design on his flanks, what I learned from my reading was called a ‘cutie mark,’ and his was of a wagon wheel with a set of wings. He told me the other ponies all called him Longhaul, and back in his younger days he carried goods across the whole of Equestria. Having been a cross-country driver myself, we hit it off pretty well, swapping stories about our lives on the road, and the strange things we’d seen, although nothing I could tell compared with some of the encounters that Longhaul had during his career. I mean, sure, I’d hauled produce and been bonked on the head by crates of broccoli and heads of lettuce when the loads shifted, but at least a gang of ravenous rabbits never attempted to hijack my load. “You sure that’s all there is?” Longhaul asked, looking over the load as he slid the last box into place. “I was expecting lots more than this, given the stories from the other moving ponies.” I shook my head. “Nah, I’m only taking the essentials. I figure I’ll be acquiring more stuff once I get settled in.” Longhaul nodded. “Gotcha.” He secured the load with straps. “So, what’s left to do?” “Just got to lock up, turn the keys in to the rental office, and then we’re ready to cross.” I stopped and looked around. It was just after noontime, the day was clear and bright but not too warm, and as I looked around, it was finally sinking in that this could be the last time I ever set foot on the world I had known as home. The enormity of it hit me and I felt tears forming I my eyes. I blinked them away quickly and drew a shuddering breath. I felt a hoof nudge my arm. “Hey, you okay?” Longhaul asked, his voice filled with concern. I nodded slowly. “Yeah, I’m okay.” I passed a bottle of cold water over to Longhaul and sat down on the steps leading to the apartment. “Let’s just take a quick rest before we head out.” Longhaul took a drink from the bottle, holding it quite well for a creature with only hooves. Seeing that was going to take some getting used to on my part. “So, what made you want to leave all of this and come to Equestria?” he asked, adjusting his hat to keep the sun out of his eyes. It took me a minute to ponder my answer. “Humans are strange creatures. We’re always on the lookout for new experiences, wanting to try new things, just to see if we can do them. Some do this for financial gain, some for the excitement and thrill they get out of it … me, I just thought it would be a nice change, and I really don’t have much here anyway. Why not see what I could do somewhere else?” “If that’s the case, then why go somewhere completely unknown? Staying here and moving to a different town or city would be a change,” Longhaul countered. “’Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.’ Yeah, it would be a change, but would still be familiar. And, I suspect after a short while, it would feel exactly the same as it does now. I wanted to go somewhere completely new and learn it from the ground up — the customs, the inhabitants, the ways to make a living. I guess it’s more of my last hurrah — do it now before I get too old to do anything.” Finishing my water, I stood up and walked back into the apartment, taking a careful look around. After making sure I hadn’t left behind anything I wanted to take, I secured the apartment and walked back outside to Longhaul. “This won’t take long, I’ll be back in a minute.” Having turned in my key, I went back to where Longhaul was waiting with the wagon. He had hitched himself up and was ready to get moving. About a month before the move, I bought myself a bicycle and began riding regularly, in an attempt to get used to it as it would be my preferred method of transportation in Equestria. I mounted up and pulled alongside Longhaul. “Okay, let’s head out, we’re losing daylight.” With a mighty tug, Longhaul got the wheels on the wagon rolling and we made our way to the portal. It was explained in the literature that I received that the portals were an experiment gone awry, which was the reason for the random appearances at various points across the globe. The princesses managed to refine the spell that created them, allowing for more pinpoint placement, which meant that when the day arrived for the move, there was a portal waiting along a quiet side road not far from my apartment. All the better from a security standpoint. Two stone-faced guards stood by the portal entrance. Longhaul and I slowed our approach, and came to a stop when instructed. One guard went over to the wagon while the second approached me. “May I see your access papers, sir?” the guard asked in an official tone. I quickly passed the paperwork over to the guard, who took them in his magic and nodded after giving them a cursory glance. “Okay, please wait here while we finish our inspection. Won’t take too long.” The guard returned to the wagon to aid his partner. Word had spread about one couple that had attempted to smuggle some contraband across the portal. Their stupidity was rewarded with a complete revocation of their citizenship offer and a stint in the Equestrian prison system, before being returned to Earth. I shook my head when I learned about this, wondering just how stupid my fellow humans could be, and cautioning myself to not think too hard about that lest I get an answer that I might not like. After a few minutes, the guard returned to me and passed my papers back. “Everything checks out. Welcome to Equestria.” He smiled and gave a signal to his partner, who lit her own horn and directed it at the portal entrance. The portal, which had been a hazy, opaque oval shape framed by a ring of gold, suddenly became clearer. On the other side stood small, modest houses, dirt roads, and just at the entrance, a welcoming committee of ponies. A pony mare with gray hair and glasses stood in front of the group, bearing a nervous smile. Longhaul let out a low whistle. “Wow, looks like the entire town came out to greet you. Just remember not to say anything stupid,” he quipped. I chuckled and gave him a slight nudge. “Guess we’d better not keep anybo—err, pony waiting.” Dismounting my bicycle, I pushed it along while I walked alongside Longhaul, crossing through the portal slowly. The guards followed, and once we had made it to the other side, the portal vanished without a trace.
  3. Salutations, I have not used MLP Forums in a while, but I'm writing this post in hopes that someone might be interested in auditioning for another upcoming project I'm working on. Just over a year ago, I began my work on my first the comic dub, 'Heart of the Draconequus', to get back into voice acting and start something new, ever since my first audio project flopped. Now that I've completed 'Heart of the Draconequus', I want to continue to create more content like this and just tell stories to anyone who cares to hear a tale or two. Which brings me to the main reason for this topic. I'm working on an upcoming reading of the fanfic, 'Mothers', written by KnightMysterio on FiMFiction. This is one of the first stories I've read when I first joined FiMFiction, and I had always wanted to do a reading of the story ever since I first discovered the story. Of course, just like with my last project, I need voice actors for the characters in this reading. I have gotten a decent amount of auditions for the reading, but truth be told, I could use a bit more auditions, especially for characters that haven't been getting enough auditions. Characters such as Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity, Mayor Mare, Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, and Sweetie Belle could use more auditions, but any character that is listed in the casting call is open to all. Down below, you will find the casting call video explaining how to audition and when the deadline for auditions is. Although I've stated that the deadline was on August 31st originally, I've moved the deadline to September 20th as I haven't been getting enough auditions. So, if anyone is interested in auditioning, I'll be more than grateful for your help. If you also know anyone who might be interested in taking part of the reading - a family or friend, tell them about this project and get them to audition. I'll take all the help I can get! Thank you for your time to read this topic. If you have any questions regarding the auditions, feel free to let me know. Link to casting call video: Link to casting call page:
  4. By: Windy Breeze and Co-author, Writer Rhyme. Note: This story is under hiatus in Fimfiction. That means, this story won't have chapters unless one is added in Fimfiction Chapter 1: Fleeting Breeze “It's not going to hurt if i just try, right?” Windy Breeze talked to her reflection in the mirror pool. She was told by a terrified Stormlight about Ponyville swarmed by a dozen of Pinkie Pies. She would laugh at the news if Pinkie was just a normal earth pony. She was very curious about how she could do that. After asking Spitfire permission to go back to Ponyville, she went out of the Wonderbolts Academy and went back to Ponyville. She went to the nearest house and knocked, revealing Holly Dash, who asked her why she was outside and asking that the 'Pinkie Storm' has died out. Windy gave a face of 'I dunno' mixed with an ignorant shrug. She asked where Pinkie is and Holly told her Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Rarity took 'them' to the Town Hall. She politely thanked her by bowing her head. It turns out there are a lot of Pinkie's inside the Town Hall, watching their worst nightmare: Paint Drying. She had to admit she also hate watching pain drying, it was kinda boring, nothing to do except STARE at the paint. She had to hide herself behind the wall every time Rainbow would glance at her direction. If she was caught, she knew there will be a problem, so she decided to hide. She sighed in relief when the one Pinkie Pie in the building is the real one. Inside her thought, she knew this could be more worse than having a clone of you running around in town. Or maybe not. She followed the Main six into the Ever free, luckily avoiding every pack of Timberwolves she come across, she found herself snooping on the bearers of the elements of harmony inside a beautiful cave. In the middle of the cave is a pool of water. The Mirror Pool. The main six had left few seconds ago. She let her curiousity take over her, reaching out a hoof. She let out a sigh and decided to fight her anxiety. She quickly sank her hoof into the pool of water, expecting to reach out for something. She gasped when she felt something suddenly grab a hold of her hoof like a fish caught by a fishing hoof. She decided to pull out what's clutching her hoof. “Hey, ow, not too tight, please?” Standing infront of her was her. Windy's eyes widened in disbelief. There was her standing infront her. Windy Breeze, or she we call her Breeze let go of Windy's hoof, hissing in pain as she look at her hoof “Ouch, this is more painful than when I lost to Spitfire at hoof-wrestli-” Breeze stopped when she finally got Windy into her vision. The two stared in confusion, then Breeze decided to speak first “Am i looking at a invisible mirror?” She looked like her, she sounds like, and most importantly she knew Spitfire! Windy opened her mouth to speak, hesitant but managed to utter a few words as she felt her heart beat rapidly and faster than normal. “Are you real?” Breeze gasped in disbelief, her heart beginning to beat faster than normal. “Wh-What?” she took a step back, her eyes shrinking until it turned into a dot. Due to the amount of disbelief she got into her heart and mind, Windy's eyes rolled back into her skull and fainted. When she went back to the world of consciousness and friendship, the first she heard is her moan, then the second sound she heard is her moan, yet it didn't came from her mouth. ..... The 'Pinkie Storm' and the Mirror Pool went back into her mind. She quickly opened her eyes, making an eye contact with two pairs of cyan eyes. She quickly realized both of them fainted. “So this IS real?” She and Breeze muttered in unison. Before Breeze could say more to express her disbelief, Windy stood up. “I can't believe it worked!” she yelled enthusiastically, looking down at Breeze with a excitement “You might be a clone but you had life inside that magical body!” she grabbed a hold of Breeze and made her stood up, the latter very confused of her current situation “What should i call you? ” Windy pondered for a few seconds before giving her a name “Oh, how about Flitting Breeze!?” “Hmm, that sounds... perfect” Breeze, now named Flitting Breeze agreed “But can you tell me where am i and why you look like me?” “Forget about it, let's go back to Ponyville, Flit!” Before Flitting could protest, Windy grab a hold of her hoof and dashed into the Everfree Forest. “Hey, ow! I might not be Rarity but this is still considered ru-Ow!” Flitting was interrupted by a tree branch slapping her face. She was about to open her mouth when another branch hit her. She decided to be silent. She should atleast made plans for her newly born twin. Windy had just realized everyone in Ponyville had just recovered from the 'Pinkie Swarming' and will most likely react badly seeing two Windy Breeze's emerge from the Everfree Forest and the Main Six will come in and... No, she won't allow that to happen! Before she could say anything, Fleeting voiced her worries which disturbingly the same as hers “I don't think the town will greet us with open hooves if they saw two pegasi with the same color, mane, tail, eye, wing, and cutie mark coming out of the Everfree Forest” “I agree. Let's think of something that can help us not stood out of the 'crowd'” Flitting nodded. The two stood thinking until Flitting got an idea. “How about changing my manestyle and tell the ponies that I'm a long lost twin of yours?” “Good idea you got there, Flitting” Windy beamed, pointing at a nearby bush “just go behind the bush and I shall start 'changing' your mane” It was a terrible day for Ire Heaven. She would rather live under Nightmare Moon's reign than witnessing Ponyville being attacked by a horde of Pinkie's who had no idea what privacy is. She decided to go into the Everfree and punch something with her hooves. As she walk towards the said forest, she heard a pair of voices. Very.Similar.Voices. “It's done!” Ire heard a gasped from the same speaker “I loved it!” Ire rolled her eyes, muttering “First Pinkie being too many Pinkie, now Windy now has imaginary friend, what's more?” she approached where the source came from, from behind a bush. She hold the bush aside to's.bonding as if they didn't even seem to care they look the same. Ire's eyes twitched, turn tail and screamed in frustration.
  5. My Wings Will Keep You Safe This is my first ever completed one-shot. It also won 2nd place in the Poniverse Summerpalooza 3.0 Family is Magic Contest in 2017! I decided to post it here for those who haven't yet read it. I hope you enjoy it.
  6. After all these years of being in the fandom and reading a lot of the fan fiction I now decided to really get going and make a story(and not give up on it after months of writers block). Hopefully it’ll be to others likings. Oh and, if you may not mind, should you find anything that needs critiquing, I’m all ears. Danke schoen. FimFiction link:
  7. After many years of being a member of the fandom and avid reader I decided to begin my first dive into writing by putting together a short story. I'm fairly thick skinned so any and all criticism including subjective opinions are appreciated. Fimfiction link
  8. The Color of Something Wonderful Pastel Shades has the most boring job in Equestria: telling new parents what color their children are. It's not a pleasant job, but it's a necessary job, and it's the little reminders that make it tolerable.
  9. I like episode 200 more than episode 100; however, I also think both episodes are still very amazing, episode 100 is actually one of my favorites in season 5. So which episode do you like better?
  10. Another story of mine just went live. Yesterday's episode of the show kind of ruined the whole plot, so I had to change the tags to alternate universe at the last moment. Kind of annoying as I've had this in the works for a month or so. I tried including significant symoblism into my story for the first time, which I'm mildly proud of. Hopefully it's not too hard to catch. Anyway, here's the basic synopsis. It's the same long description that I have up on FiMFic, so no need to read it twice. TW: mild language, domestic abuse, depression, talk of / reference to self-harm. Find the story HERE.
  11. The Great And Powerful Trixie looks back at the time when she turned Twilight Sparkle's dragon assistant, Spike, into a basketball while equipped with the Alicorn Amulet. After I folded him into a ball shape held together with my telekinesis, he bounced just like a real ball. Then as I threw him into a floating hoop I conjured in the air, he rolled down the hoop perfectly. He even squeaks when touched in his normal form.Now I wonder what it would feel like to be The Round And Bouncy Trixie. Rarity has also turned herself into a bouncy ball and still managed to hold her camera completely still with her magic while bouncing around in ball form. I also like to roll Twilight and my best buddy Starlight Glimmer into perfect spheres that I can balance on, and I even sometimes like to throw their ball forms as fireballs to save ammunition for my explosive weaponry. They're even a good sport about it and turn into balls willingly as well. Now time to see why Rarity, Twilight, and Starlight enjoy being balls. What could Spike be missing out on if he was glad to leave his ball form?I roll into a tight ball, wrap my curled-up body in my magic, magically massage myself, and mold myself into a perfect sphere. I allow my entire body to relax in the ball shape, then release my magic's hold on me after my legs, ears, mouth, snout, and horn have effectively melted into my completed ball form. My other features are basically painted onto me. While my cutie mark is still in its usual place, my eyes are on the front of the ball and my mane and tail wrap around me in an X shape. Now The Great And Powerful Trixie has become a snug and cozy ball.My urge to walk afterwards immediately shifts to an urge to roll myself around, as my legs don't want to do anything right now. I do exactly that, then wrap myself in my magic again to confirm that I can use it as well as my relaxed muscles to roll. I then cast a sensing spell to better see where I'm going. I repeatedly roll myself at a nearby attack dummy to knock it around the room, then perform one more rolling attack with my magic aura on. The magic allows me to hit the dummy multiple times for every second I'm in contact with it, then as I disperse the magic aura, the dummy flies across the room and bounces back towards me. However, since my horn is tucked inside my ball form and I don't have much experience using my unicorn magic, as a ball I can only effectively use my telekinesis on myself and not others. So when I catch the dummy with my magic, I only manage to slow the dummy down before it slams into me and sends me rolling backwards. This would have really hurt if I wasn't a relaxed, bouncy ball. Now it's time to try a new technique.I then bend into a magically-charged oval shape, roll in place, and take off, allowing my again-spherical body to go as fast as Rainbow Dash, pin the dummy in front of me, burst through the wall (Oh yeah!), and zip past multiple buildings. Upon hitting a wall, I start to bounce off many more like a pinball. Don't worry - as my body is relaxed in this form, I feel no pain or dizziness from rolling. Even so, I better stop myself before I land somewhere I don't want to. Since my legs still don't want to come out of my ball-shaped being yet, I use my magic to stop myself instead. Still in one piece after hitting all those walls while pinned to me, the dummy then falls off me and collapses onto the floor. Just how tough is this dummy's model?Now it's time for the Bouncy part of The Round And Bouncy Trixie. I levitate myself a few feet above the ground, then let go of myself. As I hit the ground, I bounce back up instead of breaking any bones. This confirms that Trixie's ball form is rubbery as well. But then again, I have to use my magic to stop myself from bouncing. Slowly floating myself back onto the floor, I then begin to jump repeatedly without using my magic. Every time I land, I bounce higher, to the point of bouncing higher than the average house. After I magically stop myself from bouncing, I make the dummy stand back up, gently roll myself into it, then quickly jump high with my magic aura on. The aura simultaneously drags the dummy into the air and hits the dummy repeatedly. When the dummy lands, I then bounce on it repeatedly, amazed that it still survives in one piece. I then do one last bounce and dart down quickly, slamming the dummy into the ground and leaving it lying in a small crater where it had been standing. I then jump high, turn on my magic aura, and perform a homing attack on the dummy. The dummy flies sideways from the impact. I then use another charged rolling attack to launch the dummy back out of the crater before jumping out myself.Speaking of explosive weaponry, of course, even The Round And Bouncy Trixie wouldn't be complete without fireworks. So first, I use my magic to release a smoke bomb and set it on the floor. The smoke bomb then goes off and releases a smokescreen. After the smoke clears, I roll over to the dummy, release a small firework bomb, and roll away. The dummy flies off in the resulting explosion. I then surround the dummy with many more fireworks and remotely set them off while looking at the dummy. I flash happy eyes as my fireworks juggle the dummy. ULTRA COMBO! If you guessed that the dummy survived even all that fully intact, you're absolutely right.Poor Spike missed out on the perks of being a ball, while The Great And Powerful Trixie can now understand why Rarity loves her Rariball form so much. What a simple but Great And Powerful form. Glad I was able to introduce Twilight and Starlight to the ball form as well, with them enjoying it as much as I did. I then take the dummy to a hill to see the sunset with it. After making the dummy lie on it's back next to me, I reactivate my dormant limbs with my magic, unfurl back into my pony form, then happily lie on my back with my forehooves under my head. Being a ball is cool and all, but even The Great And Powerful Trixie has to come out of that form to do things it can't effectively.THE END
  12. Gallus the Griffon sabotaged the Hearth's Warming tree with a purpose, so that he didn't have to go back to Griffonstone and face the loss of his family. Now, with the help of Twilight and his fellow classmates, he must go to Griffonstone and face the tragic circumstances surrounding that dark day in his life.
  13. Summary: A little time has passed since Princess Luna has returned to Equestria, and Luna still feels down and broken. So, her sister announced a holiday just for her.This is Lunar Appreciation Night, and ponies all over the Equestria are supposed to celebrate this, by writing the letters to newly redeemed Princess of the Night to make her feel better. Though there were a few letters with decent lengths but most of letters were nothing more than simple phrases "We love you Princess Luna" and "Happy Lunar Appreciation Night", which to some extent make her feel even worse, until she read out one letter which made her day (or in her case, night). Dear Princess Luna The most adored Princess of The Night And The Beauty of The Moon, and The Glimmers of The Stars Please accept the humble Greetings from one of your most pitiful subjects. I don't have words enough to explain my joy as I write this letter for you. The words can't comprehend how I feel when I think twice every time before writing every single word in your high regards. My greatest and most humble apologies as I feel lost here. I am clearly not sure how or where can I begin, or can I even begin at all. But I'll try my best anyways, and I will expect to get forgiveness for such disrespect, cause you deserve much more than that. You're more than a Princess to Equestria, you're more than an Alicorn, when I think about this and I see that you're not less than a blessing to the Land of Equestria. The Night you bring is more than just the dimmed shade of sky with Stars, and when I think about this I see this as a symbol of love you hold for your subjects and your kingdom, and you want them to see how much you care about all of them whether they see this or not. Your Night beholds the beauty more beautiful than anything else I ever known. And when I am all alone, sitting under the darkened sky I see that beauty, more over I see your love, and your care for your subjects, hoping that they will see this and may know that you care for them too. I can just go on all my life and still I don't think I'll ever be able to explain how I adore the charming beauty of The Night you bring, but I also want you to read this letter today, so I could make you feel that you're also loved, that you're also cared. But before I finish this letter, and let you know the name of this disrespectful subject of yours, I want to say something more. The Night may beholds the most incomparable beauty, but there is something which I adore even more than the Night, which I adore even more than the Stars, the only beauty who beholds the beauty more beautiful and adorable than the collective beauties of a thousands Starry Nights, and that's you, Princess Luna. This can be you and only you, the most adorable of all things beautiful in Equestria. Your Highness, I hope you except these few humble words of admiration. Happy Lunar Appreciation Night Your humble subject Night Glider ***Princess Luna's Perspective*** As Princess Luna finished the letter there was a genuinely true smile on her face, and tears in her eyes. She felt flattered as she looked towards a certain direction in horizon for some moments, before she she thought to herself "Maybe Tia is right," Luna smiled "Maybe some of my subjects still care for me, and others just needs a little time to understand."
  14. From Your Brother, with Love - Slice of Life 5.5k words - Complete Summary: Thorax never gave up on him, even when everyone else had. With Pharynx now transformed, his cold demeanor has begun to thaw, presenting Thorax with something he's never had, before - an interactive, albeit slightly irritating older brother. Facts & Why You Should Read: There is a lack of Thorax & Pharynx sibling relationship stories in the fandom, so enjoy this one! Fluff, changelings, humor - what else are you possibly looking for in this life?
  15. I messed the topic, guess I'm still not arrant in the flow. Apologies. Tis another story about mine OC Dawn, written as the response to the social experiment by Flutterpriest on FimFiction: More than two years passed since Bittersweet story, Dawn passed fire and ice and trumpets. One day she got a strange letter. After reading and prolonged hesitation whether to reply or not, she grasps her nerves and... Hither goeth: --- Hi Melody! Nice to meet a beautiful pony (I think everypony making art is beautiful and I’m not talking about the looks only… and mostly) with a beautiful name. It sings. No need to call me Penny… Heh! My name is Dawn. Quite optimistic, isn’t it? I would like to match that name completely… Anyway, that should lessen the awkwardness, shouldn’t it? Awkwardness… For an IT mare, which spends more time with machines than living ponies, it’s almost the second name. Your letter is pretty normal; believe me – the one who reads the fault notifications (with user suggestions) daily. For one who came through an incident with a stalker, awkwardness tends to become the first name even. The same reason makes me the last pony to judge you, completely open or not. I stopped judging ponies since long ago… So, I’m a mare, as I have already said. As for the looks… I have a few scars from the less happy years with my husband my previous life. Nothing too critical though. Truth be told, I learned to judge ponies by the look not. I wish I learned it earlier the easier way. I live in Ponyville. Currently… Actually, I’ve driven half of Equestria hiding from several years ago. Canterlot. A beautiful city… Well, it depends. I’ve seen both sides of it, Melody. I think, regardless of where you are – big city or some village, troubles can find you, even if you don’t seek for them. Sometimes at the least expected moment. And the shady ponies aren’t the worst of them. When the one you lived happily with for a few years turns shady… or I think it’s simply easier to overcome all those, staying closer to Nature… Have you ever thought of moving to Canterlot outskirts at least? It’s not much of a difference for the delivery and agents. But the look, the air. You are lucky, having a beautiful tree under your window, Melody. I remember, we had a brick wall, when we [blot] Well, about me… I live alone in my house. Never thought I could return to that place after the cli two years ago. But that’s all I have and… it brings happy memories. More than Even if it’s too big for a single mare. Employment in a big IT company has its undoubted advantages: I can work remotely, rarely hitting the road to Canterlot or Manehettan branch office. I prefer driving; can’t make myself enter a train compartment for quite a while. In practice, the remote work means typing, typing and again… typing. All day long. Which, with my hobby – writing (although, I don’t have much time for it, unfortunately), gives even more typing at the end of the day. You can’t imagine Writing to you was such a relief. Pen, paper… I hope my hoofwriting is readable at least. Haha! I signed for that Penpal service, because I feel lonely, more and more each day. Even in the middle of the large herd which I’m not a fan of, even if almost everypony here is friendly, despite… I get along with a few mares here, but I’m still behind the glass, sorta… We were going to be open with each other. Well! Do you want to know what I fear most of all, Melody? Not silence. There is a much scarier sound. The sound of the storm and rain drumming the house, when you are inside [blot] The worst thing in my life happened under that “music” Alas, I can’t avoid it, when I’d like to, most often I curl under my blanket hoofing my ears shut. When it’s warm outside, I ran to the open. The rain is not scary there. Often to the field nearby. You can see everything around It is more bearable that way. I know how you feel, Melody. Maybe not to the letter, but… Interesting fact, the most awful things in my life happened to me inside, in the “tranquil and homely” atmosphere, when those I supposed to trust, were near. If you want, I will tell you someday. I’m still working on my trust issues I need to grasp my nerves for that. Outside… It’s big indeed. Enough space for one to escape expect for some help, if it’s needed. Although, I admit it turns out weird sometimes. Even with lots of nice ponies I think I have too much space in my house as well. But that’s different. Never mind. I love how dedicated and inspire you sound, when it comes to your art, Melody. How responsible. I always valued responsibility high, maybe even to it becoming my weakness some tried to abuse Still, it awesome how involved you are in your artwork. Please, Melody, don’t be too involved all the time. No art is too dark, Melody. Even for Equestria. Maybe it’s your agent, failing to track the target audience, not the art. Threatening is not an option, regardless of the situation. Anyway! I got an idea. I happen to know a few art agents The only useful legacy of my husband I’m still on good terms with two of them. Well, if a few e-mails a year can be called that way. Still, they used the company service and… I’ll write you the names, being a painter you know them well most likely. If you are okay with that idea, I’ll suggest them to have a look at your art. Then, well, it will depend on your agent. Any autumn tree painted with soul and feel involved is unique, even if there are millions of them. Mind that coming from an IT mare. The idea with the night scene is… I don’t know how you make the accents visible in night light, but, well, I’m not an artist. I believe you can do that. Although, I see the scene a little differently. I’ll elaborate later. One more idea… Two unrelated to IT ideas a day! Ohhhh, that makes my coat crawl. So, to the point, right? I’m going to be in Canterlot that weekend. Under the certain tree. Simply being there. You won’t mistake. You can see me then. I can’t promise, my lungs allow you to hear me, nor I assume you want that. Do you? You can use that rope properly then, Melody… Throwing one end out of the window, so I can clip another letter to it. Screw that post service. From hoof to hoof. I’m taking a sketchpad with me, a nice change from the keyboard. I’ll tell you my story what I can I can’t promise to be lighter. And then we’ll see. Maybe you want to paint that autumn tree in the moonlight then. And two mares under that tree. Talking. That, of course, doesn’t mean that you and I shouldn’t write any more letters meanwhile. Right now I need at least one. A single word is enough, if you are okay with that idea – simply yes or no. While I have nerves to go You have a friend now, Melody! I’m not pretending to be the best one or simply a good one, only time will show. Just keep going. I care, Dawn P.S.: Speaking of scratched out parts… It took me some effort to actually dare to send this We could make a contest someday!
  16. Part 1 JediShy stops on his way to Ponyville. He was tired but had to get his training done before sunset and if he got a room for the night he would never be able to bring himself to go back out. He found a clearing in what appeared to be an abandoned apple orchard. Shrugging out of his cloak he drew his saber and ignited the green blade. With the classical makashi salute he being his drills. Block high pushing the opponents saber up and draw the blade across and slash downward in an unblockable striiiii..... It takes all of his might to stop the blade centimeters from a pink pony that appeared out of nowhere. “ Oh hi, I'm Pinkie Pie and you must be new. That means you need a party! “ Jedishy stares in awe at this ponies apparent lack of awareness of what could have happened. Muttering the code to himself he slowly composes himself before responding. “ You could have seriously been hurt, Miss Pie. Have you not met a Jedi on a visit your planet before? I know you are relatively new to the Republic.” “ But cant you sense everypony in that force thingy? Why wouldn't you know I was coming? “ As the pink pony bounced ahead of him Jedi froze he could not believe it but she was right. He could feel all the life around him except for her. That must be reported to the order. Making a note he broke into a trot to keep up. “ So you never told me your name. I cant introduce you if I don't know your name silly “ “ I am Jedishy and I was actually raised in Ponyville for a bit. I was found as an infant and the search for the ship I was on and my force connection are what drew this planet to be connected to the Republic. Its also where I got my name “ “ Wait whaaaat you're a human raised by ponies?! “ “ Yes, I was raised alongside a filly by the name of Muffins for a bit. My name was a parting gift from the family that took care of me. “ As they closed on ponyville Jedi figured he would be able to get in at least some meditation this evening so that his training was not entirely neglected. He would love to see Muffins again as those where the only memories he had of his youth but he had a duty to visit Princess Twilight first. With a grin, he saw they were headed to Mrs. Cakes shop. Other than fun with Muffin the one thing he remembered from his youth was the treats from the shop. He wondered if Republic credits are good in Equestria... then again his Master might not approve of spending money on a needless treat...
  17. until
    Taking a break from the rose and the serpent for this week, to present you something more simple and cute. :3
  18. To Love as His Own - Slice of Life, Drama 5,000 words - Completed A prequel to The King of Love Bugs, this modest oneshot follows on the coattails of the S6 Finale, giving a story after the story. Summary: Standing on the ruins of Chrysalis's fallen empire, newly-crowned King Thorax has a long overdue meeting with his former peers. Amidst their discussions, the reborn changelings are met by one of Chrysalis's leftover offspring. Scared and confused, the young drone shuts down towards all but Thorax, who consoles the nymph, and demonstrates the power of sharing love between changelings. Facts & Why You Should Read: Potent levels of fluff and cuteness - forum goers with weak hearts have been warned. Continues off the S6 Finale, giving an 'off screen occurrences' theme to the story and its events. Insights on the changelings, their powers, relationships and their way of life. If you were on the fence about trying the much longer-winded King of Love Bugs, this story is a good appetizer.
  19. The King of Love Bugs - Slice of Life, Comedy 70,000+ words - On-Going This story is my magnum opus for this fandom, and has a lot of history to it. Spoiler for exposition. Summary: Following the dethroning of Queen Chrysalis, the princesses of Equestria seek to build a relationship with newly-crowned King Thorax, and forge a never before seen alliance between ponies and changelings. While the changelings continue to discover new things about their bold metamorphosis, Thorax works to embrace his role as the changeling's new patriarch - demonstrating to the swarm a benevolent means of ruling far different from his predecessor. With the help of Equestria's princesses, his brooding older brother, and even a few unexpected friends, Thorax must now introduce the idea of peaceful changelings in Equestria, one escapade at a time. Facts & Why You Should Read: Potent levels of fluff and cuteness - forum goers with weak hearts have been warned. Follows along the events of the show as closely as possible, giving an 'off screen occurrences' theme to the story and its events. Intriguing lore regarding the changelings, their powers, relationships and way of life. 'Flower of the Wastelands' by Huusii. An unintentional but surprisingly similar representation of the first chapter.
  20. With some encouragement, I wrote a little story. @Alexshy has been a tremendous help and provided the kick to my posterior to get it published. Please, feel free to check it out.
  21. I figured I might as well plug another one of my fanfics here. This one is my first attempt at a slice of life story, and is the first one not written with any shipping in mind. I'm curious as to what you all think about it. The story can be found at FimFiction here: At FF net here: At Archive Of Our Own here:
  22. Comet Tail and Honey Leaf stood over their young colt with frowns that often creased their muzzles. Yet another winter had come and yet another disaster at the hooves of their son. They loved the colt but he just always managed to over do it when it came to winter. But this year took the cake. He had caused a four-hour backup on 5th Avenue in Manehatten. He had put his headphones in and was bouncing cloud to cloud to his music in too small an area. This caused a blizzard like pile up when the weather leaders orders were only for a light dusting. Half of their colleges in the upper crust of Manehatten had been calling on them on and off all day to express their condolences at the expense this would cause them. If not in bits than to their reputation. They were two of the most respected botanist and astronomers in their fields. They had worked hard to gain this reputation and an unruly colt was unraveling it all with his inability to control his enthusiasm for winter. “ But Mom...Dad, I just lost track of where I was supposed to be. I didn't hear the call to move on.... I didn't mean for this to hap...” “ You didn't mean to... Yes, that is what you always say, son.” Comet Tail looked down at the colt sternly his voice only slightly elevated but his disappointment and disapproval fell from every word like this winter's snow. “ You didn't mean to cause three of the weather patrol to crash into you with your “practice” your first winter of training. You didn't mean for your antics to cause an ice storm instead of a light snow last winter either did you? Now, this. Son, we love you but you will not be allowed to go out with the weather patrol for the rest of this winter. You will aid in the cleanup and start your training again next spring. Is that clear?” Honey Leaf took no joy in denying the colt something he loved dearly but they could not keep allowing such disasters to impact their reputations. Winter Bolt ran for his room slamming the door with a crack... Sitting up right with a gasp under his wool blanket a much older looking Winter Bolt was breathing heavily. He hated that dream. He hated remembering that night. His relationship with his family had never been the same since that winter. It was the year he got his cutie mark and in his mind lost much of his family. He had started to wander farther from home to practice that year. After he was of age he started wandering farther and coming home less often under the guise of trying to find work that called to him. He had at this point not been home in over a year and a half. He sent cards and letters but that was about it. Worse was the fact that his parents never made a big deal out of it. It was like they were glad to have him gone. The last time he had been home it was to mourn the passing of his elderly uncle Spring Step that had given him his treasured sapphire necklace the day he got his cutie mark. Funny it had only been a few days after he was grounded from weather patrol training that he got his mark making it snow for some foals that wanted a snowball fight. It was that day that he realized he wanted to bring the joys of winter to everypony. His uncle had been the only one to understand.... so now what was the point of returning? Sighing he got to his hooves and shook out his blanket. Repacking everything into his two well-worn saddle bags. He covers his fire-pit with water and earth before grabbing his bags and taking flight. The cool dawn air washed his troubles away as it so often did when he fled the stuffy atmosphere of his parent's house. He had roamed from Manehatten to Canterlot and almost every town in between. Everywhere he went he searched for a home that he never found as a colt. But every time he managed to mess something up. He just always over did things trying to be helpful especially if it was with anything winter related. So he fled. Time and again he would take wing and be gone before they could tell him to leave. Or at least that is what he thought. If he had stayed reality would have told a very different tale of what other ponies thought about him. He was always so eager to please that he was generally well received by everypony he met. Yet before they could tell him that things were ok, that they understand that it was just a mistake he would be gone. Like a snowflake on hot cobblestone, he would vanish a silently as he blew into town. Most often leaving ponies missing him in the wake of his departure. Across half of Equestria, there were ponies that would speak Winter Bolt's name with an aura of sadness missing the bright young pony that had tried so hard to make friends but couldn't see that he had succeeded. So worried that people would view him as he felt his parents did he wandered from town to town and city to city afraid to give other ponies the chance he so desperately wanted from them. The consistent travel and taking random work whenever he was low on bits had given Winter Bolt a lot of stamina and a wide set of skills. He had bucked apples in Appleloosa, trained with the weather patrol in Manehatten, and even helped as a package courier for a short time in Canterlot. But he never stayed. If he had gained half the wisdom he should from his travels he would have seen how popular all his lending a hoof had made him. But blinded by his own fears he just flew on. The skies of Equestria were more a home to him than any city or town ever felt. They did not judge. They did not yell, well unless you count thunder created by other Pegisi. They just let him be and he respected that. On and on he flew missing breakfast and lunch. He flew trying to escape the dream and all that it reminded him of. He honestly never felt this desperate before. But then he realized what it was. He had always had his uncle to write to before. He had always been able to head home and stay with him if he ever really needed to feel safe. But he was gone. Worse this was the first winter that he would not be able to celebrate the first snowfall with him. The shock of this realization almost knocked the Pegasus out of the air. He tumbled and twisted trying to regain his balance but it seemed impossible. His physical spiral matched the mental turmoil he now felt and he couldn't shake it. Tears stinging his face he managed to turn the spiral into a semi controlled dive. He tried hard to ensure that he landed in a somewhat dignified manner but that was just not in the cards. He saw a field of apple trees ahead and it looked as good a place as any to try to land before he hurt himself. Landing with a thump and crashing snoot first into one of the many apple trees he added insult to this injury by scattering his left Poneyville ....saddle bags contents all around him. Grumbling he started to pick up his belongings and pulled out his map. Funny in all his travels he had never stopped here.
  23. like Applejack in a farm i'm Raised on the hills near a small town it has cold winters celestia be praised for i loved snow as i've grown my hobbies start with nice long reads i'm a bit like twilight sparkle just before her friends she seeks a bit closed,not quick to chuckle which brings me to my other trait like fluttershy i'm very shy my similarities end there,not great for its plain i cannot fly like Rarity my greatest passion is in Art,i like to draw though i'm not well versed in fashion and i always look quite raw so if you are like Pinkie pie always looking for new friends don't hold back,just come say Hi lets form a bond that never ends p.s. as for you Rainbow Dash,i'm sorry you're too awesome to compare i couldn't fit you in my story but i wrote this verse,so there
  24. Simply put, are these two changelings actually the same character?
  25. The party was ending for Pinkie Pie's Birthday, and Pinkie Pie she opened the presents that her friends gave her at Sweet Apple Acres that sunny spring day while the birds they sang outside. "Everypony! Thanks for the party, and especially Applejack for being host here at Sweet Apple Acres!" Pinkie Pie said to her friends. "Thanks Pinkie Pie! We used a whole week to get this party up!" Applejack told as she was close to tears. "There now Applejack! I know how much strenght it has costed to give me that surprise!" Pinkie Pie said. Records played, as everypony cleaned up after the party. "You and your friends must keep all the balloons to play with, as I know you love both apples and balloons!" Pinkie Pie said to Applejack. Later on was everypony leaving the barn, as Pinkie Pie and a tired Applejack was by themselves. "I have a secret, and I show you it for you!" Pinkie Pie told Applejack. Pinkie Pie used her new teleport spell, as Applejack was surprised. "Whoa Nelly!" I did not know you could teleport!" Applejack said to Pinkie Pie. "Keep it as a secret! You just saw my new party teleeport!" Pinkie Pie said to Applejack. So nopony knew yet that Pinkie Pie could do that magic, as she would show it to her friends later on. "I guess you could need some sleep, as the Grand Galopping Gala is around the corner!" Pinkie Pie said to Applejack. "Sure! See you tomorrow!" Applejack said to Pinkie Pie. Then Applejack went to bed. Pinkie Pie she visited Sugarcube Corner on the way, and there was she meeting with Spike that ate donuts. "Can' t sleep? You really look forward to the Gala?" Pinkie Pie asked Spike. "Yeah! How is Applejack doing after all this that happened today" Spike asked Pinkie Pie. "Glad and tired, but I hope she gets some sleep after what happened with the stampede!" Pinkie Pie told Spike. Then was Spike and Pinkie Pie talking about the coming Gala, as Rarity did her final job with the Gala dresses. That night after Pinkie Pie's party, was Applejack having a nightmare about Pinkie Pie after she went insane that day. The next night was Applejack sleeping better, as she was dreaming about her first meeting with Pinkie Pie as a filly. Filly Applejack loved the parties that Pinkie Pie threw in at her Birthday parties at school, while Applejack got to learn her "Pinkie Sense". Applejack and Pinkie Pie was in the yearly autumn marathon, and even Applejack could not win over Pinkie Pie. Applejack she thought of Pinkie Pie, as they met first at school. "Hey! Nice to see you! So you are Pinkie Pie?" Applejack said. "Right! I see you come from a farm too!" Pinkie Pie said. "You from a farm?" Applejack asked. "Yes, I was raised on a rock farm before I moved to Ponyville!" Pinkie Pie said. After the class, was Applejack showing Pinkie Pie around in Sweet Apple Acres. While the two ponies walked around the farm, was Pinkie Pie telling how good she was at throwing in parties. It was just another perfect and long summer like autumn day in Ponyville, as the sun it was shining over Sweet Apple Acres. "Mind to come by at my Birthday party this weekend?" Pinkie Pie asked Applejack. "Yes! I love to party just as much as you!" Applejack told Pinkie Pie. Applejack and her friends had a blast at her parties, but they also knew at first how insane Pinkie Pie could get if nopony showed up that was just enough to scare Applejack away. So the next day after the dreams about Pinkie Pie, was Applejack waking up and prepared herself for what Princess Celestia told to be The Best Night Ever in Canterlot. Applejack was not the best friends with the upperclass ponies in Canterlot, but Princess Celestia was one of her best friends since she was filly. Tonight Applejack would dream about sell apples at the gala, have enough bits and build up a new barn. "Hey Applejack! Excited about the gala?" Rarity asked Applejack as she came by a vist at the farm. "Sure! I might get enough bits, so I can get a new barn up!" Applejack said to Rarity. "I told the others about it, and now I tell you that I will move to Canterlot soon but only for a while this autumn!" Rarity said to Applejack. "You know how I feel about ponies from Canterlot, but I am always looking forward to visit you anyway!" Applejack said to Rarity. Then The Mane Six prepared for the gala, as a big crowd of ponies arrived at Canterlot.