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Found 15 results

  1. Why wasn't the CMC, Diamond Tiara, and Silver Spoon not at Camp Everfree? Snips and Snails were there, and they should be the same grade or at least some of the same classes that they are, for what we know from Friendship is Magic. So why didn't they go?
  2. Visual Spectrum

    Snips and Snails Fan Club

    Snips and Snails are two school age colts who get a lot of hate by both fans and characters from the show. If you, like me, see them in a different light, then this fan club is perfect for you. Rules: Keep all posts relating to Snips and Snails. Do not post hateful things about any pony Do not post NSFW images. They are school age colts! Sweetie Belle posts belong in the Sweetie Belle fan club, Diamond Tiara posts belong in the Diamond Tiara fan club. Make sure you obey the site rules. Snips and Snails Review: If you agree that Snips and Snails are amazing characters, then post to your heart's content. Thanks to the word count, I have to say something. Snips and Snails are getting cookies.
  3. I was set to defend Derpy on another thread by comparing her to other characters that are commonly hated, and Snips and Snails automatically came to mind. I tried my best to come up with reasons why the two are different... and I can't. I really can't. Replace Snips and Snails from Boast Busters with Derpy, and it's exactly the same. Replace Derpy from The Last Round-Up with Snips and Snails falling out of the sky, and it's still exactly the same, only this time, i'm annoyed. I've always been ambivalent-positive towards Derpy(not really interested, but I don't hate her), but I absolutely despise Snips and Snails, and I believe the show would be better if they didn't exist... which is obviously a problem if they're both so similar to each other. So help me out; disregarding fan canon, is there any quality that separates these two? Is there any reason we find her endearing, but them obnoxious?
  4. DoubleRainbow_Dash

    April 1st- Who is best Pony?

    I was surfing the internet today when a thought crept into my head. I started thing that the Mane 6 are all lame. Ya, that's right I said lame! So I came up with a new list of characters and I want you guys to pick who the best pony is. Spoiler Alert- Its Diamond Tiara P.S- April Fools
  5. lighting flash

    Snips and Snails in Season 4

    So I saw the new intro for Season 4 of MLP. And I saw discord (WIN) and a few others included in the new theme. Including Snips and Snails. I never really liked they're characters but I could stand them. But with the new intro, do you think they will be more involved? And if so, how would they (or how you think they) will be worked in the new season?
  6. Timon and Pumbaa, everyone says their never liked the dumb character, well those were dumb characters and totally lovable. Grantted their moral was horrible, seeing as how when you translate it, it loosely means " buck it"
  7. Alright this has been nagging me from Episode 6 of season 1 Why is it that Snips and Snails are always the sidekicks for some of the antagonists? Is it that they're the most gullible? Is it that they just want attention? Your thoughts?
  8. Lovebug

    Snips or Snails?

    Here comes the question of the year: Snips or Snails? Though these two aren't seen a lot, they do have somewhat personalities. Sorta. Kinda. Not really. But which do you prefer?
  9. Anyone else Noticed this in the episode the Cutie Pox: Well Most of the fandom seems to ignore this moment. but this seems intresting. and cute
  10. Title says it all. With all these "who would win" topics, I'm surprised his hasn't come up too much. Who would win in an ultimate fight to the bitter end: pudgy Snips, or his lanky friend, Snails? Personally, my money is on Snails. He seems to be exercising some Buddhist level meditation, perfect for learning the 500 Scrolls of Death.
  11. Cantankerous

    How to defend Boast Busters?

    Boast Busters is an episode I like. Or, at least, I did like it. To my dismay, I'm no longer sure. Always at the back of my mind I knew it was kinda dickish the way AJ, RD, and Rarity heckled Trixie but I didn't think much of it. I still defended the episode as great despite their portrayal. What changed is I came across three reviews which each made largely the same case against the episode... and that case is frightfully compelling. I don't know how to defend the episode. Their arguments are better than mine. I looks like I'm going to have to reduce my score for Boast Busters from an 8/10 all the way down to a 3/10 and I really don't want to do that. Those reviews were by Strebiskunk, DigibronyMLP, and Brony Nutcase. If anyone can think of agruments I can use to defend the episode, I'd appreciate it. Strebiskunk's negative review: DigibronyMLP's very negative review: Brony Nutcase's extremely negative review:
  12. pinkiefan1287

    Side Characters in Magic Duel

    So when watching Magic Duel this week I kinda noticed something, this is the first episode that we have multiple side characters in it. Now we have had other side characters show up in other episodes. Like To Many Pinkies had Applebloom and Big Macintosh in it and One Bad Apple, had Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara in, but I can we don't want to see those 2 that much. Now in this episode we had a lot of them. Their was Mayor Mare, Snips, Snails, Granny Smith, Big Macintosh was in this episode, Zecora, Mr. and Mrs. Cake, and even Pumpkin Cake got in the episode. (No idea where Pound was.) Also I have been hearing from a lot of reviewers that they are putting in a lot of background ponies, even using the same ones in the same seen. So why is it now that we are seeing the side characters in episodes now and not in previous episodes? I mean The Cake family could have been used in "To Many Pinkies" seeing as they are characters that are mostly used in Pinkie Pie related episodes. It could have been a big part or it could have just been a little part. Now I could just be jumping the gun seeing as this is only episode 5, but why isn't we have yet to see side characters in any episodes? What are your thoughts?
  13. MallaJong1


    You have to admit...Snips is a pretty awesome character. I mean, come on. It's SNIPS, for crying out loud! We're talking about the S to the N to the I to the P to the S! Snips all the way! SNIPS! Everypony, chant with me! SNIPS! SNIPS! SNIPS! How can you say no to that slack-jawed countenance? Don't you just want to squeeze him till he suffocates and give him a few head-butts pecks to the forehead? D'AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!
  14. Female snips tries to hit on you...WHAT DO YOU DO?! I would probably kick it in shock.
  15. Does Snips and Snails remind anyone else of those other funny and/or cheesy comedic characters on other shows/movies? EXAMPLES Power Rangers - Bulk and Skull Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog - Scratch and Grounder ReBoot - Hack and Slash Pirates of the Caribbean - Pintel and Ragetti