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Found 12 results

  1. My name is Derpy Hooves (Hello!) And I am here to say (How ya doin?) I'm bring your mail and I Will brighten up your day It doesn't matter how (What's up?) As long as I'm on time (Howdy!) Cause bringing you all letters is where I truly shine! [Chorus] Cause I love to bring you mail mail mail! Yes I do It fills my heart with sunshine all the while Yes it does Cause all I really need's a while while while To send these packages of mine [Verse 2] I like to see you grin (Muffin?) When you open up that card (It's your birthday!) The corners of your mouth turned up is why I try so hard (Hoof bump!) But if you're kind of worried When your letter isn't a happy one I'll work real hard and do my best to turn that cloud into the sun! [Chorus] Cause I love to bring you mail mail mail Yes I do And maybe a muffin to make your heart sail Just give me a joyful cheer cheer cheer And I've got you letter here. [Verse 3] It's true some days are dark and lonely And maybe you feel sad But Derpy will be there to show you that it isn't that bad There's one thing that makes me happy And makes my whole life worthwhile And that's when I talk to my friends and give them their mail. I really am so happy And I love these muffins too I give a letter, get a letter And I'll share a muffn with you. Cause I love to bring you mail mail mail! Yes I do Tell me what more can I say to make you tell That I do It makes me happy when you see see see! That it always makes my day Come on everypony, here's your mail. Fill my heart up with muffins, muffins All I really need is mail mail mail For these happy friends of mine [Choir and Derpy] Come on everypony, here's your mail. Fill my heart up with muffins, muffins All I really need is mail mail mail For these happy friends of mine [Derpy] Yes the perfect gift for me ( choir: Come on everypony, here's your mail.) Is a muffin so tasty and nice (Fill my heart up with muffins, muffins) To make me happy as can be (All I really need is mail mail mail) [Choir and Derpy] Mail, mail, mail, mail, mail [Derpy] Here is your mail Here is your mail. (If anyoneanyone wants to put this to music, feel free! Here is a link to it on deviant art
  2. So, here's a crazy piano arrangement of Pinkie Pie's Smile. Feedback is wanted! Sheets:
  3. "Smile" is one of my favorite songs in the whole series, it was a great way to show what Pinkies goal in life was, who SHE is, and on top of that it's catchy. In my opinion it was a great way to start off a great episode and introduce a new race. But why is this song so popular? This song is usually number one on people "Top ten my little pony songs" list that I have seen and it can never really die down. I think it's so popular because, the tune can get stuck in your head and it isn't just repeating the same lyrics over and over again and with the up beat tune and the colors which are usually showed to symbolize happiness can make anyone in a bad mood smile. We know Pinkie and we love to see her trying to make as many people as happy as she can so seeing and or hearing her sing about that specific topic can make us smile. Why do you enjoy this song, and why do you think it's popular? (If this is in the wrong place, please don't hide it. Can you perhaps move it to a better spot if it is?)
  4. When you listen to the lyrics in The Smile Song, do you hear them from Pinkie's point of view of trying to make someone else smile, or from the point of view of someone that Pinkie is trying to make smile. I hear them from Pinkie's point of view. For reference, the song with lyrics on screen:
  5. Okay, what the hell. I need to talk to about this to someone, anyone. Like, this came out of the blue. I was minding my own business on Youtube and then as I was listening to remixes and then this starts playing and I'm like "Ah, good beat and twist on the song, this shiz is cute.....HOLY FUUUUU---!" Is this like an alternate universe character for Pinkie Pie or, what? Is this some type of twist, did someone create her like that, did I miss an episode???
  6. A new video by MisterDavie was uploaded recently and my opinion to it was, a bit of fear at the first couple of seconds, then once Pinkie started running I thought, "Hey I think that this will be catchy!" Later I was just speechless until RD came and I knew she would do some awesome sonic rainboomness! But I was shocked when she lost... Until Fluttershy came and then my reaction was, "Dang." What was your reaction?
  7. I already technically uploaded this on a thread, but I wanted to try it here on my blog and see which one people prefer. (Thread here ) So, I won't ramble on again (yay) so straight to the point, read the thread if you want to see some of my ramblings, otherwise here ya go! This is one of two recordings I uploaded, I'm unsure which is my favorite, so try one, or both, and tell me what you think!(Warning, to much exposure to Zygen's singing may lead to unidentified side effects, listener discretion is advised.) Enjoy! Atleast I hope you do And feel free to tell me what you think! I know I need a lot of practice, so don't feel bad to let me know!
  8. Hey y'all! So i figured i needed to post something to my blog, and i felt like the best idea was to post some recording of me singing Terribly "Smile smile smile" i did while i was home alone for a little. I sung like a dozen times, but eventually settled on two different recordings, i couldn't pick between the two, because both have problems in different places, so i just decided i'd post both. So, without further ado, i shall give you some of my terrible recordings! This one was actually my first recording i did, so i wasn't as warmed up, however it also meant my voice wasn't as tired, so it got better as it goes on mostly. Still has a few mistakes, and quiet in the beginning, but yeah. This one was like one of my later recordings, so i was more warmed up, however i also had my voice tired a little more, and i get tongue tied a few times, but overall its a little more confident and smoother, for the most part. I couldn't pick which, so i decided to post both, because like i said, both have flaws in different places, and fixed flaws in other places, so i just picked both. So if you want, tell me which you liked better, or which you listened to before you had to run away to save your eardrums hope you enjoy! I have another idea i'm thinking of starting on this blog, so i'll see what happens with it. Stay tuned for more! (This has been a look into the mind of a Zygen! (Or as mel would say, "The voice of zygen") Zygen is not responsible for any damage caused in the reading of this blog, if you experience any issues please consult a doctor immediately.) Batteries not included. Edit: by the request of swick I put the cover up onto Fileize for him, and for others who can't view Sound cloud correctly. Fileize Smile cover 1 Fileize smile cover 2 Again enjoy!
  9. Let me know what you think. Any improvements that could be made? ---------- Samples From: "Smile Song" - Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic; Season 2: Episode 18 - "A Friend In Deed" "A New Way To Walk" - Sesame Street
  10. Ok, so I know this has probably been covered to death, but hey, I've had A LOT of free time this Summer, and one more can't hurt, right? I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.. I tried using other instruments to seperate it from just a rock cover, such as piano and brass.. Which was probably not a good idea, because this was a bitch to mix down. But still COVER WOO!
  11. I made a PMV of the Smile Song. I just realized how weird that sounds. So, yeah, Twily Pie has turned out so far to be my favorite casting choice in My Little Switcharoo. Something about it really just captures the ethos of the entire series. Plus, normal Pinkie behavior = hilarious/adorkable Twilight behavior.
  12. I'm a sucker for classical music and have some nifty software on my computer, so I figured why not? Highly doubt most of you are actually into classical recompositions but I can dream, can't I? Smile Smile Smile (otherwise known as Smile Song) recomposed by me. Questions, comments, suggestions, anything else accepted.