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Found 6 results

  1. So on Equestria Daily, CouchCrusader gave us summaries of what he saw over at the MLP Panel over at Comic Con! They had a sneak peek of the movie, and there was a Q&A, and man oh man, the VAs and the staff (especially Mike Vogel) were hilarious! XD I'm actually quite hyped over the few things Cathy improved Spike on, which might be hints! Go ahead and check it out! I wanna see your comments about this!
  2. Well, seems this saturday is Friendship Games heavy, as we not only got the mandatory 5th short, but also a promo, and a 10 minute-long sneak peek at the movie Promo Sneak peek Youtuby sneak peek link
  3. Hello, Everypony Good news Hasbro is bringing you fans of Transformers! Straight out of a 80's cartoon generation fans had to get the best robot toys on the block called Gesaults aka... <Combiners> raging from beast to vehicles then a rainbooming derpy Hooves excited super robot titan ! Here's the photos enjoy!!!
  4. So, the season 5 animatic was finally posted. Here it is: Anyways, it's time to look at this thing, I'd recommend watching first before reading this next part. I like how it's like, we finished an arc and defeated Tirek, so what now? That's what I do if I just did all that. Unfortunately, not background music yet, so the music is up to your imagination. I found it funny when Spike stepped on everything like Pinkie's home and her reaction is just priceless. Further reasoning to why I love Pinkie so much. Yes, this helps with my Twimac shipping with Spike playing hoof ball with big mac. He's clearly babysitting him for Twilight.. OK ignore my shipper mode. Also, who wants tickets for a Hoofball game? Seriously Pinkie, you can't stop cracking me up here with all your shenanigans Also, they all have the same cutie marks hmm, this should be interesting. Remember this is all speculation, I don't really know how good or bad this will be, but so far, I'm really liking this, it's got some great preview type humor in it. So yeah, that's my reaction.
  5. I decided to treat you guys with the plots for what will be my next two stories (after I finish Dark Genie, of course). I spoil-tagged the plot summary for those who don't want to be spoiled, but I will not spoiler-tag the titles. My Little Dragons Currently Untitled Tell me what you think of them, but remember to try and keep spoilers hidden.
  6. First off, I'm going to apologize in advance for the heavy use of spoiler tags in this post. There may be some that don't want the fanfic spoiled before they get a chance to read the finished product. Secondly, the sample I'm giving you is a rough draft of what the story will be like. Though I didn't pick a specific point, I'd place it somewhere between "Lesson Zero" and "Secret of my Excess". There may be things changed, modified, or completely cut from the final product. Also, if something doesn't fit with canon (though keep in mind where it falls in the timeline as well), TELL ME. I have not watched all the old episodes yet, and I'm trying to also stick as close to the MLP canon as possible. And third, I'm giving you the chance to help me pick out what should happen in the one part I'm asking help in, by using the poll above. Please use the poll, and don't post your answers. You can voice your opinions on the story and/or your choice, but please be careful of spoilers. And last, do not be afraid to make suggestions, give constructive criticism, anything you can think of to say, don't be afraid to voice your opinions and suggestions. Though I can't say I'll use everything people tell me, I will put them into consideration Now that all that is out of the way, let's begin with the story so far: A summary of what occurs after this part: And the options to pick from (mention your own if you have any): Enjoy what i have so far, and don't forget to vote.