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Found 45 results

  1. Winter in Canterlot OOC Midnight Oil Midnight Oil yawned as he waited outside Princess Luna's chambers. The bat pony wore a dark winter cloak over his armor that the princess had requested. To be honest, he was a bit confused as to why Luna had requested the Lunar Guard to begin earlier then normal this evening, but he did not dare question the princess's orders. He was just anxious to get started at whatever task or event Luna had planned. Beside him sat a box that Luna Requested. . Princess Luna roamed about her chambers nervously. Tonight was the first night of winter, and as such, the begging of longer nights throughout Equestria. She would check and double check the paperwork that was left on her desk before slowly walking over to her balcony window. Using her magic, the doors would slowly open to reveal a faint dusting of freshly fallen snow. The alicorn would grin as memories flooded back to her of her foalhood and the snowball fights she would have...building snow ponies...all those many years ago. A gust of winter air would snap her out of the daze as she remembered the reason for coming to the balcony. With a glow of her horn, the moon would begin to rise on the horizon. With a smirk, she would close the door and make her way out to the hallway where her guard waited. As the door began to open, Midnight sprang to attention. "Good evening Midnight." Luna would open the box beside the guard and levitate a cloak out of it for herself. Draping it around herself, she would begin to walk down the hallway. "Come along Midnight. We must find my sister. Bring the box with you." With a nod, the bat pony would place the box on his back and followed Luna to wherever she was going within Canterlot Castle to find Celestia.
  2. Mirage

    Snow Wars!

    (This is all for fun, a show of affection and admiration, and not to be twisted into something negative please). Equestia is in a state of all out war! Get your forts and allies ready, it's a snow fight to the finish! Throws puffy snowballs at @Twilight Luna & @Sparklefan1234
  3. DJ_Vinyl.Scratch_3


    Today my school got a snow day so I'll be on here a lot I think. This entry might be fairly long (who knows) So I just started playing the MLP CCG again. I used to play a lot but stopped because I didn't have anyone to play with. My siblings could not play very well. So I recently built a new deck. It has DJ-Pon 3 as the Mane Character and the secondary color is generosity. (Yea, I know that isn't a color but if you play the game you'd understand.)I am looking forward to try it out sometime soon, maybe online. It probably is not that good because I have never built a deck like this before. Wellp... I'm super pumped for the new Karate Kid coming out next year with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan!!! The release date hasn't come out yet but it should soon. Last night I just watched the first one and remembered how much I love it! My friend is coming over to my house today, due to the snow day. We have plans to watch a whole bunch of movies with our celebrity crushes in them. Mine is Thomas Brodie Sangster and hers (well she has a lot but mainly;) is Tom Holland. We always have "fights" about who is better. (TBS is a god)... Now back to the important part!! I really want her to watch the movie Nowhere Boy. It's about John Lennon and Paul McCartney. I seriously recommend. It is rated R though, so beware. Anyways, guys I hope you all have a Super Amazing day and week! Stay Safe.
  4. C. Thunder Dash

    Thunder Dash - Snowy Paradise

    It snowed...I had no classes, so...did this thing... Get comfy and close your eyes, as you travel to a realm...a realm of calmness, joy and tranquility...where little foals jump and hop around giggling and playing with each other...couples snuggled together as they watch the ponies go the wintery streets of Ponyville...all of this...comes together to create...a Snowy Paradise. Hope you guys enjoy and stay warm!
  5. ranul

    Snow Ponies

    Here is my Snow Pony RainDrops Any one else have snow ponies that they wish to show off post it here. If there is already a thread started then merge this one with it .
  6. What songs and music would suit to fantasy armies battling in the snow?
  7. I think Rainbow Dash is sleeping on the job or she let Discord help her! I mean, just a few days ago it was 77 degrees here now it's snowing?! This is just crazy!
  8. Flinp


    Ok so I really was hoping that the villan of the episode(s) was the Changelings rater than random snow, I mean, Chrysalis can easily absorb the love that Flurry Heart got, plus Chrysalis didn't die, she just got blasted of a mountain. Well, now that both snow and sombra disappeared, maybe next time on a Crystal Empire episode...also, Starlight and Sunburst didn't kissed. rip. Also, Starlight for Mane 7.
  9. Just a quick snapshot. I wish I could have gotten a better picture but it was cold and I didn't want them to sink into the snow or get damaged.
  10. StormdustPony

    Too Much Snow?

    So, I am already tired of the snow. A few feet, Can't get the Vehicles out of our drive. Truck, 4-wheeler, and even tractor are stuck. I had to walk down to our barn with a sled to bring up pellets for our stove. A normal 5 minute task took over 45 minutes to complete.. There is too much snow to have any fun in. Even our dogs are staying in their box most of the time. Trees are starting to fall. I had to shovel snow off the trampoline so it didn't break. Its not all bad tho. Was able to watch the birds fly on the porch to get crackers. Didn't hear any complaining from my mom when i broke out my bottle of jack. Its bright outside because of clear skies now and the moon shining. I can look out at the trees and the mountains covered in snow. Nobody has to go back to work until monday. We should be able to clear our lane out by then. (1/2 mile approx., dirt and gravel road.) How is everybody doing with all this snow?
  11. First, have to apologize for my bad english grammar, in this entry and those before, but I found this to be a rather good exercise for me :3 I have to confess, I love snow, ... only white snow tho. ``Be as you are`` Night, house, snow (of course outside), warm tea (not hot), and a good source of entertainment like books, movies, songs, even videogames (but most tend to stress than relax), and why not, a good chat with a friend or better, do all the things above with a friend These are the main elements that make me tremble evertime I manage to get them together.... I find them just perfect, for me 83. I`m sure that many of you have their own moments that just make you find yourselves again In a company of a person, that you are very close with, or maybe you are a lonely type, you like to paint, to draw, to play the piano, play a guitar, read a fanfic, drive a supercar.... there are endless possibilities, our imagination is made out of infinite white papers that can be filled with everything we want :3 I tend to sound like a preacher xD, excuse me ... To draw a conclussion ... There will always be a time when we get lost, but always keep in mind that one great moment that made you be whole again.
  12. So I thought for the season to make some MLP themed Holiday cards that you are all free to use to send Holiday greetings and wishes to family and friends! My Goal is to least give you folks five to use in this being one of five! Happy Holidays All!
  13. Made one more card with the lovely Derpy in all her sweetness and happy feelings she brings. Added in some background like candy cane and a few little cute stickers to act as a frame. This is free to use to spread in joy and greetings!
  14. Mand'alor Dash

    Dark A Snowball's Chance [AU - War]

    GDocs As "The Cause" nears Sombra's frozen doorstep, the Crystal Empire digs in deep to defend its homeland. The war is almost over, but a few brave ponies are in for a long winter.
  15. Slice0Pie

    Ask Shining Snow

    I decided to join in on this Also, it might take me awhile to awnser questions due to life ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, this here is to ask Shining Snow, my OC! You can ask her anything to get to know her better. So, ask away!
  16. Bakugou Is My Man <3

    My New Hybrid OC, Whitey

    This is my new hybrid OC, Whitey. She is a mix between a snow leopard and a pony. She is my other OC's best friend.
  17. SerenaTheMoonPony

    Anyone else sick of the snow?!

    I don't know about where you all live, but here in Canada (to be more precise New-Brunswick) there is so much snow, I'm almost certain we will still have snow on the ground in August. As I type this, I can see the snow continuing to fall outside my living room window. This is the second snow day this week; we had school yesterday and that's about it so far this week. I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready for 'Winter Wrap Up'! How about you guys? What's the weather like in your neck of the woods?
  18. Are you sick of snow? I always hated snow, it makes me depressed.
  19. Here's my reaction Seriously, I hate snow and winter.
  20. I have been stuck in my apartment for like two weeks >.< its been crazy i'm getting a case of cabin fever!! Its been solid snow and ice the whole time! Although it finally did start to melt yesterday! Hopefully this is over with!
  21. ~SadisticFluttershy~

    Winter Storm Octavia

    Uh Oh. Octavia is coming! I hope that for those that are in the path of this snow storm, please please be careful and safe! Stay warm too!
  22. PathfinderCS

    Octavia's Wrath 2015

    Well, they do call this Winter Storm Octavia, so you know we have to run with it. Anywho, thought I might share some pics. Keep in mind I'm from southern West Virginia, in Boone County, so we usually don't get a lot of snow, but we're getting it today. Octavia must be having fun.
  23. Clover Heart

    Personalized Snowflakes

    My mom shared this page to her FB, and I thought it was interesting. I thought others might like to try it and would be interested in each others' results. I'm hoping nobody already posted this. I did a search and didn't find anything. So, here it is: You type in your name and your name makes a unique snowflake. Unless you have the same name as someone else... in which case, it makes the same snowflake... If you don't wanna use your real name, that's fine. Use your username or another name you go by. Post pics or links below. Here's mine: Have fun, and Happy Holidays
  24. TheBluScout

    Ask Yuki!

    Hi This Is Ask Yuki! Feel Free To Ask Me Anything But First
  25. I am the Queen of Arendelle, merely a human. With ice powers. I do not have much time before my gloves fall off and I freeze this keyboard, and feel free to ask me any question!