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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 5 results

  1. Oh gosh, don't take this topic seriously, it was an on top of my head kind of thing. xD I'm totally not being a creeper, I swear! Right, now, it smells like tea because that's what I was drinking an hour ago, and nothing else. lol
  2. What are some smells that you can't stand? I'm not talking about obvious stinkers like rotten foods and sewerage. But things that wouldn't bother most people, but do to you for whatever reason. For me it's microwaved cheese, especially cheap cheese. If it's all melted as part of a bigger dish(pizza for example, or reheated spaghetti), it's fine. But just plain and overpowering is a no-go. It's just like smelling warm, left out milk.
  3. verycreativeusername

    What would you rather lose?

    So, just a random question by me. Would you rather be unable to see, hear, taste, touch, or smell? I would rather lose the ability to taste. That way I can eat more healthier foods without thinking: "Damn, that tastes bad." I as well wouldn't need to buy candy and other unhealthy food since I no longer can get pleasure from eating them.
  4. valete

    Best scents/smells

    As the title states, what are some of the best scents that you've ever encountered? Share your favorite scents, your most memorable experiences with them, and etc. One of my favorite scents would have to be fresh bread. It's one of the best food scents for me! Bakeries are fun to visit because of this.
  5. Doctor XFizzle

    Pony Scents

    According to the Synchtube Party tonight, these are what the following ponies smell like Rainbow Dash = chloroform (victory, Skittles, awesomeness) Applejack = gunpowder (caramel, mud, a triple x jug of moonshine) Twilight Sparkle = sparkles (vampires, rich mahogany, Mountain Dew and ramen noodles) Rarity = fabric softener (lavender, morning dew, wedding cake) Pinkie Pie = LSD (cocaine, meth amphetamines, sprinkles) Fluttershy = honey (marmalade, cotton candy, pine) Princess Celestia = neapolitian ice cream (royalty, purple, ????) Princess Luna = dark chocolate (black licorice, a panther, charcoal) Apple Bloom = red licorice (a bale of hay, a banjo, apple blossom) Sweetie Belle = a fresh pair of white gloves (Wonka Nerds candy, taffy, lily) Scootaloo = Shake n' Bake (butterflies, a tornado, orange) What do you imagine the ponies would smell like if given their own perfume/aroma/etc.? Can give your own ideas or name other ponies not already listed.