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Found 13 results

  1. So I haven't found a thread about this sooo Whats everyponies favorite sugary snack? For me it has to be Paydays! hmmmm sooo good.
  2. Well, this thread is for anything pop-tart related. Do you prefer your pop-tarts toasted or raw? What is your favorite flavor of pop-tart? New pop-tart flavor ideas? LET THE FUN BEGIN.
  3. What are some of your favorite snacks to eat? :3 I love Ritz with squirty cheese. <3 I also like string cheese and go-gurts. I also like chips and more. I could go on forever!
  4. I love food!!! Especially snack food from around the world! My favorite snacks are from France, Germany, Japan and good ol' USA. Let's share pictures, facts and experiences about our snacks!
  5. What this basically is, is that you need to find some kind of Bar that the MLP characters remind you off. To make this a bit more interesting and easier i will expand this a bit further and just include cans, packages, or anything that has to do with food or drinks. Let me start with Twilight Sparkle, as an Example Twilight Sparkle, reminds me of a can, of Coca Cola Cherry. Now it's your turn.
  6. Thought it would be cool to have a thread where we could share our healthy food alternatives. For a quick and healthy snack that satisfies a protien and sugar craving- Peanutbutter and Banana. A bit of peanutbutter inside of a sliced banana is a great and eas-to-make treat. You can even add rasins
  7. Definitely changing that topic name when I think of a better one. ^^" So, I don't really know how to introduce this, besides saying that some food in games look really yummy! ^^ That being said, when I find myself with some spare time, a good spirit, and a little cash left to the side, I find myself making little iconic snacks from video games. ^^ I'm going to post these pictures on here as quick as I can, I have already 3 ready! ^^ These are all really fun to make! By request, I will link the recipes to the snacks I made. ^^ If I can find them again. Nonetheless! I have the first snack I made here: Sweet Rolls "Someone kept stealing my sweet rolls, so I had to learn how to make more." Hey, I think it's funny. ^^ These Sweet Rolls were really fun to make! From the recipe I used, everything was made from scratch. That includes the frosting! ^^ The creamy creamy frosting. Like I said, if you all want to see the recipes I used for your own uses, just let me know and I'll be more than glad to link them. ^^ Note: While making these, they looked nothing like I thought they should during the process, I seriously thought I was messing up the entire time. ^^" I'll have my other 2 snacks on here in the near future. ^^
  8. Put all of your favorite snack foods here so long as they aren't healthy and have sugar and tell us how to make them too Example: Microwave brownie 1/4 cup flour 1/4 cup sugar 2 table spoon baking cocoa 3 table spoon water 2 table spoon vegetable oil (I use melted butter) Pinch of salt Simply mix together in any order Then microwave for 1 minute and 40 seconds After microwaving feel free to add chocolate chips peanut butter and/or icecream
  9. Do you like eating things while staying up late? If so, what kind of stuffs do you eat? Usually I eat like three or four packets of Marie Biscuits™ and a liter of milk, while reading something on the net, waiting for the sleep to get me You have no idea how delicious these can be
  10. We all have a favorite snack. Wether its Gummi bears or Peanuts or Twinkies Fat ass. We all have them! I want to know what your favorites are. Here are some of mine. Raman noodles- They have to be Maruchan. FUCK Oodles of noodles! It has to be Maruchan and it has to have extra Cayenne pepper. Twinkies- Oh ha ha Solarwinds a hypocritical fat ass laugh it up. I only weigh 110! Anyway these golden pieces of heaven are a great comfort food and got me through some tough times. Such as Shankveld leaving. Funyuns- What can I say about these golden rings of pure delight... I adore them. They are like edible halos and should be eaten with only the finest Dr.pepper! Hot wings- Mmm I love buffalo wings late at night. Not to spicy but not to bland that is the perfect combo. Nutella- Its like chocolate but... Good for you!? I enjoy Nutella early in the morning with a cup of milk... Ahh Slim jim- I positivley love these delictable sticks of meat. They can be eaten on the go, have a variety of flavors, and taste amazing! Make sure these are in your pantry. Corn dogs- I know I will see these pop up everywhere. With their cornbread surface and delicious inside. Bananas- I have always liked bananas they keep you healthy. I enjoy a banana from time to time and a bit of milk helps it go down nicely... Oh the horrible things you all are going to say about that one... I dont mean it like that! Anyway there you are. That is just off the top of my head so go on make fun of me. But be sure to tell me about your favorite snack while you do it.
  11. SOOO... found these at my local supermarket. Just wanted to show incase you haven't seen them yet. First time I have.
  12. We all know Pinkie pie likes hot sauce on her cupcakes. What's your weird treat, meal, beverage, ect? Is it a pickle dipped in chocolate? Or a Twinkie smothered in ranch? Mine is French fries and ice cream.