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Found 16 results

  1. I gotta advertise this for those that haven't played it... y'all NEED to play the small horse custom stories for Amnesia... If you like ponies, if you're on the internet way too much, if you enjoy hilarious horror... PLAY THIS GAME!!! For those who don't know, I got into MLP from this was so crazy and wacko, that I had to discover the origins of the I watched the show, and ended up loving it! but back on track, if you haven't played it, please download it here!!the-small-horse-epic-journey/c13ag it's well worth your time! Many lets players such as Ratchetness, Cinnamontoastken, Jacktherbert, Pewdiepie and many others have had fun with it, and so should you!
  2. Just something i've made for fun to a friend on DeviantArt~ Mama Pen and baby Moon Dream~
  3. If you are feeling small, just remember!
  4. It's a Christian Bronies Small Group PM Thingy! If you want to join, post saying that you want to join (duhhh) I wanted to create a nice, open environment for us all.
  5. So we hear about how people becoming Bronies and how much it impacted their life. Many of us have that story. But right now, I'm curious about the non life changing things the show has done for you. Very small addtions/subtations to your life that wont change it but just make it different because you are a Brony With me, when I here of Apple, I no longer think of the Computer Company but an actual apple, not to mention our sweet friend Applejack It also Takes me a second to remember that is a cereal. "we're eating Applejacks, you want some?" *Horrid gasp by me for a second* Im not scared of butterflies now The MLP Forums have made me a bit less shy when I talk to people (im still working on approaching people) Im trying to convert a friend (i dont think it will work, but I hope so anyway) I subtly and unsubtly trying to see if people I know are bronies
  6. A topic which I like when it comes to pony fanfics and RPing is shrinking. That being, the size of a character is reduced (the preference for me is a centimetre tall). This comes with advantages and disadvantages. Here are the ones I have so far: (And if anyone wants to RP with me about this, let me know) Pros: Food is humongous. You can enter areas with small entrances that you could not enter at your normal size and retrieve lost items. You can have awesome games of hide-and-seek (that is, if someone was shrunk with you). You look adorable. You can get away with stuff easily, such as stealing (not that I condone it). You can build a house easily. Cons: You can easily get squished (this does not apply if you have functional wings) accidentally or purposely. Lots more creatures can injure/kill you. For unicorns, your magic power is diminished considerably.
  7. If you had the ability to yank away small objects from any fictional universe (yes, including Equestria), what would it be and why? I'd like to get my hands on the Magatama (From the Ace Attorney games, which allows me to tell if someone is hiding secrets from me), The Genie's lamp from Aladdin (Wishes! Obviously), and finally the Oghma Infinium (from the Elder Scrolls games, a book said to hold incredibly vast knowledge in it's pages). What about you?
  8. I got bored and wanted no more than a few users to play a small, casual RP with. The story is that our OCs are on a picnic and it escalates from there. Interested?
  9. Hola, ponies! It's Pudú here, answering your questions! c: Go ahead, ask me anything. I promise I won't bite.
  10. I really have no explanation as to why, there just isn't much original humor is there? Well at least I scavenged a little bit. Here ya go.
  11. Okay, so everpony knows how everypony loves some pony games, right ponies? Well, I'm terrible at keeping up with what's done, what's out, and what's what, so how about we make a pony game thread compilation? Just imagine the free time we could kill and the lols! Small scale games--like a simple flash game-- to bigger scale games like Mega-Pony, Fighting is Magic (I know, it's not out yet.) are all welcome. The more everypony knows about them all, the better. I'll start with Futzi01 and my favorite flash game by him, Pinkie Jump! It's AWESOME little platformer that's incredulously addictive... Edit: Ah, so Media Discussion is the right area. Got it.
  12. I CAN DRAW MY OC AGAIN!!! ITS A MIRACLE, CELEBRATE WITH PIE AND PUNCH! ahem* any who. I can finally draw my lovable draconequus character again ;u; so happy, ill shade this later :3 what do you guys think?
  13. I was bored an hour ago, so I decided to go on deviant art. I saw a picture of a Derpy/piggy (hybrid O.o) and I immediately loved it. So I wanted to draw it...took me a couple minutes by hand, then I snapped a photo of it on my phone. here's where I saw the Cute derpy: what do you guys Think?
  14. Hi, guys! I've been messing around with the ol' arts and crafts supplies, and I ended up with these little diorama-things I'm calling ponyscapes. Take a look: You can check 'em out in more detail here: I will arise and go now / and go to Everfree by LakeIsleofEverfree Aaaaaand one more: (My first successful use of resin. I also have several unsuccessful attempts -- this stuff is expensive.) Here's the link!
  15. What small thing would you like to see in a episode and not have it affect the plot? Kinda like when Derpy talked in an episode. It was cool that she did, but it was not a huge part of the episode. So would it be like another background charter talking, or a charter is wearing something, or what ever you would like to see? For me, I would like to see Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake moving around in their new born outfits. Mostly I want to see how a baby pony moves in it. Also to see how the back legs look, when they are walking. Every pic I see of them in the outfit, the bottom is just round.
  16. Hello. I have been working on this sculpt for a few weeks and now that I'm finished, I've decided to share it with you (I have finished it 2 weeks ago, but w/e). It's nothing special or fancy, just a plain ol' fox (Oh boy, I can imagine what people are thinking about me now). So yeah, here it goes: Guise, tell me: is it as bad looking as I think it is? (protip: I think it's kind of awful)