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Found 6 results

  1. I come from an area where smoking is heavily stigmatized. You smoke? You're a joke (eh? eh?). But then I moved to a town where everyone and their great grandmother twice removed smokes. I don't like it at all. Smoking makes me uncomfortable. I hate the smell, I hate the idea of second-hand smoke, I hate the cigarette, I pity the smoker. Should I pity them? No, of course not, but I can't help it. What are your thoughts on smoking? Do you smoke? Do you plan on trying? EDIT: It's especially frustrating when all my neighbors smoke and I can't leave my window open for an hour before the stench gets inside. Really getting tired of that
  2. Seeing as I'm not the only person who smokes on this forum, just out of curiosity I would like to know what your favorite pack of cigs or cigar brand, flavor, and size. My favorite pack of cigarettes are Camel 100's, it's just a mild cigarette that I enjoy than many other brands. I enjoy 3 different cigars, 1st being Hammer and Sickle. I own a box of this brand and I just love the creamy smooth taste of these cigars. 2nd being Belmondo Habano, I only smoke these when I want something with more of a bold and spice flavor. Lastly the JMS Dominican cigars. they're cheap and just plain taste great, I usually get them durinf breaks or when I'm talking walks. My prefered size is churchill, I don't smoke the whole cigar I'll leave it in the patio so I can comeback and smoke it again the next day.
  3. How many of you guys out there smoke? If you do, what brand and type of cigarette is your brand. I smoke American spirit Dark green full bodied menthols
  4. Welcome to The Smoking Lounge, a place where us Smokers can meet, mingle, and post without fear of being bombarded with non-smokers telling us things we already know. Whether you smoke Cigarettes, Cigars, Cigarillos, or Pipes, Tobacco or otherwise, you can post anything about Smoking. You can post anything from experiences and stories, to reviews and recommendations. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy The Lounge.
  5. I'm currently attending a weekly public training course with my local police department. This week we covered procedures for OWIs, and that linked back into drug abuse in our community. It was eye opening to see how bad we've got it. Apparently, Wisconsin is #2 in the country in pharmaceutical robberies, whether it be thefts from pharmacies, or more commonly, pills being taken from family & friends. We're not only the drunkest sate, but we're a bunch of pill poppers too. Not only that, but my county is the second highest in the state in terms of heroin confiscations. And according to the cops, heroin use is pretty bad in my town. They say that it's bad everywhere. We just have the guts to say that our town has a problem. Not sure how I missed this, but a few years ago, a dude still high off weed tried to drive though our annual town parade. Apparently, effects of marijuana can last 24 hours. Makes me reconsider my stance on it being legalized. It's bad in the schools too from what I'm hearing. The town I work in has it bad. I've probably served a few customers who were high on something. Hard to believe I've been oblivious to it all. And yet, this has only steeled my resolve to remain drug free. You know what today is? Today is national edge day. A celebrated holiday in the subculture of Straight Edge, an off shoot of the punk movement, starting in the 80's as a reaction to all the hedonism, excess and substance abuse rampant in the scene. Musicians and fans alike took a stand against it, and pledged to never do drugs, alcohol, smoke or partake in any other addictive substances. The day itself was first started in '99 and has spread across the country since. My adherence to this code of honor and ethics, my wanting to belong to that culture, as well as my pride and dignity, has kept me from becoming an addict. That and I don't believe people need substances to be happy. People are better than that. And while not everyone may be straight edge, I'd like to think more people than not are drug free. What keeps you guys drug free? What inspires you to just say no or just walk away? Or even better, if you wish to share, if you were using, what inspired you to stop? What gave you the strength to break the habit? On this day, I'd like to celebrate being clean & sober, and I hope to inspire others to do the same, and maybe you can join me. What is your anti-drug MLP Forums? Oh and happy National Edge Day.
  6. Okay guys and gals, what is you guys opinion on cigars. Now when I say cigar I mean a nice cigar not some gas station thing. I mean something hand rolled with 100% natural tabaco. Do you love them hate them, never tried them, what is your favorite? I would love to here about all that! As for me, I really love a nice cigar!